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The crowd that had gathered at the Quidditch pitch that particular Saturday afternoon had grown at an exponential rate after the announcement had been made that William’s test would be starting shortly. The stadium itself looked as if it would burst at the seams judging by the amount of seats that were occupied. Instead of the customary attendance of students and staff, the majority of the crowd was comprised of parents. They were the most eager after having only heard whispers and rumors as to who exactly this mysterious boy was and what he was capable of. Either way, it looked as if they were in for one hell of a show.

The Weasley Family had been fortunate enough to arrive early and had a comfortable front row seat right near the edge of the railing in the Gryffindor box. The Grangers were also lucky to have been with them or they would have never been able to find a seat in the chaos that was the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch. As more and more families started to pile in, the prospect of saving seats was looking more and more grim. All of her fears were relieved when Charlie, Bill, Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione appeared through the crowd and made their way up to the front.

“How did everything go?” asked Mrs. Weasley. “Is the test going to start soon?”

“It should start any minute Mrs. Weasley.” answered Harry as he took his seat. As he sat down, she noticed that he had a worried look on his face and instantly questioned him.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” in a very maternal tone.

“Nothing’s wrong, but nothing’s right either.” said Harry as he looked over the pitch with an ominous look in his eyes.

“What do you mean son?” chimed in Arthur Weasley as he picked up on this boy’s worried look.

“I don’t know how he’s going to do all of this. This is a daunting task even for the best Wizard.” answered Harry as he kept his gaze on the stadium. The Weasleys knew that something must be wrong because it was very uncommon for Harry to not look someone in the eyes when he was talking.

“What’s going to happen Harry?” asked Arthur as he was now very concerned as to what Harry was saying. Before he could give a straight answer a loud gong sound had rang out through the entire pitch.

From the sound of things, the gong was coming from the Teacher’s box in the tallest tower of the pitch. Before long the once noisy crowd had silenced itself in an attempt to find out what exactly what was to transpire shortly. As if he had been reading their minds, the Minister of Magic Kingsley Shackelbolt and Headmistress Minerva McGonagall were at the front of the tower. As they pointed their wands to their throats, the dual voices flowed throughout the pitch.

“WELCOME PARENTS! We are pleased to see so many faces once again with us on this glorious day. In a few moments we will begin this challenge that will decide the fate of our guest.” exclaimed McGonagall as her voice echoed across the field. “I would also like to assure everyone here that precautions for everyone’s safety have been taken. Our best witches and wizards have applied various charms and spells for your benefit. Without further ado I would like to introduce to you the person you have all been waiting to see, Mr. William Black!”

William had no idea what to expect as he stepped out into the daylight of the pitch. He had been expecting the massive crowd, there was no way the parents were going to turn down a chance to see the boy who had done so many dangerous and extraordinary things yet no one had ever heard of him. They were still under the impression that he was a transfer student. They did not believe what their children had told them because it just seemed too unreal even for wizard standards.

The one thing that he did not expect was the amount of boulders scattered across the field. It suddenly started to make sense. Hagrid and Grawp hauled all the stones onto the field to give William cover. This was a very kind gesture but did not help his situation seeing as how the dragon had an upper hand in her ability to fly. William could only hope that he would get his wand back very soon so he could figure out just exactly how to ground the dragon and somehow beat it.

The parents in the stadium were very surprised at this boy’s appearance. He wasn’t half of what they expected to see. The common idea that everyone had in their minds was that he would be some sort of greater wizard who’s very walk inspired awe, but in reality he looked nothing more than some young wizard who had a taste for black clothing. The students however knew by now not to judge him by the outside because under the surface he was anything but ordinary.

As he stepped further out onto the pitch, the voice of Kingsley once again began to sound. William promptly stopped, knowing that this was the explanation that Bill had talked to him about.

“William, the test you are about to take is our final determining factor in deciding your fate at this school.” said Kingsley who was trying to emphasize the importance of the challenge. “Your challenge, as it has been chosen by me and the rest of the Wizengamot,” the crowd of politicians behind him promptly stood up as they were mentioned, “has one simple goal. That goal is to defeat your opponent, a dragon of very real size and strength which will be released shortly.” The crowd gasped at the mention of such a dangerous creature. The Weasleys now knew just what Harry was talking about when he mentioned ‘a daunting task.’

“As you have noticed your wand has been removed. This is but only half of your test. You must make it to the other end of the pitch to retrieve it.” At the opposite end of the pitch a pedestal suddenly appeared carrying two items. “On this pedestal lays your wand and also a sword. You may use your wand for any spell to evade and subdue the dragon but you must kill the dragon with the sword.”

William’s eyes went wide at hearing the word ‘kill.’ This was the one thing that he was not prepared for. After having disposed of Reul several days before, this was not an act he would soon want to repeat. ‘Why would they ask me to kill a dragon? Why can’t I just subdue it or tame it?’ Questions like these were rushing through William’s mind at about a mile a minute.

“The only way this challenge ends is when one of you is dead. Do you understand the rules of this challenge as they have been presented?” asked Kingsley. Thoughts of uncertainty raced through his head as he reconsidered just what he putting this boy up against and what he was asking him to do.

Seeing no other way to avoid what lay before him, William simply nodded his head.

“Very well, let the challenge begin.” As soon as these words echoed across the stadium, cheers broke out from the stands as parents and students knew they were in for something of tremendous magnitude.

The cheers were cut short as the gates at the opposite end of the stadium began to open. The only thing that he could William could see in the darkness was a pair of glowing deep crimson red eyes. The creature that he had heard horrible stories about dashed out of its cage in an instant and into the light.

The Hebridean Black was no push over by any standard. Its razor sharp black scales and ridges made for an impenetrable coating. It’s spiked and arrow shape tail made for a formidable weapon. The bat-like wings mounted to its body looked like something that the only great evil and malice would have. Gasps of horror and panic ran throughout the stadium as the dragon roared in an attempt to shake her new opponent.

Upon seeing William, she started to flap her hellish wings creating gusts of wind on the field. Once the dragon was in mid-air, she began her approach of the boy whom she was commissioned to destroy.

Seeing that his chances of survival were decreasing by the second, William made a head on sprint for the dragon. The crowd was wondering just what he was thinking as the two opponents moved closer and closer.

Around fifty feet away the dragon opened her mouth to spit its fiery breath. Just as the flames came out of her mouth, William quickly dove out of the way avoiding the inferno. He immediately took shelter in the boulders hoping they would at least provide some cover.

