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Lily, Scor, James, Al, Rose and Hugo were all crammed into a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. 


“I’m looking forward to being home!” Al said from next to the window.


“Me too,” James tore open a chocolate frog, “never thought school would be so stressful.”  They all laughed.  Scor felt sure that he was the only person not really looking forward to going home.  The large, stuffy manor would be even worse this summer because now he knew what he was missing.  Being around the Potters and Weasleys made him wish for siblings of his own. 


“Scor, you should come to visit us this summer,” Al said as though reading his mind.  Lily bounced on her seat.


“Yeah!  We could practice Quidditch in the field near our house.”


“And you could go with us to the game!” Hugo joined in the excitement.  “We always go to see the Tornados play for Lily’s birthday.”  Scor looked over at Lily and saw her blush.


“They’re playing Pride of Portree.  It should be a great game,” James said.


“I don’t know if my Dad will let me go.”  Scor thought of how much fun it would be to go to the game with Lily and her family and wished his own family wasn’t so exclusive.


“Let Al ask,” Rose piped up from behind her book.  “Adults never turn him down.”


“It’s my puppy-dog look.”  Al demonstrated a simpering look which had them all doubled over in laughter.


“If you gave my Dad that look he would probably hex you!” Scor said.


“I could ask.”  Scor looked over to see Lily’s face as red as her hair.


“Your parents may not want to have to get another ticket.”  Scor said knowing his father probably wouldn’t let him go anyway.


“Oh, Dad won’t mind,” Al piped up, “Teddy’s not going this year cause they have to pick out ‘wedding robes’.”  Al grimaced at the last.  “You can stay in my room.”


“Al, you can’t even find your bed!  He can stay in my room,” James said.


“My room’s not that bad!”


“You left a sandwich growing mold on your desk all summer!”


“Well at least my socks don’t smell like troll!”


“No they smell like dragon dung.”


“Aren’t you looking forward to visiting now, Scor?”  Lily said and they all laughed.


They spent the rest of the time playing exploding snap.  Al accused James of cheating when he got his eyebrows singed off.  All too soon the train came to a stop at Platform 9 ¾.  The Potters and Weasleys rushed off the train to their parents’ waiting arms.  As he slowly walked past them to where his father stood waiting he heard Albus and Lily begging their father to let them invite him to visit.


“Hello father.”


“Scorpius.  You have all your things?”


“Yes sir.”


“Well, we’d better get going then.”  A hand on his shoulder stopped Scor from following his father.  He looked up to see Harry Potter standing next to him smiling at his father.


“Draco, how are you?”  His father stared at Harry’s outstretched hand as though he might get leprosy if he touched it, but he finally took it and shook it briefly.


“Fine, Pot…Harry.”  The sound of Harry’s name seemed to make his father sick.  He watched Draco pulled at his collar.


“My wife and I were wondering if you would let us take Scorpius to the Tornado’s game this summer to show our appreciation.


“Appreciation?”  A tinge welled up in Scor. 


“For his saving our daughter’s life.” Now his father looked at him as though seeing him for the first time.  Scor berated himself for not telling his father.


“We’d love to have him come for the week before the game as well.”  Scor silently prayed that his father wouldn’t refuse.  If only he could get Draco to think about it, he might be able to convince him it was a good idea.


“When is the game?”  Scor looked at his father in amazement.  Was he actually considering letting him go?


“The first week of July.”  Harry squeezed his shoulder gently.  Draco looked at him, and Scor silently begged him to let him go.


“I’ll send him the week before then.”  Scor wasn’t sure he heard properly.  He wasn’t sure his heart would continue to beat after the shock.


“Great!”  Harry turned to Scor, “Well, see you then.”  Harry smiled and walked back to where Al and Lily stood bouncing on their heels anxiously.  He watched the Potters listen to their father closely.  Then all loud chorus of “Whoopie!” echoed through the station.  Lily ran over to him and threw herself into his arms.  He wasn’t sure he could take much more emotion.  She finally pulled away leaving him a bit breathless and turned to his father. 


“Thank you so much, Mr. Malfoy.”  Draco looked as though he might choke.


“Your welcome.”


“See you in July, Scor,” and she walked back to her smiling family.


“Scor?”  Draco raised his eyebrow.  Scorpius just smiled.  Perhaps his summer wouldn’t be quite so lonely after all.





A/N:  I want to thank all of you who reviewed for all your encouragement.  I have the first part of a sequel ready.  The title will be Quid Pro Quo.  Sorry it took so long for the update.  My life has been hectic to say the least.  Thanks for your patience.

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