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A Kiss Is All It Takes by Grifferin
Chapter 7 : The Lion and The Snake
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A/N: Hey You guys sorry that the wait was sooo long but i've been so busy with school and everything. And then of course there's senioritis which has increase my laziness more than anything. Anyway here's chapter 7, I hope you enjoy it. Oh and by the way the title does come form JK herself, which just shows how my creativity is lacking and my laziness is piccking up the slack!

Chapter 7: The Lion and The Snake

                The first week in November went by in a flash and now the first quidditch match of the season between Gryffindor and Slytherin was coming up and both houses had begun to fight constantly. Not that they didn’t do that all the time as it was; they just increased the intensity of the fighting. All Slytherin’s were attacking Gryffindor players, house members, and supporters. In other words they were against almost the entire school except for a few Ravenclaw girls that almost worshipped the ground Malfoy walked on as much as the Slytherin’s themselves. However, the odds were in Gryffindor’s favour not only to win the match, but also every little battle in the halls because of the school-wide support. All in all, there were more Slytherin’s in the Hospital wing than Grffindor’s. We even found ways of keeping out of trouble with the help of many pranks and gadgets from the Weasley twins, who were all too eager to help. On the other hand, the pranks kind of showed my true colours, red and gold, when everyone found out that I was the one who’d slipped a nose-blood nougut into Malfoy’s drink during dinner, without the antidote. As a result, I became a huge target of many attacks. On the other hand, because I was always around Harry, and how both of us were very skilled in defense, no one stood a chance.


“Having a good walk, Parker?” a sly voice questioned from the dark corridor I’d just passed.


“What do you want Parkinson?” I asked in return, clearly irritated by her presence.


“Oh I was just worried about you. We haven’t seen you around the common room in almost 2 weeks, and Professor Snape has been getting a little suspicious. I just wanted to know if I should tell him about you shacking up with Potter or not.” She answered in the same sly voice.


“Oh sure you can,” I replied overly enthusiastically with a hint of sarcasm, “only I think its only fair that I get to tell him about you shacking up with Malfoy, Nott, Crabbe, Goyle, Roger Davies in Ravenclaw, and even Justin Finch-Fletchey in Hufflepuff.” I retorted with a beautiful smirk.


“That’s a lie and you know it, I’ve never touched Crabbe or Goyle.” She declared angrily.


“Oh, did you have a moment of memory loss, because I seem to remember a few times in 4th year when I saw you sneaking into the common room with one of them attached to your lips?” I asked in a mocking confusion.


“You bitch!” she screamed as she pulled out her wand ready to curse too bad I’d had my wand out the entire time.


“EXPELLIARMUS!” someone took the curse right out of my mouth. I turned around to see Harry running up to me, just as Pansy went flying off her feet and down the corridor.


“Thanks for that, but you know I can take care of myself.” I told him as he approached.


“I know you can, but sometimes I just need to help out.” He retorted cheekily.


“Well, don’t let it happen again.” I demanded with a joking laughter in my voice.


“Sorry, but I can’t make any promises.” He replied in the same tone as he took my hand in his and we began to walk towards the common room.


“And why is that?” I asked still giggling.


“Because, I love you too much to let anything happen to you.” He said sweetly making me blush before bringing my hands to his lips and softly brushing his lips over it.


“Good, because I love you too.” I replied softly as I leaned in to kiss him.


“Do you guys ever give it a break?” someone asked from in front of us. We both pulled away to see Ron walking towards us with…her.


“Yes Ron, unlike you two we actually come up for air every now and then.” I spat. I hadn’t been to kind to Ron or Lavender since the dance. Ron seemed to understand but that didn’t stop him or Lavender from getting an attitude about it.


“Don’t even start it you two, save it for after the match.” Harry intervened as he grasped my hand tighter and began to pull me away before they could reply.


“Why did you drag me away?” I questioned, already knowing the answer.


