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Okay, this is a very important note. This is the final chapter, and its different from my past series, in style. In this chapter I skip all over the remainder of the Woods' lives, but not in chronological order. I wrote it to seem like it was someone remember the Woods'  lives. This chapter has gotten good reviews from my other site, but it is different. If your sensitive to this, you may want to not read this chapter/epilogue. The end is very touching, but once again, if you are sensitive to style changes...your warned. I can't believe this is the end. Thanks to everyone who reviewed! (even the negative ones! Thanks for being constructive)

Age 35 part A

"Again! Are you serious Woods? If you two weren't so bloody good I wouldn't keep you on this team! Are you playing to eight months again? Good," Coach Rudluck yelled.

"Five galleons for twins again," Roland Fetch said to his teammate, seeker Harry Potter.

"I mean seriously you two! You must not be able to keep off each other. This makes the seventh pregnancy! Other coaches think I'm crazy to keep you playing as long as you like to play Fallon!" Coach Rudluck laughed.

"Sorry coach," I grinned, "Oliver always wanted a large family. Eight wasn't it you said you wanted?" I looked at Oliver.

"That's right," Oliver grinned as he held me around the waist.

"Are you trying to kill her man?" Coach Rudluck asked.

"Nope, I just wanted as many as she'd let me have," Oliver replied.

Author Note: At this point I am switching to third person so I can best explain Fallon's Life.

Fallon and Oliver played for Puddlemere for a mere two years before the Scottish National team picked the up. Every year these two Woods were on the team Scotland took the World cup. They were on the team for fourteen years, but the World Cup was only held every two years. Meaning this pair helped Scotland win the cup seven consecutive times. 

They retired when Oliver gained a shoulder injury that wouldn't heal. He couldn't keep the same again. Fallon knew she wouldn't be able to continue playing while Oliver had to sit on the sidelines, so she too stopped. These two ended their careers the year they won the cup the 7th time. They were only 35, but they'd earned so much, that if they desired they would never have to work again. These two were restless, so instead they began coaching, only minor teams. They could have coached higher, but these two had something in the works.

Tara goes by her first name. At first balancing quidditch and Tara was hard, but it worked out. Fallon was correct in her theory. Tara loves quidditch, like her parents. She took a leaf out of her uncle's book though, and has been the best beater seen at Hogwarts since the departure of the Weasley twins. She made the team as a seeker her first year, but switched to beater when the position was available. Her seventh year there were four Woods on the team and two Griers (more about the Griers later). She went on to play professionally for Wales, taking them to one of the most heated matches the British Isles had seen in years. 

After she had Tara, Fallon and Oliver waited three years before having their next child, Daire Crevan Wood, named after both Fallon and Oliver's fathers. He goes by Daire. Daire became a keeper, like his father. He played with his sister, though they were not like past Woods and future ones, as they did not play together on the pitch because of their positions. Daire led the Cannons out of their fifty-year losing streak into one where they challenged the Bulgarian forces that contained Victor Krumand won.
Next came Maura Guinevere Wood. She mostly goes by Guin (gwin) She and Daire were Irish Twins, like Fallon and Braeden. Basically, they were nine-months apart in age. She and Daire played together in a way that was similar to their parents, as Guin was a chaser. People were beginning to think Fallon would never have a chaser. Guin and Daire were so good together that within the league no coach would break them up, even if it meant letting another coach have them. 

So many kids at once made Fallon crave a break, so she took one for four years. Then came Shawn Trevet Wood. Shawn was also a keeper, much like his father. Their quidditch styles were so similar that if a game was shown of both, it was difficult to tell them apart, if you weren't looking at appearance. What was very different though was his interaction with his beaters. He was able to create plays for the beaters and for himself using each other. This probably had to do with his closest siblings though.
His closest siblings were twins, real ones, not Irish. However, they were like Irish twins, by age, to Shawn. This made them something like Irish triplets. The fact that they all looked extraordinarily alike caused some major headaches. Anyway, at age twenty-six Fallon gave birth to Tristan Willem Wood and Trista Shea Wood. Yes, these two did in fact go by Tristan and Trista. They were beaters, much like the Weasley twins. 

Fallon craved another break, and took another four-year break before having Glynis Flannery Wood. Flannery, as she was called, had a calling for a position new to the family. She was a seeker. Flannery was a bit of a rebel at times. She was a rival to Harry Potter as far as the records went, matching many of his records. 

Fallon took another four years before getting pregnant. Something you have to know is that all of her pregnancies were unplanned. Fallon and Oliver had eventually decided that they wouldnt use protection, but they wouldn't try for kids necessarily, that if they happened, they'd be happy, and these breaks were the only thing she controlled. During them she used protective spells. 

Her next children, and final, because she'd decided to use the spells permanently after these two, were twins. Originally, she'd wanted to give Oliver eight, but identical twins Alistair Cavan Wood and Cairbre Calder Wood had surprised everyone by being two. They went by Cavan and Calder, and were, much to Fallon's elation, amazing chasers. 

To sum it up, here it is in simpler terms, with the name of the child first, their position and the age Fallon had them at:

Children of Oliver and Fallon Wood-
Tara Ryann Wood (Beater) 17
Daire Crevan Wood (Keeper) 20
Maura Guinevere Wood (Chaser) 21
Shawn Trevet Wood (Keeper) 25
Tristan Willem Wood (Beater) no difference Trista Shea Wood (beater) (twins) 26
Glynis Flannery Wood (seeker) 31
Alistair Cavan Wood (chaser) and Cairbre Calder Wood (chaser)35

Now what were Fallon and Oliver been thinking of so long ago? They had to wait until their last children had left Hogwarts, but they created a new team. The Wood Lions. And, this team was the Scottish World Cup team, coached by none other than Fallon and Oliver Wood. This team won the World Cup until they're coaches passed, after which the wins continued, but not quite as consistently. 

