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The news about Gorx spread like wild fire. Tempest was furious with everything and soon enough, she began to lash out at anyone that crossed her path. The only person who wold even dare talk to her was Astrea Sanguine, but even Tempest wasn't in the mood for her.

Tempest pulled herself together on the morning of the second task, for appearance purposes only. Tempest stood at the fire place and was suddenly in the Slytherin common room. Nila and Void followed and Void pulled out his wand.

“Come on, lets get cleaned up. Voco proluo prolutuon,” he cast. They may have been clean but Tempest didn't need a mirror to know that she looked like hell.

“Come here Zephyr,” said Nila. Tempest went over to her and Nila pulled out her makeup. Nila dabbed some under Tempest eyes to conceal the purple circles. Finally she looked like she had gotten sleep.

“There, now you look decent.” She helped Tempest up and pulled Void behind them. Tempest shook her hair and quickly pulled herself together again.

“Okay lets go.” They walked from the dormitory and headed to the lake.

It was a chilly day and Tempest hugged herself. She hear two people called for bets and turned. They were none other than the Weasly twins.

“I'm going to go place a couple bets.”

“Uh okay,” she heard Void and Nila say in unison as she walked to the Weasly. They stopped in their tracks and stared at her in awe.

“Can I buy a couple.”


“I say Cedric Digory will place first. Harry Potter second, Krum third and Fleur forth.”

“That's a pretty specific bet,” said one.  Tempest didn't know which but she didn't feel bad about it, justy a sniff and she would know who was who.

“I'm feeling lucky today.” She smiled and handed them a couple sickles.

“Thank you,” they said.

“Don't mention it.”

She grabbed her receipt and ticked and walked to lake. Someone out of nowhere pulled her into shadows and kissed her. She didn't pull away, but she knew it was the right thing to do. Tempest pulled her face away and him highly. If one vision came true that means his future she saw would as well.

“Hey, what's the matter?”

“At school. Something happened. Something bad.”


“Gorx was captures and now his life is in grave danger.”

Draco lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes that made Tempest feel like her world would fall apart, but there was also the feeling that if she fell in defeat, he would catch her. “Are you all right?”

Tempest shook her head in defeat. “Draco, I can see the future. If I don't do something, he will die. The future isn't set in stone, I can change the future if I try hard enough.”

“Shh, don't worry just yet. I know you, you would never give up on anyone.”

She looked up and she he smiled down at her lovingly. Tempest couldn't help herself, she had to kiss him; and they did until Draco placed his hands on her shoulders and moved her away.

“Not yet Tempest, but trust me, everything will be okay.” He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. “Come on lets go watch Potty lose.”

“He's not going to lose,” she said finally and genuingly amused.

“Have you told Nila and Void that you can see the future?”

“Not yet, but I will have to soon enough. I don't really have a choice in the matter, they're my best friends.”

“I guess.”  She took into account his tone that suggested that she didn't have to tell them, that she knew that fact,but that in all her evil there was good.

They walked toward Nila nd Void. Their expressions were mixed with joy and slight disapproval. Tempest couldn't blame them, and from the expression on Draco's face, neither could he.

“Hey Nila, Void.”

“Hey Draco.”

“Hi Draco.”

“Come on guys, lets go watch the competition.”

They followed and settles down. Tempest didn't pay attention, she already knew the outcome.


They were under Draco's covers. Alone and fully dressed. All she wanted was for him to hold her, nothing more. They just laid there staring each other grey's eyes. He began to stroke her face and she smiled.

“Tempest I don't expect you to say anything I just hope you will or might eventually and I know this is a very inopportune time to say this but, I love you, I always have and I always will.” She kissed him, she knew she couldn't say it now, they both knew it. She put her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

“There was something else I wanted to tell you.”


“You looked beautiful at the Yule Ball.”

“You didn't look half bad yourself.”

They laid there till the covers were suddenly pulled off them. Nila and Void stood over their heads.

“Panzy is coming,” they said in unison.

Tempest was at the door of the boys dormitory within seconds. They turned top go and walked to the fireplace.

Back at school Tempest sat outside and stared at the castle in the sky. She had to find a way without Nila and Void. She walked down the side of the tower and followed the crowd into the Great Hall.

“So Zephyr, how fair thee,” called a snobby voice.

“Not now Astrea, I'm not in the mood.” She continued on until Astrea grabbed her and spun her around.

“Do I look like I care if you're in the mood or not?”

“That's right, you didn't, sorry I must have confused you with someone human.”

“Enough! Look I have something to say to you.”

“Then say it already.”

“I think I'll wait until Zombie boy and Barbie girl come. Oh would you look here, there they come.” Tempest turned her head and watched as they came up to her, the crowd parting in their wake like they did for her.

“Zeph, you 'kay?”

“She just wanted to tell me something.”

“Actually, I want to dare you to do something.”

“You are such a child.”

“Fine them. I double dare you to go to the scary little castle up in the bloody sky.” Tempest stared down at her. She really didn't like her use of words.

“Zephyr, you can't,” said Nila.

“Oh come now, the Great Zepher isn't scared now is she?”

“No, I'm just not stupid.”

“Fine, don't do the dare. I must say though, I am very disappointed in you. You could have rescued Gorx.” Tempest clenched her fist then unclenched them. Maybe this was her chance to save him without including Void and Nila.

“Fine, I'll accept your dare. What is it specifically?”

“Stay up there for a whole night. You can come back at sunrise. Oh wait I forgot to mention you have to go alone.”

“Deal.” They shook on it and Tempest walked over to her table and sat down. Void and Nila sat in front of her and stared at her unwavering.

