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Tempest was sulking. She had spent the past three days sulking. She didn't need food. She needed nothing. All she needed were the vials that the woman she had thought was her mother had concocted for her. She had the covers pulled over her head and had all the shades drawn. The door opened and Tempest knew who it was by the scent that flowed in and wasn't in the mood.

“Go away Nila.”

“You've been in the dark for three days straight. My god, don't vampires even use the bathroom?”

"Go away.”

“Nope.” Nila pulled the covers off of Tempest and Tempest glowered at her. She watched as Nila made her way to her windows. She jerked open the shades and Tempest hissed as the light fell upon her. Tempest jumped on the ceiling and hissed some more.

“Oh hush. Now get down from there. You need to be social, plus Gorx is worried about you and Edana wants to talk to you.” Tempest let herself drop in front of Nila.

“Happy, I'm down?” she asked sarcastically.  Nila just smiled.

“Yes. Now come and stop sulking around.”

“Do I have a choice?"

“Not really.”

Tempest rolled her eyes and allowed Nila to drag her downstairs. Once downstairs Tempest looked around. The place was quiet even for her. She knew Void, Gorx, and Edana were there but not everyone else. She felt as though everyone was hiding from her.

“Come on were all in the living room.”

“Where is everyone?"

“Oh they already headed off to the World Cup.”

“Without me?”

“That's what you get when you practically lock yourself in your room.”

“So Draco left as well?”

“Yes, but he did leave you something.” Nila pulled an envelope from her pocket and gave it to Tempest. “I thought I should give it to you when Gorx wasn't around.” She winked and walked towards the living room. Tempest opened the envelope and inside was a piece of paper and a silver bracelet. She opened the letter and read it.

Dear Tempete, it read, here is the location to the port key near your house, although knowing you, you'll probably find another way. I'll be sitting in the Ministers Box your family will be sitting in a row on the dame level. Please come, silking doesn't become you, honestly. Love, Draco.

She put the letter under a vase and put on the bracelet. It seemed to shift colours.

Tempest walked into the living rom and both Void and Gorx looked at her.

“Finally, our favourite vamp has come to join us. Look how she graces us wither her presence.” Void sardonically got up and bowed. Then he flashed her his infamous winsome smile.

“Void, be nice to my sister,” said Edana.

“I am. See I put a smiled on her face.” Tempest was in fact smiling. Void always had a way of cheering her up.

“You all are idiots, just thought you should know that.” She planted herself on an armchair and fingered her hair.

“Hey guys, what time does the World Cup start?”

“You're going?” asked Gorx surprised.

“Of course, I've been waiting for it all summer. I'm not going to let a small think like being turned into a vampire keep me down.”

“Funny, because you practical did all summer,” muttered Void.  She glared at him and Nila slapped him across his shoulder.

“As I was saying, yes I'm going.”

“Yay,” began Nila. “Now come on lets go get dressed, we've already missed a lot anyway.”

“All right. You know you can be completely mental sometimes.”

“You know you love me.”

“Shut up.”


Tempest was rummaging through her closet at lightning speed, literally. She wanted some colour today, but she had nothing. She began to bite her lip when she remembered something. As long as she used magic without her wand, the Ministry of Magic wouldn't know that the magic being used was coming from an underage witch. She grabbed a strapless green corset and a black fishnet shirt to pull over it. She cast a spell and turned the fishnet shirt white, after all her favourite team was the Irish one. She grabbed her favourite, and only, white denim mini skirt and began rummaging again. Once She found her black fishnet stockings and against turned them green. Once dome she ran into her mothers closet and grabbed her white high heel sandals. She checked herself out in her magic mirror. In her opinion she was almost perfect. She went through her makeup. White and green and maybe a little black. She grabbed her clear lip gloss that had a tint of green. Next she grabbed her black eyeliner and then her white mascara, white eyeliner and green eyeshadow. Now she was perfect.

Tempest walked down the stairs. She looked at Nila. Her hair was pulled up and was neatly down. She wore jeans and a plain white halter top as well as brown high heel shoes. Her fuchsia eyes were more penetrating with just as outline of blue and white eyeliner. She only wore nude makeup. Tempest though she looked more radiant with barely no make up at all.

“Took you long enough,” muttered Void.

“Ha, ha.”

Void had his hair down and over his eyes. He wore a black and red shirt along with black jeans ad sneakers.

“Bulgaria will kick Irish's cute green little ass,” said Void arrogantly.

“Over your dead red ass.” She came over to him and gave him a warm hug. “Thank you for making me laugh again.”

“Anytime Zeph.” He returned the hug and they separated.

“Now where is my little sister?”

“Here, I'm here.”

“Good, hurry up.” She started walking then stopped in remembrance. “You guys start heading to the port key, I have to go check on something.”

She ran to her backyard and looked up at her dragon.

“The World Cup?”

“I'd love to fly you there but I don't think that would be very smart.”

“You're worried, I can tell.”

“Well of course you do.” She bit down on her thumb. “I just...I feel like something bad is going to happen.”

“Hmm, well, call me if you need me.”

“Trust me, I will, but hopefully, it wont come to that.”

“Hopefully, now go run along mistress.”

She laughed and did just as she was told. She began to walk out when the sun burned her hand. She swore under her breath and ran to her bedroom. She went to her dresses and stared at her eyes. She couldn't remember the last time she took any of her potions. She pulled three vials out from under her bed. She took the blood substitute first. Next she took her run-repellent one. Finally she grabbed her favourite potion. She looked at the contents inside the vial. The potion was clear and had a little glow in the centre. She didn't know how it worked exactly, but she didn't care. It allowed her to age like a normal human.

