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A/N: This was originally split into two chapters but it made the first section very short so I've decided to reunite them, hope you don't mind it being a bit longer than normal and let me know if the two don't line up properly!

Also, my beta tells me I should let you know that the lyrics are my own and should not be used without my permission...or something like that =) Without further ado, chapter nine:

After curfew in the Gryffindor common room, it was usually thriving; tonight however, it was almost deserted, everyone seemed to have decided on an early night. Tomorrow was the long awaited Slytherin/Gryffindor match and everyone wanted to be up early in order to get down to the pitch and secure the very best seats.

Lily sat in a chair near the back of the room, James was by the fire surrounded by the house team. Lily daydreamed as she tapped her pen against her chin and hummed a soft song to herself. The meeting came to an end, James got to his feet and with much scraping of chairs the others followed suit. They filed past Lily one by one on orders to “Go straight to bed and get a good nights sleep.”

“Night, Lily.” Lily snapped back to the real world and smiled.

“Goodnight Maverick. Good luck tomorrow boys, Jane, night Fliss.”

“Night.” The others chorused. And then there were two. Lily thought as James sauntered up to her and deposited himself on the sofa opposite.

“If I didn’t know better Evans I’d say you’d stayed down here after everyone else had left just to get me all to yourself.” He gave her a cheeky grin and an exaggerated wink. Lily’s stomach did a little summersault. Naughty stomach!

“I did.” James coughed and sat up straight, ruffling his hair, Lily giggled a little.

“Excuse me?” he asked. Lily laughed again, he was so adorable when he was nervous. Wait- adorable? Where did that come from? He is annoying, bigheaded, a total…hottie! Arggh! Lily couldn’t even convince herself she didn’t like James no wonder she couldn’t convince everyone else.

“I need to ask you about Prefect rounds for next term.”

“And you couldn’t do this when I was with friends because…?” he cocked his head to one side curiously in an endearing gesture.

“Oh I could have but you looked so busy with the team; I didn’t want to bother you. Who am I to interrupt the Quidditch genius that is Mr Potter while he’s instructing his team on just exactly how to trounce the enemy team?”

“You flatter me Lily.”

“I do, oh god what’s wrong with me? I must be coming down with something!” Lily exclaimed exaggeratedly swooning with her hand to her forehead, they both laughed and then fell into companionable silence.

“So…” James prompted after a few minutes of catching each others eye smiling shyly and looking away again.

“Oh! Of course, well I’ve drawn up a rota, I just wanted you to check it over for me please, tell me what you think then you need to sign off on it.”

“Sure.” James took the piece of parchment covered in her flowing script and neat little lines from her outstretched hand. He studied it for a few moments then said, “Lily, you’ve put Lee down twice here, you’ve got Jess down on a Wednesday too- doesn’t she have Gobstones Club that night?”

“Oh yes, well remembered, pass it here? Yep, we can put Lee here, cross him out there, Jess can go here and if we just… There! Don’t mind giving up your Friday night once every two weeks do you James?” Lily looked at him; he was leaning over her right shoulder studying the paper in front of her. He looked at her for a second with something akin to adoration on his face, then looked back down at the timetable.

“Not if it means I get to spend it with you.” Lily shivered as he breathed his answer onto her neck, the warmth tickling her goose pimpled skin.

“O-Ok, just put your initials here.” Lily indicated with her right index finger, James reached down for the quill, his hand brushing down her bare forearm and his chest grazed her back and shoulder, he took the pen from her hand which she was mortified to see was shaking. She quickly clasped both hands in her lap. If James realised what he was doing to her insides– mega tummy tinglings!- he didn’t show a thing. Pull yourself together girl, it’s just Potter. So what if he’s so cute it should be illegal? Has the hottest body you’ve ever seen and if he’s…oh god… if he’s looking at you like that! Lily closed her eyes for a second to guard herself from the intense heat of his gaze and when they reopened, he wasn’t nearly as close to her as he had been.

“Is that all you wanted then Lily?” he asked from his new position; reclined against the edge of a nearby table. God no! I want you! I want you!

“Yep, that’s everything.” She smiled at him and tried not to let her mind wander to exactly how she wanted him.

“Goodnight then Lily.”

“Goodnight James.” James headed for the stairs but stopped to look back, one hand on the door frame as Lily called his name again. “James. Good luck tomorrow.”

“Thank you. Sleep sweet.”

“You too James.” Lily began to collect her belongings, muttering to herself as she did so. “‘Good luck James’, ‘you too James’.” She sneered at herself. “Uh! What are you doing?”

