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          Tempest laid on the ceiling of the girls dormitory. Nila, Divina and herself were talking about their dresses for the Yule ball.

“You two are lucky you get to go,” said Divina.

“Please, you're a princess, you've probably been to more than enough balls,” said Tempest taking a glance at her left arm.

“Something wrong?” asked Nila.

“Huh, oh nothing. I already have my dress thought up, do you Nila?” she asked quickly changing the subject.

“I was thinking something icy blue with maybe some silver.”

“How exactly fo you two plan on getting your dresses.”

Tempest jumped down. “Vivaldi of course.” She feigned a smiled and walked from the Dormitory. She stopped at the bottom of stairs and looked at Gorx.


“Hi,” she said as she walked over to him.

“Have a apologized?”

She laughed. “No, but don't worry, Malfoy and I aren't even friends anymore. To many differences.”

“Really?” Gorx went to took two strides to her and embraced her. Tempest was shocked at the sudden burst of emotion but welcomed it nonetheless. “Well I never wanted you to stop being friends, but I can't say that I'm not happy.”

She finally hugged him back and closed her eyes. “I'm glad.”

“So, what are you doing?”

“I was going to go home, talk to Vivaldi and go and by a dress for Nila and myself.”


“Didn't Void tell you?”

“Tell me what?” She could hear the tension already building inside of his as he pulled away from her. Tempest looked at him and hated the hatred that was boiling just beneath his iris.

“All three of us are going to the Yule Ball,” she said finally.

“You're going back to Hogwarts?”

“Yes, I think I might dance with my cousin, Maddox.”

“Okay. Hey where were you the day before yesterday?”

“Library, researching the gift of foresight for Master Horsh.”

“Oh, okay. Last night at dinner I thought you were kind of . . . I don't know, out of it I guess to put it in lament terms.”

“Yeah, I guess it was because I was really tired or something.” She laughed. “Well now I don't even know.”

“Well go on, go buy your dresses.” He lifted her chin up and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Tempest ran off happy to Headmistress Majikas' office. She stopped at the passage way and searched through her head for the password. She placed her hands on the black glass when she remembered.

“Henry Dufflebaggies.”

The glass turned into liquid and she walked through as it chilled her to the bone. She never thought she would ever get over the feeling of walking through liquid glass.

“Hello Zephyr, how are you?” greeted Mistress Majika as she entered her office.

“Uh all right.” She stared amazed at how young she looked even after all these years.

“How can I help you this gloomy cold beautiful day?”

“Nila and I need to buy some dresses for the Yule Ball. So I need to go home and get some money. Can I have a pass to excuse me from all my classes today.”

“Certainly.” She turned away and Tempest snuck a glance at the covered mirror. “All right Tempest, here is some floo powder for you and Miss Cerdwin.”

“Thank you.” Tempest smiled sweetly and ran from the office.

She went back to the dormitory and smiled when she saw Chad. She quickly jumped into his lap and he stared at her shocked which made Tempest worry.

“What's wrong?”

“Huh, nothing, so hows my princess?”

“All right my knight. I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages.”

“Maybe because we haven't.”

“Zephyr cone on, the dance is in three days. I would like to buy my dress and shoes today if you don't mind,” wined Nila.

“Oh all right.” She turned back to Chad. “You and I need to talk later.”


Tempest followed Nila to the fire place and went first.

“House of Vivaldi Nyx!”

Tempest erupted into her living room and fortunately landed into her sofa. Unfortunately Nila landed with her knees in her back.

“Get off me!”

“Sorry.” They got up and dusted themselves clean. “Hey do you know any self clean spells?”

“Ha, no, you should probably ask Void one of those.”

“Damn him for not being here, and right when I needed him the most too.” Nila pouted and went to the kitchen. Tempest followed and they both wiped any visible piece of skin clean. Hastily as well they changed into a pair of clean clothes.

They walked through the Muggle street in the cold windy weather to the Leaky Cauldron. One there, they quickly went to Diagon Alley.

“I hate that Madam Minka doesn't like it when people try on her dresses.”