The crowd made a sigh of relief as William made a narrow escape. The relief was then over for the crowd and William as the dragon came around for another pass. Having missed her prey the first time did not lessen the anger but only fueled it. Now she was flying even faster and harder to catch up to this evasive opponent.

William was somewhat blindsided by the second pass and had to move very quickly as the dragon seemed to be getting closer. The only hope of getting out of this alive was to get closer to the pedestal and retrieve his wand. Taking his time was not an option after seeing the dragon increase its pace. The only course of action was to make a run for the pedestal and time was now or never.

The stadium was in shock as William made another sprint straight up the field. To them it seemed as though this boy making every desperate attempt he could. They could only sympathize after remembering that he was without a wand.

The dragon picked up on him instantly and swooped in at the worst moment. William was about a hundred feet from the pedestal when the massive creature landed in front of him with a great thud. He instantly hit the brakes and ran back as the dragon began to breathe another fiery burst in his direction. The running he had done to get up the field had cost him dearly as he began to run out of breath and speed. Avoiding the flames was not going to be as easy as he had done previously.

The burning sensation crawled up William’s spine as he soon realized that his coat had caught fire. He quickly discarded it much to the crowd’s relief and to the benefit of his back. The heap of cloth that once held the number thirteen and his name was now in a pile of glowing embers and ashes. All William knew was that he had to figure out how to get past the dragon. The only thing he could do at the moment that would afford any remote chance of survival was to once again hide among the boulders.

The dragon, having lost her prey twice was now fiery with anger, both literally and metaphorically. The crowd could see this very easily as the dragon began to move again. Instead of taking flight to get a better view of her opponent, the dragon started crawling through the field spitting fire down every path not covered by boulders. To the crowd it seemed that the dragon was toying with William, almost as if it was trying to scare him into the open.

After peeking around the boulder he was behind, William found that the dragon was getting closer by the second. The bursts a flame were almost on his boulder when he suddenly had an idea. After looking at two fist sized stones on the ground at his feet, he had a rough idea as to how to stop the fires.

Everyone in the stadium was yelling at this point. “RUN! SHE’S ALMOST ON YOU!” Things of that nature were mostly spoken. A large portion of the yelling came from the Gryffindor box seeing as how they had spent more time with him. Harry and everyone else in his row nearly went hoarse as they continued yelling. Still, he did not move from behind the boulder. If his plan was going to work, then he had better do it soon.

“This is gonna be one hell of a shot!” William said to himself as he stepped out from behind the boulder. With a quick motion of the arm, he threw the first stone at the dragon drawing its attention on his very spot. He then quickly jumped back behind the large chunk of rock as powerful burst of flames hit the stone.

Even though the flames were deflected by the boulder, William could still feel the heat creeping around the sides. Very soon he could feel that the heat was going down, which meant the dragon was running out of breath.

As the flames slowed and then finally stopped, William again jumped out from behind the boulder. The dragon quickly took in a deep breath getting ready to blast another heated burst in his direction. As it took in the massive amount of air William pulled his arm back and launched the second and final stone.

All eyes in the stadium were on the small rock as it flew threw the air on a direct course for the dragon’s head. As if luck had its wings on the fateful stone, it flew right into the dragon’s mouth. With the stone lodged in its throat, the dragon could not breathe fire. It could only take in air threw its nose. The crowd and William let out a cheer after this one in a million shot had paid off. Harry and his friends were the happiest out of everyone after seeing that William might just make it out of this alive.

Seeing this as the opportune moment to make his move, William ran off in the direction of the pedestal. He was quickly cut off as the dragon began swinging its sharp tail in front of him. After several near misses and minor cuts to his side, William avoided the tail. The dragon was now furious at this evasive pest who had temporarily weakened her.

Rather than making another random sweep of the tail, it decided to spike the sharp end of the tail right down onto him. William having anticipated this narrowly dodged the tail causing it to sink into the ground and get stuck. With her fiery breath and sharp tail out of commission, William tried a third time to run toward the pedestal.

“Come on William! Get the wand! Finish this!” cheered Ron as his the boy moved closer and closer.

“Come on! You can do it!” added Harry who was now standing in his seat failing to contain his excitement.

Just as he was ten feet from the pedestal, the dragon dislodged the stone and spit it furiously into the ground before it took in a mighty gulp of air. Everyone could tell that this next burst of fire was going to be monstrous.

“HURRY UP! HE’S GOING TO FIRE!” yelled Hermione as William advanced closer. Somehow through the yells and cheers of the crowd, he could make out that they were getting worried and decided to push ahead even faster.

After quickly glancing behind, William realized the dragon was about to fire. As the heat and flames left her mouth, William dove for the pedestal reaching for the only thing in the world that would save him now. His hand hit the table the every same instant the flames hit the bottoms of his shoes. In the blink of an eye the entire pedestal was covered in flames. Whether or not William survived was a total mystery at this point.

Harry and the rest of the Weasleys and Grangers could only pray that he was safe. It was not very common for someone to survive a blast of that magnitude; then again William was anything but common. The only thoughts in their hearts and minds were ones of hope that he would be okay.

The dragon stopped her fiery tirade of the pedestal after losing breath from the powerful burst of heat. As for William, it could not be said whether he was alive or dead for the dust and smoke had not yet settled. The crowd had gone silent in wonder as they tried to find what was left of him in the burning patch of earth.

As the last ember died and the flames had fallen on the grass, a shadowy figure stood up in the burnt remains of the pedestal. His body was surrounded by a blue shield-like barrier, which everyone recognized as the Protego charm. William had reached his wand in time and was now proudly using it. The playing field had now been somewhat evened and now the real battle could begin.

With a renewed vigor and sense of strength, William Black began his battle with the fiery demon before him. This time the odds were even and both sides had a fighting chance. The only question was who was going to make it out alive.

All eyes in the stadium were on William and wondering what his next move might be. Harry thought this situation over and over again in his head trying to think of what he would do if he ever had to fight another dragon. His first thought was to use the Conjunctivitis Charm that Sirius had recommended to him in his fourth year. If anything, he would use more spells and prove his knowledge and ability to take on any opponent. The Firebolt had proven very useful in that test but only displayed his talent for flying.

As if William had somehow heard Harry’s thoughts, a stream of white light hit the dragon in the middle of its head. By the way the dragon started to moan and flail its tail around, he had guessed that William had used to Conjunctivitis charm. It was clear that the dragon was furious as it started to rain its fire breathe all over the stadium. Dozens of families decided to move back as the flames hit the shield charms on sides of the pitch. Even though it was not likely, the prospect of getting burned alive was a powerful motivator.

