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Tempest hated looking at her refection.  Her mother had bought her the magic mirror over the summer when they were in Romania.  She clenched her fists and glared at herself.  She didn't want this.  If she did, she would have taken the first gift a year ago.  But she knew she would have to come to terms with that she was.  She was a vampire.

Tempest stared at her fangs.  They stood out against her creamy pale complexion.  She studied her eyes and she could see the colours were brighter.  The deep purple that outlines her pupil stood out more vibrantly as well as red outline of the sorcerers stone trait.  She looked at her bed stand ad stared at the letter from Draco, then at the one from Gorx.  They both laid unopened.  She turned her head to the sound of something outside her window.  God Void, she thought, can't you just leave me alone already.  She waved her fingers and closed the curtain.  One of the very few joys of being a vampire, her magical abilities seemed to have been multiplied by ten.  She smiled until she saw her fangs, then she punched her mirror.  Her wounds healed instantaneously and she turned her body towards the door at the sound of footsteps running toward her.

“People are ridiculous.”

“They only care about you Zephyr,” she heard Void say.

“Yeah Tempete, we can't help it if we care a lot about you.”  Tempest inhaled at the sound of his voice.

“Hello Draco.  Void.  Nice to see you,” she said with her back to them.

“How can you see us if you have your back to us,” said Draco.  She ignored him for she already knew the sight behind her.  He was on her window sill, his left leg in and his right leg on the sill with his body seated arrogantly and sexily.  And Void was leaning against the wall playing with his new tongue ring that for nay other per would have hurt like hell.  She remembered that day.  They had met Nila as a muggle piercing parlour.  She had gotten her belly pierced and Nila her nose.  Right now she really missed Nila. If she were here she would get them out of there and calm her.  Finally, as expected her family burst through the door.

“Zephyr!” yelled her little sister.

“Hello Vayne.”

“You all right you little brat?”

“I'd be better if everyone got the hell out of my room!”

“Zephyr,” began her brother.

“Don't even finish that thought Thorn.  Just don't, okay, I'm warning you.  Just get out, all of you!”

Tempest turned on her heels and laid on her bed and snuggled herself in her pillow.  She listened to them walk out and the door close.

“I thought I said get out Draco.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Your heart beat and the way you breath.”

“Enhanced abilities, aren't you happy?”

“Is that a rhetorical question?”  She lifted her head and stared at him.  Was it just her or had he gotten sexier.

“Tempest you need to relax.”  Tempest stared at him angry and used her fast reflexes to get up in his face.  He flinched.

“Get out.”

“No.”  They stared at each other and Draco brushed away a strand of hair form her face.  “I'm not going anywhere.”  They stared at each other before she turned away letting his lips brush against her cheek.

“Leave Draco.”

“Why didn't you read my letter,” he said changing the subject.

“I haven't actually felt like it.  My mothers potions only sustain me.  Although I have to admit, her run-repellent one tastes a lot like lemon-lime.”  She faked a smile.

“Tempest . . . ”  He took her hands and pulled her towards him.  She felt his breath on her neck and shut her eyes tightly.  “You know how I fell, just . . . ”

“Am I interrupting something.”  Tempest tore away and within seconds was on her bed.

“No you didn't.  Now, what do you want?”

“I wanted to know if all vampires are as moody as you?"


“Come on Void, lets leave her alone.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.”  Void shrugged and walked out of the room.  “Goodnight Tempest.”

Tempest stared at the door before crying herself to sleep in anger, once again.


Tempest was sitting on her couch reading the Daily Prophet and drinking a cup of coffee.  She was home alone ad she liked it that way.  She was sitting with her knees curled in towards her chest.  The only thing she was wearing was a black lace bra and shorts.  She had her hair clipped back in a pony tail when someone suddenly came knocking at her door.

“Who the bloody hell could that be?”

Tempest went to the door and opened it.  She recognized the face immediately.

“Hello Zephyr.”

“Oliver Wood, what are you doing here so early.  You weren't expected till late tonight.”

“Your sister told me to get here early.  Is she here?”

“No.  She and everyone else went out to go buy supplies for your engagement party.'  She smiled and the it faded.  He was staring at her mouth.  “Please come in.”

She flew back to the couch and turned on the television.  She was getting very aggravated with people staring at her fangs.  Like they have never seen a vampire before, she thought.

“So Zephyr, what have you been up to?'

“Nothing what about you?”

“Didn't Selene tell you, I made a Quidditch team.  So I'll be travelling.  She said she was going to come along with me.  We're going to the World Cup as well.”

“That's brilliant Wood!”  For once she was happy.  “My brother Romanian girlfriend will be coming to the party as well.  So will my aunt and uncle, cousins, my boyfriend and the Malfoys.  Juts so you have an idea of who is coming.”

“The Malfoys?  Why are they coming?”

“They're my godparents.”

“Oh, I completely forgot that, sorry.”

She waved it off.  “It's all right.”

“Anyway how are you?”

“All right, all things considered.”

“Understandable.  Hey look on the bright side.  At least you don't have a face on the back of your head.”  They laughed.  Suddenly there was a crash near the fireplace.


“Yeah!  Can you come help me please!”


Tempest was at her side in seconds and helped a coughing Nila up.  Nila looked the same as when she left to visit her brother in Romania.  Her strawberry blonde and black highlighted hair encircled her shoulders and her fuchsia coloured eyes were still the same as always.

“Hello Zephyr, how are you?'  Nila, the one person who always forgot she was famous and recognized her as just a regular person.  But for some strange reason, she couldn't shake the feeling that Nila was hiding something.

“Nila, I'm so happy to see you.”

