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November was near closing and Tempest was tired. She had collapsed at least several times since her return from Hogwarts half a week ago, and she was sure she was about to again.  Something was wrong with her. She collapsed against a wall and let herself fall to the ground. Something was seriously wrong with her. Someone was standing over her and she tried to get up.

“God you look pathetic,” Astrea said.

“Get the bloody hell away from me.”

“Oh my god, give me your stupid hand, I'm taking you to the Infirmary.”

“I don't want your help.”

“Too bloody bad.”

Astrea knelt down and wrapped Tempests' arm over her shoulder. It was a good thing no one was around, if they were they would not be like this; they would be at each others throats as well as biting each others heads off.

Once in the Infirmary, Astrea dropped her on one of the beds.

“Guess Mistress Purenot isn't here.”

“Yeah . . . why are you being so nice, no offense but you are starting scaring me.”

“Your weakness is a reflection onto me. If I have a weak mortal enemy what does that make me? Pathetic.”


“Self-serving bitch.”

“I never said I was other wise.” Astrea smiled and Tempest just rolled her eyes. Astrea leaned herself against the wall and Tempest collapsed on herself and closed her eyes. Maybe some sleep, she thought. She closed her eyes.


Tempest was siting down reading a book. Snow was falling down on her and everywhere else. Everyone around her was whispering to one another then walking toward something. Finally Tempest put down her book and got up to see what all the commotion was over. Everyone was looking up and so did she. Up in the sky was a sort of cloud like castle carrying with it the stench of death.


Tempest jerked awake. Three nights in a row she had, had the same dream and three nights as well was she stuck in the infirmary. The dreams at first she thought were just caused by her lack of blood, stress and her stay in the infirmary but something else told her that they were much more. She looked from side to side. There was no one. Thank god, she thought. She stopped her blood transfusions and got up. She hated that she loved the taste of blood more than she would want but her body was officially calling for it.

Tempest walked from the infirmary and walked to the Astronomy tower. The cold air whipped around her and she smiled. She decided to climb the wall to the tallest tower. Tempest stood on top one of the gothic spikes and closed her eyes and she took breaths of fresh air from the icy winds that came to her. Suddenly her eyes jerked open and she sniffed that ait to make sure that this was not a dream. She wasn't dreaming she thought regretfully as the smell of death filled the air.

Suddenly the Great doors opened and all the students that came out Tempest recognized as either a werewolf or a vampire. She looked around the crowd, Zoltron was there as well. They smell it too, she thought. At the head were Master Vlad and Mistress Scrub. Whatever the smell was coming from, it wasn't good.


Tempest was out of the Infirmary two days after that night. Finally, she thought,  five days could drive a girl mad.

She was running around looking for Zoltron and Hydra. They were both there that night when the deathly smell came and she wanted to know their theories. Finally she found them.

“I have been looking everywhere for you.”

“You smelled it too,” asked Zoltron. She nodded.

“What do you think it means,” asked Hydra.

Tempest sat down. “I don't know. There have been no reports about any massacres. I don't think of anywhere it might be coming from.” They all sat in silence until Tempest finally got up.

“Where are you going?” asked Zoltron.

“There's something I have to actually check out. Be back in a flash.” She smiled and ran off.

She was standing outside her house. Hopefully her “mother” was out at work at the Ministry. She creaked the door open.

“Vivaldi? Hello? Anyone home?” She smiled. “Guess not,” she said to herself as she walked in. Tempest went to the kitchen to garb an apple before going to the attic.

“Seriously, it's like watching a freakin' muggle program,” she said to herself. “Now mother dearest what is it that the all knew about you.”

Tempest looked in and fell on her feet. Her mother was staring up at the moon on the Hogwarts school ground. She looked at her age. She looked just like she did when she left. She looked around at the weather it was still early in the year and she knew her mother would be leaving soon.

“Do I even want to know,” she said as she took another bite of her apple. Tempest looked at her mothers' eyes, they had a tint of blue like Zoltron.

“What are you doing here?” Morganna turned around at the growl. It was Remus.

“Hello Remus, coming out to howl at the moon?” She laughed.

“Funny, really, why aren't you with Aidan?”

“We got into another fight. I came out to give him some space.”

“You two fight too much.”

“You're telling me. Come over here and sit with me wolf boy,” she smiled a genuine smile and so did he.