“Zephyr . . . ” began Nila.

“No, don't even. I have to do this, and you two cannot come, understand?”

“We're not going to leave you alone Zeph,” said Void.

“Too bad. I'm going up alone whether you two like it or not.”

“We're coming.”'

“No you're not.  I'll make sure Aidan keeps you here if I have too, or rather, I'll just use the same spell I used on Divina and Chad first year and make you sleep in each others arms ad when I get back, with Gorx, I'll just take another picture.” She smiled and once the food appeared she turned her attention to the great bundle of food that appeared under her nose.

“Zephyr . . . ”

“You know, this is the perfect time when it would be best that you be pigs and think with your stomachs for once.”

“Stop it Zeph.”

“That's it, I don't want to hear another word about this from either of you again.”

Finally that shut them up and she grabbed a chicken breast and bit into it, accidentally biting through the bone and down to her lip. It bled for just a second before healing. She took that as a bad omen.


Tempest had her wand and broom to get her up there. Something about the air, other than the sickening smell, told her not to use her abilities whilst up there. She trusted her instincts as she mounted her broom, just in case Nila and Void decided to do something stupid, she jinxed their brooms.

She began to fly on her firebolt and stuck her wand in her hair like a chopstick. She looked at the castle and hoped that wasn't about to fall through the sky. Tempest closed her eyes and jumped. Her feet hit solid ground. She let out a sigh of relief and walked up to the castle doors. They opened upon their own accord and Tempest didn't like that at all. She walked in and looked around. The floor was of marble and finally she knew what was living here.

“I must say, it took you long enough.” Tempest turned and out from a shadow came a vampire, who's face Tempest recognized to vividly.

“You! What do you want?”

“Ah, I see you remember me, but lets see, do you really. Who do you think I am?”

“The vampire Gustave that tried to suck my blood and kill me!”

“You're partially right. Come on think.” Out of no where, like lightning, he came and struck her across the face, knocking her against the wall. He put his foot on her throat and knelt down.

“Really, you disappoint me . . . Young Tempest.” Tempest stopped struggling and opened her eyes as fright dawned on her.

“Merwick?! It can't be! No! You're . . . you're—“

“I-I'm what? Supposed to be a dead fish?” He laugh and it seemed to sting at Tempest from every side. “Ah this is a funny, would you like to hear it?”

“Get the fuck off me,” she spat.

“I'll take that as a 'yes Merwick, I would love to'," he said disdainfully as he pushed his foot down harder on her throat.   "Well, do you remember when you took my essence and put me in a fish? Of course you do. Well you see, turns out that in a body I can eat away it's essence and make it my own. So I consumed it, let another fish eat me, consumed that one and went looking for a couple more fish. Well, then I cam upon a muggle fishing and do you what I did them? Let him eat me, took over, and travelled. Wel, this is where it gets really funny. 

“Since I was in a muggle body I couldn't use magic, then I thought, how to I get out of this body and into another?   That's when it came to me. Vampires and werewolves. So I went to Romania, specifically Transylvania and who should I see but a fragile sick little girl fighting for her life in a Gypsy camp. Oh and do you want to know something else. Up in the trees was a vampire staring down at you full of pity. So later on I found him and told him I had the power to save you but not the means in which to use it. He didn't ask many questions, a poor decision on his part which I was counting on. So then I offered him my blood and he took it willingly believing everything that came out of my . . . how would you describe it?”

“Vile, evil foul mouth,” she croaked as she still fought to get her throat out from under his foot.

He laughed. “Yes that sound about right. Well anyway, he sucked my blood and that was the dn of him. So then I went around sucking peoples blood, just so I got the hang of it, and then snuck into your cabin. I almost succeeded in killing you but no, you had to go and scream and wake up. Well, you were lucky, because if you hadn't been those vials of vampires blood you would have died. Pity me.”

“You are a pathetic, worthless . . . ” Merwick stopped her by pressing harder on her throat.

“I'm not finished yet. Well anyway, I remember hearing your scream of agony as the transformation began and as the essences absorbed it. It was a beautiful sound.

“Now I have your precious Gorx, he's somewhere, and I will give you until dawn to find him, if you don't, well too bad for you now isn't is.” He smiled and let her go. She coughed and slowly got up. “You have ten seconds before I go get him and suck him dry in front of you.” She stood still. “Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . six . . . five . . . four . . . ” Tempest ran through a pair of double doors.


“Sorry Tempest darling, that won't help you,” echoed Merwick.

“Where is he?!”

“Sorry Tempest, that's for me to know and you to find out.”

Tempest punched the wall again and again before collapsing onto the floor. She closed her eyes and focussed her senses on Gorxs' scent and heart beat. She got up, with her eyes still closed and followed her instincts. She walked for a while till the smell of death overpowered her. She opened her eyes and covered her mouth in disgust.

“Did I forget to tell you, I like to play with my food,” breathed Merwick down her neck. Tempest turned around and he was leaning against a wall with her broom.

“You're sick! You just make them run for their lives in this stupid maze then suck their blood! You are a foul, evil, detestable sick old man!!”

“And you are out of time.” He threw her, her broom. “You might want to brace yourself, the floor beneath you is about to turn into just plain moisture.”

Tempest collapsed onto the ground with her her head down. “Just give me back Gorx,” she implored.

“I don't think so.” The next thing she knew she was falling through the air. Tempest landed on her feet, sat on the ground and closed her eyes. She focussed on the future and the path. Nothing was in sync; it was just a jumble of mess.

Enough was enough, she had to talk to her mother, urgently. She had to learn how to use this gift and curse bestowed upon her if she was going to save anyone.

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