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Tempest was on the ceiling of the Slimythings dormitory. She was above her friends as they did their homework, homework she had already finished. She was bored. Boredom for her usually equalled trouble. Trouble soon enough led to fun. She looked at her watch, dinner would start soon, so she had a little time to have fun. She jumped from the ceiling and landed in front of the fireplace.

“I'm bored.”

“On your part that usually equals trouble,” commented Void.

“Like you never lived getting into trouble.”

“That was before I became a student, dumbnuts.”

“Ha, ha funny . . . dumbass.”

“I know I kick ass.”

“God you guys are so incredibly boring.”

“You're kidding right,” said Nila. “Please are lives are rarely every boring.”

“That's why you love me.'

“Oh go get into trouble already.”

Tempest smiled and went on her way. The catacombs. She hadn't been in here a while. Books of magic. But not just any magic, ancient magic filled the rooms from top to bottom. The floors were covered with pillows and cushions. I guess it come with the territory of this place once being Avalon, she thought. She layed down on the grounds and smothered herself in the pillows. The door opened and Tempest sniffed the air and smiled.

“Hello Gorx.”

“Let me guess, my scent?"

“What can I say, you smell nice.”

He laughed. “You're utterly hilarious.”

“That's why you love me.”

“Yeah.” There was a pause which caused Tempest to look up. He was leaning against the bookshelf looking at a spell book.

“What's wrong?”

“Oh you can't read minds.” The sardonic dripped from his lounge like a vile acid.

“You know I can't,” she said a little more than hurt.

“Hmm, I always thought you could.” He slammed the book shut. “It always seems like you know what people are thinking.”

“I guess what they are thinking. I never truly know what people are thinking.”

“I guess so. Well Quidditch practice will begin in a couple days, just thought you should know.” He began to leave but Tempest flew to the door to block his exit.

“What is really going on here Gorx?'

“You and I. Us. Ever since you got sick while in Romania nothing has been normal.”

“If you haven't noticed, I'm not completely normal!” She didn't mean to yell, but she couldn't help it, everyone was making everything frustrating for her. She sighed and moved away from the door.

“You're letting me leave?” Tempest said nothing as she began rummaging through the books. She listened to the air till she was sure he was gone. Tempest began throwing books across the room. Soon, the bookshelves were completely empty and the floor was covered. The last book she threw landed atop all the others open. She stared at the spell through the corner of her eyes and finally swore as she picked it up and began to read the spells. The Apparatus Charm. She knew where she wanted to go. She shut the book.


The pensieve was before her glowing with an eerie light. She flexed her fingers and took a deep breath before looking in. She wanted to know who her mother was and since she was dead this was the only way. Tempest looked around. She was outside on the grounds of Hogwarts. Morganna was walking towards her in the same arrogant fashion as always. “Morganna!” Someone yelled. Tempest watched as her mother stopped and turned around. Two girls were walking her way.

“Bellatrix and Narcissa, I assume you two have come to not wish me a good bye.”

“Morganna, you can't leave us,” wined Narcissa.

“She's right you know. School wont be the same without you.”

“Oh please, you guys will get into as much trouble as you did before me.” They all laughed and so did Tempest. This woman was so much liker her, she thought.

“Morganna please don't leave,” said Bellatrix.

“I wish I had a choice, but I don't. Now, how 'bout a hug, I leave tomorrow for heavens sake.” They all exchanged hugs and Tempest was suddenly at the Nightmare Academy, in Poisons class.

“Everyone, I would like to welcome a transfer student,” began Master Vlad. “Now we were all expecting her so lets giver a round of applause. Morganna Le Fey Lennox.” Everyone clapped and Morganna smiled and blushed. “Morganna please take a seat next to Michael here.” Tempest looked at the guy who was holding his hand high. Morganna sat down and soon the class began.

“Who can tell me the true nature of the Fimplixis Poison?” A girl raised her hand. “Yes Miss Starlet."

“The Fimplixis poison numbs the senses and makes you no longer able to feel.”

“Wrong.” Morganna raised her hand. “Yes Morganna.”

“It paralysis the body for hours making you unable to move or scream while you are 

“Correct. Fifteen points to Slimythings.” She smiled and Master Vlad continued on with the lesson.

When he dismissed the class, as Morganna was beginning to put her stuff away the one and only Bianca Starlet went up to her.

“You think you're better than us don't you?"

“Not really, I just think that I'm like always right.” Morganna smiled and Bianca, like a familiar Astrea, knocked her books and bag to the ground before stalking away. Morganna bent down to pick up her book when a girl ran to her side to help her.

“Here let me help you,” said the girl. Tempest stared at the girl who looked so sweet with her bright blue eyes.


“Don't mention it, and don't worry about Bianca either, she's just a sore know-it all."

Morganna laughed. “Thank you again," she said as the girl handed her the last fallen book.

“Don't mention it.”

Morganna stuck out her hand. “I'm Morganna.”

“My names Vivaldi,” she said shaking her hand. “But all my friends just call me Viva.”


Tempest was angry. Actually she was beyond angry. She walked into diner late with eyes staring at her. She didn't care. It was bad enough that her family had lied to her, but they had lied to Void as well.

She looked over at her dear friend and like always he was stuffing his face with food. She stood next to him and waited for him to look up.


“What's wrong?”

“I need to talk to you later.”

“I take it you want this to be an alone conversation,” stated Nila.


“It's okay, juts please fill me in when you feel like you want to.”

“Don't worry, now scoot, I'm hungry.”

Nila laughed and moved over creating a space between her and Void. Void kept staring at her so she feigned ad smiled and continued on eating.