“Finally you're pleasant.”

“Ha you know I only am for you.” She laughed and he sat on the ground.

“The night is beautiful isn't it.”

“Yeah. Hey Remus what happened to us.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we used to be such great friends.”

“We still are.”

She laughed scornfully. “Yeah, that's only over the summer when you aren't hanging out with Potter and those other idiots.”

“Morgan be nice to them their my friends.”

“Why should I? I know that they aren't.”

“Yeah and I yell at them for that!”

“Of course you do, I have no doubt in that, you are such a loyal friend! You stand by Potter and those other when he torments Snape!”

“Well I don't like what he does.”

“You don't really do anything to stop him though. No you leave that to me. See while everyone thinks that's he's the hero just because he's a bloody Gryffindor everyone thinks I'm such a horrible wench because I'm in Slytherin!”

“Morgan . . . ”

“Wait I'm not finished yet Remus. Look I don't trust them especially Pettigrew.”

“What is it now?”

“Don't you give me that look. Look Black is as loyal as the dog he is so I'll give him that, but there's something about that fat pig of a worm that I just don't trust. He's going to hurt you Re.”

“What do you care if I get hurt or not?”

“What do I care? Who was the first to find you when you were bitten this summer? It was me!!! Who sent letters to your pathetic friends saying is was an emergency? Who carried you back home? IT WAS ALL ME!! What do I care? If I didn't I would have left you to die and frankly right now I think I should have!”

“You don't mean that.”

“Oh no? Look just be careful okay. Wormtail, such a just name for him really.” There was silence before Remus turned Morganna to face him.

“Morganna what happened to us?”

“We grew up and got separated that's what happened to us. Oh Re, I miss you I and all those horrible things I just said about you I didn't mean.”

“I know.” She gave him a hug and he held her tightly suddenly they slowly pulled away from each other and just stood staring at each other. Suddenly Remus kissed Morganna and she kissed him back hungrily. Tempest needed to go when she saw Remus' hand start up her leg.

Not quick enough, Tempest was out. She cringed and stood up.

“Okay, I never, ever want to see that again.” She got up from the ground and dusted herself off. She walked around her house staring at the decorations and pictures. The young girl with her father with the grey eyes was her mother not her aunt. And the boy with the purple eyes was her father, her mothers boyfriend. Good he wasn't completely lying, she thought.

Tempest walked out and ran to Draco's house. She didn't know how she felt about Draco but he was hers first and when something was here's she likes to keep it that way.

His room was comforting and warm. She remembered spending time here when she was younger, when things were simpler.

“Sleep, all I need is some sleep.” She snuggled into his bed and drifted off into a deep sleep.

She and Draco were kissing. She was wearing a long black and purple dress. Her hair was fixed up nicely and her shoes were not her regular gothic heels, instead hey were nice and classy. Draco himself was in a dress robe and it was snowing.

Her eyes jerked open. What was with her and snow dreams. Whatever, she thought. She looked around, Draco still had the picture of her on his desk. He obviously cared, just not enough.

Tempest wrote a quick note to her godparents and took some floo powder.


Back at school all the werewolves and vampires were called to a not-so-secret meeting. If it weren't for Zoltron, Hydra and the few Slimythings there she would have felt lonely without Nila and Void. Master Vlad and Mistress Scrub called or everyone to quiet down.

“Attention,” Said MASTER Vlad quickly silencing everyone.

“We all know you all smelled the death,” began Mistress Scrub,” but we would greatly appreciate it if you would not tell the other students and alarm them. As you all know the stench seems to be coming closer and we will deal with it when the proper time arises. Understood?”

“Yes,” they all groaned as one.

Everyone walked from the room and Tempest pulled Zoltron and Hydra into the shadows. They both looked at her confused.

“Come on.”

“What are you planning Zeph?”

“I want to know what it is that is causing that most distasteful smell and I'm bringing you two with me, whether you like it or not.”

“Fine, we'll go,” said Hydra. “I want to know where that smell is coming from as well so I have no problem coming.”

“Yeah I guess I'll come too,” said Zoltron. “Besides you two aren't really leaving with any other option.”

Tempest smiled and walked with them silently. Oh course they were holding their shoes in their hands to be even more quiet than they already were. Once outside, they all dumped their shoes in the shadows and ran off into the night.