Although the dragon was temporarily blind, it could still hear where exactly William was. To his surprise, he started to shuffle as the dragon directed its tail at him, smashing the ground before him. Left and then right, both sides were narrowly missed by the lethal spiked weapon. Because no one was hit, then next sweep that was expected was a head on smash from the top. William quickly dove out of the way after a near hit from the tail. The pedestal however was smashed to bits and the sword was cast aside into one of the heaps of ruble.

As he put more distance between himself and the monster before him, William noticed that the dragon could still tell where he was as it yet again swept its tail and then added a fiery blast. For a creature of brute force, she seemed to be inexplicably intelligent. If William had any chance of beating her, then he would have to take the offensive.

‘Damn this thing is smart! How the hell am I going to kill such a formidable opponent?’ These thoughts clouded William’s mind as the dragon advanced closer and closer. ‘Okay, lets just chill out. Remember what dad said. Keep it simple and don’t try anything fancy.’

William looked over the terrain trying to find an inspiration as to how to beat this creature. After climbing on top of a rock, he had a better view of the field. As he stared at the stones that had been hauled onto the pitch, William asked himself a question; “Why do the stones have to be for protection?”

The Weasley contingent of the stadium was dumbfounded by this boy’s actions. Why would he just stand on top of a rock in the middle of the pitch when there was a dragon coming straight for him?

“What’s he doing? Why is he just standing there?” asked Charlie as he frantically tried to reason out the situation. “That dragon is nothing to take lightly! Believe me; I’ve seen what she can do.” This was not a comforting thought to anyone in his section.

“I don’t know what the hell he’s doing Charlie!” answered Harry who was just as confused. “If he’s thinking of something to do, then he’d better do it fast!”

‘Keeping it simple’ was William’s one comfort at the time. Rather than a fancy spell, he would go back to first year Charms Lessons. With a wish and flick of the Wingardium Leviosa, a massive boulder was sent flying into the dragon’s side just in front of its wings. The screech it gave out after being hit resonated throughout the castle grounds causing most of the attendees to cover their ears.

Instead of having another outburst of rage, the dragon simply looked in William’s direction and roared a steady growl as it took flight yet again. For just a moment, its crimson eyes met the deep green of William’s. It was in that moment that he knew the Conjunctivitis had worn off and that the dragon had her vision back.

In a desperate attempt to finish the challenge quickly, William again levitated another boulder in the creature’s direction. With a clear line of sight, the dragon swung its tail around and sent the crumbled fragments into the shield barrier yet again. As it came closer yet again, William sent another boulder its way.

The dragon, having anticipated another boulder, swung its tail in a more surgical movement sending the rock flying back in the boy’s very direction. Seeing the plan quickly fall to pieces, William used the Protego charm and instantly put up another blue shield like barrier.

In the hurried manner that he used this spell, William forgot that it was not created to stand up to the force of something like a five ton boulder. As it hit the shield, the force of the impact sent William flying fifty feet back and off of the rock he was standing on. The crowds watched in suspense as the boy looked completely finished after the hit. Some thought it would just be better if he saved himself the trouble and just lay down and died. The same could not be said for the section Harry was sitting in.

“Please get up. Please get up.” Harry repeated to himself like a mantra. Losing another friend was not something he was simply going to accept. He simply couldn’t do it. He was not disappointed as William slowly stood up and dusted himself off.

“Fuck, that one hurt!” William yelled as he stood up and cracked his back and neck after taking the hit. To his surprise the dragon was not on top of him just yet. Instead, it was hovering in the same spot as before almost in a taunting manner. It was clear that the dragon wanted to enjoy killing William. If it didn’t, then he would have never gotten up. She would have just simply swooped in and scooped him up like some vulture.

It was in realizing this that the prospect of killing the dragon became unavoidable. William knew what he had to do but was hesitant as to what the implications could mean when everyone saw this. This decision had to be made quickly as he saw the dragon hover closer and closer. Rather than playing it safe and taking his chances, William made a quick decision on the matter. “You leave me no choice.” said the boy clad in black as the dragon came closer.

The wand in his hand started to glow white as William brought it up to eye level and said the spell that had been taught to him years before. “Panosolvo!” and with a twirl of the wand glowed even brighter with white light. The students recognized this from days before when he saved Hermione’s life, but the parents looked on in awe as they had never seen this kind of magic before.

“What’s he doing Harry?” asked Mrs. Weasley without taking her eyes off of this amazing spectacle.

“Just wait and watch!” were Harry’s only words as also could not remove his eyes from William.

The next events would change the outcome of the match all together. Deciding to proceed with his plan, William touched his wand’s tip on both of his whip tattoos. In turn both of them started to glow white as the wand became duller with brightness. It looked as if the wand had given its power to both tattoos. It was then quickly put into his pocket, before William took both of his hands and touched each one to the opposite arm’s tattoo. With a quick tug, the tattoos appeared in physical form and uncoiled themselves from his upper arms. Each one unfurled to about ten twenty feet and glowed with the heavenly brightness that he had bestowed upon them.

The crowd watched in utter astonishment after witnessing something they had never seen the likes of. The only thing they could wonder was how the hell this could be possible. The dragon however did not see this as something amazing but as a threat. In a defensive manner it began to fly straight for William.

Fear was the last thing on his mind as the beast came closer. “Come and get it you bitch! Come on, fresh meat! Fresh meat!"

He was only hoping that this would work and raised the whip in his right hand. With a quick flick of the wrist he cracked it toward the dragon in a graceful motion. Like William, there was nothing normal about these whips. Normally a whip would make a slight noise when it cracked. This whip however made a blast as loud as lightning. In fact, the noise it produced sounded exactly like lightning. What was even more strange was the fact that the dragon immediately grounded it self and let out another screeching roar.

The crowd covered their ears at the magnitude of the noise. If the sound was anything it was definitely lightning.

“Ah, so you aren’t a demon.” said William with a slight smile. “You’re just another angry dragon.” He now knew that there was hope in winning the challenge. All he had to do was keep the dragon grounded and wear it down.

At the time as the whip cracked, Hermione instantly recognized the sound. “Harry, Ron do you remember in the Great Hall when William came through the darkness? Do you remember the sound?”

Harry and Ron only looked at each other trying to remember just what they had heard. “The only thing I can remember were the screams, the dog barking, and-” Ron stopped in a sudden realization.

