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Tempest sat with all the students in the Great Hall. Apparently the castle in the sky was a danger, and to Tempest that was all to obvious. All the werewolves and all the vampires were saying that the “smell” was emanating from it. Like Tempest hadn't already figured that out she thought in fright.

“Attention students,” said Headmistress Majika. “I would quickly recommend that no student travel around alone and in saying that I would like Miss Nyx to explain.”

Everyone turned their attention toward Tempest. Why me, she thought as she got up and walked to the front of the staff table.

“Whatever is in that Castle takes people and kills them, or so I would assume considering that it smells like death and decay. But lets not worry so much, we all have a tendency to travel in pacts, as whatever it is seems to take those that are alone.” Tempest smiled and went back to her table. This is to weird she thought. Everyone stared at her and she just quickly took her seat next to Gorx who wrapped a strong arm around her waist.


About two weeks passes and Tempest didn't like her dreams any longer. They were coming true. Something was beyond not right and she was determined to get to the bottom of it.

After Misfortune Telling class Tempest went up to her teacher to ask a question that was bugging her and hopefully since he did teach a sort of fortune telling he should be able to help her.

“Professor Horsh?”

“Ah Miss Nyx, how may I help the daughter of my favourite student?” He smiled.

Tempest smiled at the remark, but then reminded herself of why she was here.  “Um, I was wondering, can people have the ability to see the future in their dreams?”

“It depends good or bad?”

“Uh, both I guess.”

“Hmm, well, as far as I know there are only spells for one not both because it's a very bad thing, can drive a person mad.” Great as if I don't have enough o worry about, she thought. “Is something wrong Miss Nyx?”

“Huh, oh no, I was just curious that's all.”

“Hmm, well you'll also be happy to know that the gift of foresight is also inherited.”


“Of course, but it can be obtained through magic, but only if one is of powerful ability. I bet you yourself could perform the spell and see into the future.”

“Thanks but no thanks Master Horse, I'm perfectly fine not knowing what's going to happen next; I like surprises.”  She feigned a smiled but she knew he didn't believe it.

“Hmm, may I see you hand?”

“Of course.”

Tempest handed him her free hand and watched as he put some chamomile oil on it and looked at it. After a couple of minutes, he smiled.

“You are going to have a very adventurous life Miss Nyx.”

“Even I could have told you that,” she smiled and hugged her books tighter to her chest. At the doors she stopped and turned around. “What was it that you saw?”

Master Horsh smiled.  “I thought you liked surprises, besides I cannot tell you yet, but what I can tell you is that if you don't act fast on all your decisions, someone more that dear than anything to you will die Miss Nyx.” He gave her a solemn look. “Not everything in the future is tied to one event. You can change one thing but that doesn't mean you can change the course of what already is. Keep that in mind you'll need it.” He turned his back to her and Tempest clutched the books tighter before running off. She felt someone watching her and had she looked she would have seen Gorx looking after her slowly.

Tempest went to the library to search on the gift of good foresight. Starting off with something pleasant may not be that bad. She went to the desk and asked Madam Paper for help on the type of books she was looking fore. She smiled kindly and handed her two on the spot.

“How . . . ”

“Master Horsh. I also have three on dark foresight if you would like those now?”

“That would be most appreciated.”

“Such a polite girl, just like Viva, Morganna was ruthless, yet truly loyal.” She smiled and handed her three more books. Tempest took a seat on the second floor in the darkest of dark corners, her favourite spot.

Tempest sat there reading and only reading not letting her focus drift away. In fact she cast a spell ton her thoughts to keep them focussed.

She sat there for hours on end. Nothing in the first two books could help her. Finally, she looked in the third book. She highly doubted that she had anything that could give her the ability to see the future but then again she never expected that she would be in possession of Excaliber.