As for the others, Braeden married Katie. Braeden and Katie had two children, Bruis Darin Grier and Egan Faolin Grier. They went by Darin and Egan. They were also Irish twins, but Katie didn't want many children, so they stopped having them after Egan. Darin was a Keeper and Egan a beater.

These two played quidditch at Hogwarts, but only Egan played professionally, before finding himself more suited for work as a Transfiguration professor. To simplify:

Children of Braeden and Katie Grier
Bruis Darin Grier (keeper) and
Egan Faolin Grier (beater) Ravenclaw

Alicia wed George and Fred wed Angelina. Between these two, The Potters (yes, of course Harry went and married Ginny), and the other Weasley sons the new generations had a countless amount of Weasleys. So many in fact, it would be ridiculous for me to even attempt to explain that family tree. Just know we said close to that family. 

Back to Fallon age 35, before part A

"What are you talking about? I thought you say it was just one!" Fallon yelled at the poor healer.
"M'am, you were warned that your chances of having twins after your first set was higher than that of most women," The healer sighed, "I'll be back, I've got to go and gather more test results for you Mrs. Wood."
I turned to look at Oliver, irritation in my eyes, "You just had to have eight didn't you?"
"Hey, who said I wanted eight?" Oliver chuckled.
"You in seventh year. That's not the point though. This is going to make nine. And, much as I love you, I'm not getting pregnant again for ten," I warned, the warm look in his eyes quickly melting the anger.
"Of course not," He replied as if he didn't believe me.
"You know, with this many kids we'll never be able to retire," I laughed at Oliver.
"You don't think that's a bad thing," Oliver pointed out.
"You're right," I laughed. 

Back to 3rd Person

I know you may not want to think about it, but Fallon and Oliver were not gods, so they would die eventually. As you may have noticed I'm skipping around a lot in this chapter, and there's a reason for that. However if you do not wish to read about their deaths, please skip ahead, for your sake.

Fallon and Oliver died exactly as they would've wanted to, in a quidditch accident. At age 102 these two still played in games involving real bludgers and equipment, and were in top physical form. Simply put, Fallon tried a difficult maneuver, a new one she had come up with, but it did work. She accidentally broke her neck in attempt. No one knew that though, including Oliver, who dove to catch her, straight into the ground.
No one had the heart to separate them, so they didn't. They even shared a gravestone that read:

Fallon and Oliver Wood
They spent most of their lives in the air, so it's fitting that is how they died. Quidditch has never seen finer players, nor will they ever see them again. They were loved, and will be missed. 

Back to Fallon and Oliver 1st person. Age 31

"And in honor of their vast accomplishments we are awarding Oliver and Fallon Wood the Award for the Most Distinguished Members of a British Isles World Cup Quidditch Team to the Quidditch Hall of Fame," The now aging Ludo Bagman awarded.

The crowd clapped, and Oliver and I, only thirty-seven at the time, rose to accept the award.

"Thank you everyone," I began

"We really appreciate it," Oliver followed.

"But we couldn't be here without our amazing team," I added.

"And our coach, Coach Rudluck," Oliver added.

"And sorry we're talking like this," I continued.

"It's a bit habit forming," Oliver explained.

"But, thanks again," I ended. Our friends laughed at us.

Later, at Fallon and Oliver at Age 52

"Ladies and Gentlemen," The now ancient Ludo Bagman wheezed, "I'm am beyond honored to be presenting this award to the two people I know who may love quidditch more than anyone else. This two are being award the highest award we can bestow, The Merlin Class Honors Quidditch Plaque. Fallon and Oliver Wood."

We rose again, to accept this new award, all smiles.

"Thank you everyone," Oliver started. 

"We could not be more appreciative," I added.

"We could not be accepting this without our amazing team," Oliver put in.

"Who just happened to be all of our children," I smiled at them.

"We hope that each of you will be here one day yourselves," Oliver finished.

We were at a huge ball in celebration. I still had the same figure I did at a younger age, as did Oliver. Coaching had done no damage to us. Besides, we still played when we could; Oliver just couldn't professionally. It broke my heart when Oliver couldn't play anymore, but I knew it would be worse if I continued to play, so I made a hard choice, but the right one. Besides, it was fun when we beat the hell out of some idiots who didn't know who we were, not that there were many of them. Oliver now only played seeker, as he couldn't play keeper, chasing was still dangerous on the shoulder, and anytime we used beaters we used the Weasley twins, or our children; At three we did produce enough world class beaters.

Anyway, all of our friends were at this ball. I mean all of them. In fact, every member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team my 7th year. And once the story had gotten out (my being pregnant that year, what happened between Oliver and myself, Flint, and winning the cup), which it did, people loved signed pictures of us all. So of course with us all there

"Group picture!" The events photographer, Colin Creevy, asked.

"Fine," I laughed.

We all gathered around in a picture, and I looked at all of my old friends. We had remained friends after Hogwarts; we just couldn't see them often, other than Braeden and Katie, who we saw often. 

After the picture I went to get a drink with Angelina, and when I came back I saw the most beautiful sight. Tara and her father were sharing a dance. We loved all of our children equally but Tara was special. He finished and came back to me, and pulled me into a dance.

"You know, Tara isn't always going to be one of Oliver's Girls," I whispered in a joke in his ear. All of Oliver's daughters ended up being called that. Tara was getting plenty of appreciative looks.

"I know, but you always will be," He laughed.

"Yeah, I will," I replied, but he wanted to spell it out.

"You will be what?" He asked. I snuggled my head into his shoulder and answered:

"Oliver's Girl."

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