Chapter 1: 
The Sanguine and The Hubris

First thing’s first. Want to know the mystery behind the name? I mean in “KilledByDrapery” you might as well think someone’s going to attack you in your sleep with a piece of cloth. But no, it came from a quote I found about my FAVORITEST HP character of all. Sirius Black.
“Sirius Black.
Escaped Azkaban...
Evaded Dementors...
Outwitted Ministry...
Killed By Drapery.”

Ahh... gotta love it :)

And... to the story!

Disclaimer: HP is JK Rowling’s Please be kind to her since she has given this website and all of our obsessions life. Amen.


Serena Colton. That was me. Well, Serena Lala Colton if you want to think all technical. Yes, my middle name’s Lala. And yes, I wish every day that my parents would have had enough sense to give me a normal middle name. Or heck, I would be okay with no middle name! It was, of course, the center topic for many times I got picked on during school or even before school. To myself I had always thought it was just that my parents were too lazy to pick a normal name for me. But apparently, as I was reminded many time over again, it was a beautiful middle name and I should be proud to have it since it meant ‘Tulip’ and apparently that’s a lovely flower.

Well you know how much good that did me? Not very much. When I pointed that out to one of the girls at school, she just laughed and replied, “Yes, it’s a much too lovely flower for you so you should be honored that we purebloods would even share such a name with you.” But of course, this had been one of the girls that had just minutes before said it was an ugly name and purebloods such as herself wouldn’t have anything to do with it. They said anything to make me look bad in front of the public eye, and make themselves feel powerful. But truly, name one person that could admit they got pleasure from other peoples pain. I had heard of a couple as a child, but I always thought they were just those horrible stories parents told their kids to keep them from doing bad things. Stuff like a vampire coming to get you if you didn’t clean your room, or the boogieman if you didn’t use manners.

The world surprised me, and as such, it continued to. Day after day.

“Serena, hurry or you will be late to the train!” my mother called from the other room.

“Yes mum!” I called back sounding eager, though I felt no such emotion. As I packed my trunk a bit more hastily than before, I recalled the past years events.

Not many people talked to me, I’ll admit that. And sometimes I couldn’t figure out why, I wasn’t that bad looking... was I? Looking at myself in the mirror, I put a stray piece of my medium length brunette hair behind my pierced ears. Really I had never thought of myself as ugly, but I guess I didn’t necessarily think I was beautiful beauty pageant material either. I was just... normal. Which I guess could be a reason people didn’t give me the time of day. But then again, there were people less normal than me and they all had friends. So why not me? But to tell the truth, maybe it was because I didn’t try hard enough. People didn’t give me the time of day because I didn’t let them. Well that’s all going to change this year! I’m going to get friends up to wahzoo and I’m going to like it!

Too bad other people didn’t feel the same... here I am again, all alone sitting in an empty compartment on the famous Hogwarts Express. Being as it’s in my 6th year currently, this empty compartment was very familiar to me, being a... friend if you will. It was the same one I picked every year, a few seats back from the Prefects compartment and the front cabin for all the teachers that came late (which wasn’t very many to tell the truth.) The seats were comfortable (relatively), and I always got the time alone so I could finish whatever book I happened to be reading at the time.

The book I’m currently reading is called “The forever of tomorrow” by the infamous witch Margaret Tinsnips. It was a romantic love story about a beautiful girl and her love that lived next door, but happened to be a werewolf. Maybe that was why I felt such a strong connection to it, since I was one too.

Yes, so I guess this would probably be a good time to mention that I’m a werewolf. That included turning at a full moon and the works. Can’t say I’m exactly proud of it, seeing as it takes about a week out of my schedule every month. But I can’t say I’m just dying to be normal like everyone else. It set me apart and somewhat made me feel more confident. Being a werewolf gave me a sense of being unique.

