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Tempest was half asleep half awake as she laid in bed with her curtains down around her bed. She opened her eyed had looked through her dishevelled hair that covered her face. Suddenly she was thirsty. Tempest sat up and leaned against the wall. She could smell blood everywhere. She brought her wrist to her mouth and bit down. The blood tasted sweet against her lounge. Finally, with force, she pulled away. She'd burn if she left the vicinity of her dark bed. She needed Nila and she needed her fast.

“Nila,”she said barely above a whisper. Hopefully, she would hear her considering her familiar was a bat and they had excellent hearing. She was right.

“Zephyr are you all right?”

“I need my vials . . . quickly.”

She listened as Nila began to shuffle underneath her bed and then get up. Three vials suddenly dropped into her lap. Tempest quickly drank her vials and kicked off her covers.

"Can I join your fortress of solitude?”

Tempest smiled. Come in.”

Nila popped her head in and climbed in closing the curtains behind her. She sat crossed legged in front of Tempest. For someone that just got out of bed, she looked perfect. Tempest would have thought that she would be the fairest, but no, the mirror never lied and it had said that she was the fairest of them all.

“So Zephyr, what classes do you have?”

“Poisons, Astronomy, Misfortune Telling, Defence, History, Mythology and Transformations. You?”

“Poisons, Defence, Flying, Mythology, Misfortune Telling, Astronomy and Transformations.”

“What are you, taking all of the elective?” she asked rhetorically. 

“Basically yeah.”

“It was a rhetorical question dumdum.”

“Hey!” Nila grabbed a pillow and hit Tempest atop her head. Soon a pillow fight broke out. The curtains were suddenly drawn open with Divina standing on the other side.

“And you people don't include me! How rude.” She smiled and jumped in closing the curtains behind her. Soon an all girls pillow fight broke lose.

Tempest fell out fo her bed and landed flat on her butt. Everyone paused but soon enough Tempest, Nila, and Divina were laughing.

“You guys are idiots,” said Edana who was fully dressed and ready.

“Oh hush Vayne,” began Nila, “we were only having a little fun.”

“I think you all should get ready.”

“Vayne,” began Tempest before Divina interrupted her.

“No, she's right, we should get dressed.” Tempest and Nila looked at each other and smiled.

“Yes your majesty,” they said in a mocking tone.

“We'll do everything you ask of us,” said Nila.

“Oh yes your majesty, we will obey your every command,” finished Tempest. Both Nila and Tempest curtsied and laugh. Ever since she hadn't told them that she was a princess, they teased her about it nonstop since they found out.

“Ha, ha very funny you two.” But against her better will, Divina smiled and laughed along with them.

“You are all so stupid!” yelled Edana. Tempest, Nila, and Divina stopped laughed and stared at her. She was angry. Suddenly someone coughed and they all looked toward the door. Gorx, Void, and Chad stood handsomely there.

“Is something wrong,” asked Void.

“Void!” said Edana enthusiastically. “No, nothing going on,. Come on though, I wanna leave.”

“Uh, all right.” Tempest stared at Void and smiled apologetically as Edana wrapped herself around him and pulled him away. Tempest didn't get to spend as much time with him as she used to and she was beginning to miss him and knew that Nila was too as she shuffled among her belongings. Tempest understood her little sister had a crush on him like so many other girls, but she didn't have to be so possessive about it.

“You guys go wait downstairs while we change,” ordered Tempest.

“Yes Mam,” saluted Gorx.

“As you knight I must obey,” said Chad. He walked away followed by Gorx who stared longingly at her.

Tempest began rifling through her trunk till she finally decided on what to wear. An indigo tank top, black jeans with silver on the seams and her favourite black sneakers. She looked at Nila who was wearing a to big dress shirt and a thigh length blue miniskirt. She added to that knee length socks and her high heel dress shoes. Her hair was in a lose pony tail. Completely out of character.

Nila must have noticed Tempest staring at her for she said, “what's wrong?"

“Huh, oh nothing you just look . . . different.”

“I agree with Zephyr, Nila you do you look different,” said Divina.

Divina had her long hair braided while she wore a black corset, long black shorts and sneakers. Tempest thought it looked familiar.

"Hey you got that rom my trunk!”

“I couldn't find anything good to wear. First of a new year I wanna make a good impression.” She smiled and they all began to walk to their classes. Tempest thought kept drifting. She felt that something was amiss wither her friends. Someone was hiding something, she just didn't know who.

They separated to their different class. What a perfect way to start the day, she though sarcastically. Astrology, her favourite class with her least favourite teacher.

She walked to the school grounds alone. She thought back to the last time she was alone. She had faced Merwick, but then again, even then she want alone. At this moment thought, she felt more alone then ever before.

Tempest walked up yo her class. Great she though, it was full of Dufflebaggies students. They all stopped talking and stared at her. They all began to whisper like she knew they would, and at the end of the pack the queen of them all. Astrea Sanguina.

“Hello Zephyr,” said a sudden voice. Tempest jerked her head around and next to her was Chad. She smiled.

“I take it we're the only non-Dufflebaggies students here?”

“Yeah pretty much,” he laughed. “This is going to be a fun year.”

“Quick, do we ever just have fun year?"

His smiled widened. “I guess you're right.”