“She hates returns even more. Oh, did you know that everything she buys to makes her clothes is bought from Muggle companies?”

“Really?” said Nila ashtonished.

“Yup, apparently one of our galleons can buy more than enough.”

“Wicked,” said Nila. They both arrived at the doorstep of Madam Minkas' and took a deep breath hoping the witch would be in a good mood.

“May I help you girls?” she asked in a very pleasant tone. Thank god, thought Tempest. She heard Aidan laugh.

“Huh, oh um, we actually need two dresses to the Triwizard Tournament Yule Ball,” said Tempest.

“Really? Well come in, come in, let me take your measurements.” They obliged and followed Madame Minka into a back room.

“Lift up your shirt so I can measure your waist.” They did as they were told. “Okay twenty-four inches,” she said to Tempest. “Twenty-six inches,” she said to Nila. “Okay, you can put them down now. She measure their chest next followed then by their height. Tempest discovered that barefoot she was about an and inch and a half shorter than Nila who stood and five feet five inches but had a bigger bosom of 36 inches.

“May I ask what colours you would like?”

“I want . . . ” Began Nila but stopped as Madame Minka glared at her. Nila laughed nervously. “I would like an icy blue colour with some silver.”

“Any design in particular?”


“What kind of cut dear?”

“Strapless, long.”

“All right,” she wrote in a book on her desk then turned and looked at Tempest. “What about you dear?”

Tempest was ambivalent. She was frightened actually at the thought of the dress from her dream kissing Draco popped into her head. She wanted that dress but did not want that vision. Hopefully, she thought, she would be able to have her cake and eat it too.

“I would like a black and purple dress. See I want the purple to fade into the black.”

“Okay, now would you like any cut in particular?”

“Halter top with a revealing cleavage open yet classy and seductive back. Oh and a slit up the leg. Left side,” she added quickly as she looked down at her left arm.

“Anything else?”

“Long flowing sleeves. Tight, but I wold like them to flare out at the bottom in an elegant fashion and something else, I just don't know how to describe it.”

“Try deary.”

“Um okay. On the sides I would like them to be cut open. Can I draw it for you?”

“Of course.” Tempest took her pencil as it was handed to her and drew her ideal dress, the dress she has seen before. When she saw Madame Minka look at it she saw her intrigue while all she saw was fear.

“This is what you want?”

“Yes, if it's not to much trouble.” Please say that it is too much trouble, please don't make it, she thought as she smiled.

“Oh no, not at all. Your dresses will be ready by nightfall. Cost estimation for both would be two thousand sickles.”

“Okay thank you.” Nila ad Tempest went off to Gringotts and grabbed their money and all the while Tempest could not stop thinking about her dress, what had she done. She knew what would possibly happen in three nights, but why was it becoming harder and harder for her to fight it, she asked herself minute after minute.

Tempest feared entering Madame Minkas' shop but she needed to see it.

“Would you like to try on your dresses. I want to make sure they fit.”

“Okay,” said Tempest and Nila in unison. They changed into their dresses and Tempest stared at herself, amazed.

“Zephyr, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Tempest couldn't help but stare at her reflection in Madame Minkas magic mirrors. She loved how she looked and hated it at the same time.


She tried to hold still and not scream but she couldn't help it; Divina was doing their hair.


“Hold still!”

“Now you know what she put me through,” said Nila as she slipped into her dress and shoes her mother had sent her. They matched her dress perfectly.

“There, I'm done.”

“Thank god.” Tempest quickly got up and went to get her dress. She skipped into it and then into her shoes.

“Wow, you do look beautiful.”

“I guess I'll have to take your word for it.” Tempest smiled even though she wanted to scream. She had no desire to see herself at all and for once was grateful that she was a vampire.

“Go down stairs and show the guys.”

