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A/N: Hello again, my lovely readers! 

So, this chapter is a little different - it's from Oliver's POV. I never planned to write as Oliver in this story, but I felt like I needed to after the last chapter. So as of now, this is the only time you'll see what Oliver thinks but I might change that in the future. It was a bit difficult to write, seeing that I am a girl, but I hope you guys like it. I tried a different writing style to try and make it more masculine, so tell me what you think! 

As for the Shameless Plug of the Chapter ... 

If you asked me to read your story, then I did. I did my best to review every chapter as well. However, there was one problem. A lot of stories were only 5 chapters or so and I felt like I couldn't really get truly connected to them when the plot was so young. But don't worry, I will be watching them for new chapters, though. Once the plot unfolds, I have couple that I am definately thinking for a shameless plugs. So that's why I have chosen the two (yes, there was a tie) shameless plugs of the chapter:

Mistakes We've Made by brokentrain.
"She wasn't looking for anything but another ordinary year of her ordinary life, but somewhere between flirting boys, fighting friends, and more trouble than she knows what to do with, she came to realize that no one is pristine, no one is faultless, and we've all made some pretty nasty mistakes."
I loved this Remus/OC story from the beginning. As eluded in the title, everyone makes mistakes. That's why this story is so plausible because no one is perfect. Brokentrain writes so well that I feel like I'm right there with the characters. 

Tongue Tied by queenspuppet
"Calliope DeSole is not your average Remus Lupin fan girl. For one thing, she doesn't giggle or smile at him when he walks by, she ducks around the corner. Actually, it's a difficult task to get her to talk to anyone. What's a voluntary mute to do when repeatedly shoved into situations with her secret crush? And will her silence ever be broken now that those she loves most are being ripped away from her?"
This Remus/OC story caught me because it's totally different then anything else I had read before. Queenspuppet is an excellent writer as well and her use of plot keeps me hooked to this story!  Thank God there is a sequel!

Both stories are on my favorite story list. Check them out!



If you’re not willing to fight for what you want, you’re not who I thought you were.


Those words wouldn’t stop playing over and over in my head. They were driving my poor Quidditch obsessed brain absolutely crazy. I gripped the plush sofa cushion next to me and I felt like throwing it. Throwing things had always helped my mood back at Hogwarts. That or a nice, hot shower to drown myself in. But I wasn’t at Hogwarts or my house, I remembered; I couldn’t afford to break something. Well, I could always blame it on one of the inebriated party guests, but my mother had always taught me to not be that kind of person. I was a Wood. I was a respectable wizard. I sighed and rolled over, looking at the clock as I did. The sun hadn’t risen yet and everyone else was probably sleeping – no doubt from to the alcohol they drank. No, throwing the pillow wouldn’t be the answer, I concluded. That would only temporarily relieve the pain.


But here I was, tossing and turning while everyone else was sleeping. The pillow taunted me (it was green, come on!) and I glared at it. Oh fuck, now I was trying to pick a fight with a pillow. I huffed and turned over onto my other side.


Girls. Merlin knew that every guy hated dealing with them but were completely lost without them to regulate their lives and take them to bed for a good night’s ‘sleep’. 


Don’t do this to me anymore.


The way she said those words – the hurt I could see in her eyes. It was almost like I was driving a stake into her heart.




Truthfully, I was driving a stake into my own heart. I looked down at the sleeping figure next to me and pushed the blonde hair out of her closed eyes. Was this worth it? She’d never thank me for the gesture. She’d passed out ages ago and probably wouldn’t remember anything that had happened the night before.


The night before.


If you’re not willing to fight for what you want, you’re not who I thought you were.


What was I doing? I’m Oliver Wood. I do not go crazy. I have loving parents and a beautiful sister. I grew up on the Scottish countryside in a quaint little house. I went to Hogwarts and was captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditch team. I coached Harry Potter for Merlin’s sake. We won the House Cup together during my 7th year! I’ve smashed in faces of Slytherins and blocked shots people couldn’t even dream of blocking. Scouts came to most of my school matches. I have great friends who support me. I went straight onto the reserve team after school ended. I get free stuff from the Weasley brothers. I am now the strong, Puddlemire United Keeper who doesn’t obsess over a bunch of words that a team mate told him the night before. I have a wonderful girlfriend – who just wretched her insides onto the floor below.