After reading the first hundred pages she stopped and stared at the pictures of the magical items. It was her necklace. Her necklace that was given to her by the Lady of the Lake herself. She tore the necklace from her neck and compared it to the picture she saw to assure herself that it was the same. It was. She clutched it, she was going to have to have a little conversation with the Lady of the Lake later, she thought. She fixed the necklace and put it back on. Well that's one mystery solved, she thought.

She opened the first book, about Magical items. She had more she discovered. She looked through the pages and stopped when something caught her eye. A simple potion that when used gave the person the ability to see the future and their children as well.  Damn you mother, she thought, you had better have had a good reason for what you have done.

Tempest knew this was the potion her mother had used. Maybe it was the necklace, but she just knew. Tempest cast Apparatus and was in the attic.

Morganna was gathering ingredients along with Casca, Michael and Viva. She looked at them all, they were about a year older that the last time.

“You're insane,” muttered Casca.

“Oh hush.”

“It's true. You heard what Master Horsh said, it's dangerous to see both, it can drive a person mad.”

“Yes well I'm not going to see both per say.”

“Then what are you doing?” asked Viva.

“I'm going to see both paths of a persons life. The decisions they make; it's difficult to explain.”

“All right then don't explain.”

“I'm glad you said that Casca because I need a massive amount of your blood.”

“What?” She hugged herself wide eyed. “That's it you have gone completely mental!”

“Oh come now, you won't even feel it.”

“I don't know.”

“Just hold your arm over the cauldron already.”

Casca rolled her sleeve up and Morganna pulled out a knife. She went to the top of Cascas' arm and slit down to the wrist.

“I don't even know why you want my blood. I'm not even fully human,” she said sulky.

“That's exactly why.”

"Aren't you afraid you might go mad?”

“I contain Morgan Le Feys' essence, I'm pretty sure she will keep me safe.”

“What about your children?”

"That's if I have any and if I do I'm equally sure that she will keep them safe as well. Okay that's more than enough blood. Viva can you hand me a unicorn horn and a jar of un of unicorns blood.”

Viva did and Morganna added the blood and began to crush the horn. When she finished she added the crushed horn and began to stir the potion six times clockwise. The potion turned bright pink,

“Hey had me some monkshood.”

“Okay.” Viva handed the jar over and Morganna sprinkled a handful into the cauldron. The potion blew smoke and they all coughed and Morganna waved her hand to get the smoke out of her face.

“Yes, the potion is my favourite colour, purple.”

“Why do you love that colour so much,” asked Viva.

Morganna looked at her and moved her purple strand of hair out of her face. “I just do.” She looked back at the potion. “So hows Aidan?”

Tempest watched Viva's face brighten. “He's all right, we're spending a lot of time together.”

“That's good. I don't usually see him anymore or write.”

“You to should,” she yawned.

“And you should go to bed. Casca you too, don't worry Michael will help me finish up.”

“If you're sure . . . ”

“Oh bloody go already. You need your sleep.”

“All right, goodnight.”

“Yeah, 'night,” yawned Casca.

“Good night you two.”

As they left Morganna bent down to the potion cupboard and pulled out three jars.

“Are you ever going to tell her,” asked Michael.

“Tell her what?” She poured the contents in and mixed.

“That you and Aidan dated and that you are still in love with him.”

“Because she doesn't need to know, now help me finish this.”


She mixed in a couple more ingredients. The potion puffed smoke again and turned silver. She filled a vial.

“Here's to the future,” she said as she lifted the vial to her lips. She drank it down, then fell to the ground.

“Morganna!” Michael ran to her side and lifted her up.

“I'm fine.”

“What happened?”

She groaned. "A just saw my life pass before my eyes, literally.”


“One thing I can tell you for sure is that I'm a power hungry ambitious bitch.” She laughed then stopped and looked at Michael. “What can you tell me about something called the Sorcerers Stone?”

“Uh, a lot . . . why?”

“Like I said, I'm ambitious and power hungry.” She smiled and so did he.


