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Tempest was tired. Completely and utterly tired.  Almost three weeks of no sleep, and her dreams were becoming more and more vivid. She waited for Nila and Void to hurry up and get dressed. Today was the day she would help transport the dragons to Hogwarts. Joy, she thought. Tempest grabbed her floo powder and was ready to go and drag them to the fire place when they both came. Nila from on top and Void from below. Finally, she thought.

“Took you guys long enough.”

“Sorry, can we just go now,” said Nila.

“Come on already.” Nila grabbed her share of floo powder. “Good, now say Romanian Academy of Dragons, all right?”

“I know people that go there.”

“I know.” She smile and Nila laughed.

“Romanian Academy of Dragons!” Green fire enveloped her. Void was next and he grabbed a handful of floo powder.

“Romanian Academy fo Dragons!” Quickly, so as not to miss the expression of Voids face when he saw Adrian, Tempest went into the fire place.

“Romanian Academy of Dragons!”

They were fighting when she flew out of the fire place. Nila was yelling for them to stop but they wouldn't. Adrian may be older but it changed nothing, there was nothing that could make Void fo down for the count. Tempest knew his Achilles though. She walked toward them and twisted Voids knees. Te only place he could be hurt considering it was once cut off. It didn't hurt a lot, she knew, but it did just enough to stop him and get him off of Adrian.

“Void enough,” she said as she pinned him to the wall. He struggled against her grip but she had him down in place with just one had.

“Void!” screamed Nila.

“Have you two conveniently forgotten what he did last year?” he yelled.

“Have you conveniently forgotten that we forgave him.”

“Whatever.” Tempest let him go and turned toward her brother.

“Hi brother dear.” She ran to him and hugged him dearly.

“When's Aidan coming?”

“Hell be here soon and don't worry. He's flying high in the sky.” She laughed and walked over to the window and stared out. It was still dawn. Her hand went to her pouch she had. Her vials were there. Enough for about a weeks worth of travel.

“How long is it gonna take go us to be to Hogwarts?”

“About five days. We'll be flying with the dragons. Transporting them each,” began Charlie, “we wont be able to stop anywhere so we will be flying nonstop.”

“I've made us all some coffee so that can stay awake,” said Isolde handing everyone a bug jug. "Only drink if you are extremely tired, if you're tired now, there's a fresh pot in the kitchen down the hall.” Nila quick as ever was already done followed by Timothy, Annie and Irene.

“Okay, we'll leave when your dragon comes,” said Charlie.

“Yeah, Okay, I'm hungry anyway down the hall?”

“Yes, sweetheart,” said Isolde smiling. Tempest smiled back at her and followed after everyone else.

“I'm hungry too,” said Charlie and Adrian in unison. They looked at each other and Tempest laughed. She began walking with both of them on either side of her and looked around. Portraits of dragons hung around the walls.

“Adrian, are you all right?”

“I hate that he's half zombie, he can't feel any pain I try to inflict so fighting him is a bit futile.” She laughed.

“It is. So Charlie hows your brother?”

“You'll be meeting him soon, he'll be there on the grounds to keep secure the dragons.”

“Wicked, so I guess he has red hair just like you?”

“My whole family does.”

“How many siblings to you have?”

“One older brother, four younger brother and one little sister.”

“That's a big family, almost like Nila. Over the summer I met her family.   She's the youngest. She has two older sister and five older brothers. A group were triplets. All have fuchsia eyes and blonde hair. Some have black highlights.”

“Yeah, they all have beautiful eyes,” said Adrian.

Tempest looked at him. He smiled at her. She had almost forgotten that Adrian had dated Samantha and both Nila.

“Anyway, what do you have to eat in the kitchen exactly?”

“Egg and cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese omelettes. Breakfast foods basically, and quick ones too,” said Charlie. Tempest continued walking in silence till sh reached the kitchen. Nila was already eating an egg an cheese sandwich.

“Hi Zephyr,” she said with her mouth full.

“God you're as bad as Void. Maybe worse. You think with your stomach.”

“I'm hungry, I can't help it all right. Now here eat something. You know you want to.”

“Yeah, yeah, hand me a sandwich.” Nila smiled and handed her one gladly. They all sat in silence and ate till there was a giant roar from outside. Tempest smiled, her dragon knew how to make an entrance.

“Is that Aidan,” said Nila.

“Yup, so I guess were going to leave soon,” she asked Charlie. He nodded.

They all got up and walked back toward the main fire place. Aidan let out another magnificent roar. Tempest leaned her head out the window. There he was, on the roof.

“Come on, lets get to the roof,” said Jason.

“Thorn,” began Tempest, “I'll meet you up there. I think I'll go this way.” They smiled at each other and she crawled out and planted her feet up on the wall.

She reached the top in not time and sat with her dragon. In front of her, were cages with three dragons. Tempest stared in awe until is the backs he saw an empty cage. Tempest fuelled with rage. Jason came through the door and she went to his face.

“A cage!” she yelled in outrage.

“What did you expect, we can't exactly fly him.”

“I could, and you know I could!”

“People would start to ask questions Zephyr. It is a heavy price to pay when you make a familiar without going through the proper channels! We have to put him in a cage Zephyr, I'm sorry.” Shw looked at Aidan, then back at Jason.

“Fine, come on Aidan, get in the cage.” He growled his way toward the cage and crawled in. “Sorry,” she thought.

“You did not know mistress.” He growled even louder as they crossed the door. She laughed and smiled. She looked back at everyone else and noticed that Void and Nila were smiling as well.

“Okay everyone on their brooms,” said Jason. He gave Tempest a broom with a bow on it. She looked at him confused. “Happy belated birthday little sis.”

“Thanks Thorn.”