“Because I don’t like my best friend and my girlfriend fighting,” He grumbled. “and like I said, Ron needs to concentrate on the match tomorrow, so no fighting. Come to think of it he shouldn’t even be out with Lavender, I should go…”


“Oh no you don’t, we’re going to finish this lovely conversation. I’m sorry, ok, for all this fighting with Ron, but your other best friend, Hermione, is also my best friend, and like you, I have this protective quality, where I don’t like to see my friends getting hurt.” I explained.


“True, I guess Ron is a bit of a prat… but I don’t think Hermione would like you fighting her battles.” He countered cheekily.


“That’s because she’s avoiding him, she stays locked in our room when Lavender isn’t there or in the library, or doing prefect duties. I barely even see her at meals.” I argued back.


“Once again, why do I even try to argue with you, you never give up?” he huffed when we reached the portrait hole and quickly gave the password.


“Because you’re too proud not to.” I answered smugly before kissing him on the cheek, “I’ll see you tomorrow baby.” I told him before walking towards the girls’ stairs.



The next morning I woke up to Hermione scrabbling around the room trying to find the perfect outfit, or so she kept muttering to herself as she tried on different clothes, before ripping them off because they didn’t look just right. Then I looked over at the clock to see that it was on 6:00 am, the game wasn’t going to start until 12:00, and I didn’t plan on waking up until 8:00. I’m gonna kill her.


“Hey Mione, do you have any idea what time it is?” I moaned as I rolled over and pulled my pillow over my head.


“Sorry Chris, but I really need to find something to wear for the match today and I need all the time I can get.” She apologized.


“Here let me help.” I muttered, as I reached for my wand on the bedside table. I flicked twice in her direction and changed the blouse and skirt she had on into a pair of hip-hugging, boot-cut jeans, two gold and maroon tank tops, and a white hoodie that had a floral design on the rights side that matched the one on the left leg of the jeans and the tank tops. “How’s that?” I yawned as I flopped back on the bed.


“Awe it’s so cute.” She squealed in delight as she checked out the outfit in the floor-length mirror on the other side of the room.


“Good, can I go back to sleep now?” I asked as I already began to drift back into my dreams.


“What’s going on?” Pavarti asked as she sat up and rubbed her tired eyes.


“Nothing go back to sleep.” I mumbled from the bed on her left. She immediately fell back onto her bed and back into her sleeping state. I suddenly felt the weight shift on my bed, indicating that someone had sat down…or in this case, layed down.


“Thank you Chrissy.” Hermione sang as she hugged me from the side.


“You’re welcome, but if you don’t get out of my bed now, I’ll hex you to hell and back, ok?” I said in a sarcastically sweet and tired voice.


“You bitch.” She mumble as she got up walked away.


“and don’t you forget it.” I laughed before sleep finally graced me with its presence.



“Here Harry wanted me to give this to you, since a certain someone missed breakfast.” Hermione told me as she handed me a note.


“Well, I wouldn’t have if another certain someone hadn’t woke me up too early this morning, so kiss my arse.” I replied harshly as I grabbed for the note, which she quickly pulled out of my reach.


“Excuse me, what was that last part, I don’t think that I heard you?” she asked in a curious tone as I tried to reach over her and grasp at the note.


“I said I love you because you’re my best friend in the whole world,” I answered trying to coax

her into giving it to me.


“Oh I thought that’s what you said.” She smirked as she handed it to me. I quickly ripped it open and began to read. Not that there was much to read; it was only one line,


Love, meet me after the game, I have something to show you.    
— Harry


‘No way it’s too cold.’ Was my first thought, unless this surprise involves going after party in the common room and sitting as close to the fire as possible, there was absolutely no way he’d get me to stay out here.


“So, what do you say?” I heard a deep voice call to me. I looked up to see Harry floating close to the stands. I hadn’t even realized that we’d reached the stands, let alone that the teams had come out to warm up.


