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Tempest stood in the office of Headmistress Majika. She was in trouble, but she didn't care. She knew the consequences of her actions. Void was right, running was beneath her.

“Zephyr, do you have any idea of how much trouble you are in right now?”

“About a months worth of detentions worth.”

“You've got that right. One month of cleaning both the girls and boys bathroom on every floor every morning and night, understood?”

“Yes, but um, I have a little favour.”

“What is it?”

“My brother is using my dragon for the Triwizard task, I mean tournament, first task.”

“Let me guess, you want to go to Hogwarts to witness this tournament?”

“I was hoping . . . ”

"As long as you do your detention like a muggle, granted.”

“Thank you, um, I better get to class.”

“Yes you should, your detention starts tonight by the way.”


Tempest waled down to her Defence Against the Good Arts class, calmly. Luckily there were no students in the halls to talk behind her back as she passed them by.

Tempest walked into the class. To her dismay it had already started.   Everyone was silent as she closed the door. Tempest took a breath every time she passed a person, murmurs began. As she walked by Astrea, she heard her begin to open her big mouth.

“They say she's angry at Nila because Nila knew that Gorx was cheating no her with Divina. Doesn't she have such loyal friends?” Astrea began to snicker with her friends and within seconds Tempest had Astrea against the wall, choking.

“My friends are just stupid you stupid heartless bitch.”

“You're one to talk,” she croaked. Tempest tightened her grip.

“Tempest enough!” yelled Mistress Jacquilina.

Tempest growled and let her go. She turned but after she took one step she turned and punched Astrea in the face breaking her nose.

“Hey would you look here. You bleed. And What do you know, I'm hungry. Well not that I know that you have blood circulating in your system and you not just full of shit I can dream of drinking your blood because trust me, I would never do that in real life. You see your blood is foul and most likely poisonous.”

Astrea stared at her, her eyes lit ablaze with anger. Tempest licked her lips and smiled as blood dripped down Astreas chin. Astrea ran out of the class room followed by Heather and Cassandra. Louis met Tempest gaze. For someone who was supposed to be Astreas boyfriend he was smiling. Tempest ignored his smile as she herself smiled. Some loyal friends she has. Already rumours were circulation. It was funny how a lot could happen in a day.

She took her usual seat next to Nila. And leaned back into her chair.

“Zephyr . . . ”

“Not now, just not now.”

Class began an dit went on as though nothing had happened. Already things were back to normal.

Outside her classroom Gorx stood waiting. Tempest could not help but run to him and hug him with all her might. As first he stood shocked before hugging her back will all his might.

“Glad you're back.”

“So am I . . . a bit anyway.” He laughed and she looked up at him. Suddenly a sight of him lying dead popped into her head. His smiled vanished.

“Temp are you all right?”

“Yeah, my stomach just hurts that's all.” It wasn't a completely lie after all. That sight had made her stomach a bit queasy.


“Here you go then.” He handed her an apple and she bit into it hungrily. Something wasn't right. She could feel it.


They day passed and ay the end of classes she decided to look for Void. She went to the first place she could think of. The Great Hall, considering he thought with his stomach.

Tempest walked into the Great Hall but to her great demise the only person she knew was Nila. Tempest sighed and rolled her eyes. Tempest sucked in her pride and anger and walked to her.


“Nila have you seen Void?”

“He's probably with his new girlfriend.”

“Okay enough, what problem do you have with him hanging out with my little sister?”

“I just have a problem.”

“You are acting completely mental, do you know that!”

“I don't care!”

“God will you two ever stop,” cam Voids voice. They both looked at him

“Sorry Void, Nila's just overreacting.”

“So what if I am! All he ever does is hang out with his new little brat of a girlfriend.”

“Watch it Nila, that my sister.”

“Oh calm, she's just jealous.”

“I am not jealous! We're your friends Void! We have save your life and I guaranty we will be doing that forever. Sometimes Void I fell that you and I shouldn't even be friends. Bloody hell Void, we miss you.” They all stared at each other in shocked silence. Nila was right although all this coming from Nila made everything sound strange and awkward

“Looks like someone's got a crush,” cam two mocking voices. They were Heather and Cassandra. Plates were pushed and Tempest just watched as Nila lunged at them


To late was Tempest to catch Nila. She had both Heather and Cassandra pinned to the ground. Tempest couldn't move. She stood transfixed as Nila both of their faces together. Nila punched Heather then Cassandra. All of a sudden Void grabbed Nila by her arms and pulled her away. Nila shook him off and began to turn around. Tempest watched in amazement as Nila pulled out her wand.

“Pleamentios!” Both girl turned into two hideous swans.

“So Nila, have fun?”

“Actually yeah. Hey do you know what I love about swans? They are completey hedious as children.” They laughed and walked out of the Great Hall.

“I take it you two are better now?”

“Not completely, but we're getting there.”

“Good, now, I'm sorry I haven't been hanging out with you.”