Tempest and Nila walked calmly down the stairs. Everyone stared at them mesmerized. Tempest had on some black eyeliner along with purple eyeshadow along with some shimmering lilac lip gloss. She wanted to look calm, hoping no one saw the fright in her eyes. She looked at Nila who was usually perceptive but she just smiled at her. Her eyes were covered in blue eyeliner and light silver eyeshadow and her lips shone brightly when the light reflected off her clear lip gloss. Tempest looked at Void, Chad and Gorx hoping someone saw her fright and anguish. One vision came true but a more dreadful feeling came creeping onto her telling her something bad was going to happen, something that would cause undescribable pain and sorrow.

“You look beautiful Tempest.”

“Thank you Gorx.” She kissed him on the cheek.

“Uh, I don't mean to be rude but the ball is starting soon,” said Void.

“Oh all right, I'll see you later okay?” The awful feeling grew in the pit of her stomach telling her to stay.

“Yeah,” he kissed her like he never wanted to let go and or once she hoped he would yell at her to stay, but he didn't.

They all walked arm int arm with each other and went to Majikas' office.

“All right you three, we found a quick way to get all three of you to Hogwarts without getting your pretty handsome little selves dirty,” laughed Majika.

“Follow me children,” said Master Vlad. They did and he stopped them in front of the mirror of Meladora Grimm.

“You three are going to be going through the mirror.”

Tempest already knew what to do. She placed her hands upon the mirror and her hands gripped hers. She walked in and looked around. Nila and Void followed and the mirror image took the form of Seriah Slimythings who looked more than oddly familiar to Tempest.

“Follow me and be quick about it.”

They all looked at each other but followed without question though the cold emptiness. Finally they stopped at a window. It lead to a bathroom.


Void went first, then Nila. Tempest was about to go through when she heard a faint female voice call her name.

“Tempest . . .” She jerked around but the reflection grabbed her arm.

“No Tempest, you cannot venture there.”

“But . . .”

“No! Go Tempest you must go.” Tempest nodded and crawled out the opening. She was on a sink and Void helped her down.

They all ran down and people were talking. They walked down the stairs and all of a sudden, people were ushered into the Great Hall. They all stood together and Tempest noticed Nila looking around.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Ron. He wrote me a letter saying that he was sent this most horrendous dress robes. I'm sure he was overreacting.”

“No he wasn't,” said Void. They looked at him, he was pointing ahead. Nila ran to Ron but Tempest who was quicker was at his side in seconds.

“Ron?” He turned around and blushed. “Oh dear, I thought you were just overreacting. I take it you're not going to dance,” said Nila.


“What a shame and I was hoping we could share a dance.”

“Well I hope all of you have fun, I have to go find my date. Maddox Perth, my cousin. Very sorry for you Ron, but please, do try to have some fun.” Tempest gave him a hug and began looking for her cousin until she bumped into someone.

“Oh pardon me . . .” She stopped short and glared at Pansy who was glued to Dracos' arm. “Ugh, never mind.” She stalked away and when she saw her cousin, wrapped arm through his.

“Hey cuz,” she said.

“Hey, finally, I thought I would have to dance alone."

Tempest laughed.  “Please I would never let you down. Not now not ever.”

“Glad to know I can count on you.”  Tempest smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

The music began and the Triwizard players lead the dance first. Soon other people came in and so did Tempest and Maddox. Tempest looked around and soon she saw Void and Nila dancing elegantly. All of a sudden two people bumped into them. She recognized them by their poisonous scent.

“Can you watch where you're dancing,” said Maddox. Tempest didn't even bother to turn her head.

“Oh shut up Perth,” said Pansy. Tempest finally turned and stared her down; as quick as a snake she snatched her arm and began to twist it.

“Now listen her Pansy, keep your foul mouth shut, understand?”

“Zephyr.” Crap, she thought. She let go and sighed.

“Hello Severus.”

“Follow me please.”

“Understood.” She turned and walked after him, but not before stomping on Pansy's toes, hard.  Severus led her to Dumbledore who stared at her.

“You have broken rules Miss Nyx.”

“Point? My parents did all the time.”

“One more step and I will have you banned from my school.”