Tempest decided to take a short cut out of her house. She jumped out her window and landed gracefully on her feet. She walked for a while till she decided it would be a fun to surprise her friends. She was at the port key in seconds. She laid down on the ground and waited, falling into a blissful sleep.

Tempest was on a bench on near the school gates reading a book. People all around her were whispering and running through the walkway that connected to the grounds. Tempest finally got fed up and followed the crowd. She pushed her way through to the front and looked toward where everyone else was staring at. A castle in the sky. She didn't like it for it carried the stench of death.

Tempest jerked her eyes open. That was a weird dream, she thought. She suddenly smiled when she heard her friends She stood up and crossed her arms. She waited, smug and arrogant, as they walked up the hill.

“What took you guys so long?”

“Ha, ha,” said Nila.

“I know, I'm hilarious.”

“Oh stop it you two,” said Edana. "Now come on, let go already.”

They all nodded in agreement and lied flat on their stomachs. Soon, they were spinning through the air. Tempest let go of the boot first and flew away to the ground. She was poised like a cat when she landed. Tempest caught her sister as she fell to the ground. Soon everyone else followed.

They walked for a while till they heard the sound of music. They all looked at each other then ran.

“Void, keep an eye on Vayne, I'm gonna go have some fun.” She kissed Gorx on the cheek and smiled at him. “Take care of them okay.”

“Yeah, just go have some fun.”

“Thank you.” She ran off and looked around. Everything looked so fun. She bought some candy and a sandwich. She loved her bacon, ham, and cheese sandwiches.

She was licking her fingers when she saw him. Harry Potter. She stopped in mid-step and stared at him. She looked at hm and thought about going over to talk to him. But what could she possibly say. Hi, I'm Tempest Artemisa Nyx, my mother is the real reason your family is dead. No she couldn't say that. He probably didn't know who she was unlike everyone else. She liked the thought of there being someone who didn't know her name. He walked out of her sight and she quickly regained her composure.

She walked around some more till she spotted Draco. She flew behind him and placed her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” He jerked from under her hands and stared at her.

“You're here.”

“Yup I'm here.”

“I didn't think you would come.”

“Yet here I stand. Now Draco instead of sitting with my family, can I sit with you?”

“I don't know, I mean I'm not sure you'll be allowed.”

“What if I sneak in.”

He smiled. “I would love to see how you plan on pulling that off.”

“I have my ways. Just go to your seat, I'll be there soon.”

“You promise?”

“You know me. I always keep my promises and I never leave anything unfinished.” She smiled wickedly and began skipping backward. “I'll see you later.”

She ran and his behind a tree. “Cloakous-Maximous.” She smiled to herself and walked back slowly. No one was staring at her and not one person even acknowledged her. Sometimes she wished she could stay invisible forever.

She walked up the stands and saw her family. She quickly bent down between Void and Nila and whispered where she would be. They made incomprehensible movements that only she knew were nods.

Tempest searched for Draco in the Ministers Box. She quickly caught herself as she was about to bump into someone. Her eyes widened in shock as she was face to face with Harry Potter. His eyes were an emerald green that she had never seen before. She stood mesmerized until she heard Dracos' voice. She slunk to the back of the room and watched in amusement as he acted like a regular arrogant pure blood. She waited until he sat down before kissing him on the cheek. He didn't make any movements, but she smiled when he blushed.

The match started and went well. Ireland was winning. Every time Ireland scored she had to control herself from jumping up and down in joy. Instead she just gripped Dracos' hand. She was happy she was invisible because then he couldn't see her blush.

They day past in fun amuse man and soon she was face to face with her family. She aid them no heed and sat quietly reading a book. She did notice however her godparents talking to Vivaldi, and she did notice as Lucius Malfoy and Vivaldi Nyx left the cozy tent. She also noticed when her little sister was standing at her side.



“You're still my sister right?”

“Yeah, only know I'm your half-sister.”

"I don't care, just as long as you're my sister.” Tempest put down her book and gave her sister a hug pulling her on her lap.

“Okay, now Nila said you wanted to tell me something?"

“Ah huh.   I decided to go to the Nightmare Academy instead of Hogwarts.”

“Yay!” They both laughed. Just then, when Tempest was about to talk, there was a loud noise outside. Tempest slid Edana off of her and stood up. She shared look with, Void, Nila, Gorx and Draco and slid to the curtain of the rent. She tried to focus her hearing but it was no use, there were to many voices.

"I'm gonna go see what's going on.”

“No,” began Narcissa.

“Narcissa, you know what's going on, I know you do. My mother and Lucius are involved with this, and by the looks and sounds of it I knows it's not something good.” She left without another word and followed the crowd. She stopped atop a hill and stood there to get a better sight of what was going on. She saw a crowd gathering. She couldn't tell what it was that they were crowding around. She walked slowly down so as not to draw attention to herself and worked her way through the crowd, shoving people aside here and there. Finally, after much shoving, she discovered what it was that caused the mass amount of chaos. Death Eaters. She knew her mother was around and she knew her godfather was one of the Death Eaters tormenting Muggles. She snuck into the forest and when she saw her mother, gripped her arm . . . hard.

“Tempest, let go of me."

“Fine, but now tell me, why are you doing this?”

“Excuse me?”

“You work for the Ministry of Magic, in the same department as Lucius. Why are you both risking your lives, careers and family for something so stupid?”

“You don't understand Tempest.”

“I may not, but I do comprehend at least on thing in all this madness. Death Eaters are no different than Merlins Crusaders. For instance, they enjoy committing genocide for the sake of an opinions, like fanatics. They are no different that the people that killed my father, your husband.”  With that she stalked off back towards the camp. She felt a little bad she had to admit, about yelling at her mother, but her anger won her over. Her mother deserved all this whiplash, especially for lying to her. She officially no longer cared, about anything.

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