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 “I can’t believe them!” Ron could be heard mumbling. “How could they do this to me! I can at least start that rumor.” Just then he saw Lavender Brown walking down the hall. ‘Perfect’ he thought.

“Hey Lavender.”

“Oh, hey Ron.”

“So have you heard that Zabini is knocked up.”

“She’s not!” Lavender gasped.

“That’s not the worst part. It’s Marcus Flints.”

“Oh…wow, wait till I tell Padma.” Lavender said as she went off with the news while Ron stood smirking. He decided to go back to the common room and think more about the plan.

*~Next Morning~*

“Mia, you have to get up.” I heard Mill and Ginny saying. Harry and Ginny spent the night in the Heads’ common room.

“Come on we have to get ready for Hosmeade!” they said as they started jumping up and down on the bed.

“Yeah, Come on Mia!”

“I’m up, I’m up.” I mumbled while getting out of bed and going into the bathroom.

“We’ll be downstairs.”

~*Common Room*~

“I’ll kill that bastard!” Draco yelled when he, Harry and Blaise stormed into the common room.

“What’s gotten your wand in a knot?”

"Not what but who." Harry asked

“He didn’t!” The girls gasped. If they thought Draco’s reaction was bad they didn’t want to see Mia’s.

“That stupid bastard told Lavender Brown. So in the course of about 9 hours the whole school has found out. Not that it is even true.”

“What isn’t true?” Mia asked on her way down the steps.

“Uh……Mia there is going to be something’s said to you that everyone in this room knows isn’t true.”

“Just tell me already” I said getting annoyed.

“Weasley told Brown that you were pregnant with Flints kid.”

“That’s all?”

“What do you mean ‘That’s all’ the whole school thinks you slept with Flint.”

“Dray…Don’t listen to anyone; everyone here knows it isn’t true. Weasley just wants to get us all worked up and if you act like you just did then your letting him win.” She said while wrapping her arms around him.

“Yeah you’re right…as per usual.” Draco stated.

“Of course I am.” I said. “Now let’s get going to Hogsmeade and make the best out of our day.”

The six of them left the common room to go to the Great Hall for breakfast so they could head over to Hogsmeade. While walking down the stairs a lot of the students pointed and whispered. When they got to the Great Hall everyone went silent.

“Hello everyone. Now I don’t know about you but I find that the things said about me are somewhat preposterous. Now how would someone, I am not even friends with anymore, know if I was pregnant? Also how would they know whose it is? If you don’t believe me than maybe you can believe this….I am a virgin. I know shocking isn’t it? Oh and thank you for all of those who talked about me for making me the center of your world I know its hard for some of you….Pansy.”

“Wanna say that to my face bitch?” Pansy yelled getting up.

“You know I would but my mother always told me never to fight with an ugly person, because they have nothing to lose.” Everyone burst out in laughter. Pansy screamed in anger and ran off.

“Where the hell do you come up with all of these come backs?” Millicent asked as we started walking to the Slytherin table.

“It is one of my many talents.”

“Is being a dramtic know-it-all bitch another?” The voice of Ron Weasley came to ask.

“Maybe you should click your heels together and say ‘I need a life, I need a life’ because right now you don’t have one, all you have in your mind is getting revenge for something as simple as finding out that I was adopted and pureblood. Puh-lease, I don’t see what’s so bad.” I said getting up. “Come on guys lets go to Hogsmeade now.”

“Damn, I wish I had a talent like that.” Ginny said as they were walking to the carriages. The carriage ride was really quiet no one talked at all.

“So are we going to look for dresses for the dance?” Ginny asked

“Of course!” I said.

“Ok let’s go then!” she replied grabbing Millicent’s and my hands. “We will meet you at Three Broomsticks in 2 hours.”

“Hey there is this new little gown shop called Madame Mazourek’s it has everything one need for occasions like these. It has gowns and robes and accessories.”

When they got inside of Madame Mazourek’s they all gasped. It was small on the outside and enormous on the inside. The girls went their separate ways to find dresses. Each had about 10 gowns in their hands. They walked over to a dressing room and decided they were going to try them all on and show them to each other for advice. After about 8 of the dress none of the girls had one they liked. They next time they came out Mill and Mia gasped at ginny, She was wearing a dark green fading to black strapless that ended just below the knee and went up at a mild slant to mid thigh.

“That’s gorgeous.” Mill and I squealed. “You’ll knock Harry’s socks off for sure.” Mill and I went back to change into our last one.

“Millicent you look absolutely stunning.” Ginny said as she came out. Mill had on a black noodle strap dress that hugged her curves and flowed out at the botton. It ended alittle below her knees and it had white flowers circling around the bottom. It was when Mia came out that both of them gawked. Mia had on a white floor length strapless with designs encrested with diamonds on the lace at the bottom of the dress and at her waist.

“Oh now I am jealous!” Ginny said. After changing back the girls started looking for shoes to go with their dresses.. Once they had everything they paid and headed off to Three Broomsticks.

“I can’t believe how much that dress cost you.”

“It was encrested with diamonds” I said as we entered and started walking to where the boys were sitting. The guys were all chatting about the necklaces and rings they had gotten for the girls. Harry got Ginny a locket with 5 rubies around it and the rest was covered in sapphires; the ring he got her was a sapphire in the shape of a heart and rubies surrounding it. Blaise just got Millicent a necklace with two dragons entwining making a heart with a diamond dangling down from the heart and a matching ring. Draco got Mia a necklace that had 10 blue diamonds in the shape of a heart. The ring was a blue diamond heart shaped with a white gold band and on the inside of the ring could be read ‘To the love of my life, with you always, Dray’.

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