The wind stirred as the Golden Trio stood on the rugged hillside of Hogwarts. The battle seemed endless, they might as well surrender.

“What do we do now? It seems gone,” asked a very confused and scared Ginny Weasley. The Golden Trio looked behind them and sighed. Nothing could work.

“Nothing,” Remus Lupin paused. “Our final hope is lost.”

Hermione Granger felt the wind gain speed and blew hair into her face. Ron Weasley took Hermione’s hand into his and felt her squeeze it.

“Hope is not lost.” Ron whispered to Lupin. “Still a battle to be fought and won.” Harry Potter stared at his friends and then at the enemy.

"Yeah, right. We got the entire Dark Side and half of Hogwarts on You-Know-Who's side. We dead in the water. We've got no chance," Ginny scoffed.

"Only a fool's chance," Hermione whispered, glancing at the other fighters.

“Revenge won’t bring your family back Hermione. And its not something I’m tending to die for,” Lupin replied sharply.

Hermione looked into his eyes, was that all she wanted, to bring her family from the dead?

“You’re right.” She waltzed passed him. “Then what shall we die for?” Ron glanced at his girlfriend and watched her walzed passed other fighters.

Hermione leaped on a huge boulder and saw fighters turning to her. She placed the Snorous charm on her voice and began yelling orders.

“You will listen to me. LISTEN!” She met every fighter’s gaze and noticed Ron's face growing pale.

“The wizarding world will still be here looking at us, to this army to lead. What will they see?” Hermione cried.

“Frighten cowards on an empty battle field? No, they see free men and FREEDOM!” She raised her fist in the air.

“And what the enemy will hear is the ring of our wands! And they will see the flash of our spells and they will know what we can do!” Hermione paused and turned to look at Harry.

“By the sweat of our brows and the strength of our backs… and the courage of our hearts!” Hermione saw Harry smile and took his hand inot Ginny's.

Hermione regained her breath and met Ron’s gaze. She held up her arms.

“Gentlemen, hoist the colors,” She finished. Hermione jumped from the boulder and felt Ron kiss her on the forehead.

"We can do this, no one can stop us," Ron whispered to Hermione. She nodded and smiled.

“She’s right Gents! The wind is on our side! That’s all we need!” shouted Fred and George Weasley.

"HOIST THE COLORS!" She screamed across the field. Many fighter's faces were growing with rage and anger.

Hermione saw flags with the Hogwarts seal, rise on the grounds. Harry stood next to his best friends.

“We will fight and they will die,” Hermione whispered, angrily. This was truly it. Many would die of different things but they know something was up...

It was true...

The battle for Hogwarts had begun…

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