“The loud sound before every scream!” Harry finished. “That’s how he got rid of the Redeemers!” Harry then continued to keep his eyes on the challenge waiting to see what William would do next.

By this time, the dragon had stopped its assault on the boy in its crosshairs. It now seemed that she was in his crosshairs and he was making the assault. With each fluid movement of the whips, another loud bang was produced followed then by the dragon’s screech.

To the crowd, the flowing movement was like an art form, almost like watching a phoenix fly with the same grace and elegance. This however was no eagle. It was just one boy determined to stay alive. If anything, that was a very real possibility at this point, because the dragon was backing up with every crack of the whip.

“My God, how is he doing that?” Charlie asked to himself as he watched this spectacle. “I couldn’t even get close enough to administer the proper medical spells. Until now this was the second month she hasn’t seen a wand.” It was truly remarkable that a common wizard like William could face a dragon when Charlie, who was the expert, couldn’t even get close to her.

William had to be at his peak performance in this stage of the battle. The dragon had run out of room to back up and now had its back on the wall. William was now the one who was getting dangerously closer to her as she looked back at him with a mixed sense of fear and anger. The next part would be the most difficult. In order to subdue her, William would have to put one of the whips down and reach for his wand. This would mean temporarily letting his guard down. To make matters worse, the dragon was now only ten feet away.

“Easy now, easy now!” William tried to trick himself into believing that she would actually listen. As he lowered his left hand to reach for the wand inside his pocket, the dragon found its opening and began to take in air getting ready for another fiery breath. William, who was quick to notice this, swung the whip in his right hand around its neck, successfully cutting off the fire. Holding the whip around the dragon’s neck was more trouble then he bargained for.

Besides the unbelievable amount of strength needed to keep it tight, the dragon began to swing its neck which in turn took William off of the ground. After momentarily regaining his footing, the dragon made a sudden upward swing of her neck, thereby swinging him onto her back. Hitting the hard scales felt like being hit with a bat, but after narrowly missing the razor sharp ridges on her back William felt slightly relieved.

Seeing this as its moment of opportunity, the dragon started to flap its bat-like wings and took off promptly. William, who was now anchored to the beast by the whip was taken with it. If he could not find a way to get off or ground the dragon again, then he would surely be killed from the fall alone. His only hope was to hold onto the whip.

In the crowd’s eyes, the challenge had taken a complete reversal of fortune. First it was the dragon and then it was William, back and forth the odds kept shifting. How much further could they go before one of them ended up dead? The best guess at this point was that William would be first to go seeing as how he was being tossed around like a rag doll as the dragon flew high above the pitch. To make matters worse, it would frequently do dives and barrel rolls to try and shake off the pest on her back.

“Come William, hold on!” yelled Ginny as the dragon flew past the Gryffindor section of the pitch. Harry and the others quickly gave their support as it made another pass.

“Come on William! Take down the bloody beast!” chimed in Ron who decided to join his sister.

The constant swooping and wind gusts were quickly wearing down William’s endurance. The most he could hold on was about another minute. If he could just get the other whip around the dragon’s neck then he might have a fighting chance of taking it down. His next move would have to be it because William’s grip was slowly loosening. As the dragon leveled off in preparation for another sharp turn, William quickly and accurately shook the whip around the dragon’s neck. Cheers from down below near the pitch rang out. The dragon however covered their cheers with another screeching roar.

As his grip returned, William slowly stood up on the dragon’s back with one hand on each whip. To the crowd below, he looked like a jockey with his hands on the reins of a running horse. Much like a jockey, William then shook the whips around the dragon’s neck. This caused her to suddenly lower her altitude. The only course of action was to then shake the whips even further.

As William did this the dragon lowered its height at an even faster pace until it started to flow drastically close to the ground. It was suddenly clear that she wanted to land, but instead it would crash taking William with her. This suddenly became a reality as one of her claws hit a boulder on the field.

To William the crash was instantaneous as the monstrous beast flipped on to the ground with a mighty thud that shook the very stadium. The impact sent rock and dust all over the pitch making it unclear as to who had survived the fall. A major contingent of the crowd was hoping that it would be William.

“Oh Merlin!” exclaimed Harry as he tried to look through the dust to find some clue that William had survived. So far nothing had given any sign of life. He could only hope at this point that his friend was okay. After another minute the dust finally settled revealing just what had happened.

The dragon had made quite a crash into the pitch, uprooting much of the grass and boulders in the process. The glowing whips were still around its neck as the beast lay unconscious on its side and there was no traces of William anywhere near its body. To the now silent crowd, it looked as if he had either disappeared or was under the dragon. Both theories were disproved when someone in the Ravenclaw section yelled “LOOK!” pointing to the other end of the pitch.

As everyone moved their eyes to the other end, they had finally found the body of William Black laying face up on his back. Whether he was alive or dead was a mystery at this point. All hope for the boy clad in black seemed lost for a moment until his body suddenly shook. A great relief was felt in the pitch.

As William slowly opened his eyes realizing he was not dead, an enormous pain surged through his body. As he sat up and looked over his bruised and cut body, the source of the pain was then visible. His right leg had been badly broken as it was twisted slightly to the left. With as much courage as he could muster, William put both hands on each side of his leg.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried William as he cracked his leg back into place. The sudden shock of pain nearly knocked him out yet again as tears rolled down his cheeks. The sound of the placement sent shivers down the crowd’s spine as the boy slowly stood up. The pressure that was put on the broken leg could knock out a centaur, but William had to be strong as his test was not yet over.

Upon standing, William realized that his troubles were not over as the dragon was starting to wake up and. After drawing his wand he knew it was time to end this.

Incarcerous!” cried William as he shot a containment charm at the beast resulting in a tight rope being quickly coiled around its midsection.

The dragon realizing that it was losing stood up to only be hit with another charm, this time a rope wrapped itself around the dragon’s mouth preventing any more fire breaths. Her tail was then plunged deep into the ground as William levitated its last weapon out of working order. The beaten boy staggered closer and closer as the dragon became more and more defenseless until it could only lie on the ground subdued in tight ropes.

William was about ten feet away from the dragon when he suddenly remembered the sword and its purpose in this test. “Accio sword” said William with a flick of his wand. The sword having been disregarded pulled itself out from under a pile of rocks and flew into the hands of the boy. ‘Now is the moment of truth’ William thought as he moved in on the dragon’s midsection. His goal would be to finish the dragon quick with a blow to the heart.