“Don't mention it little rut, remember I'm always there to hug you and protect you.” He smiled and she gave him a warm hug.

Everyone got on their brooms and spells were cast on the cages, at a safe distance of course. Nila rode by Adrian, and they talked while keeping their wands steady. Most of the dragons were asleep, Except Aidan, but he was calm and content.

As they flew Tempest watched the sunrise. She couldn't remember the last time she had actually watched it. She did however remember that her father was alive. That was long ago, she thought. She finally looked ahead of her at the ocean beneath her. She wished she could go back in time and make things right, bet then again, maybe this was how life was meant to be.

They were flying until Isolde cam to a halt. Tempest watched her converse with her brother. She looked at Void and Nila. Adrian also shared in the exchange. Tempest knew that Adrian still cared for Nila. That look Tempest he gave Nila, she knew that look. Her father gave her mother that loo as well as Sirius, Snape, Lupin and James. Words hit Tempest. We know stuff about you too Morganna, the pudgy boy had said. It was like whenever she thought she knew her mother, something came and opened up new mysteries. She sighed in frustration.

“You all right,” came a voice. Tempest recognized Charlie's hair immediately if not his voice.

“I'm all right, a little frustrated, but that to be expected.” She smiled securely. “Do you know what they are talking about?” she asked pointing to Jason and Isolde. Right now she didn't feel like eavesdropped with her heightened hearing.

“I think were gonna set down somewhere, although I thought we weren't going to.”

“Oh.” She squirmed uncomfortable. Charlie was giving her that look. Charlie was cute, she had to admit, he was cute and sweet but frankly Gorx had him beat. Suddenly she felt other eyes upon her. They were Adrian's. She smiled and waved to him.

“What's the deal with Adrian and Void? When Void came out he just lunged at Adrian.”

“Oh Adrian was sort of dating Nila while also dating her sister, Samantha.” He nodded. “Well anyway, he and Nila swore Unbreakable vows, stupid children. Also last year, he was sort of under the Imperious curse. He kidnapped Nila because he needed my sword. Nila saved Void, and he felt obligated to to save her.” She simply shrugged and looked back at Isolde and Jason.

“Why wont your brother let anyone besides Isolde call him Jason?”

She shifted uncomfortable. “Because of our fathers death. I took a nickname and he thought that if we all chose different names we could hide.”


“For what?”

“For bringing up a soft subject.”

She smiled sincerely. “It's all right.”

“Okay everyone,” called Isolde. “Come on, lets go! And don't forget, stay awake.” Everyone ate half a sandwich and drank some coffee before flying off again.


They were flying for about two days. Right now they were catching up on some lost sleep. Tempest was lying next her brother, in a deep slumber.

Gorx, Void and Astrea were lying dead with their bodies lying bloodless. Tempest knelt by them and examined their wrist. No veins. Tempest cupped her mouth and mouth and stumbled backwards. A body was behind her. It was Nila, but she wasn't Nila. Two hands let go of and she fell down limp. Tempest opened her mouth to scream but a hand came over her mouth and held her.

“Time to finish what I started,” said a voice. Two fangs bit into her neck and Tempest began to thrash.

“Zephyr!” Tempest opened her eyes and holding her down were Jason and Void. Everyone was hovering over her. She hated when people hovered over her. Tempest shook them off and scooted back.

“What?!” she asked aggravated. They looked at each other stood back.

“Nothing, we just wanted to tell you that it's time to go.”

“Okay, do you think you could let go of me now?” Jason and Void let go of her and she reached for her vials. Even in the middle of nowhere sho could get no sleep. She went to Aidan cage and pet his spiky head.

Everyone mounted up an their brooms and began their flight. In the distance, as they flew, Tempest saw a castle. She smiled when she recognized Hogwarts.

They landed near the forest and on the ground near the forest, was a giant man and a red headed boy. As she got closer she recognized it as Ron Weasly. 

They landed and set a dragon cage down. They awoke and everyone ran from the cages. Tempest jumped as a dragon blew flames. Being a vampire made her act more like a cat, she thought as she examined her cat poise.

“Aidan,” she called.


“Give them hell.”

He growled. “It would be my pleasure.”


Tempest stood alone and watched in amusement as the people tried to handle the dragons.

“So your Tempest Nyx.”

Tempest turned wondering when he would talk to her. She smiled to him.

“And you're Ron Weasly. Don't call me Tempest please, I prefer Zephyr.”

“Sorry. Nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure. I feel that it is my obligation to apologize for my god family behaviour toward you and your family.”

“I don't know what you mean.”

“The Malfoys. They're my god family.”

“Oh.” She watched as distaste came over his face. She couldn't really blame him. But as soon as it had come, it faded. “Don't worry about it., I don't really take any real offense to it. It's like pureblood like them to insult people they think are lesser than them.”

“Yeah, I guess.” They stood in silence and watched the dragons from afar. Suddenly Nila, popped out of nowhere.

“Zephyr, look what I found.” She opened her cupped hands and showed her the Daddy Long Legs spider in her hand. Ron took a step back and Tempest looked at him. He had gone completely white and pale.

“Ron are you okay?”

“I . . . spider.”

“Oh come now, Daddy Long Legs are the most gentle spider you could ever find. Plus, They're adorable.” She took his hand and held it firm while the spider fell asleep in his hand. Tempest smiled when he relaxed.

“See, and besides they eat other spiders...I think. Also they are not poisonous.”

She smiled and so did he. She looked back at Aidan. He was still thrashing. Good boy, she thought.

Tempest was back at school. She didn't even get chance to say hi to Draco. Gorx gave her a giant hug. Divina and Chad also did too. Tempest smiled sweetly like she had no feeling of dread inside of her. Something was going to happen, she hoped that for once she was dreadfully wrong.

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