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Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing that is taken from the book(characters, places etc.) but the story line is my own miraculous invention!!!

Ginny Weasley stumbled over to a partly broken door and grabbed onto it for support. She could feel the tears streaming down her face and didn't even think of wiping them away. The relief flooding through her veins felt like poison. How could she, how could she possibly feel relieved when so many were lying dead.

She could not believe it, in the past hours people had fought, died and lived for one person to have the chances to end it, and end it he did. In one strike he had forced the killing curse to rebound upon its master and had finished the battle. But although it was a heroic, brave deed... Ginny was disgusted. She was surrounded by grief and pain and yet all she felt was relieved that harry potter, the chosen one, the boy who lived was alive.

She could see him even now, standing there as people flocked to see him, thank him, just touch his black torn shirt. But he pay'd no attention to them. It seemed that his only want in the world was to suck the face off of the girl infront of him (she seemed pretty intent on that outcome as well). The girl that harry was trying to eat was none other than Cho Chang.

No not ginny weasley, everyone had seemed a little shocked when just after his defeat the dark haired girl had run to him, but if harry potter decided cho chang was the better girl in some way then of course she must be. Yet despite harry's bettrayal she, ginny weasley stood there totaly and absolutely in love with him.

Fresh tears fell down her face and her throte had started to constricked. She felt useless, selfish. Her own loss was nothing, nothing compared to that of the countless familys sitting in the great hall morning their loved ones, and yet she sat there feeling sorry for herself.

"Ginny, Ginny Weasley? I...oh" A deep calming voice interrupted her thoughts. Ginny could have laughed, yes, something or someone to distract her was exactly what she needed. She turned to face the speaker, taking in dark mess'd up hair, blue eyes
and a swollen cut, set in a face she had grown up knowing and disliking.

Blaise Zabini stood there, tall powerfull, yet looking extreemly odd. The usually hard to read face was now showing a mixture of shyness and embarassment. He had she knew decided against the Voldemort movement and had instead been supporting harry in the battle. But many years of bad feeling could not quite be suppressed in her current state.

"Zabinni," She greeted in him with a attempted smile. "Is there something you want help with?" She question rather loudly trying to draw his attention back from a point just above her left shoulder where, she knew, harry was standing. "I’m sorry," he told her losing all shyness "but how on EARTH can you be in love with that prick!??!?!!" Zabinni asked looking incredulous. Ginny stood there not quite knowing what to do. The bluntness of what he said brought a completely unexpected smile to her face which slowly but surely turned into a laugh at the expression on his face.

She couldn’t stop. Ginny was standing there, in the middle of a battle field laughing her head off as tears were streaming down her face. "W-what did you call him?" she managed to choke out. He looked back at her seeming now a bit worried. "Err," Zabinni started "a, um prick." he told her running a hand nervously through his hair. But this just made her laugh harder. It felt amazing standing there letting out all her pent up emotions.

Ginny had just managed to control her laughter and was contemplating her sore stomach when Hermione Granger one of her best friends and counselor came over to join Zabinni and Ginny's small group. "Ginny," Hermione turned to her friend completely ignoring Blaise "Harry, he's... confused he's been working so hard he's..." She tried consoling "A prick." Ginny informed Hermione then shot blaise a conspiratorial smile. "I, I don't really... um" Zabinni trailed off, quailing under the look Hermione gave him.

“Don’t worry bout it miony,” Ginny told Hermione to which she raised an eyebrow. “No seriously” she laughed. “Anyway , lets go help out…” Ginny trailed off leaving Blaise and Hermione in no doubt that she just wanted a distraction.

* * * * * * * * * *

Luna Lovegood awoke to the smiling face of Molly Weasley. She blinked confusedly as nausea hit her and the world started to spin. “A-a-ah, we can’t have you passing out again now can we.” Mrs. Weasley informed her uncorking a bottle of pink potion as she said it. “Now I want you to drink all of this, it’ll help. Trust me.” She told luna.

Luna could feel her head being tilted and then the cool glass against her lips. She opened her mouth for the liquid and swallowed it as it came. It tasted vaguely of her father ‘famous’ fresh water plimpy soup. The thought made her smile as she remembered how proud her father was when he first made up the horrible tasting soup, and how she had taken second’s to make her dad happy but instead ended up give her stomach aches for a week.

She slowly sat up. But just as Mrs. Weasley had said she no longer felt sick. Luna took in her surrounding for the first time since she had woken up; she was in what appeared to be a makeshift hospital with a mixture of qualified healers, parents and students all helping get the unconscious and injured back on there feat.

There was a muffled screamed a couple of meters away from Luna’s bed but before she had time to even turn her head she was engulfed in a slightly painful three person hug. “LUNA. Oh my GOSH!!!! I had no idea you were here. We just came here to help out and… jeeze are you alright?” Ginny asked worriedly.

Then a harried Mrs. Weasley pulled Luna’s two best friends off her and started to reprimand them. Luna felt a smile creep slowly across her face. She knew thing were going to change. She’d always known that if she thought about it but this, Her, Ginny and Hermione would always be friends, best friend’s infact. They’d get through it together.

Righto so that was the first chap for this story. Sorry it was a bit annoying but this is my first story so i'm just getting the hang of it!!! I promise i wont make the rest of it so sappy though. So id really appreciate feed back. hope it wasnt too rushed. hope you like it. so thanx for reading ill update soon

Huggs from me.

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