As he raised the sword above his head, he suddenly noticed the bulge on the dragon’s underbelly. After lowering the sword William lightly poked the bulge with the sword’s tip. Even though this could never hurt a creature of this magnitude, it let out a deep roaring almost like a pleading cry. The dragon slowly turned her head to William meeting much resistance against the tight ropes. As its eyes met William’s a tears slowly rolled down its face.

It was in that moment that William had a sudden realization. Everything about the dragon began to make sense; the dangerous demeanor, the human appetite and the bulge on its belly. It was all starting to become clear what he had to do. The only question was what would the ramifications be for his actions? None of this seemed to matter as he moved closer to the dragon.

The subdued creature did not act very aggressive as William advanced on her. For a dragon, a creature that was used to torment, she was very surprised when William gently removed the tight whips from around her neck. The crowd was also very surprised at his actions. What could this boy be thinking getting so close to such a dangerous creature? Doesn’t he know that he know that the whips are the only thing keeping it captive?

William was not thinking this as he held the whips in his hands. With another flick of his wand and the word ‘Panosisto'  they started to lose their shine and began to dull as the brightness returned then to his wand. As quickly as he had pulled off the whips, when held to up to his arms, they instantly recoiled themselves back on. As far as the people in the stands were concerned they were just tattoos again. When all of this was done the crowd could only look on in wonder and awe as to what this boy had just done. Most wizards, with the exception of a select few, couldn’t possibly do what he had just done.

For William Black, his plan had come to an end. What would happen next was completely up to fate and the decision of a countless few. When William thought over what he had to do he decided it was the best course of action. As he staggered away from the captive dragon he simply held up the sword and tossed it aside. No one would die by his hand on this day.

Murmurs and commotion had erupted all over the stadium after William had cast aside the blade. What was he possibly gaining by letting the dragon live? Did he not know the rules that one had to die in the end? Harry and the other members of the Weasley and Granger families were particularly confused. They parents asked the children why William would do this in hopes of understanding just what angle he was playing.

The crowd was then silenced itself as the Headmistress’ voice echoed from the teacher’s box and throughout the stadium. “Mr. Black, do you not understand the rules of this test?” asked the elderly woman as the injured boy limped forward.

William simply stopped and looked up in her direction and answered, “Yes, I understand the rules but I’m not going to kill this creature.” said William as he pointed at the bound dragon.

“Do you realize what you are saying?” interjected Kingsley who was now searching for the same reasons as McGonagall. “If you do not do this then your life will pay the forfeit.”

William then limped forward with more conviction and heart than he had before. “I realize my life holds in the balance with my next actions, but I made a promise that I plan to keep.” William stopped for a moment trying to search for the right words to make them understand.

“Five days ago, I killed someone. Yes, I admit this freely.” The crowd then started commotion again after hearing this. “This was something I swore to never do again unless I had to. From what you all have seen here today,” said William as he pointed around to the crowds, “This dragon has given me more than enough of a reason.” William was now pointing to his bruised and battered exterior. “Taking a life is not a matter to be taken lightly, especially if it’s for the entertainment of others!” He made the word ‘entertainment’ clearly audible to emphasize the spectacle the crowds had made out of this.

“I do not feel that my requirements for staying at this school should be based on how well I can kill, but instead on how well I can protect.” The crowd finally understood why William would not willingly kill the dragon. They now knew that life was something very sacred to him and that it was more important to preserve than to end. “That was once my job and I’d like it to be again, but if one of us has to die then you’re just going to have to kill me. I won’t take another life if I don’t have to.”

The power of his words had touched everyone at their core and was suddenly clear what he was asking. If anything, they admired the fact that he went out of his way to preserve life, a quality that was sometimes lacking in their world. The general consensus was that William would make a fine addition to the school if his fate was to change. The decision was now up to Kingsley, McGonagall and the present members of the Wizengamot.

After convening in the teacher’s box, the gong that was used to start the test rang again. This could only mean one thing; the test was over and William had passed. As the gong had finished echoing a slow clap began to break out in the Gryffindor section. Harry along with the rest of his friends had started it in hopes that it would catch on. Very soon the entire Gryffindor box was clapping, then Hufflepuff, then Ravenclaw, and then even parts of the Slytherin box added to the cheers. After all the stands had clapped they began to rise up giving William a standing ovation.

The beaten and tattered boy could only look on in wonder as to what he had just accomplished. The day had been won and it was all because of his convictions and morals. A slight smile broke out on his face as the boy looked around the pitch. It was truly a wondrous sight to see all of the smiling and happy faces cheering for him. William proudly put his hands on his hips and stood proudly before the crowd.

It was in feeling his sides that disturbed him. After he had touched his rib cage, William felt a small object jutting out of his side. When he painfully removed it he found that it was a dragon’s tooth.

Just moments after removing the tooth a sudden pain ran through his body. A loss of breath quickly invaded his throat as he gasped for air. The sudden lack of air and the broken leg had finally caught up to him when he collapsed onto the ground.

Before the light went dark, all William could remember was the sudden mood change in the crowd. The smiles and cheers had quickly faded and were replaced with cries of help and panic. ‘How could this happen? What did I do wrong?’ were the only questions in William Black’s mind as his world went blank.

In an instant the light returned to his world and brought with it a sweet melody being sung in a foreign language. Even though William could not understand the words, the tone and flow seemed almost heavenly. In fact when he looked to see who it was that was singing, William was sure that he was in Heaven.

Upon looking at the silvery-blond haired woman at his side, he was sure that she was an angel. Her pale captivating eyes and flowing white and blue robes made her look as if peace and beauty had taken human form. After noticing that William was looking at her she just looked at him and smiled never stopping the sweet melody she had been singing. Her hands continued to rub her stomach as she then looked down at the small bulge growing on it.

Falling out of his temporary daze William then felt as if should say something, “Excuse me Miss, but is this Heaven?”

The woman simply smiled with a slight chuckle that could warm any man’s heart. “No my dear boy, this isn’t heaven. It’s Hogwarts!”

William then realized he was not dead after all; he had survived his test and was back in the school. “Damn, could’ve sworn it was Heaven.” After opening his eyes even further William could realize that he was right back where he had started this little quest, right back in the Medical Wing of Hogwarts. The relief of being alive had finally started to settle in but was then interrupted as two familiar faces came into the room.

“Welcome back William!” cheered Charlie Weasley as he rushed over to see the recovering boy. His older and more mild mannered brother Bill was following shortly behind with a plate of food.