She rolled her eyes and walked along with him at her side. The Dufflebaggies crowd seemed to split just for them as though they were afraid they wold contaminate them. A smug smiled appeared on her face and she showed just one fang. People took steps back. Tempest simply rolled her eyes and continued on her walk to her tree. The spot she always sat at during this class.

They all waited or a good twenty minutes before Mistress Starlet showed up. She was wearing a black cloak with gold at the bottom and along her sleeves.

“Everyone settle down please. Today I would like us to being to learn a spell that will allow you to see the stars during the daylight hours. Now, put your wands away please and just repeat after me. Stelalumosa.

“Stelalumosa,” repeated everyone.

“Good, now please grab your wands and follow my wrist movements. Point up and flick. Now I want all of you to cast the spell.” Tempest fingered her wands. She loved it but at the moment she was in the mood of trying something different. She summoned her dagger, pointed and flicked as she cast the spell.

“Stelalumosa!” Her sight grew hazy for a moment then she saw the sky grow a little dark and the stars grow brighter.

“Miss Nyx, hows your sight?” Tempest jerked around and looked at Mistress Starlet.

“It's fine, hows your brother, keeping out of trouble I hope.” She smiled and then turned her attention back to the sky.

“Yes well, how are you holding up?”

“All right all things considered.” She looked at Mistress Starlet curiously. Were they bonding?

“Good, if Morganna were here, trust me you would be a completely different person.”   The name hit her like a ton of bricks. Of course the teachers know. They've always known. She held down her anger.

“Yes well, don't you think you should go back to teaching?”

“I should shouldn't I.” She turned and walked away then stopped and looked back at Tempest. Ten pints to Slimythings.”

Tempest stood transfixed next to Chad and said, “okay that was beyond weird.”

“You're telling me.” He laughed. “Told you it was going to be an entertaining day.”


They spent the rest of the day studying non-verbal spells that could be used during the highpoint of a constellation.

Poisons was entertaining as always Tempest sat with Void and Divina.

“Tempest,” hissed Divina.

“Princess,” Tempest hissed back.

“Ugh, don't call me that.”

“Don't call me Tempest. Now what do you want?”

“What are you doing in Astronomy?”

“Why do you even care, you don't even have that class.”

“Call it curiosity.”

“Fine, we didn't really do anything. All we did was learn a spell to see the stars during the day.”

“Huh, cool, maybe I should have taken that class this year.”

“Ha, ha funny.” Divina glared at her.  "Oh god you're serious.”

“What's so funny, and not so serious about it.”

“It's Astronomy. I'm only taking it because I love staring up at the sky and stars.”

Divina shrugged and opened her notebook. Tempest strained her neck to see what Divina was writing. Suddenly a voice popped into her head.

“Mistress leave her be.”

“Oh come now, let me snoop a little.”

“No Mistress.”
 She pouted but listened unwillingly to that little voice in her head that had become her concious.

Master Vlad calmed everyone down and drew their attention with his damnably sexy voice. Like most days he wore a his black suit only this time no tie and his indigo shirt was loosely open.

“Everyone hush. Today I would like us to start on a very dangerous poison concoction. Can anybody tell me what I'm talking about?”

“Void raised his hand. “The Limbitious Activation.”

“Correct. Five points to Slimythings. Now, can anyone tell me the ingredients? Someone other than Void please.”

“Master Vlad don't you already know, I know more than everyone.” Void laughed along with Tempest and Divina.

“Yes well, I would like to hear other voices another than you three. So for every house that does not at least raise their hand it will lose fifteen house points.” Hands shot up into the air and Tempest, Void, Divina and the rest of the Slimythings laughed.


“Don't you like this new program,” he snickered and they nodded. This is fun,  thought Tempest. Master Vlad called on Patricia Silver bucks from Crowingraves.

“I think the ingredients are wormsworth, eye of newt, and unicorns blood.”

“Correct, see that wasn'tso hard was it? Now come on lets fix up this delicious poison potion.”

Class resumed and Tempest and Void finished at the exact same time earning thirty house points total.. They highfived each other and sat down happy. She simply loved poisons.

Class ended and Tempest began gathering her stuff.

“Zephyr, I'll meet you outside all right."

“All right, oh but be wary of my sister, she knows your schedule...I think."

“Ha, ha very funny.”

“Just go wait for me outside.”

He did and she resumed her packing. Master Vlad's hands shot out of nowhere and grabbed Tempest wrist. She stood wither her eyes wide open and her eyebrows slanted down.

“Calm down Mis Nyx, just follow me to me desk.” She did as she was told and stood. “I know you feel angry Miss Nyx. All vampires do at first. Even I was, and I asked for it.”

“I don't care, I just want to go back to being a mortal human instead of what I am!”

“Do you know what covered my desk?”

“Do I care?"

“A magic mirror, much like the one your mother gave you. Look.” Tempest unwillingly cast her eyes down upon the desk. Grey eyes stared back at her. Her breathing became faster and she grew angry. Her nostrils began to flare and she punched the mirror.

“You know nothing of how I feel.” She summoned her bag and slipped in on her shoulder.


“Don't even try to talk to me about anything. If wanted to be immortal I would have accepted the gift last year. No, don't try because I hate this and if my friends and family would let me, I'd already be dead.” She stalked from the room and walked past Void to their next class, and as though reading her thoughts, he kept quiet as they walked.

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