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"Tempest come, we shouldn't be messing with this.”

“No.” She moved closer to it puling Draco along. “I wonder who it belongs to.”

“We can ask later, come on.”


“Fine Echo.”

“Oh hush.”

They both walked hand in hand to the edge of the pensieve and looked in. The scene changed and they were suddenly diving in. Tempest landed on her feet and looked at Draco who had landed on his back.

“You all right?”

“Do I bloody look all right.” Tempest laughed and helped him up. Once she did, she looked around. “Where are we?”

“Headmaster Dumbledore's office.”

“She belongs in my school and you know it Albus!” Draco and Tempest turned around. Behind then were Headmistress Majika who looked the same as she did now and Headmaster Dumbledore. Sitting in a chair was a young girl who looked exactly like Tempest.

“This should be her choice."

“She doesn't have one. Her grandmother passed Morgan Le Fey's essence to her. The pack between all school is theat Merlins blood line will come here as well as Morgans, except those who carry Morgans essence. Morganna belongs to the Nightmare Academy!”

Tempest watched the girl. Morganna, she thought, that was the name of her aunt that disappeared.

“Tempest, she looked exactly like you.”

“I noticed, now shh.”

Dumbledore sighed. “Very well. Morganna, go to your room and begin packing your luggage.” The girl nodded and stood from her seat.

Tempest looked around. Her and Draco were still holding hands. She pulled him next to her and watched Morganna, maybe if she watched her memories she would discover what happened to her.

Morganna was walking with her head held high and full of haughtiness. The same walk Tempest herself had.

“Hello Morganna.” She stopped in her wake and slowly turned around, a satiric smile on her face.

“James Potter. Hows my not-so-favourite person?”

“I heard you're going to the Nightmare Academy.”

“Wow, news travels fast.”

“Does Aidan know?'

“If you do, then he probably does as well.”

“Well at least I'll be able to pick on Snape more now.” She watched as Morganna jerked her whole body around in anger.

“Don't you dare hurt him!”

“Oh why not.” Suddenly she watched as Morganna did something shocking. She pushed James against the wall and kissed him.

“Okay, that's disgusting. I don't not want to see my aunt making out with Harry Potters dead dad."


She pulled away and stared at him with her hands on the wall in either side of his head.

“I leave my shadow, shrouded in darkness here to curse your life and those close to you. I leave it here to follow you till you learn to play nice and till you die.” She leaned away from him and smiled. “I'm marking you for death if you didn't already knew. Ta ta for now James.” She walked away and Tempest watched her as the sun bounced off her; no shadow was with her.

Tempest gripped Draco's hand. She had come to a realization. Her aunt was dead. The scene faded and they were swept into the Slytherin dormitory.

“Lucius, Severus, have either of you seen Aidan.”

“No.” They both said. There was a pause as Morganna began packing.

“So you really are leaving?” asked Snape.

“I'm afraid so Severus. I'm gonna miss you.” She cupped his face and kissed his forehead. “Keep writing your spells and send them to me.”

“You know I will.” They both smiled.

“And you Lucius, stay with Narcissa, don't keep going about playing hard to get.”

“Whatever.” He came over and Morganna gave him a warm, hug.

“I'll miss you Lucius.”

“Yeah, how 'bout a kiss?”

“Oh god I do not want to see my dad kiss your aunt.”



“God Lucius, you're such a jerk.”

“Oh come on.”



“Because she needs to talk to me.” They all turned around and looked at the doorway. Tempest let go of Dracos' hand and took a step forward.

“Draco, I think that's my dad.” She took another step forward and stared at him. He had black hair like she remembered, but his most striking feature that she found most unnerving were his purple eyes.

“Yes, I do. Lucius, Severus, could you please leave us alone?” They nodded and Morganna turned back to her packing and Aidan walked to her.

“Don't leave.”

“I don't have a choice.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don't!” Morganna turned and stared at him.

“Morganna I don't want to say what you'll force me to say.”

“Then don't say it.”

“I don't have a choice. Morgana if you leave than that's it, you and I will be no more.”

Morganna gripped the foot of her bed and stared at him suddenly she walked toward him and stared at his face.

“Aidan . . . I love you, I always will.” She kissed him and Tempest eyes widened.

“Oh my god.”

“Tempest . . . ”

“Draco, she's not my aunt . . . she's my mother.”


Draco was walking just one step behind her. Tempest had her fist clenched and her head down. She was angry, furious actually. It was night. Her and Draco had been in the attic. Tempest had to calm down, even now she wasn't sure she had calmed down.

She entered the dining room and kept her eyes cast down.

“Zephyr honey,” began her mother, “ we were beginning to get worried about you.”

“Why didn't you tell me?”

“Tell you what sweetheart.”

“That a girl named Morganna was my mother.” The room went silent and Tempest looked up. Everyone was staring at her.