“Glad to see you’re feeling better.” said Bill as he handed the plate of food to the woman sitting beside him. As he took another seat beside the girl he realized that William had not been properly introduced. “Oh William, allow me to introduce my wife Fleur!”

“Ugh, I gotta stop meeting people this way!” replied William as he feigned frustration but then let out a hearty laugh. “Nice to meet you Fleur.” said the boy in bed as he extended his hand to which she immediately took. Although he did not instantly recognize her, William did in fact know her in the future but chose not to tell her that story just yet.

As William took back his hand he suddenly winced in pain remembering the injury to his side. Looking on the wound revealed a bandage wrap with a minor red spot that was quickly fading. “What happened? How long was I out?”

Bill who was now coming closer to the bed was the first to answer. “Well from what Madam Pomfrey says, it looks as if you broke your leg and took a dragon tooth to you side, which punctured a lung.” The seriousness of the injury suddenly hit William. This wasn’t another cut or bruise that he was normally accustomed to.

“The blood entered your lungs which caused you to pass out. That was about five hours ago.” added Charlie. The look on William’s face showed just how much the loss of time and potentially mortal injuries had affected him. “All of the best spells and potions were used to help you heal better. Madam Pomfrey said you should be right as rain in a day or so just as long as you take it easy. The tooth mark may leave a scar though.”

William could only laugh after Charlie had said this. “C’est la vie (that's life), one more to add to the collection!” said William as he pointed to the claw marks on his chest and suddenly realized he had no shirt on.

Hoping to find a shirt near the bed, William slowly sat up and put his feet over the side. He promptly sat back down after finding that he had no pants on either. “Do you think that I could my clothes back?” asked William bashfully.

“We had to get rid of your clothes seeing as how they were covered in blood and dirt.” replied Bill who pulled from under the bed a white shirt, a pair of jeans and William’s pair of black boots. William put these items on quickly as he did not like be so uncovered in front others.

Charlie then handed him the black dragon leather coat he had given to him earlier. William took it back with great joy knowing that he would be able to wear it again. Before he could put it on he had to put on his boots. This was easier said than done as William bent down on one knee to which he suddenly faltered.

“Are you alright?” asked Fleur who rushed to his side.

“Yeah I’m fine. It’s just my right knee sometimes bothers me. It’s from an old Quidditch injury.” replied William as he regained his balance and then rubbed his knee cap. “I guess fighting the dragon caused it to act up again.”

“Well fighting dragons can do that!” replied Fleur who then remembered her own experience in the Triwizard Tournament.

“That’s right you fought one in the Triwizard some years ago, right?” asked William who already knew the answer to the question.

“Yes, actually!” replied Fleur somewhat surprised. “But I was fighting for a golden egg, not my life.” she reminded the boy. “Nevertheless, what you did was amazing!”

“You liked that?” asked William with a slight chuckle. Fleur, Bill, and Charlie nodded in agreement. “It was just a matter of knowing your dragon breeds and what spells work best on them.”

Charlie who was one of the chief experts on the subject was prompted to ask questions at the mention of this topic. “I was curious about that myself. How did you get the dragon to land? That is not an easy task by any means!”

“That’s easy to explain.” began William as if giving a dissertation. “Well of course you know that dragons fly whenever they feel they need or have to.” Charlie nodded as he said this. “But they’ll never fly when there is-”

“Lightning!” finished Charlie. “Of course, dragons don’t fly when there is lightning in fear of getting struck.” The answer was so simple when he thought about it. Why hadn’t he realized it sooner?

“I think we understand all of that.” added Bill. “But how did you create the lightning sound and even more so how did you do the trick with those whips?” This was the one question everyone in the room wanted to know.

William rubbed his arms as this question was asked. He had been anticipating it ever since he pulled them off. “Well a friend of mine used to do a lot of tattoo art. She was really quite gifted.” said William as he remembered one of his closest friends. “In fact she was so gifted she decided to incorporate movement spells and materialization enchantments into the special ink she used to make. All you have to do is say the right spells and they can come off or reattach themselves.” The trio before him looked at William with a blank stare obviously not understanding what he was saying.

“Okay, let me show you. Can I have my wand?” Bill then quickly passed him the wand that had been sitting on his bedside counter. “Panosolvo!” chanted William while he moved his wand. Within seconds the brightness had returned and was quickly transferred to the tattoo. William then pulled it off with the same ease as he had done before, except this time pulling one off instead of both. He then promptly curled it up and handed it to Charlie.

The whip gave off a tingly feeling of power as Charlie held it in his hand. It was truly remarkable that something as elegant as this could do so much damage if held in the wrong hands. “It’s truly amazing William!” exclaimed Charlie as he handed the whip back to him.

“You take it for now.” said William as he handed the whip back to Charlie.

“I can’t keep this William. It’s yours. It’s a part of you.” This was not just an expression Charlie was using.

“I didn’t say you could keep it. All I’m saying is that you can use it until after you tame that beast. By the way how is she doing?”

“The teachers and Hagrid have secured her in the Forbidden Forest. She’s been heavily sedated as to not stir up any trouble in the woods.” chimed in Bill who had helped Charlie with this matter shortly after the test was over.

“And how is the egg?” asked William. In that moment Charlie’s eyes went wide in disbelief at what William was implying.

“What egg?” feebly replied Charlie.

“You didn’t know?” asked William. “There’s a bulge on her underbelly.”

“That could mean a number of things. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s pregnant.”

“Sure it does. It explains everything that has been wrong with her. How long has she been this aggressive?”

“About two months now, why?” asked Charlie who desperately needed an explanation.

“I remember reading in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ that it takes a female dragon two months to properly develop an egg. Other signs include variations of the normal diet, acute aggression, and also the change of eye color.”

Each point had hit Charlie dead on. The dragon in question normally ate deer, but in the past months she had developed a taste for humans. Sadly he had lost a few assistants in the process. The aggression factor was obviously there based on the challenge and the trouble of transporting her. The one thing that did not make sense though was the change in eye color, which made Charlie instantly ask about this.

“Her eyes are red. Hebrideans normally have a deep purple eye color.” William looked back at Charlie in disbelief. “In all this time you didn’t notice anything?”

“No one has been able to get within ten feet of her in the past two months. Between trying to keep her calm and away from the other dragons, we barely had time to tend to our own health.” The news was beginning to seep in and Charlie knew deep down that William was right about the dragon. Upon realizing what he must do Charlie promptly stood up and made his plan.

