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Tempest walked into the Slimythings common room the following morning of the acceptance of her dare. Chad, Void, Nila and Divina were waiting for her, as expected, already dressed. Tempest couldn't sustain herself anymore, so she let herself collapse onto the floor.

The next thing she knew she was in the Infirmary with Void, alone.

“Are you going to tell me what's going on?”


“Thank you, it only to you for bloody ever.”

“Sorry.” Void sat down and his hair fell into his eyes. “Well, you know how I can see things while they are invisible?” He nodded. “Well I can also see into the future, the good and the bad. I'm going to go ahead and guess they are both from my mothers search for power.”

“Okay . . .  I'm still lost.”

Tempest sighed. “I knew Gorx would be kidnapped. I knew, and I didn't do anything. You nor Nila can go up there understand?”

“What exactly have you seen?”

“I was up there, in my dream, even before it ever came. You, Gorx and Astrea were lying on the ground dead. Then I turned and saw him sucking Nila dry. Then he was behind me and began to suck mine.”

“Him? Who's 'him'?” She looked up at him finally and solemnly.


“That's not possible,” said Void irefully aghast.

“I know, but I ran into him yesterday in the castle. He told me a very, very long story. To sum it up, his essence ate away other as he moved his way up the food chain to the very top. Lucky us huh.”

“So it's really him huh. This isn't good. I thought we had seen the last of him.”

“So did I.” She sighed. “We need to protect Astrea.”

“Do we really?”

“Yes, unfortunately.” Suddenly the door burst open and in came Nila holding a case of Tempest vials. She placed them at the end of the bed.

“You're missing vials Zephyr.” Void and Tempest exchanged look that Nila obviously saw as she asked, “okay what did I miss?”

Void began to tell her the whole story while Tempest made a count of how many vials she was missing. About ten blood supplements and fifteen sun resistence ones. Finally when Void had finished Nila was speechless for once.

“Okay,” she began after a few moments. “So how do we plan on kicking this old fart's ass this time.”

Void laughed. “Old fart, you know I never get tired of that.”

“Glad to know so, now shut up.”

“Hush the both of you. You two aren't going up there.”

“Oh I know, but how can we help from down here I meant since I know you are not going to let us up there.”

“Well first I need you two to make a big enough distraction so that I can sneak up to Majika's office.”

“Why do you need to do that,” asked Void.

“I need to get to the mirror. I need to get in and talk to the dead. Specifically my mother and father.”

“Seriously?” asked Nila.

“Yes. Now I want you two to go to the library, I need to know how I can reverse this snow spell.”


“Have you noticed that I don't need to take my sun-repellent potions anymore since it became winter? The clouds are too dense to let the sun rays pass through. It protects him. But see he's becoming smart. He took fifteen sun repellent potions, so he knew I was already planning on reversing his spell. He's prepared. We just have to time everything perfectly.”

“Oh, well that shouldn't be that hard,” remarked Nila.

“Another thing. When are we going to reverse the spell?”

“At the last minute, when he doesn't suspect it. Particularly at night. Oh and also keep an eye on Astrea. Nila, keep tabs on Void.”

“All right.”

Void groaned. “Yeah, I guess.”

They both left and Tempest slouched onto her bed. Lack of blood again. Tempest looked out her window. Gorx was still up there, she had failed.


Tempest, Void, Nila, Chad, Divina, Hydra, Zoltron and Edana were sneaking around. They were all looking for the perfect moment and time to make their distraction. Nila, Void and the others would start the distraction whilst Tempest, Edana and Zoltron headed up to Majikas' office. They all needed to do this together.

They turned the corner and Tempest finished the last of her Blood Pop and stood in the darkness.

“Are you guys ready?”

“We have our brooms,” said Void.

“And our spells,” finished Nila.

“You owe us,” said Divina smiling.

“Don't I always.” She picked up Edana and ran off followed by Zoltron.    Up on the fifth floor, Tempest, Edana and Zoltron waited.

“Would they hurry up already,” said Edana.

“Hush Vayne, I think I heard them start already.” They all stood up and waited. They saw Mistress Starlet ran to the glass wall and walked in and within a few minutes she came out followed by Headmistress Majika.

“Come on, follow me.” She stepped up to the black glass wall and placed her hands on the cold glass. “Henry.” It became liquid and they walked through.

Tempest ran up the stairs at a human pace to that Zoltron and Edna could keep up with her. Finally at the top, Tempest walked into her office and pulled off the velvet cover. No reflection stared back at her. She placed her hands on the mirrors and stared at the black mirror.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all.” She was pulled in followed by Edana and Zoltron.

“You are taking a dangerous path Miss Nyx.”

“Tempest . . . ”

“Let me see them.”

“The land of the dead is a dangerous place to tread. They seek life. Even you with your immortal soul are not even safe.”

“We have to see them,” said Zoltron.

The reflection stared down at him and looked at him thouroughly.  “Fine them. I will lead you to the portal from that point on, you are on your own. My advice is to find them quickly.”