Tempest wasn't as upset as she thought she would be. In fact she wasn't upset at all. Here she was trying to be careful and obviously she had seen a lot. There were so many things she wanted to know.

Back at school, she returned all the books and went to go eat dinner. She had no idea how much time she had spent reading and researching.

Tempest went to bed and quickly changed and what dream she would have tonight.


Tempest was in a graveyard in her pajamas. She hid behind a tombstone when she saw a flash of light. Harry Potter and a young man who Tempest recognized as Cedric Digory were suddenly there. Tempest looked at the tombstone that Harry Potter was focussed on. The name engraved said Tom Marvolo Riddle. All of sudden a door opened and a rat like man came out carrying something.

“Kill the spare,” said a voice that made Tempest spine crawl.

A green light came from the wand and struck Cedric. Tempest gasped, as he fell to the ground dead. Harry Potter was help against the Riddle tombstone. The thing that the man was holding was dumped into the cauldron along with a bone, his hand and blood from Potter. The potion began to bubble and Tempest left arm began to throb. She clutched it and watched as the one and only Lord Voldemort came into being. Tempest looked down at her throbbing arm and her eyes widened in shock and fear. The mark of the Death Eater started to appear upon her skin. Tempest began to wipe erratically at it hoping that it would go away.

“Oh Tempest I'm so sorry; you were sworn into his service long before you were even born . . . ”

Tempest began to turn around when she suddenly jerked awake.

“Mother what did you do.” Tempest threw her covers off her bed and went to the fire place. Back in her attic she was in front of the Pensieve.

Morganna was kneeling in front of Voldemort looking at his had and obviously pregnant.

“I see death, rebirth and power,” she said.


“Your body will be destroyed and for years you will fight to regain it. You will succeed. The Potter child is your key.”


“Lord Voldemort, when you are gone many of your minions will die or be captured. I ask that you hide the mark from people who are not death eaters on my arm Aidans' and Vivaldis'.”

“I will . . . on one condition.”

“Anything my lord.”

“Swear your childs' allegiance to me.” Tempest saw her mothers' body flinch then stiffen quickly as a forced smile crept over her mouth.

“Of course my lord.”

Morganna was suddenly walked up a drive was. She stopped at the door and knocked. A woman with red-brown hair and green eyes opened it. The woman jerked her wand at Morganna.

“What do you want Morganna?”

“Hello Lily, I need to speak with you and James. It's a matter of great urgency.”

“And why should I trust or believe you?”

“Because if you don't, our children will become monsters.” Lily put her wand down and welcomed her into the home.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here Morganna?!”

“Hush and sit down Potter. Now listen and only listen. Lord Voldemort knows where are you are, it s of no secret to him. He will come for your son. There are two paths that your son will follow. He will be his fathers son and become ruthless and cruel, but that is only if you do not die. Use old magic Lily Potter, it will keep him safe.”

“What should we trust you?”

“Because, my child, when I go to Azcaban, if I follow that path in life, will grow to be ruthless on the day of her fathers demise, she will become immortal, kill the dark lord and take his place. No one will be able to stop her. If you both die you will allow your son to follow a good path, and he will die at my daughters hand. If you do not die and I don't either your son will become her right hand and help her cause pain and suffering. If we all die, my daughter will have empathy and sympathy and will not be evil like her mother and she will, on countless times try to save your son and help him destroy Voldemort once and for all. That's why I swore her into his service, to be better able to help him.”

“Is there nothing we can do,” asked Lily.

“I am sorry, I wish, but I can't help but feel responsible.”

“Lets see, you marked me for death ages ago.”

“Again, sorry James,” she said scornfully before turning her attention to Lily once again. “Remember Lily, old magic, he will not see it coming.”

She nodded. “Thank you Morganna . . . for everything.”

“I wish I could've been of some more help.”

Everything faded away and Tempest just sat on the ground stunned. She needed to talk to her mother and as she looked at a mirror, she finally knew how.

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