Elizabeth scowled as Sirius Black walked in and sat next to her. Lily turned a brilliant shade of red as James Potter's leg brushed hers as he walked by. Rylie beamed as Remus Lupin said hello to her and sat down on her right, and Sophie had a look of disgust on her face as Peter Pettigrew accidentally sat on her hand.

 "Go away you useless gits. We didn't say we wanted vermin sitting next to us, did we girls?" asked Sophie, as Peter blew his nose on a tissue, extremely close to her face. Sirius smiled at her discomfort.

 "Oh, I won't stay long...don't fret little Sophia." said James. "And dear old Moony here will have prefect duties to go to. Wormtail tends to follow me around a lot so he won't be here so you'll only have to deal with Padfoot!"

 "What do you mean you won't be here long?" asked Lily. Then without needing an answer, she gasped at the badge on James' chest which had the letters "HB" engraved on it...much like the one she was wearing which had "HG" on it instead.

 "Noticed, have you? Yes...Dumbledore must have gone crazy...he gave me Head Boy, and you Head Girl. What a funny little coincidence isn't it, Evans?" asked James. He smirked when Lily looked appalled at the idea of actually sharing the Heads' common room with James Potter.

 "Oh, Lizzie I feel so sorry for you!" said Rylie. Everyone looked at her and Elizabeth gave her a look saying "Why?". Apparently Rylie understood her look and quickly said "Well, Lily, Potter, and Remus have duties to take care of. I promised to go hang out with Alice Moore, Pettigrew is going with Potter, and Soph is starting her tutoring sessions with Mandy Sarkutchi today...so that kind of leaves Lizzie and Mr. Player over here all alone in the compartment."

 Elizabeth's stomach gave a great clench. "No...Sophie can't you stay with me? I don't mind if you study in here...don't leave me alone with him..." she said. Sirius seemed to have just realized he was going to be in the same compartment with one of the prettiest girls in school, and his heart lept.

 "Oh, I'm really sorry Lizzie...but Mandy says she gets distracted easily when around others. We have our own compartment up front to work in...I promise I'll come by every 50 minutes or so..." said Sophie. Elizabeth could tell by the tone in her voice that she really was sorry about leaving Sirius and Elizabeth alone.

 "It's ok Soph. I'll pretend he isn't here" said Elizabeth. Sirius frowned and turned to look at her.

 "Why can't you pretend I am here?" he asked. When Elizabeth turned to look at him, he noticed she had a look of disgust on her face...

 "Because you're a git that's why! I don't want to spend the whole train ride stuck with you!" said Elizabeth. Sirius shrugged in defeat.

 "Well Potter, Remus...let's go." said Lily. She gave Elizabeth what she hoped to be a comforting smile. Rylie patted Elizabeth's shoulder as she got up towards the door, and Sophie said "Sorry Lizzie..." as she followed everyone else out of the compartment, leaving Elizabeth and Sirius well...alone.

 "So, tell me why do you hate me so much?" asked Sirius when the compartment door slid shut. "Aren't you like all of those other pretty-girls who think I'm stunning and would do anything to be in your place right now?"

 "I don't hate you, I just dislike you very much." said Elizabeth. "And if you're wondering why I dislike you so, it's your own fault. You go around the school teasing little first years just because you can. You play jokes on everyone all the time...even if you do get yourself into trouble. Most of your jokes are mean, and people end up getting hurt! You're a player too, and only date girls so you can have a good snog! You don't care if they're nice, or smart, or even stupid! Everything you do is for personal gain, Sirius Black! And don't you give me that confused look, because it's true! You date girls because your gorgeous and you know they want to snog you, so you can say you went out with them! You play pranks for popularity! If you want to succeed in anything you do after school, well here's a thought: GET A GRIP! You're ignorant, selfish, arrogant, and a complete arse! And what I dislike the most about you is the fact that you laugh at other people's pain!

 Sirius was at a loss for words, because he just realized that everything Elizabeth had said was indeed true. He looked at Elizabeth, and felt a mixture of emotions topple out of him at her sight. Elizabeth White was one of, and possibly the prettiest girl in all of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But, she wasn't like the other pretty girls who all fancied him, and were quite bad at school. She wasn't self centered either, just like the rest of them. Elizabeth simply loathed him by the looks of it, and she was probably top in the 7th year Gryffindor class. (Other then Lily Evans maybe...but still she was really smart.) Sirius looked at Elizabeth once more who had now taken out a book and started to read it, pretending (like she said she would) that Sirius simply wasn't there.
 Sophie, to Elizabeth's great fortune did not come back like she was supposed to. Elizabeth was in a bad mood already, and they had only been on the train for 3 minutes. She was in no right state to talk to anybody after confronting Sirius like that.

 Sirius on the other hand was dying to talk to somebody about what Elizabeth had said. The one thing that had gotten him thinking were six words. "You laugh at other people's pain!". Sirius swore to himself that never would he tease Elizabeth, pull pranks on her, and most certainly ever flirt with her again.


 When the time came for everyone to get off of the Hogwarts Express, Elizabeth wasn't in quite such a bad mood...but still no one would want to get on her bad side. Elizabeth felt a little bit sorry for just blurting out all of the stuff she said to Sirius...she didn't mean it in such a harsh way...but still, he deserved what he heard! Everything she had said was 100 % true, and there was no going back to what she had already said.

 Elizabeth had decided on the fact that she was going to try to get along with the Marauders as much as possible this year. She had no intention of getting on James, Remus, or even Peter's bad side. She wouldn't however, apologize to Sirius. Elizabeth paused and thought "What exactly is there to be sorry for? I only told him the truth...and isn't that what he asked for? The truth? Right well...how about I just don't talk to Sirius until he talks to me? Yeah...that's a good plan..."

 However, Sirius decided not to talk to Elizabeth incase she went on a complete rage about him again. He figured he wouln't talk to her until she talked to him. And boy did he hope she would talk to him...James and Lily will always be around each other this year, Rylie and Remus are getting kind of cozy by the looks of it...and Peter and Sophia are always  doing something else. How could he just sit there all year long staring at Elizabeth White and not saying anything?

 When everyone marched into the Great Hall, on her way to her seat Elizabeth knocked into Sirius purposely. While rubbing his shoulder, he smirked.  Sirius didn't know how, but he just knew that somewhere deep, deep down inside of Elizabeth...she had a soft spot for him.

 But the truth is...Elizabeth did indeed have a soft spot for him, but it wasn't so far down. Actually, it was on the verge of breaking point...Elizabeth just didn't know it. Yet.

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