It happened around the time my brother died, actually. Tyler Patrick Colton was a 7th year in Ravenclaw and was unbelievably smart. But like me, he was a loner and not many people knew he existed. Well, except for his girlfriend Charlotte Godden. Charlotte was also a 7th year in the same house, and was quite loved by her fellow Ravenclaws. Bright blue eyes and shiny blonde hair, she had it all. The looks, the friends, the grades, and the boyfriend. My brother, her boyfriend, was killed in a broomstick accident one night when flying in a perfectly legal city. Tragic as it was, not many people outside our family knew about it or even cared (except for Charlotte who bawled her eyes out along with our family, poor thing...) Dumbledore housed a service for us, and kept the school banners black for a while to show respect, but it was true that very few people knew why.

That had been 5 years ago, while I was in my first year. It had also been the reason I opted out of Madam Hooch’s flying lessons. I never did learn how to fly after that, and some days I regret it. Remembering how my brother always used to say that the world looked so much different from up there in the sky. Peaceful, calm, and without worries. But of course, he was a star Quidditch player and most of them said that.

Sometime before his death, I got bit by a “stray” werewolf. He was tall, and gray. That’s pretty much all I remember from before I passed out in the middle of the street. I had been walking to the store about a block away from my house to get some flour, and then I was attacked. End of story.

I turned a page in my book and read on... 

The little hair on his chest and back grew wildly, sprouting this way and that in an untamed way. His haunches grew taller, curved, and dog-like. And as he transformed, Alvin threw his furry hands over his face calling out, “leave now my love, let me be and save yourself from my horrors!”

“I’ll never leave you, Alvin.” Katrina called back, equally as seriously. “Why can’t you believe me when I say that you are not in this alone? Please, stop my suffering in this body. Bite my neck, claw and infect me with your tainted blood! I will no longer run by myself while you suffer alone. Make me one of your own!” Katrina threw her arms up in distress and at once Alvin knew she wasn’t kidding. Maybe that was part of the reason he loved her so much. She was always so serious and often very out spoken. “Now, Alvin!”

Though Alvin’s brain thought one thing, begging himself to turn and run away, his wolf-like instincts began to kick in. Lunging forward, he bit her arm viciously, clawing and ripping at the soft warm flesh. How warm it was and how full of fire his eyes were barely did justice for his heart.

Inside it was killing him what he was doing, but on the outside he showed no mercy.

I jumped slightly as the compartment doors clambered open, my eyes darting upward to see who dared to enter my lair. “Oh come on Evans! You know you want me, so stop ignoring your feelings!” whoa, never would have seen that one coming.

Standing in the doorway making a complete and utter fool of himself yet again, was James Potter. His messy dark hair was an emblem, and stuck up in many places awkwardly. But hair set aside, he was still the second hottest and most liked boy in school. Right next to... oh goody, just my luck. Speak of the devil, Sirius Black. “Move it or lose it Prongs,” Sirius joked in a husky voice, pushing past his long-time friend to get into the compartment.

Flinging himself into the bench across from me, he looked up. His eyes showed surprise, but his hubris personality quickly kicked in. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there miss.” At this James looked into the compartment and his eyes showed similar confusion. But by now, Sirius’s eyes were elated by his new discovery. Yet another girl he hadn’t dated yet. Oh how he loved the start of the New Year.

James turned and bid good day to Lily, before walking into the compartment and taking a seat next to his buddy Sirius. Following behind him, Remus and Peter shuffled into the compartment. Remus was a charming gentleman, smart and kind (quite unlike his friends.) He had perfect manners and didn’t care about making out with every girl at school unlike James and Sirius. And then there was Peter. Totally different than the other two marauders, and didn’t quite seem to fit in at times. Peter was shorter, and had matted blonde hair on his relatively pudgy figure. He wasn’t all that good looking, but I guess he wasn’t all that hopeless looking either. He was quiet and rarely spoke, but when he did, it came out in a small squeaky voice. He wasn’t as popular as the other three also, but he was set apart from the crowd since the Marauders accepted him as one of their own. Letting him help the prankers two, pull harmless pranks on the “young and the hopeless.”

“Why hello there Serena,” Remus greeted me with a smile. He sat down next to me, leaving Peter to sit on the other side next to Sirius and James.

