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Disclaimer: Characters belong to JK Rowling, the plot is my own and the words in italics are lyrics which rightfully belong to Rascal Flatts for their amazing words, I own none of them. =)

On a cold, crisp winter night, Draco Malfoy found himself pacing outside his girlfriend's parents' house. His mind, a nervous wreck. His speech rehearsed several times over.

 He had been so blind; it had taken him several weeks to realize how arrogant, how stupid he had been. This was all new to him. Never had he felt this way about anyone or anything. And those strange feelings that stirred inside him, clenching and unclenching his belly…

 Draco always thought he had everything, a guy of his background could want. The persona he projected was rich, good looking and women wanted him. It was perfect, this carefree life of his, albeit a somewhat wild and extravagant lifestyle. This was how he wanted it. His carefully built up façade was impenetrable. No one could see the inner him, who he really was. He liked it that way. Or so he thought… until she walked into his life, and changed everything. She unbarricaded his lifeless heart and brought out feelings he could not grasp. Emotions he never knew he had. Pain that was both pleasure and excruciating torture…


 Now here he was pacing outside her door like a lovesick teen. God, he WAS lovesick. He wanted her back, by any means possible. If he had to crawl on all fours, grovel, then so be it. BUT how could he apologize? Frantically he fumbled for the correct words but his brain shut down. The few that came to him were useless. The minutes ticked by, he dropped to the front step, scrubbing his weary face, brushing back his hair. God, help him. He cursed hopelessly as he dropped his head into is hands in utter despair.


‘It’s not your mind you should be thinking with, it your heart,’ came an amused voice from the porch.


 Draco jerked up, stumbling in the process and landed into the soft blanket of snow that surrounded the house. The voice on the porch chuckled lightly.

 Draco flushed in embarrassment as a helping hand was extended to him, pulling him up.


‘Come on inside, Draco, you’re going to catch your death if you stay out here any longer,’ the calm cool voice of Hermione’s father said.  

‘No, I don’t know what to say,’ he mumbled awkwardly and then stifled a groan. He was such an imbecile, making a mental note to find the nearest wall and bash his head on it, privately of course. He’d already made a fool of himself, no need for the love-of-his-life’s father to think him batty too.


Hermione’s father soft chuckle brought him out of his morbid self-pity. ‘Draco, trust me, when it comes to women, no rehearsed speech will help much.’ He stopped and holding Draco's gaze he said quietly, ‘It’s best just to say what you really feel. As long as it comes from the heart, son,’ he smiled at Draco then, patting him on the back in encouragement.

As much as Draco appreciated his advice, he felt a spurt of irritation. What the devil did he know?! He wasn’t the one who had to go in there and profess his love, for the first time ever. And to a woman who was probably the most stubborn person this side of the Mediterranean. Beside why would she even listen to him, he thought bitterly.


Still he wanted her, desperately. He loved her. And so he made his way into the house. The moment he entered, warmth filled him. Brr… he rubbed his freezing hands, willing some warmth into them. He did not realize how truly cold it was outside.

  ‘Hermione’s in her room,’ her father said.

 Draco nodded, and headed off towards Hermione’s room. He had been here before and knew exactly where her room was located.

He knocked on the door and waited.

 ‘Come in,’ came her soft voice moments later. Hearing her voice again caused his heart to thud painfully, his belly tying itself into knots. He closed his eyes for a second. She was so close. His heart beat faster, almost slamming into his ribcage. Breathing in deeply, he turned the doorknob and pushed open the door.

There she was, so beautiful and lying on her bed, engrossed in her book. Soft wispy curls framed her face and fell down her shoulders in a tumble of curls, a gentle smile curving her mouth. He eyed her hungrily, and then his heart jerked painfully when he saw the small bump. Her belly was no longer flat but had grown into a little bump. Oh god, he had missed her so much.


She looked up then, and saw him. Chocolate brown eyes widen in shock. Hastily she sat up, the bump disappearing beneath her loose top and she tucked her hair behind her ear in an agitated manner. Colour rushed to her face, whether in pleasure or anger he did not know. All he wanted to do was drag her into his arms, kiss her passionately and never let her go. Grey eyes held brown, a keen longing in them. She jerked away, breaking contact. Silence followed, he watched as she slowly stood, arms clenched around her middle as if in protection, her gaze on the floor. ‘W-what are you doing here?’ her voice was a tremble of a whisper.

He racked his brain in a desperate attempt to remember his apology, but words deserted him at the sheen of tears in her eyes as she looked at him.

He dragged a hand through his hair. ‘Hermione…’ he began, thinking hard for something to say. Cursing himself when he couldn’t. There was only one thing to do. He walked towards her, but she stepped back.

 ‘Don’t,’ he pleaded, ‘don’t walk away from me,’ he said quietly, his eyes dark with pain and yearning. ‘I-I want to apologize—I’m sorry it took me this long to realise that.’


She glared at him and to her humiliation, a tear rolled down her face. ‘It’s too late. I want you to leave. You said what you had to, several months ago—.’