“Well I had better get down to the forest and help Hagrid. This new information changes everything. We can’t move her anymore if the egg is to survive so she is going to have to stay out there for the time being. We also need to get her healthy for the passing of the egg. I’m not going to lose a baby dragon because of my negligence.” Charlie then extended his hand toward William to whom he was most grateful. “Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can’t thank you enough for saving what looks like two dragons now.”

William could only give Charlie his most hearty handshake after thinking about just what he had done and the lives he had saved. Charlie then left as he realized the amount he had to do to properly take care of the dragon. When he left he was sure to take the whip with him knowing that it would prove useful for however long it was in his possession.

William who was sitting on the bed now began to wonder why it was so quiet and why there were no others in the Hospital Wing. He thought that after such a battle everyone would want to seem him and ask questions. “Where is everybody?” asked William who was now growing uncomfortable with the lack of noise.

“They’re in the Great Hall waiting for you.” replied Fleur as she finished her plate of food. The pregnancy was starting to show greatly as her cravings became more frequent and varied.

“Waiting for me? What for?” asked William. This did not make any sense. For all reasons he should’ve been dead after taking such a beating. “I didn’t kill the dragon remember? I still can’t figure out why I’m still alive at this point.”

Bill and Fleur laughed in response to what William was saying after having been given all of the details while William had been stilled passed out. “Don’t worry about that now.” said Bill reassuringly. “Kingsley and McGonagall will explain once we get to the feast.”

Meanwhile in the Great Hall…

As the parents and students sat at their respective tables, there seemed to be a common pattern as to what the conversations were about. Each table was asking the same questions about William and how he did all of those amazing things. But because of the lack of information, no straight answers could be given. When the subject of his origins came up, the parents laughed at their children’s reply of time travel and future events. Nothing like this seemed possible for them, even by magical standards. Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew better of course.

“Who knows if he’s ever going to wake up?” said George Weasley skeptically as the subject of William’s health came into question. “He took on a dragon and barely survived that!”

“He also saved everyone’s life in this room after beating nine Redeemers! And after that he brought me back from the dead!” said Hermione defensively. “He’ll be just fine.”

“Sorry ‘Mione. I didn’t mean it like that.” replied George realizing he had crossed a line. “He’ll probably be fine. I mean he did take slay that dragon with some style though!” laughed the red haired boy as he imitated the whips and lightning.

Harry sat at the table silently drifting in and out of the conversation. William’s fate brought many questions to his mind. For starters he needed answers as to how he knew so much about him and how he defeated the dragon. If William did not survive then those questions would eat away at him for the rest of his life.

“Harry, are you okay?” asked Ginny as she noticed that he was staring off toward the doors.

“Yeah, I’m fine love.” said Harry before kissing the girl he loved. Because she was the woman he loved he did not want to burden her with his worry and doubt. Lying to her was not something he liked doing.

“Okay. You were starting to worry me. You had that look in your eyes again.” Harry knew just what look he was talking about. Apparently his feelings were right about the present state of things.

“I was just wondering when William might get here. I feel like every other curious person in this room. I need some answers.”

When Harry said this Madam Pomfrey had walked into the Great Hall. All eyes were on her as she walked up to the Headmistress’ chair. Upon reaching the teacher’s table, she leaned in closer to whisper something in her ear. Although no one knew what she said they could all guess as Professor McGonagall cracked a smile. Harry’s heart skipped a beat as he realized what Madam Pomfrey had said. He knew that William had woken up and would shortly arrive. It was obvious that others had seen the smile too because conversation broke out all over of William’s return.

The timing could not have been better because no sooner than the smiles had broken out, the doors of the Great Hall opened. Entering first were Bill and Fleur who had anxiously waited for William to follow behind. The boy however did not know how to face the crowd after failing the test. How could he show his face when he had not gone through on his promise to protect them?

Knowing he had to face his fear, William Black shortly followed behind. Every eye in the room was on him as he meekly walked up the center aisle. As he walked farther, the children and parents stood up in show of respect to what he had accomplished. Harry and the rest of the Gryffindors were the first among the students to stand having known William the best. As he progressed even further a slow clap started. By the time he had reached the teacher’s table every person was standing for him and the clap had turned into a thunderous applause. William could not see why they were doing this.

The cheer then slowly ended and Kingsley and McGonagall came forward to speak with William, both adorned with a friendly smile. “I don’t understand. I failed the test.”

“No, William you did not fail.” answered Kingsley being loud enough for everyone in the Great Hall to hear him. “By not killing the dragon today you have passed the true test. After overcoming many hardships and difficulty, you found a way to preserve the creature’s life instead of taking it. It was in these actions that showed this school and its inhabitants what you value for; it is not our actions that define us but the choices we make.”

“You chose to take the difficult path and willingly put your life on the line to save another.” added McGonagall. “The selflessness, skill, and courage you showed are some of the most important qualities we hold dear at this school. It is my honor to admit you as a student to Hogwarts!” as soon a McGonagall said this, a mighty cheers and applause shocked the Great Hall.

William finally understood just why it had to be so difficult. The reward and happiness in the end would be well worth it. This was nothing short of how he felt at the moment. For the first time in a long time, he felt like he truly belonged.

As the cheers and clapping subsided, a stool was brought out and placed in front of the teacher’s table. Sitting on top of it was none other than the Sorting Hat. Everyone including William knew what this meant. It was time for him to be placed in one of the Houses. Each house in the Great Hall desperately wanted William as a member. To whatever house he was placed would surely win the House or Quidditch Cup. The Sorting Hat’s next words would likely be the most important words of the year and all eyes were on William and the hat in anticipation.

William sat down uneasily on the stool. Sure he had been a Gryffindor in the past, but things had changed greatly since then. William had seen and done things over the years that could change anyone’s qualities that were the basis for the Sorting Hat’s decisions. It was a likely possibility that he could be in any one of the houses.

The very instant the hat was placed on William’s head it awoke from its dormant state. “Difficult, difficult. What have we hear? I have not seen a wizard like this in quite some time. There is much talent in you.” spoke the ancient hat. “The heart of a lion, just like your mother. There is much love and hope in you. You have courage, no doubt about that, just like your father. There is also a great conflict in you. There is a choice you have yet to make.” said the hat as if reading his mind.

“Where should you go? Who will help you make the choice? Better be….” The crowd hung on these words like their lives depended on it.