“Go ahead, see if I care. Best whilst I'm here, I guess I might as well warn you. I've seen the future, old man. Four will venture in alive, but one will not come back. Two will venture to the grave of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but one will die to save the other. HE will return. The Dark Lord, and all who served him will come.”

“Who will die?” Dumbledore asked frightened.

“I cannot tell you and even if I did, you would not change his fate.” She turned around.  ”He must die to save the other.” She walked away and went to the punch bowl. Someone grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“What the bloody hell Tempest.”

Tempest jerked her arm away from Draco's grasp. “Don't you dare call me by that name! You lost that right when you forsake our friendship . . . Malfoy.” She walked on by him and outside. Great, she thought it's snowing. She began to walk back inside but Draco blocked her path.

“Malfoy, let me pass.”

“No Zephyr.”

“Don't make me hurt you.”

“Like you could.” He flashed her his best smile.

“What do you want?”

“I just want to talk to you, is that so bad.”

“Apparently, to your girlfriend it is . . . Draco.”

“I take it I am forgiven.”

“Not yet,” she said as she smiled. He walked to her and leaned against the pillar next to her.

“Have I said I'm sorry?”

“No, but I'll accept it.”

“Thank you.” Tempest turned her head and a stray strand of hair came out and went in front of her face. Draco brushed it out of her face and she blushed.

“Thanks.” Music began to play and Tempest noted it's soft beat.  No, not now.

“Want to dance?”

She looked at him unsure.  “Huh, oh, uh sure.” He wrapped both his arms around her waist so she had no other choice but to wrap her arms around his neck. She placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“So hows school?”

“All right except for the minor cloud castle of death. So far whoever is inside it has not kidnapped anyone . . . yet?”

“I guess that's good.”

“Yeah.” She opened her eyes and looked at Draco. What did make him so appealing? He leaned his forehead on her and they both smiled.

“No matter what Pansy says I'll still care about you more. Always have, always will.”

“That's good.” Suddenly Tempest was up against a wall, but she said nothing.

“Always Tempest. I'll always care about you.”

“Good, so will I.” Finally he kissed her and she kissed back. She wrapped her arms tighter like she never wanted to let go and he pulled her closer. Tempest felt his hand push up her dress but she said nothing. Instead she leaned into him harder. Their kiss was passionate and she loved t. Finally they separated slowly. She kept her arms around him as he caressed her face. She smiled.

“Tempest . . . ”

“Uh are we interrupting something,” came a familiar voice. Tempest and Draco both turned their heads. Standing together were none other than Void and Nila. Draco and Tempest pulled away from each other.

“No, what is it?”

“Something has happened at school. Divina swam up here. She told us to get back to school. She said Headmistress Majika told her to get us.”

“Okay.” She turned to Draco. “I'll see you around.”

“Hope so.” He kissed her forehead and she walked away with Void and Nila.

Back at the mirror Tempest placed her hands on the surface.

“You know we saw,” stated Nila matter-of-factly.

“I know, now keep you mouth shut. She closed her eyes. “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” Hands gripped hers and she walked through quickly followed by Nila and Void.

“Can you bring us to the closest mirror to the Slimythings common room?”

“Yes, now hurry.” They followed quickly and where at another bathroom. They went out and Tempest looked at the reflection. She was going to have a talk with it later.

As they walked into the Common Room Divina and Chad stood up and stared at her. She knew just by their faces that something bad had happened.

“What?” she asked frightened.

“It's Gorx. He's, he's . . . ”

“He's what Divina?”

“He's been kidnapped Zephyr,” finished Chad.

Those words stopped time. Tempest collapsed onto the ground and began to hyperventilate. Nila knelt by her side.

“Zephyr calm down or you're going to pass out,” said Nila.

“I . . . don't . . . care!!” Oh god, she thought, this isn't happening.  Her breath became calm. No, this cannot be happening. He can't die.

“Don't worry Zephyr, we'll get him back,” said Void. She looked up at him and Nila. She wanted to say something, she the words were stuck in her throat. They're all going to die. She looked at the fire and clenched her fist till her nails drew blood. She had to alter the future, no matter what the costs.

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