You can’t have the best of both worlds.


“I’m going to be sick all day today, Oliver.”


“I can see that.”


So then take the chance.


“My head is throbbing.”


“I’d imagine it would.”


End things with Katie and I’ll be with you!


“I’m dizzy.”


“Thankfully you’re not standing.”


I can’t stop thinking about you either.


“My throat hurts.”


“You’ll get over it.”


I’ve been trying to get your attention ever since I saw you at the Puddlemire try outs!


“It’s too bright in here.”


“The sun isn’t even up yet, Katie.”


Then let Katie go.


“What is wrong with you?”


“What am I supposed to say? You’re hung-over, that’s your fault, not mine.”


It’s me or Katie. You chose her.


She groaned and closed her eyes again. “You’re fighting with me again, Oliver. You do it when you’re upset - don’t forget that I know you better then anyone else. We’ll talk when you’re not mad and I’m feeling better.”


She was always there to bring me back to normal when I went off the deep end. I owe her a lot, Michelle.


I was surprised to hear my own words in my head this time. As Katie drifted back into the lands of slumber, I took my wand out and preformed a quick cleaning spell on the carpet after I conjured a bucket for Katie if she needed it again. I’d ask Marino to thank me later. The sun began to creep over the horizon as I turned to my other side. I squeezed my eyes tightly and tried to force sleep to come over me. My teeth clenched together as I heard Katie begin to snore. I’d never liked that about her.


In fact, there were a lot of things that I didn’t like about Katie. Her eyebrows weren’t dark and sometimes in certain lightings, they looked as if they didn’t even exist at all. She liked Divination. She had tiny hands and she always bit her nails. Her favorite color was green. She liked poofy cocktails instead of hard liquor or beer. Her ears were small. She didn’t like going to pubs. Her brown eyes were dull. She never left me alone. She always assumed she knew what was best for me.  


I – I just can’t be with you when you’re with her.


I grunted and turned over to my other side. I was going to get sleep. Or else.


“Marino! Marino, wake up!”


My eyebrows scrunched together when I realized that Michelle’s words weren’t in my head this time. I was facing the couch and it would be too obvious if I turned over to look at her. Besides, she wasn’t even addressing me. I could hear her foot come in contact with something; I assumed it was Marino’s rib cage. He grunted and then there was a silence. My heart raced and I desperately wanted to know why she had a proverbial bone to pick with her fellow chaser.


I said no, Marino!




It all came back to me now. I had been watching the boys play the new game that she’d introduced when Marino had pulled her from the kitchen. Well, watching wasn’t the word. My mouth was preoccupied with kissing Katie, but my ears were tuned into the game and Marino’s barking laugh. After 3 and a half years of kissing the same pair of lips (although I hadn’t been doing that lately thanks to a certain bloody American), I got bored. Can you blame me though? I knew all her little ‘sexy’ tricks, like biting my lower lip while she pressed herself against me or moaning softly when my fingers played with the waist band of her jeans. It wasn’t sexy anymore because I knew it was coming. Now maybe if she just grabbed below the belt randomly when I wasn’t expecting it…


Anyways, I was glad to see Michelle’s face but when I saw her backing away from the table, I knew something was wrong. Maybe she wasn’t that good at the game? No, she was a chaser; she had to be good at a game that involved throwing balls. Marino ended up forcing her to play a round and it was like he was auctioning her off to the highest bidder. I was going to protest and stand up for the girl when Katie beat me to it. It was almost too – too – Merlin’s beard, I don’t really know exactly how I felt when the two started playing. It’s like … it’s like if my main course of steak and potatoes competed against my side dish of hearty New England clam chowder. Not that all girls are plates of food, but that’s the only way I can describe it so you might understand.


Now, you see, Katie had already downed a couple drinks. I’m sure Michelle probably did too, but Katie was showing it more then my American was. My hands were sweating as Michelle held that tiny white ball in her hands. She was a professional chaser and Katie had only played at Hogwarts. It was totally unfair. I, however, wasn’t going to say anything. I just stood there and watched the game unfold. I found it sexy when one drop of beer would escape from Michelle’s lips and slowly trickle down her chin. She’d lap it back up with her tongue quickly. But by the beard of Zeus, that made me wish she was holding another kind of ball instead of one used to play beer pong.