“GRYFFINDOR!” said the hat. Cheers and applause swept through the Gryffindor table like a swarm of bees, not believing their incredible fortune to have William in their company. The other tables however only sat back down to their food with disappointment.

“Welcome to Hogwarts William!” said Kingsley as he extended his hand. William proudly shook his hand with great relief knowing that he was back where he belonged.

As he walked back to the table that he had eaten ate for six of the best years of his life, William was bombarded by numerous handshakes and cheers of hospitality. The strongest reactions he received were when he got to Harry’s section of the table. Harry and Ron each gave him a handshake and welcomed him back to Gryffindor. Hermione and Ginny gave him a mighty hug and sat him down near their seats.

As he was about to take his seat, Mr. and Mrs. Granger stood next to him and hugged him for all he was worth. Mrs. Granger stayed on the longest but then let go after giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for my daughter William!” said the Muggle woman as tears began to flow from her eyes. William could only say your welcome. No more and no less needed to be said.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley then took their turns and each gave him a rib crushing hug before letting him sit down. Each of them made the introductions as to who they and their children were as the meal went on. Between eating and talking William had to shake a hand or talk to another student or parent that had come to meet him. It seemed that he was getting more and more popular every day.

After that had happened William was bombarded by questions about how he had won the challenge. Luckily, the barrage of questions was not as bad as it could have been because Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione had each explained to the Weasleys and Grangers about William’s origin and what time he was from. At first they did not believe it but after witnessing the challenge and seeing what he did, it was certainly a possibility.

Between bites he tried to answer all of their questions as best as he could, sharing the information he had given Charlie, Bill and Fleur earlier. Everyone was surprised when they had heard the news about the dragon. Charlie who had just reentered the Great Hall, added his professional opinion when this topic came around and reassured everyone that the egg would be okay.

Through the rest of dinner William kept talking while everyone else listened aptly. He even showed them the spells for his tattoos but did not remove them as to cause a scene.

“I would love to have tattoos like those!” exclaimed Ron as he admired the glowing band around William’s arm.

“You will not have any tattoos anytime soon Ronald Weasley!” interjected Mrs. Weasley. Much to his disappointment Ron went back to eating his supper.

At the other side of the table another family debacle had started. Harry and Ron recognized the boy arguing with his parents as Simon Templeton a second year. He had tracked them down the first week of school asking when Quidditch tryouts were. They both thought he seemed like a nice boy. But from what they had gathered, his family was not wealthy and did not have a lot of extra money.

The argument taking place was involving something about the parents not being able to afford a broom, much to Simon’s dismay. The argument had gotten loud enough at one point where everyone could hear it. When they realized this they promptly stopped.

When the awkward silence had passed Harry decided he should liven up the mood. “So did anyone win anything from Seamus?”

Harry himself had not won anything. Although he bet on William, Seamus did not give winnings to anyone. The bet was clear that for a person to make money, their choice would have to survive while the other was killed. Because both opponents had lived, Seamus declared it a draw and kept all of the winnings.

“No, Seamus said something about a draw and how I didn’t place money on a draw.” Ron was clearly angered by the technicality Seamus had prospered upon. Ginny and Hermione had also placed small bets but did not win either due to the same circumstances.

“Thanks for bringing that up, I almost forgot.” exclaimed William who got up from the table and promptly walked to where Seamus was counting his money. “So how much did we make today Seamus?”

The boy sitting at the table had a large leather pouch filled with what William could only guess were galleons. He also had a small ledger beside him crossing off names of people he had collected from. Apparently he had done very well in his collection because almost every name was crossed off. “Well, I made 605 galleons today. You got a few bruises and another trip to the infirmary.” said Seamus with a great laugh.

William feigned laughter and then quickly resumed his serious composure. “Check your book again, smartass!” Seamus, seeing no harm in looking at what he already knew, quickly flipped through the ledger.

“I have no bet for William Black in my book. Sorry for your loss.” said Seamus finding no line with his name.

“Check it again. You’ll find my bet under the initials ‘WB.’ It’s a 30 galleon bet.”

Seamus then looked through the book again and quickly found the initials and the 30 galleon mark down. The information in the third column tore his ego in half. The bet was placed on a draw. The shocked boy then looked up at William who now had a big smile when he saw the look on his face.

“You had me going off at 20 to 1 odds with a bet of 30 galleons. If my math is right then I’m entitled to 600 galleons.” William then took the large pouch from the boy’s grasp. Seamus, who knew he had been beaten, did not fight it. As if nailing the coffin shut, William then took out the other five galleons and put them on Seamus’ book. “At least you won something.” He then strolled back to his seat feeling very giddy.

“You won!” exclaimed Ron as William sat down with the pouch. “How did you win or even better how much did you win?!”

“Well like I said yesterday, I made an anonymous bet. Instead of picking a side I chose a draw.” explained William as held opened up the bag to show everyone his winnings. “I won 600 galleons.” Everyone at the table gasped realizing just how much money he was carrying around.

“How did you know it was going to be a draw?” asked Hermione who did not understand how William could know.

“Well, as you know in my time I know Kingsley and McGonagall. I also know that they would never have a student willingly kill a living creature. The only logical outcome was that the dragon and I would both survive.” The Weasleys and Grangers remembered that their children had said he was from the future and his previous knowledge of these people and how they acted certainly confirmed that.

“What are you going to do with the money?” asked Ginny who had caught a large glance at the hoard in the pouch.

“I don’t really know. I don’t need it. I mean I already have money.” exclaimed William as he looked over his winnings. Money never appealed to William. Sure it was nice to have, but his view was that too much of it could prevent you from seeing the truth.

These thoughts were interrupted as another argument had broken out at the other end of the table. Again it was Simon Templeton and his family. “Come on, please buy me the broom. I need it for Quidditch tryouts. I’ll pay you back, I swear!” said the boy desperately trying to convince his parents. Much to his persistence they still denied by saying they were not able to afford it.

Harry and the rest of the Gryffindor table had seen this as the argument finally calmed down. A plan suddenly hit him and Harry looked at his friend’s and William with a smile. “I think I have an idea what we could do with the money!” The others knew exactly what he had in mind and immediately smiled.

“Take it!” exclaimed William as he happily handed Harry the pouch. “He needs it more than I do.”

A/N: So what does everyone think of William Black? What is the choice he has yet to make? More information will come in future chapters, but as for now i have to leave you wondering. Please feel free to leave a review. i work best on feedback and suggestions. Trust me, there is more to William than what everyone thinks.

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