“No way, it’s too cold!” I yelled in response.


“No it’s not.” He argued.


“So says the guy that’s racing around on his Firebolt.” I laughed.


“Whatever, so are you coming or not?” he asked


“You have about as much chance of getting me to stay out here as Slytherin does of winning the match.” I shouted over all the cheers and boo’s.


“Well I can’t argue with that.” He replied before finally lowering to the ground with the rest of both teams to shake hands with the other captain.


Just as the game was about to start I noticed Pavarti and Lavender pushing their way through the crowd to sit directly in front of Hermione and me; Lavender wearing a very smug look as they sat while Pavarti looked quite apologetic. As they sat down, a somewhat cruel practical joke popped into my head; maybe it was time for a little payback to come Lavender’s way. I looked around to see that everyone’s eyes were on the center of the field as the captains shook hands, or from what I could see squeezing each others hands to see who’d crack first. (fyi it wasn’t Harry.) I quickly elbowed Hermione to get her attention, and inclined my head toward Lavender. “Want to have some fun?” I asked quietly. She looked weary of it for a moment before nodding her head yes and slightly smirking. “Watch.” I told her as I sneakily pulled out my wand and pointed it towards Lavender, still holding it close to my lap so that no one could see. I murmured an old spell I’d learned for Fred and George during third year. Hermione eyed me curiously when she saw that nothing happened, I just held up my hand signalling for her to wait a minute.


“OMG Lavender.” I called.


“What?” She snapped with her stank attitude as she turned to face me. Hermione gasped slightly before covering her mouth with her hand to hide her giggles and looking away toward the match. Lavender’s face was completely covered in pimples and boils. She looked like a sunburned bull. Yet somehow still didn’t lose that stank-ness that surrounded her.


“Oh nothing I just thought I saw a bug or something in your hair.” I lied, trying not to laugh as she turned back to watch the match.


“You’re horrible.” Hermione laughed


“No I’m not, even though I should tell you that because of the hex there’s also a small spell on her that keeps her from seeing what she really looks like in any mirror or any shiny surface and that goes for any and everything that happens to her.” I explained.


“Well then I suggest that we have a little bit more fun with Ms. Brown.” Hermione suggested slyly.


I just looked at her. I couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth and flowed up to my ears. “Huh?” I asked dumbly as I gawked at her with my mouth hanging open in astonishment. She just pointed in the direction of the matched and turned away from my shocking gaze with a slick smirk playing onto her features. “Huh?” I repeated, still in shock. It was official, Hermione had finally learned how to loosen up, and it scared me.



            The match continued for about an hour and the score was now 230 — 190 with Gryffindor winning, of course. The snitch still had yet to be caught, not that there hadn’t been many attempts. However each time, Madam Hooch decided to actually look the seekers in time to see Harry push Malfoy’s replacement back. Once he even knocked him off his broom, not that it mattered because they were about two feet in the air. Still, Madam Hooch just had to give those serpents foul shots each time, not that they actually scored though. Damn they sucked!


Anyway, the whole time Hermione and continued our makeover of Ms. Brown, and we were having the time of our lives doing so. Fist, Hermione thought that her hair was just way too plain and boring so we decided to add a few more bright colours that changed every few minutes. One minute there were red highlights that turned to hot pink, and neon green sections that faded into silver, and so much more. Let’s just say that her hair was tasting the rainbow like a packet of skittles. Next, I thought that her nose was just way too small to fit her face (Especially after we blew it up to about the size of a quaffle) so I thought that a rather large banana would look perfect in its place. Many people thought it was funny, while others thought that it was utterly hilarious. Unfortunately one of those who knew that we were the only ones who could possibly disfigure someone this horribly, didn’t approve at all. In fact he glared at us each time we chanced a look at the Gryffindor goal post that he was guarding; if looks could kill, Hermione and I would be dead, buried, and rotting in hell for as long as possible. Harry on the other had couldn’t help but laugh almost every time he looked out way. However most of the time we’d lock eyes and he’d flash a smile or wink at me, making me blush and grin or blow him a kiss in return.