“You should be. The anger you have caused me made me take it out on Heather and Cassandra.”

“That was brilliant by the way.”

“I know, I guess I'll be starting detention with you tonight.”


“Nila, tell Zephyr about your snake.”

“Oh yeah I had completely forgotten with all the madness going on. Well I'm almost done, I have a chicken egg and a toad. Now, all I need is the potion to feed the toad and a Veriserite egg.”

“Nila, do you have any idea how hard it is going to be to get a Veriserite egg?”

“Well we do know the Lady of the Lake.”

“We haven't seen her in over a year.”

“So I think we should visit her anyway. She was awfully helpful after all.”

“True. Okay later tonight we will go and visit her again.”


Tempest couldn't help herself. It was like she had no control over herself. Well only partial control anyway. She stood at the door and watched him with his smug smiled all full of arrogance with his pure blood attitude. Only she knew the real him. Her and Void but then again they have known Draco ever since they were children. 

Her sisters old Slytherin unison fit her a bit snug so the skirt was a bit short. Her shirt was a bit too tight so the top button wouldn't button which showed off more than enough cleavage,

She stared at him with jealous envy. Pansy wrapped herself around Draco and kissed him on the cheek. Tempest dung her nails into her arms. Unlike everyone there she wore no sweater vest now robe, only her skirt, shirt, socks and shoes.

“Zephyr?” said two voices. Tempest turned around. Crabbe and Goyle stood behind her.

“Hello Crabbe. Hello Goyle. How are the both of you?”

“Fine,” they both grunted in unison.

“I heard about the happenings here. Pretty exciting isn't it? Anyway I better go, I'll see you all later.”

“People are in the Common room, you can't leave just yet.”

Crap, she thought as she put on a fake smile. “No matter, I'll just wander.”

Tempest turned and began to wander. She stopped at the sight of an old family friend.

“Severus!” The tall hooked nosed man turned and looked at her. A type of pain filled her eyes something she knew she would have to look up. She ran to him and gave him a hug.

“Well, your no . . . Vivaldi wrote to me and told me everything at least now I can say this with all honesty. You look much like your mother.”

“Thank you. So did you hear about the World Cup?”

“Who hasn't. Was Vivaldi . . .”

“Yes, unfortunately. Do you mind if I do some misbehaving, after all I'm not a student here so . . . ”


“Go ahead. Be quick though.”

Tempest jumped up and down and gave Severus a quick peck on the cheek and turned. Down the hall was Harry Potter. She was still infatuated with him but staring at him made her fill with dread. She shook it off and ran off to the forest.


It was dusk as she sat on the ground. Her ears twitched at the very sound of a heart beat. She recognized it immediately.

“I know you know it's me,” stated Draco.

“So what if I do?”

“I saw you, while I was in the Great hall.” Tempest stood up and looked at his piercing grey wolf like eyes.

“Good for you.” She walked over to him and smiled.

“Everything was simpler when we were young wasn't it,” he said.

“Yeah, if only we could go back in time.” He took a step close to her and flashed his most arrogant smiled. Tempest rolled her eyes.

“Please, you know you love me, more than all those pure blood half wits at your school.”

“And you know you love me more than Panzy.” She leaned up towards his face and let her lips brush against his face.

“I've got to go now Draco.” She took a move out of her cousins book and flipped backwards landing like a cat. “See you around Draco.”


Tempest was swimming with Divina towards the Lady of the Lake. Considering she was dead, she didn't need air. If Nila wanted the egg, she would get her the bloody egg.

"Okay you know this is as far as I can go. I'll wait for you here.”

“All right.”

Tempest went back to swimming and walked into the home of the Lady of the Lake.”

“Hello Tempest.”

“Hi, um, I have a bit of an odd request.”

“Really? Well then what is it?”

“I need a Veriserite egg. Nila she's trying to cross breed the Basilisk and the Veriserite.”

“Ah, yes Nila, how is she?”

“She wanted to come but I don't know, she changed her mind. She says hi thought.”

“Tell her hello for me. Now a Veriserite egg, your friend will be famous you know.”

“Yeah I know, but that's Nila for you.” The Lady of the Lake smiled and her hand glowed.

“Here you go Tempest, I hope I'll see you soon.”

“Yeah, I'll try to visit more often.”

Tempest smiled and she ran off. She met Divina and they swam back to school like lightening.

Waiting on the bank back at school was Nila standing directly under the light of the full moon.

“Hurry Zephyr, I need that egg now.” Zephyr ran to her and handed her the egg. “Thank you, now all of you please stand back and watch.”

Nila placed the chicken egg with the toad jinxed on it next to the Veriserite egg.

Cleamento!” The egg became one with the chicken egg and under the light of the moon as the frog jumped off the egg, it hatched and out slithered a silver and black snake.

“Wow,” said everyone in unison.

“What should I call it?”

“Anything you want,” said Void. Nila smiled and bit down on her lip.


“Wicked,” said Tempest.

“I know.”

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