 ‘I came… often,’ he protested but she cut him off. ‘Strange then for someone who came “frequently” that I didn't see you—oh, you meant your ghost did,’ she said sarcastically. ‘Please, leave Draco. Its over!’ she turned away and went to the window and stared out.

Anger burned at her stubbornness to give him a chance but love won out. Anger had no place here, if he wanted her in his life again.

‘Hermione,’ he began once again ‘... I-I know it’s been a long while, I did come over many times but I was afraid and I—I just, ugh,’ he cut of annoyed at himself. Speak with your heart, fool! Right!!


The words simultaneously came out ‘before we met I was free— ’


‘Excuse me?!’ she cried out incredulously, swinging around so fast, he thought she would fall.

‘No, listen—,’ he held up his hand to silence her, ‘hear me out and if at the end you still want me to leave, I will. As hard as it will be.’ But she didn’t need to know that even then he wasn’t giving up. If it meant carting her of to places unknown until she forgave him and loved him again, so be it.

 ‘You must understand, I never had to worry about anyone but me.’

The look she gave him told him, she was mad as hell and made him aware that she wasn’t buying his poor excuse of an apology. He ignored her deadly stare and continued.

 ‘…now that boy is gone—in his place is a man. A man that needs you desperately,’ his eyes begged for understanding. ‘So…if I stumble, if I fall… forgive me, because I’m learning as I go along.’


She interrupted impatiently, ‘I don’t have time for this—.’

Draco pressed on, determined to finish what he came here to say. ‘See me through… please Hermione, just hear me. This aching heart has come so far to be with you,’ he placed a hand on his heart, stepping forward, closer towards her.


With angel eyes, just look inside,’ he hit his hand against his chest, before throwing his head back and laughing cruelly at himself as tears obscured his vision. Then he looked back at her. His voice became husky to the point of breaking, ‘just look inside, at all this love I never want to lose,’ he said hand still on his heart and his heart in his eyes.


Hermione stood still, motionless and his words roiled through her. The walls protecting her fragile heart crumbled then broke to see liquid grey eyes looking at her. She wanted to go over and wrap her arms around him. Still afraid to believe this was true, she inched forward cautiously. Never had he cried. It hurt to see him cry.


He stood still. The last thing he wanted to do was make her retreat now. He never realized just how much he needed her and wanted her. He was not letting her go, ever again. He had never known what love was, until she showed him, until her smile opened his heart without his consent and touched it.

 ‘I know sometimes I let you down,’ he cleared his throat at the emotions gathered there, ‘but, I need you. And I never needed anyone, until you.’ More tears rolled down her face.

He looked away feeling ashamed, that he was the cause of those tears that rolled down her beautiful face.

Hermione moved closer to him, only a step away from him now. His heart beat painfully. Hopefully.

Hermione watched him, as he brushed back his overlong blond hair in that endearing manner that made her heart catch. Their argument had been petty. So what if he didn’t want to live together, it was okay, she could wait until he was ready. She reached out to him and that was all he needed and took the last step wrapping his arms tightly around her and closed his eyes in a thankful prayer.

He drew back and gazed at her, grey eyes filled with love. ‘And if I ever make you cry,’ he said softly, ‘forgive me, even though I’ll try hard not too.’ He gently wiped away her tears.


 She closed her eyes at his touch. Her lips trembled. She was going to lose control of her fragile emotions, if he kept this up. Not that she didn’t like it.

 He gently lifted her chin to him. ‘There’s nothing I won’t do for you,’ he said softly. She smiled a shaky smile at him, her heart filling with love.

 ‘I’m not prefect,’ he said and she wrinkled her nose at that, causing him to laugh. ‘but I will try,’ he rolled his eyes at that, then he grinned his eyes twinkling, ‘A little time is all I ask for.’


In response Hermione hugged him fiercely. She was never going to let go, she held him tightly with all her strength she could muster. He buried his face in her soft brown curls, inhaling deeply the smell of lavender in her hair. He missed this so much. Lord, it felt good to hold her again, her tiny frame melting into his.


Only you could see through this mask I wear,’ he said with a rueful shake of his gorgeous head. Then immediately he bent his head and kissed her full on the lips, tasting the saltiness of her tears. 

They finally broke apart, both breathless, and happiness shining in their eyes.

 ‘And now Hermione Granger, mother of my child, say you’ll marry me,' he said, digging into his pocket and pulling out a small jewellers box. Seeing her surprise, he smiled, saying, ‘well, I was hopeful.’ He got down on one knee, and looked up at her. The smile that lit her face made him the happiest man ever. She did not take the ring but threw her arms around him, ‘yes-yes-yes!’ she cried, kissing his face all over, all most tumbling them both over. He stood and quickly pushed the ring onto her fourth finger and dropped a hard kiss on her lips.


A/N: I’m sorry this seems rushed, this was my first fluff one-shot, to make up for the long wait. For all you guys that like my novels =) Hope this makes up for it. A fluffy little Christmas/new years gift. ^_-

Reviews are always welcome *hugs reviewers*

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