Suddenly a blur of green and silver flashed by the Gryffindor stands and Harry took off after him. The two seekers had once again seen the snitch and were racing at all cost to get it first. Both hands were stretched out toward the flying gold fleck, both only mere inches from their desired destination. The Slytherin seeker was closing in fast, but Harry refused to give up without a fight and pushed himself to go as fast as possible. All of a sudden a bludger came speeding along and crashed into Harry’s shoulder with a resounding crack that could be heard all over the stands. “HARRY!” I cried worriedly, as I dropped down a row of seats to the front of the stands for a better view. Harry had slipped off his broom slightly accidentally hitting the Slytherin seeker next to him, who almost fell. He cradled his aching shoulder for a moment before returning his eyes to the prize. The Slytherin seeker had slipped back enough for Harry to take advantage and move in even closer to the Golden Snitch as it quickly turned into a sharp dive. He followed, still closing in, until his hand finally closed around the gold object, just in time for him to pull up before crashing, yet still landing with a thud. “Come on.” I urged Hermione, before grabbing her hand and rushing down to the middle of the pitch where Harry had landed. We pushed our way through the team as they crowded around their fallen captain to see Harry laying on the ground, clutching his shoulder, and grinning like mad.


“WE WON!” He shouted happily holding up the fluttering snitch before finally giving into the pain in his shoulder and collapsed to the ground still smiling. All I could think, was he’s such a goof-ball before everyone, including me, burst into laughter, earning few confused looks from the crowd and a few nasty glares from the Slytherins. All the Gryffindors soon gathered around and lifted the team up on their shoulders in celebration. Hermione and I stood to the side and laughed at the look on Harry’s face as he tried to ignore the pain in his shoulder and still celebrate with his housemates. They finally put them down about halfway across the pitch and the team quickly began to make their way to the locker rooms. Hermione ran off with the rest of the crowd to get ready for the all-night (ends at 9 in Hermione time) party in the common room, while I joined Harry and walked slowly with him in the same direction as the rest of the team.


“How’s the shoulder?” I asked softly


“Hurts like hell.” He groaned as he gently rubbed away the pain.


“Awe poor baby, but I must say that the this was a great match.” I remarked as I webbed my fingers between his and we walked on.


“Yes, I could see from the air the you were having a lot of fun tormenting Lavender.” He laughed.


“Actually, I did watch some of the match as well and it was mostly Hermione who did most of Lavender’s redecorating, I was just the mastermind.” I corrected him.


“Yeah whatever.” He snorted before softly kissing my forehead when we finally reached our destination. Most of the team was crowded around Madam Pomfrey as she healed their minor wounds.


“Hey but I will tell you that the best part was watching you kick some Slytherin arse.” I declared sincerely, as I pulled him back to me before he could walk away.


“Yeah well, I can think of a few other things I can do with one Slytherin’s arse.” He murmured through tight lips as he squeezed my arse causing me to yelp in surprise. I quickly recovered and wrapped my arms around his neck, before pulling him into a deep kiss, ignoring the few cat calls and whistles from his fellow team-mates.


“Congrats baby.” I whispered afterward, as he began to walk over to Madam Pomfrey, with a small grin.


“Oh yeah, one more thing,” he recalled, as he jogged back, “do we have a date after this or what?” he asked, causing me to roll my eyes with a heavy sigh.


“Yes,” I answered, before pushing him away as he once again tried to kiss me, “Now, go get changed, because you can’t be within 4 feet of me without a shower.” I joked.


“Ha ha ha, very funny, especially because you weren’t saying that two seconds ago.” He retorted, finally walking away to fix his shoulder afterward.


As usual, he’s the only one that could not only leave me speechless, but also make me blush almost as bad as the Weasley’s.

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