North, they went following the smell of death. They all halted at the edge of a forest.

“Zephyr, the stench is unbearable,” cried Zoltron.

“He's right, we can't go any farther.”

“We don't need to. Listen and look around, just beyond the trees.”

There was a fresh frost everywhere and it was too early for snow, but the snow only affected the small little village, nowhere else. Tempest took a step forward onto the snow on her bare and felt a familiar sense of evil that cause her to take a couple steps away from it. Tempest listened to the people. They were crying over loved ones. Loved ones who were gone, missing, dead.

“This is darker that dark magic,” said Zoltron.

“Even I must admit that this is horrible,” said Hydra.

“Something, or someone cause all this. I just hope it wasn't cause by . . . ”

“He's a fish Zephyr, he can't do much harm as a fish.”

She feigned a laugh. “Yeah I guess so.”

They all ran back to school and snuck back indoors. As quickly as ever they ran to the great hall to eat dinner and not look suspicious. Luckily people were just starting to head un now. She ran to Void and Nila and jumped on their shoulder like she always seeing them.

“Zephyr, how was the meeting?”

“All right, sorry but we can't divulge anything, and trust me, I want to tell you everything. Master Vlad and Mistress Scrub don't want us to and for once I agree with them.”

“Now we know it's something bad,” said Void clicking his lounge ring against his teeth and shaking his long hair out of his eyes. Of course the tips were electric blue.

They all took their seats and waited for their food to appear. Soon after they began eating, Master vlad came up to her. Suddenly he wasn't as fast as she remembered.

“Miss Nyx, can I please speak to you?” Dammit he knew, she thought.

“Not like I really have a choice.” She looked around. “I see that you already grabbed Hydra and Zoltron.”

“Please follow me.”

“Like I said before 'like I have a choice', but thank you for acting lie I do.” She smiled and so did he.

They walked to the Trophy room and standing there already was Zoltron and Hydra.

“Isn't it funny how he knows all and see all.” No one smiled.

“What did you three learn?”

“Not much really,” began Zoltron.

“Only that the smell is strongest in a village and that it's well snowing there,” continued Hydra.


“Snowing? It's much to early for snow.”

“We know, but it was and only over theat place, everywhere else is is not. Also, people were missing,” Tempest.

“We believe that they may be dead. Who ever is doing this, is murdering innocent people,” said Zoltron.

“And by the smell, a lot of people.”

“Okay then, back to your seats.” They nodded and walked out.


Almost two weeks had passed and the smell kept growing stronger and stronger till it filled Tempest mouth and nostrils. She awoke with Nila jumping on her bed.

“Wake up!”

“Ugh, why?”

“It's snowing!”

Tempest jerked up. “What did you just say?”

“It's snowing!”

“It can't be. It's too early for snow.”

“Well is is. Come, look.” Tempest let herself be pulled from her bed and walked toward the window. Sure enough, Nila was right, it was snowing.

“I don't like this,” she growled.

“Oh come now. Look, since it's so cloudy you can stop taking the sun repellent potion for a while.”

“Yeah I guess you're right.” Tempest came away from the window and decided to get dressed. She put on grey sweats and a black sweater.

“I think I'm going to go the library. I'm kinda in the mood of reading.”

“Okay.” She gave Tempest an evil smiled. “I'm going to go throw snowballs at Void.”

“Better get a hold of him before Vayne does.”

“Yeah, I guess I should.” Nila ran from the window and downstairs with her boots at hand.

Tempest rolled her eyes and grabbed her robe.


She walked toward the library and went looking fro a book about anything relating to what was going on outside. She finally grabbed a book she thought would help and went outside to sit.

Outside she watched Nila and Void throw snowballs at each other. She laughed at them and then continued on her reading but as she read she kept losing her focus as the feeling of dread kept crawling upon her growing stronger and stronger each passing moment.

As she read and read, out of the corner of her eyes she noticed students whispering in each others ears then run off. Finally Tempest cautiously put down her book and got up. She followed everyone slowly to the big crowd gathering. Tempest shoved her way to the front in her most arrogant fashion. When she reached the front people were staring up and she followed their gaze. What she saw took her breath away. Up in the sky was a cloud like castle and emanating from it was the undisputable stench of death and decay.

“Oh god,” she said under her breath.

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