Tempest nodded and grabbed Edana's hand. Zoltron grabbed the other. Edana was the one who was at risk the most. Black darkness surrounded but slowly as they continued to walk, a misty cloud began to crawl up their feet.

“Tempest . . . ”

“This is where I must stop. Keep an eye on her,” she said pointing at Edana.

“I plan to.” She lifted her little sister up and carried her. “She's my little sister and I don't plan on letting anyone or thing posses her.”

“Yeah,” said Edana smiling.

“Now, if you don't mind, we have a couple of dead people to talk to.”

Tempest and Zoltron walked close together. They held close together as they became clouded in mist.

“Would you look how you're grown my little Tempete.” Tempest stopped walking and slowly turned around.


“Of course.”

Tempest ran to him with Edana in her arms.

“I'm glad to see you too my little Tempest.”

“Where is she? Where's my mum?”

Her father looked down at her happily yet sad at the same moment.  “She knew you would come, she's seen your entire life.”

“Aidan, you always did talk to much.” Tempest turned around. Walking toward them was a woman with a purple strand in her hair and grey eyes.


“I'm so sorry I had to leave you the way that I did, but I had to. The Malfoy's, yes they are one of my best friends, but neither you nor Draco would be the people you are today if you had grown up with them; and Zoltron, there is nothing I can say, but maybe a meeting with your family can do something.” From behind her came a group of people with blue-grey eye.

“Zoltron, come and talk to us.” He looked at Tempest.

“Go on, they'll keep you safe.” He nodded.

“Give me Edana, Tempete, you need to talk to your mother alone.” She obeyed her father and sat down with her mother.

“You knew I would find out the way I did. You knew all that is happening would happen.”

“It had to, for you to be the person you are. A sweet, caring, loving person. A person who shows both empathy as well as sympathy. Vivaldi is a good mother, I would not have be.”

“But still . . . ”

“Hush, hush, we haven't much time. To see the paths in proper order you have to keep your mind focussed on either the good or the bad. To accomplish that you must learn how to meditate.”

“What about Gorx?”

Morganna sighed and cupped her daughters face. “I was trying to avoid that. I'm sorry, I cannot tell you anything concerning him. Knowing the future is a dangerous thing Tempest.”

“Can I save him?”

“I cannot tell you. I am sorry for this burden my daughter.”

Tempest looked down then towards her father.  “Will I ever see you or my father again?”

Morganna smiled and hugged her. “In time my beautiful child, in time.” Tempest hugged her back. “I am so proud of you Tempest, you are everything I ever hoped you would be and much much more.”

Tempest hugged her back and smiled sadly.  “Thank you . . . mum.”

“Go say goodbye to your father.” Tempest got up and walked over to her father; his eyes were purple, not grey like she remembered.

“My little Tempest is all grown up.”

Tempest hugged her father tightly and the tears were beginning to burn her eyes.  She didn't want to let go fo him again.  “Dad, I've missed you so much. I wish I didn't have to go.”

“But you do.”

“Tempest,” began her mother, “watch for the night of the dark mark, when that dream is strongest. On that day you will know what to do.”


“Good, now go, we can no longer keep those who would try and take your at bay for much longer.”

“I love you dad. Thank you mum, for everything.”


Tempest held Edana close and looked at Zoltron. He finally didn't look so lost. He smiled at her and they all ran off, toward the darkness and away from the mist.

As the mist began to fade Tempest took one last look back. Her mother and father were looking after her in the arms of each other.

The reflection pulled them and Tempest asked for a mirror close to the third floor. It was the Boys bathroom. Once there Zoltron checked to see if the close was clear. It was.

They all crawled out when suddenly Louis Morte came in laughing with a couple of friends. They stopped and gawked at Tempest.

“Oh god. Nocturnal-Finis.” They all dropped down to the ground unconscious. Tempest and Zoltron shared a smile.

“Edana, go wait outside,” said Tempest.  She winked at her little sister who smiled back.

“Okay.” Edana skipped out.

“Now who should we start with? I say Louis?”

“I agree 100% Zeph.” They grabbed him and began pulling him toward the last stall.


Tempest and Zoltron waited in the Common room. As of yet, no one had returned. Abruptly the door opened and in came Nila, Void, Chad and Divina.

“How much detention?” asked Tempest casually. In response, they all groaned.; Tempest supressed a smiled, they did it for her after all.  “Wow, that bad.”

“We're not allowed off school grounds,” began Nila.

“No Quidditch, but them again without a captain, we can't play anyway.” Divina smacked Void upside his head.


“Sorry Zephyr.”

“It's all right. In fact I think I'm going to bed.”

“All right,” said Chad. “Are you sure you're okay?”

“Never better.” Tempest walked up to her bed, and walked over to her window.

“Gorx, I wish you could hear me. I will save you.”  She stood there a moment longer and looked at the sliver of the moon revelaed from behind the castle before turning in.

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