Michelle won. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t happy. People cheered and I’ll never forget that smile on her face. Sure, she’d smiled before, like when we won Quidditch matches, but I’d never seen anything of this caliber from her before. She positively glowed. Katie groaned and tugged on my shirt sleeve, asking if I could help her drink the rest of Michelle’s beer. I smirked, telling her that she shouldn’t cheat. I looked at the other end of the table to see Michelle’s reaction, but she wasn’t paying attention to me. Annabell kissed her on the cheek and with a raunchy comment, Marino followed suit.


“Marino, wake the fuck up!”


I balled up my fists. Why did she let him continue? Why was she bothering him now? I could remember her squirming, clearly uncomfortable. She reprimanded him after and then stormed off to one of the bedrooms. I couldn’t exactly catch what she’d said since I was too busy dealing with the extremely drunk Katie. I wrinkled my nose at the memory of her throwing up in the sink moments after she slammed the empty plastic cup on the table. But from what I could see, Michelle wasn’t happy at the stunt that Marino had pulled. Did – did this mean that she was now warming up to him by waking him up in the morning? Kicking someone wasn’t an action of endearment, but hey, she was an American.


If you’re not willing to fight for what you want, you’re not who I thought you were.


But she was my American.


“Michelle, let the poor man sleep. He doesn’t know what he did last night.”


The sound came from the other end of the room and I recognized the high pitched female voice. It was Annabell, our lovely chaser. I yearned to turn over and see both of their faces, but I had to keep up the façade of still being asleep. Katie let out another long snore and I bit my tongue to try and keep still.


“Annabell, how can you take his side? He tried coming into my room twice last night after I told him I wanted to be alone. I couldn’t sleep all night.”


Twice? Oh, that bastard!


“Is that why you look like shite this morning? Marino isn’t worth your tears of frustration dear. He’s just a bloke, you know.”


“I wasn’t crying because of him. I – I just had a bad dream, that’s all. About my parents.”


Liar. We both knew it. She was smart though; Annabell promptly left the room, leaving her alone.


We have to end whatever we have together.


I’d heard her. I had tried to block it from my mind, thinking it was someone else. I’d tried fooling myself the best I could. But I’d heard her sobs after I slammed the door and I knew they were hers. I remembered from that time when I found her in the locker room after our first game. When she cried, her breaths were shallow and it almost sounded like she was gasping for air. Her sadness was not letting her breathe. I hadn’t met anyone who cried like that. I sighed softly. It was the one thing that broke my own heart the most. I never ever wanted to hurt her, but she’d said it herself. We had to end whatever we had together.


As much as I loved having my lips on hers, I knew she was right. As much as I wanted to run my fingers over her soft skin, I knew she was right. As much as I wanted to carry her away from the sorrows she’d experienced, I knew she was right. My eyes fluttered and all I could see was the sofa in front of me. I wanted to run over and wrap her in my arms. I wanted to kiss the top of her head and tell her everything was alright. I wanted to wake up to her face next to me instead of the sofa. But I couldn’t.


To hell what was right. She was someone I wanted. Someone I needed.


If you’re not willing to fight for what you want, you’re not who I thought you were.


She was someone that I was going to fight for.


I lifted myself off the couch with a determined air about me. I turned quickly to face her, but it didn’t matter. I was too late. She had already left. I felt my confidence deflate as I sat back down on the couch. I put my head in my hands and Katie wriggled next to me. I didn’t care anymore. She could have coughed up a lung and I wouldn’t have moved to help her. Her head popped out from beneath the blanket and I turned away as she emptied her stomach into the bucket.


If you’re not willing to fight for what you want, you’re not who I thought you were.


“Katie, we need to talk.”


Please say you’ll stay with me.


“Can’t this wait until I’m better, dear?”


I – I can’t stop thinking about you.


“No. I’m breaking up with you.”


Without you on the pitch, I can’t concentrate.


“You’re still drunk, aren’t you? You said that last time you were drunk after your first game. You don’t mean it, Oliver. Remember, I know you better then anyone else.”


I know that sounds crazy, but you’re like my good luck charm or something.


“No. I’ve actually never been surer in my life.”


A/N: I know, it's short. But yay, he finally did it! Tell me what you think!

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