“Tempest . . . ” began her mother again.

“Don't call me that!” The room grew silent again. “Why didn't you tell me?'

“Zephyr, it's difficult to explain.”

“You know, people always say that, and do you what my response to that is. Try.”

“I can't.” She sighed. “Go back to the Pensieve.”

“Why can't you just tell me?"

“Because it is too difficult to explain.”

“I repeat . . . try.” Her mother sighed and looked down at her.

“Fine, I'll explain, then I want you to go back to the pensieve, all right?”

“Under consideration.”

“I guess that's all I can expect form you.” She smiled. “You are so much like her.” She paused again. “Your mother was transfer student from Hogwarts. Her full name was Morganna Le Fey Lennox, everyone just called her Morgan though. Now, she was a very talented girl, and she, like most of the people you know joined Lord Voldemort. Your mother had special gifts she granted upon herself. Over time your father and I grew apart.   I knew he still loved her and I knew she still loved him. I moved out of the picture and I set him free to go to her. He arrived while she was turning a piece of the Sorcerers stone into liquid. She injected it as you know, then injected him, along with some of her blood. Soon you were conceived and aster you were born she killed Zoltron family and stole Excaliber. It was on that same day that she died.”



Tempest was taken aback. It dint seem real. She knew that Morganna was dead, but she didn't think it was suicide. A more horrible death than any she could imagine. Tempest shook her head. She couldn't believe this was real and that ti was happening. She couldn't and she wouldn't.

“Selene, Jason, did you know?”

“Tempest . . . ” began her brother.

“Answer the question. Did you know?”

“Of course we knew. We were kids, we remembered. For heaven sake I was four and Jason was seven. We weren't that young Tempest. We were there and we remember everything,” hissed Selene. Tempest looked at her sister and then out of nowhere, back-handed her. There was silence and Tempest looked around. Everyone was staring at her more scared than shocked.

“I'll be in the attic.”

She sat in the attic in her little corner. She had a perfect view of her pensieve. Her mothers to be exact. That's you, she though again and again. Pictures of her mother flashed through her head. Her smile, her walk, and her eyes.

“No, she can't be my mother. She can't . . . ”

“God your such a little brat, All you ever think or care about is yourself.”

“Leave me alone Selene.” Selene bent down and gripped her arm pulling her up.  “I could snap your arm so easily right now.”

“Then why haven't you already?' Her sister raised her eyebrows and pulled her along with herself towards the pensieve.

“Selene get off me.”

“Not until you see something.”

“I don't want to see anything.”

“Too bad.”

Selene shoved Tempest against the edge of the Pensieve. Tempest shut her eyes tightly. She felt Selene pinch her.

“Open them Tempest."


“Open them you little brat.” Tempest complied. Suddenly they were falling and without even trying, Tempest once again landed on her feet. “Show off,” muttered her sister.

“I love being a showoff sometimes.”

“I know, now look.”

Tempest turned around and stared at a woman running down the street.

“This is dads me memory, he somehow knew that you would find this.”

Tempest turned back. Morganna had Nila's wand in one hand and Excaliber in dagger form in the other. She ran through a door and into a house. Tempest's house.


“Morganna? What's going on?”

“Take care of Tempest. One day she will know about everything. Tell her I had to for her what I'm about to do.”

“Morganna . . . ”

“Viva, take him back, you both love each other, you deserve each other.”

“Morganna . . . ” began Viva.

“Shh don't either of you. I have to go now.”

Morganna kissed Tempest on the head and kissed Aidan before running, and Aidan holding Tempest and Viva followed after her. Tempest watched as a young Selene and Jason followed curious.

Tempest followed alongside Selene and watched the sad spectacle. Morganna had barely made it from the house to the street when she was suddenly encircled by police and the Ministry of Magic.

“Morganna Le Fey Lennox, you are here by under arrest for the murder of the Crick family and are suspected for being in league with the dark lord!”

“You will not arrest me.” She dropped her dagger and stuck out her wand.

“Morganna!” yelled her father.

“Forgive me.” She brought her wand out then pointed it at herself.


“Avarda Kadavra.”

Green light emanated from her wand and encircled her body. Tempest stared wide eyes at the dead body of her mother. He looked at her father. His grey eyes were wet with tears.

“Aidan give me Tempest,” said Viva. Tempest looked at her. Her blue eyes were oceans as they began to fill with tears. She watched as Aidan handed Viva her baby self and ran to the body of Morganna. He hugged her and as he did so, fingered the single purple strand in her hair.

Tempest blinked away tears and as she did so was back in the attic.

“You can either chose to be our mothers daughter of her daughter Tempest. But you are someone's daughter and no matter what, you will always be my sister, as well as Edana's and Jason's.” Tempest shook her head.

“As far as I am concerned,” she began as she backed away, “I'm an orphan.” With that she ran from the room with tears streaming down her cheeks.

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