“Me too.  Oh hi, your Oliver right?  Names Nila Cerdwin.  Pleasure to meet you.”  She stuck out her hand and shook his like a child.

“Nila, I think he wants his hand back.”

“Huh, oh sorry.”  She let go of his hand and smiled.

“Nila do yo want to go take a shower?'

“Oh bloody hell yes.”  Tempest laughed and directed Nila to her bathroom in her room.

Tempest cooked some food for all them to eat.  Eggs, bacon with some hash-browns.  They all sat and talked and for the longest time since she could remember, she was happy.  That quickly changed when the door opened and the voices of her family filled the house.

“Hey food,” said Void picking up a strip of bacon off Nilas plate.

“God you're a jerk.”

“Void!”  Tempest watched her little sister run to Void and lean on him.  “Void have you told her yet?"

“Told who what?” asked Tempest.

“I got a letter from booth Hogwarts and the Nightmare Academy!”  Edana jumped up and down and Tempest stood up and gave her a hug.  Edana squirmed and looked up at her.  “You're scary when you get all sweet and gushy.”

“Whatever you little squirt.”  Edana laughed and ran happily from the dining area.

“Oliver!”  She watched as Selene ran happily into Oliver's arms.  Tempest stared a them in envy.  She leaned against the wall and looked at Draco who was staring at her intently.

“So you're the famous Oliver,”said her mother.  “Hello I'm Blades mother Viva.  Nice to meet you.”  They shook hands and Tempests brother came in and gave him a hug.

Tempest turned back to Draco and stared at him.  He no longer was staring at her but at her earings. They were the ones he had gotten her for Valentines day.  She let down her hair and walked from the rom.  She heard Nila and Void follow.

She walked up to ger room and darkened the room.

“I hope you don't min but I'm a little light sensitive.”  She smiled and pulled the covers over her.

“Well, mind if we join you.”

“No, go ahead.”  Nila and Void crawled in and she looked at them.

“You're no different than you were before Zeph,” said Void.

“Yeah don't fret.  Everyone will see that you're still the same you,” finished Nila.

They laid in bed together in silence for a while till someone came knocking.  She closed her eyes and listened to the heartbeat of the person.  It was her mother.

“Zephyr there's someone here to see you.”

“I don't care.”

“I told him that and he told me to tell you his name was Gorx.”

Tempest flew from her room and passed her mother.  She halted at the top of the stairs and looked down.  Her mother hadn't lied.  Gorx stood at the bottom wearing a tight black T-shirt and dark jeans.  His black hair was spiked and he hadn't seen her yet.  She took a deep breath and walked down.  He turned to her and smiled warmly.

“Hey Tempest.”

“Gorx . . . ”  She ran to him and he lifted her off the ground.

“I've missed you too.”  He kissed her cheek and she blushed.  They looked at each other then her hugged her tighter than before, At least he didn't look at me any differently, she thought.

“Tempete, don't you think you should put some clothes on,” said a cold voice.  She turned and stared at Draco.  She had to admit, he was right.

“He's right.  Void, Nila, can you please show Gorx to the living room.”


Tempest left him and ran back to her room this time without using her enhanced abilities, and went though her closet.  She finally decided on a light blue tank top and put her fishnet blouse over rit.  She pulled on her jeans and slipped into her sneakers.  Tempest took one last look at reflexion and decided on one more thing.  She took off Draco's earings.

Tempest walked downstairs and headed to the living room.  She halted in the hallway.  They were talking about her.

“It's a difficult transition, but we're all pulling through,” she heard her mother say.

“This is horrible.  What have you decided,” said her aunt.  When did they get here, she thought.

“I will not kill my daughter if that's what you're hinting at.”

“Then what will you do,” she said as though death were the only option.

“Help her.  She's my daughter and as her mother I will try to find a way to make her human again.”  Tempest had, had enough.  She flew to the middle of the room and stared at everyone.

“Has anyone ever told you people that I do not like being talked about behind my back.”  Everyone just stared at her, silent.  “If anyone wants to talk to me, I'll be in the attic, it needs to be cleaned anyway.”

Tempest began walking up the stairs and listened for them to follow.  They didn't.  She clenched the banister in and anger broke it.  Oh well, she thought, they could afford another.

She hid in the back behind a bunch of boxed.  The door creaked open.  She knew who it was.

“Go away Draco.”

“Come out already.  Everyone sorry.  Well especially your aunt and mother.'

“Go away Draco.”

“From now one I am going to call you Echo because you always echo everything you say.”

“Go away!”

“See there you go again 'Echo'.”

“Ugh, bloody hell, do you have any idea how annoying you're being?”

“Do you hae any idea how childish you're being?”

Finally Tempest came out from her hiding place.  She leaned against the wall and they both just stared at each other intently.  Tempest gave up.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to talk about it.”

“Fine.”  She let loose a deep heavy breath.  “I'm angry all right.  I'm angry that I got so sick I had to go to a Gypsy camp for the cure; and I'm angry that I had to go and get myself bloody bitten by a bloody Vampire!  Are you happy now?!”

“Are you?”

“She smiled.  “A little.  Can I hit something?”

“Go ahead, it's not my house.”  She looked around and stared at a pillar.  It had always annoyed her.  She walked toward it and wither her full strength.  Her hand went right through the wall and she almost stumbled forward.  She caught her self and looked at Draco then returned her gaze back at the fake wall.

“Reveal your secrets.”  They very few joys, she didn't really need her wand to cast spells.  She took a couple steps back and bumped into Draco.

“Tempest is that a––”

“A Pensieve, yeah it is.”

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