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It was two days after Chad’s call and our last night on the ship. The next morning we would be pulling into port in Florida and from there flying back to England for the rest of the summer. I had just finished packing my suitcases, and now I looked around the room to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. The only things I could see that belonged to me were Stella’s cage (she was out for one last hunt), my toiletries and such, and the dress I panned on wearing to dinner that night. Since it would most likely be our last night together until school started again, James and I were going out to dine at one of the ships fancier restaurants. 

With some difficulty, I zipped up the suitcase, and shoved it beneath the bed…or at least I tried to. The suitcase however, had different plans. I pushed harder, and about a fraction of an inch slipped under the bed before stopping once more. Growling at the suitcase, I contemplated whipping out my wand and just shrinking the darn thing, but I decided that that wouldn’t be wise, since I might forget to un-shrink it and scare some poor bellboy out of his wits. Ugh, sometimes living the muggle way is so inconvenient.

I growled at the suitcase once more, then braced myself against the wall behind me and shoved the suitcase with my legs. It slowly began sliding under the bed, until the bloated front pocket made its way past the bed frame, then the rest slid under easily. With a small ‘Oof’ on my part, my butt hit the ground, my legs splayed out in front of me, half under the bed.  Just then, I heard a small pop, and looked up to see James laying nonchalantly on the edge of the bed. He was peering down at me with a broad grin spreading across his face as he took in my very un-ladylike position on the floor. 

“Suitcase was being difficult. “ I grumbled, trying to attest for the awkward position. 

“You know you could have just used magic for that.” he said as I hobbled to my feet. 

“And a hello to you, too.” I said before whacking him on the arm “And you know you really shouldn’t apperate here! I mean, what if somebody saw you?”
He just grinned at me, still laying on the bed. I realized for the first time that he was wearing a button up shirt and slacks. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table.
“Oh, crap! So sorry, I was packing and I lost track of time!”
James chuckled “It’s fine Lils, don’t rush yourself. Do you want me to leave so you can change?”

“No, its fine. I’ll just change in there.” I said as I motioned to the bathroom “Don’t leave.” With that I grabbed the dress off its hanger and dashed into the bathroom.
I tossed on the dress in a rush, but had to slow down a bit for my hair and makeup. I carefully applied mascara and eyeliner, made sure my hair looked alright, and stepped out to meet James. 

When I emerged form the bathroom, James was messing with his hair in the mirror over the dresser in my room. I think he was trying to get that one part that always stands up in the back to lay flat for once, though I don’t know why, I like it much better sticking up. 

“Ready go to?” I said, coming up and gently touching him on the arm.
“Sure.” She said grinning a bit “But, as you pointed out, I never said a proper hello.” He turned to face me and looped his arms around my back. “Hello.” He said as he bent to kiss me.
“Mmmm. Hello.” I said contentedly as we broke apart. “Well, shall we?”
“Why certainly, my lady.” He said, bending to kiss my hand then offering me his arm while I giggled uncontrollably. Then he hooked my arm in his and walked very primly down to dinner, tipping an imaginary top hat at everyone we passed, me laughing wildly and playfully whacking his arm all the way to the restaurant. 

Dinner was a pleasant affair. James and I just talked and laughed and just had a great time. When I inquired as to where Sirius was James simply looked at me and said,
“Charlotte.”  I chuckled, saying “And how long has he know her?”
James checked his watch “Approximately… 4 hours.” We both laughed. 

After dinner, James and I went to the top deck to watch the final rays of the setting sun. Standing at the rail of the ship, staring peacefully out over the water, James gently wrapped his arm around my shoulders and I rested my head against him. We just stood there, long after the sun had set simply savoring the moment, knowing we wouldn’t be together again until September. It was one of those perfect moments you wish could last forever.


*               *            *



I pressed my forehead against the cool glass of the car window; we were on our way back home. The day before, we had finished packing our things and had left the ship. James and I hadn’t been able to sit next to each other on the plane (His family was first class, we weren’t) but we had hung out in the terminal while Sirius sucked the lips off a pretty black haired girl. James and I had found each other in the airport in England just long enough to kiss good bye and promise to write each other often until we were back at school, then we both had to rush off with our families. I wondered how people at school would react to our relationship. No doubt James’s little fan club would throw a hissy fit, but I hoped they would get over it. 

A peculiar sight outside the cars window roused me from my thoughts. A handsome tawny owl was flying at the window, struggling to keep up with the car. Laughing I opened the window and let James’s owl in. the message he was carrying was short, but made me smile all the same.



             I just wanted to remind you that you are MY girlfriend now, so you cant go running off with other guys over the summer. Miss you already.




Of course, he was only joking, he knew I wouldn’t do that, but it was nice to get a message from him all the same. When my parents asked why I was laughing, I simply said “Because, I already know this summer is going to be great.” And turned back to watch the world fly by on our way home.

A/N Well, my dear readers, this is the end. I would like to thank all of you if you are reading this for sticking through the entire story. I would also liek to say a final HUGE thank you to my dearest friend and most adored beta, the ever terrific dramaqueen6, for being fairly patient and kind, even when my spelling and grammar was a total mess. Any ways, im considerign writing a sequel, set back in dear old Hogwarts, but only if i think people would read it, so what do you think, should i write one? leave a review and tell em what you think! and to finish up this extremely oversized authors note, i would just like to say that I hope everyone enjyed the story and thanks again for bearing with me til the end! Farewell!


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