Dinner past slowly and Tempest kept eating and drinking without a break. The curse of being a vampire, she thought. She felt people staring at her but no longer cared.

Dinner couldn't be over fast enough, she thought. She needed to talk to Void, urgently. He was her oldest and dearest friend and deserved to know the truth about everything. She looked up at Gorx who she was wrapped around. She looked up at him and leaned to his ear. She told him everything. He looked down at her and loosened his grip.

“When are you going to tell him?"

“I was planning on getting him away. I just don't know how, a year ago it would have been easier. But now, everyone is watching me intently.”

He smiled deviously. “Leave the distraction up to me.”

“What are you going to do?"

“Something completely out of character.” He slipped away from her and continued to walk straight ahead. She watched as he took a deep breath and pulled down his pants. Tempests eyes widened in both delight and shock. She shook her head and ran to Void, pulling him into the darkness. They stopped once they had reached the catacombs.

“Did Gorx do what I think I say him do?"

“Yup,” she giggled remembering his butt. “Man I did not see that coming.”

“I don't think anyone did.” The looked at each other and laughed, then Void sighed. Tempest looked at him curiously. He looked at her and traced his fingers through his hair.

“What's wrong?"

“Uh, I don't really know how to tell you this but, uh, Draco has a girlfriend.”

Tempest eyes flared and her fist clenched. “It's that Panzy girl Isn't it?'

“Heh, yeah.” He paused. “Look I know how much you care about him, hell I think even Panzy knows, but I don't think you and him should be ready to be together, not yet.”

“Yeah, whatever.” She smiled. “Thank you for caring about me.” Tempest went up to him and give him a warm hug and sighed. “You know I care about you too right?”

“Yeah,” he said uncertainly.

“Good. Void my family didn't just lie to me...they lied to you too.”

“What do you mean?”

“You're half zombie because your mother was a zombie, not your dad.”

“What are you talking bout?'

“Just grab my hand and just don't let go okay.” That was a demand not a request.

Tempest stood in her living room. Everyone was asleep so hopefully no one would hear them as they crept up the stairs to the attic. She walked barefoot upon the newly fixed hardwood banister. Void walked next to her like a cat. They walked by a window and Tempest looked at him. His onyx wristband glistened in the moonlight.

They entered the attic and walked towards the Pensieve.

“Don't let your mind wander, understand?"

“Just show me.”

Tempest grabbed his hand and laced her finger through his. He squeezed and she squeezed back before looking in.

With ease, they both landed on their feet. They were in the classroom and her 'mother' was helping her mother.

“My names Vivaldi, but my friends call me Viva.”

“Viva, hurry, we're gonna be late fro class,” said the boy Tempest knew to be Michael.

“Coming Michael,” she said. She stood up and held her hand to Morganna. “I believe we have out next class together.”

Tempest gripped Voids hand and followed after them.

“Morganna, this is Michael and . . . ” She paused and looked around. “Michael, where is Casca?”

“Hiding. After the accident . . . you know how she is.”

“Is the potion I made for her working at least?”

“She loves it, now more than anything.” He looked solemnly ahead.

“Morganna, out friend Casca,” she sighed. “She is of Roman blood and well she's a pureblood. Well this past summer there was an accident and...'

Michael interrupted her. “And some stupid moronic asshole conjured some zombies and they completely turned her parents.”

“Why wasn't she completely turned?' asked Morganna.

“They found her in time and did a sort of blood transfusion. She's still a full blooded Zombie in terms of things ut she's also still human, also in terms of things,” said Viva.

“Oh my god, that's horrible.” Tempest looked down at her mothers feet. No shadow.

“The sort part is that she's still beautiful, only she no longer thinks she is,” said Michael.

“He looks like me,” said Void after a time of silence.

“Yeah he does. Look there's your mother.” Out of the bathroom came a girl with long blood red hair that almost touched the ground even in a braid. Bangs hung on either side of her face and highlighted her ultra pale face and her crystal blue eyes. She stopped short and stared at Morganna.

“Casca this is Morganna Le Fey Lennox.”

“Hi, pleasure to meet you Casca.”

“Enchanté.” The shook hands and the scene changed. All of a sudden they were in Voids living room and people were screaming.

“He will not die Casca!” yelled Michael.

“Look at me! Zombies cannot give birth! You know this!”

"No you look at yourself!  You're not even a full Zombie, can't you see that!"

“Enough!” yelled Morganna. Tempest still could not help but stare at her mother in awe. Her long black hair simply flowed over her shoulders like waves of an ocean.

“I agree with Morganna,” began Viva. “I don't want you to wake my children.”

Someone coughed and Tempest looked at her father who stood next to Morganna.

“Look, I know how you can save the baby, but it's difficult and has only been performed once.”

“I don't care if I die,” began Casca.

“Oh it will not be you who will die Casca.”


“The spell I talk of was used by Merlin himself to save the life of a person and install it in another willing person. That person will die.”

“I'll become a zombie and I'll die,” said Michael.

“I was actually suggesting we use an innocent person not you Michael.”

“No, it will be me.”

“Michael I cannot let you do that,” said Casca.

“I have already made my decision.” He looked back at Morganna. “Well Morganna, whenever you are ready.”

“Take me out!” cried Void.

Tempest did so quickly and held him close in her arms while he cried. She brought them back to the common room and once there held him as he cried and pounded the ground. Nila awoke and stared down. Tempest waved her down and Nila ran down quickly. She held his hand as he cried. That's when Tempest noticed something about it. It was bleeding and cut and Nila was holding it close as Tempest held him close.

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