“Good day,” I muttered blushing slightly and looking back down at my book. I slowly took a piece of cloth from my bag sitting on the floor next to me, sliding it in between the pages of the book to hold my place. As I placed my book safely on my lap, resting my hands upon it, James spoke up.

“You two know each other?” he asked sounding actually quite confused and shocked at the matter.

“Yeah, well she is in our house and year.” Remus replied chuckling at how naïve his friends could act sometimes. “That and I’ve talked to her at the library before. We used to study together sometimes.”

“Oh...” Sirius muttered leaning back and looking around the compartment looking bored. After a moment, his eyes glazed over, as he stared at a particularly interesting spot on the ceiling. Wonder what he was thinking about...

The boys (except for the preoccupied Sirius Black,) struck up a conversation amongst themselves, about nothing in particular. I listened for a moment before figuring out that like usual, it wouldn’t have anything to do with me and I lost interest. Opening my book again, I continued to read it strangely awestruck by the author’s style of writing about werewolves. I wondered to myself if maybe Margaret had had some sort of a connection to a werewolf in anytime during her life. Maybe she herself was in love with a werewolf and dreamily thought of this story as the story of her and her love. How romantic...

Being a hopeless romantic myself, I wondered if anyone would ever like me in the end. Probably not, considering everything I’ve been through. Especially because nobody ever loved werewolves except for in the novels I had read. Often during the school year I would immerse myself with a stack of books on a similar subject in the Hogwarts library. Each year I wondered if there were possibly any books I hadn’t read yet. And each year I’m surprised at the new content of books on the shelves. I swear, that library grows each year by at least a factor of 3.

But here I am drawling on and on again, so what’s this. I feel eyes on me...

I looked up to see everyone in the compartment looking at me. Well, except for Sirius who was still looking off into the distance. Actually, he looked really distracted, and really tired. Poor guy’s got bags under his eyes the size of tennis balls. Oh wait... guess I’d better see what they want.

“Umm.. sorry. I didn’t quite catch that. What?” I asked blushing out of embarrassment.

“Just asked if you were into Quidditch,” James repeated, or at least I figured it would be a repeat since I didn’t quite catch it the first time.

“Oh,” I paused for a moment not quite sure what to say. Ever since Tyler died, I didn’t really even think about Quidditch since it reminded me of him. I took a short breath and met his gaze, shrugging my shoulders lazily. “My brother loved it, guess I’m just a fan for him.”

“Oh really?” James looked a bit more sanguine than before when hearing this, for a smile crept onto his face. “He plays for one of the teams?”

“Used to be on the Ravenclaw team,” I told him and then added, “He was the captain 6th year and part of his 7th year.”

Now James looked confused. “Part of his 7th year? Why happened to the other part?”

I looked away quickly, staring out the window. “I’d rather not talk about it.” I muttered soft enough not to push, but forceful enough so I got the point across. Here come the eyes again. Once James and Remus started talking again, a chanced a look over. Nobody was looking at me. Or so it seemed. Something caught my eye, and I looked directly across from me where my eyes locked with Sirius’. He had been watching me ever since I said that last part. I wonder why. Under his gaze, I felt uncomfortable and squeamish, so I quickly looked back out of the window again. But the look that Sirius was giving me never faltered as he continued to watch me carefully.

They didn’t talk to me the rest of the ride there, and acted like gentlemen when they all left to let me change into my robes. (Or maybe it was just so they could get away from me to flirt with the hotter girls.) Finally the train started slowing and the commotion of everyone leaving was apparent. I stood up and grabbed my bags off the rack above my head. Walking out of the train, I threw the bags in the 6th year pile. They would be taken up to our dorms later.

Walking over to one of the carriages, I boarded alone and waited for the jerk to be off to the castle. And right before the thestrals began clopping off, I felt a different sort of jerk as someone slid into the seat next to me. As quickly if I had blinked, the carriage was full of chattering and laughing boys. “Damn it,” I muttered under my breath. “Not again...”

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