“First sign that you know.” Lily jumped almost a foot in the air and dropped her stuff everywhere as a voice sounded from behind her.

“Jesus Remus! Don’t do that! You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry.” Remus said sheepishly quickly covering a smirk at her reaction.

“First sign of what anyway?” she asked a little flustered as she began to pick up the stuff she had dropped in her surprise. 

“Talking to yourself- it’s the first sign of madness.”

“Oh I’m well past the first sign.” Lily mumbled from the floor where she was sat on her haunches retrieving various papers.

“Didn’t catch that, what did you say?”

“It doesn’t matter. I thought you went to bed ages ago anyway?” Lily asked.

“Forgot my bag.” He explained picking it up from the floor between the table and the chair leg.

“Oh right, night then Remus.” She said walking away to her dorm room. Remus stood and watched Lily’s retreating form. Was it just him or had he heard James’s name when he had walked in on Lily talking to herself? He gave the stairwell a curious look, then slung his bag over his shoulder, shook his head and headed to his own dormitory. 

The common room erupted in cheers as the portrait swung open to reveal the resplendent Quidditch team, fresh from the showers and back in their civvies. Remus and Peter had set up a table to one side of the room with drinks and snacks. Lily hadn’t asked where the butterbeer had appeared from because she had a feeling she wouldn’t like the answer.

A crowd of congratulators surrounded the winning team near the entrance, the room was full of happy excited chatter and someone had brought down something that looked like a muggle boom box with funny wires sticking out of the top.

“Hey James! Can we turn up the music?” someone shouted across the common room, everyone’s heads snapped to look at James. James looked at Lily: everybody looked at Lily. She pointed her wand at the wireless and turned the volume up to max, with a graceful sweep of her arm the furniture moved to one side of the room, the students looked confusedly at the empty floor and the Head pupils. James sent Lily a “What are you up to?” look, which was confusing in itself as it was usually the other way round. Then Tia snagged Lily’s hand – she caught on right away, she always knew what Lily was thinking – and dragged her into the middle of the space. Lily undid her hair clip and shook loose a tumble of glorious amber curls. The two began to dance. Soon almost all of the Gryffindor girls had joined them; a few lads had been dragged along too.

Mostly the boys watched the girls. Actually, mostly the boys watched Lily and Tia. Actually, the boys couldn’t remove their eyes from Lily and the strangest thing? She didn’t seem to care.

“Is James watching me?” Lily asked, grinding her hips to the beat, she couldn’t decide whether that was a pleasant or an unpleasant idea.

“Are you kidding Lily? Every male in the room is watching you!” That, Lily decided, was a very unpleasant idea.

“What? Why?” she said glancing around and finding Tia to be telling the truth.

“Duh, because you’re gorgeous, you’re single, they can’t believe it’s you and…oh yeah…’cause you’re with me!” They both laughed whole heartedly at the last bit. Lily grabbed Tia and pulled her off the dance floor in search of much needed liquid and gossip.

“What did you mean by, ‘they can’t believe it’s me’?” she asked at the first chance.

“Come on! Who could have imagined that little miss Head Girl would be the one to not only authorise this party but would crank up the volume, would dance like that, would have that many buttons undone?” Tia appended with a raised eyebrow. Lily looked down at her shirt, it’s not that bad!

“It’s hot in here!” she justified.

“I’ll say.”

“Oh. Hi Sirius.” Tia greeted the rakishly handsome man; she seemed unperturbed by the possessive arm around her waist and smiled at his suggestive comment.

“Black. We were in the middle of a conversation, was there something that you wanted?”

He gave Tia a burning sweep of his eyes that made her eyes sparkle in acknowledgement. “Why only to ask your gorgeous friend here if she might give me the immense pleasure of accompanying me onto the dance floor.” He said, giving Lily his best innocent expression.

Even his best isn’t anything like innocent, Lily thought, but she smiled anyway.

“What do you say gorgeous?” he asked Tia looking her straight in the eye.

And she’s gone. Lily sighed inwardly as she saw Tia’s hand sneak up to play with the pendent hanging around her neck.

Tia peered around Sirius, “Do you mind?”

I can read her like a book! “Of course not.” Giving Tia a quick thumbs up as reply to the thrilled look on her face, Sirius didn’t notice however, as he was stroking his hand down her arm to take her hand in his.

Tia mouthed her thanks to Lily and then disappeared with Sirius into the crush of people on the Lily-made dance floor.

Lily was left standing alone, but not for long.


