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Lily smiled as she watched Ivy inspect herself in front of the mirror, she looked beautiful, she was wearing a black and white polka dot dress which had a red sash just beneath the bust, it was full length and strapless.

“You do realise that Sirius is going to die at the sight of you.” Lily said to her Twin.

“Poor Sirius.” Said sarcastically. “Anyway, I'm not going to impress Sirius, or anyone for that matter.”

Lily smiled at her twin knowingly before getting into her own dress, it was a black halter neck dress, but it was backless, the neckline was lined with rhinestones, and the only thing covering the back at all was a string of rhinestones that fell from the back of the neck.

“Robyn are you done yet?” Ivy called to Robyn who was still tucked away in the bathroom, seconds later the door opened and looked at Lily desperately.

“I look stupid.” Robyn said as she pulled slightly at her dress, she'd always ensured she looked good, but she felt slightly odd dressed up like this. She was wearing a pale blue dress, two thick straps held it up and there was a white sash just beneath the bust which was tied together with a bow at the back.

“You look amazing.” Ivy said. Lily nodded in agreement.

“You are going to floor almost every guys there, James won't even be able to look at me!” Lily exclaimed with a laugh, though it was true, every male in the room would be staring at Robyn.

“Right, it's time my girlies, lets get going.”

James ran his hand through his hair once more, he was nervous as he stood there wearing his tuxedo, standing beside him was Remus, Sirius and Peter, he was surprised at Peter being there as he wasn't around much anymore.

Seconds after that thought people started coming down the girls staircase, and soon standing in front of him were the three most beautiful girls he'd ever laid eyes on.

“Oh God!” Sirius Muttered. He looked uncomfortable. James followed his eye line and realised he was staring at Ivy's bust, which seemed magnified in the dress she was wearing.

James looked to Lily and was nearly floored, she looked more beautiful then he had ever seen her before. She grinned at him and turned around, and his jaw dropped to the floor, the dressed only just covered her bum.

“Wow, this will be a night to remember.” James muttered as he lead his girl friend down the stairs.

They all had a good night, laughing and joking, the girls all looked beautiful, and the guys handsome. It was a magical night, one that no one would forget.

“James Potter! Stay the hell out of the freaking kitchen!” Lily screamed, waving the serving spoon around threateningly as she stalked towards James who was rapidly retreating out of the kitchen. James squeaked as Lily thrust the spoon at him once more and ran for his life. “While I am cooking, and have to feed you lot as well as the rest of The Order you will stay away from the kitchen! Do you understand?!”

“I understand! I understand! Never again in the kitchen while you cook!” James squeaked as he landed on his but outside the kitchen,, and the door slammed shut, and he stared gob smacked at the door, only to be ripped out of his state of shock when he heard laughing, and turned to see Sirius, Remus, Ivy and Marlene McKinnon who was also staying there until she got her own place as well.

“Damn.” James muttered as he picked himself up off the floor. He looked at Sirius who was still laughing at him. “Thanks for the support.” He muttered.

Later that night there was about twenty people sitting around the table in the dining room when Lily walked into the room, hovering a large stew pan in front of her, and lowered it onto the table.

“Oh we have beef stew and...” She paused and waved her wand and a number of serving bowls appeared. “Roast potatoes, there's veg in the stew, I've got some home made bread rolls, pumpkin juice and butterbeer. And if you're up for it I have a range of desserts ready for afterwards.” Lily told the group before her.

“Oh this is fantastic Lily!” Sirius exclaimed through a mouthful of bread. And it was true, ever since she was fifteen Lily and her family found out that she had a surprising talent in the kitchen.

“Thanks.” Lily replied with a bright smile.

“It's great to live with someone who actually knows how to cook.” Marlene said to Alastor Moody who was sitting beside her.

“Bet it is.” Moody growled. “With these boys... They'd eat the bloody house if they could.”

“Hey no fair!” James exclaimed. “We're growing boys.”

“Sweetheart, I don't honestly think you're going to get much taller.” Lily said as she passed a bowl of veg to Remus beside her.

“If I were sleeping with him I wouldn't want him to get any taller.” Ivy muttered to Marlene who burst out laughing. Lily blushed the colour of beetroot while James sat there spluttering.

“Ah, a normal meal at the Order.” Sirius sighed leaning back in his chair and shovelling food into his mouth.


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