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"Harry." A whisper came through the darkness of the bedroom, almost overpowered my the rowdy snoring of Ron.

He bolted upright and hastily placed his black rimmed glasses on his nose. "What is it?"

"I need you to take me home."


"There's something wrong. I can feel it." Emma clutched his sheets as she knelled on the ground beside him.

"I-I can't. Dumbledore said- "

"Harry, I can't just let them die." Emma felt her time slipping from her fingers. "Please."

"You'll get killed." Harry shook his head. "I can't help you. I'm sorry."

"But, Harry." Tears welled up in her green eyes. "I have to do something." She said, taking his hand in hers.

"Promise me you'll stay with me."

A light smile graced her lips for a moment and she nodded. "I promise."

She felt the earth beneath her feet and she opened her eyes. The windows were dark beside a small glow in one. The trees cast an eerie shadow over the pathway they took to the front door. Emma held her breath and averted her gaze to Harry. His jaw was clenched and his fingers made their way to hers. He glanced at her and said in a low voice, "I'll go in first. Don't call for them or anything."

As they entered her beloved home, they looked in every direction with suspicion. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but there was a strange feeling that overcame both of them. Emma clutched the boy's hand tighter and nodded in the direction of the study. It was just like her dream. Her feet carried her closer to the door that was half opened, the same one in which seemed to hold the light glow seen in the window.

Harry forced himself in front of her, making sure that was ever in the room would be seen first by himself. He let go of her hand with regret and took hold of the doorknob. He pushed it open and his eyes widened in horror. Stopping in his tracks, he felt Emma push from behind him. "What is it?" She whispered, unable to see over his shoulder.

Emma sensed something was very wrong and her heart dropped below her feet. "Harry. Let me through."

He tried to speak but found no words. Not wanting her to see, Harry turned around and tried to close the door. "I-You shouldn't -"

"Harry." Her face paled. "Let me through." She pushed the door opened and squeezed past him only to see her parents. "No." Emma whimpered as her feet carried her to them. "Dad." She shook his arm like a child waking her parent. "Dad." She lifted her hands from her fathers cold body and she stared at them. Blood that matched the liquid on the floor, lined the creases in her hand.

Harry stepped to her, his heart dropped to the floor underneath his feet. He breathed in the cool air of the room and fell to his knees beside her. His hand slowly creped to her shoulder and then took her hands in his.

Emma's eyes followed his arms and to his face, where she found his thin lips trembling and his green eyes glassy underneath his black rimmed glasses. "We were too late." She whispered and grasped his shoulders as he pulled her up. Suddenly she fell weak and she leaned into him. "I- I"

Harry furrowed his brows and held her in his arms tightly. He moved to see her face pale and her tear-stricken eyes slowly closing.

"Harry." She said weakly as she slid slightly from his arms.

"Emma." He pulled her up and shook her lightly. "Emma. Come on."


"I've got you. Don't worry. I've got you."

"Harry? Emma? That better be you two…" Molly yelled from the kitchen where she had been waiting for quite some time. Harry saw her hair was messed from sleep and her face was etched with worry. "What in Merlin's name happened?" The mother's voice rang and she rushed to them.

"Her parents - She just fell weak." Harry stuttered, his thoughts going a mile a minute, but finding it hard to express them.

"Bring her upstairs." Molly demanded, her voice full of concern, but at the same time unfaltering. Her steps were oddly quick as she followed him up the stairs and into the dark bedroom with only a candle to lighten it.
Mrs.Weasly then went to her daughters bed and woke her. "Ginny, go to your brothers room."

Ginny, with sleep in her eyes, stood slowly, confusion clouding her blue eyes.

"Take Hermione with you."

"Mum. What's going on?" Her eyes followed her mothers silhouette and then averted to Harry, who placed Emma on her rightful bed. "What's wrong with Emma?" She made a movement towards them, but was held back by a steady embrace.

"She'll be fine, Gin. Do as your told."

Hesitantly, she woke her friend. "Hermione, we have to go."

Hermione groaned sleepily, but was quicker than the fifth year. She shot up with a gasp, but with a strong look from Harry, she left the room with little explanation from Ginny.

Harry's attention averted to Emma once again and he felt a pang in his heart. Her eyes were shut. In desperate action to have them open, Harry shook her. "Emma." Harry sucked in his breath and turned to a bustling Molly. "There's something wrong." He took his hands in hers and had hope in the warmth of them.

The redhead quickly made her way to the two and Harry got out of the way. He watched her intently as she raised a hand to Emma's forehead and shook her head. "No fever."

Just then, heavy footsteps made their way to the room. "What happened?"

"Oh, Arthur."

Harry looked to Mr.Weasley and clenched his fists. "It's Emma."

After a short nod from Molly, her husband took Harry by the arm and said, "Come on, Potter."

"But -" Harry protested his gaze flashing to Emma.

"Let Molly take care of her - she'll be fine. You have some explaining to do."

"Harry." Hermione sat next to him, in the morning light. "Maybe you should go up there. Talk to her." It was in fact a few short hours ago that Emma woke with nothing more than a headache. "I'm worried about her. We all are."

Harry wore a slight panicked expression and shook his head. " I don't think that would be the smartest idea." The sun began to blare in his eyes and he held a hand to give himself shadow. "You should."

Hermione rose her eyebrows. "But you know how she feels."

The bright sun glared through the widows of the bedroom and landed on a sleepy Emma. She sighed heavily and blinked, stretching her arms. Thoughts of the night before flooded into her mind and streamed down her face. She closed her eyelids and clutched her pillow tightly.

A knock at the door drag through the silence.

She hastily wiped her eyes and stayed silent, hoping that whoever it was, would go away and leave her to her misery. She wasn't so lucky. The door creaked open and shut again after footsteps drew nearer. When she lifted her gaze, she saw that it was Harry.

He smiled weakly. "Hi."

She sat up slightly and wiped her cheeks self-consciously. "Hi."

"Are you alright?" He asked, his voice low and quiet as he took a seat on the side of her bed.

She shook your head. "I don't know."

He nodded understandingly let his gaze fall to the floor. "Do you want to talk?"

Emma ignored his question and looked out the window, her hands going madly at work on the hem. "Harry, what's going to happen."

The corners of his mouth curled and he rested his hand on hers.

Emma's hand froze and after she shot her head in his direction, she quickly averted it to the window.

He sighed and gently took his hand off hers. "I don't know. But - what ever happens, know that I am here for you."

She suddenly got a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach - every thing would be alright. It was silly to have a hope so large, but in his eyes she knew it just might be okay.
There was something different about him.

Her eyes watered at the thought and she took in a ragged breath. "Thank you Harry, for everything."

Harry nodded and took her hand one more time. "I'm sorry this happened to you."

Full of emotion, her arms flung around his body, catching him slightly off guard. He held her tightly and took in her sent.

No matter what would happen, he would always be there for him. "Shh." He hushed her, as his hands formed a pattern on her back.

She clutched his shoulders and he felt her wet tears on his neck. "I miss them so much."

"I know." He whispered gently.

After she pulled away, crazily embarrassed of her actions, she wiped her eyes. "I'm making such a fool of myself."

"No you're not." He shook his head. For a moment he caught her gaze. In those jade eyes he saw loneliness, sadness, regret, but most importantly hope. Harry saw hope for a better world, a better future. He saw that in her eyes, when he himself could only see darkness at points.

She would bring something new.

Sometime later, when the sun set and the birds returned to their nests, Hermione asked in fire lit family room, "She'll be alright, won't she?"

Ron looked to Hermione. "I hope so."

Harry cleared his throat and leaned into the back of his chair. "I think so."

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