“I must say, I didn’t think you could surprise me anymore but you've surpassed yourself in doing so this time.”

“James,” she greeted, turning to face him from finding herself a butterbeer.

“Lily,” he countered with a tilt of his head, a smirk twitching at the corner of his mouth. They stared at each other for a few moments until Lily could no longer keep a straight face and James could no longer be serious.

“You were great today James.” Lily grinned. Damn his sexy little half smile! It couldn’t fail to make her beam.


“I mean I’ve only ever seen quidditch at Hogwarts so it’s not like I’m an expert but even I know that ten goals in twenty minutes is more than impressive.”

James blushed a little at her praise but smiled proudly all the same. “I’ve never seen you at a match before, are you not a fan?”

“Are you kidding, I always go! I love it! It’s so exhilarating and that’s just watching it, but to play, now that must be something.”

“Wait, are you telling me you’ve never played quidditch?” He asked astonishment evident on his face. Lily shook her head. “Ever?”

“Never ever.”

“Why not? How is it even possible to be seventeen and not have played even once?”

“Muggleborn remember?”

“Oh no, actually I forgot for a minute there, but still, you fly don’t you?”

Lily didn’t answer for a second. He forgot? He forgot I was Muggleborn? He really doesn’t care what I am. You were wrong about him Severus. Come to that – so was I.

James was still looking at her expectantly as if the fate of the wizarding world depended upon her answer.

“Well…I had that one lesson that time. You know, first year.”

James’s jaw hung slack. Literally. “Lily, that isn’t even classed as flying! We hovered six feet off the ground for twenty seconds.” Lily blushed in embarrassment. “First thing tomorrow morning I am taking you flying,” he stated decisively.

“But I don’t have a broom.”

“I do. Come on, you up for it? I’d say we could go right now but someone has to keep an eye on this rabble.” He gestured to where Peter had managed to land flat on his bottom and he had taken three unsuspecting girls and an angry looking Sirius with him.

“Ok. I’m in.” For once Lily was going to be impulsive. Looks like James is starting to rub off on you. Shush, I can be spontaneous if I want to be, it has nothing to do with James. Ahem. 

James beamed at her. “Great! Excuse me,” and he hurried off to pick up Peter and convince Sirius that he really didn’t want to hex his friend “until his bits fell off.”

Lily watched James expertly diffuse the situation with not a little admiration on her part. A charming smile and the hope of a dance later had the girls off Peter’s back. An arm round Sirius’s shoulder with a whispered comment that made both smirk and a gentle push in the direction of a lonely looking Tia had the scowl lifted from his face. A pat on the back and a kind word of encouragement had Peter happily trying to dance once again.

James looked up from where he had started a conversation with Remus and caught her eye, he flashed a conspiratorial grin at her and far from being embarrassed at being caught watching him she found herself smiling back.


“Hi, Maverick,” she said, quickly removing her eyes from James and turning to face the burly boy. “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes thanks. Erm…would you like to dance with me?”

WHAT? I was not expecting that! He held out his hand to her, Lily looked at it than back at James; he was watching her intently and was no longer smiling. Oh! She turned back to Maverick and placed her hand in his. Well I could hardly say no. She reasoned. He’s standing right in front of me. It’s not as if I’ve got a reason not to, James isn’t my boyfriend! He hasn’t even asked me to dance. Besides, I don’t need to justify myself – especially not to myself! Lily looked back at James as Maverick led her onto the dance floor; his expression was unfathomable. Lily almost mouthed a “sorry” to him but then bit her lip at the last moment. There is nothing to apologise for, she insisted but she couldn’t pretend she didn’t feel that tiny twist of guilt. Actually, she could – and she did.

Lily was soon having fun dancing, the song was a favourite of hers with a heavy bass line and she couldn’t resist running her hands through her hair and flinging it around as she moved to the beat. She made Maverick laugh as she played her air guitar, Sirius and Tia joined them and she and Black soon had the pair in stitches as they cried “flower power” with accompanying ‘mash potato’, ‘swim’, ‘fly’ and ‘the monkey’ dance moves.

The song came to and end and another started, a sultry little number. By this time Lily was having such a ball she didn’t notice the raven haired boy with an equally dark expression watching her from the edge of the room. Lily and Tia started the famous ‘bump and grind’, there was an appreciative low whistle from Sirius as they linked hands and slowly wound down to the floor before pulling up with a slow body roll. The girls giggled at the expressions on the boys faces. Close your mouth Maverick.

As soon as they were up Sirius grabbed Tia around the waist, Maverick seemed to be debating whether or not he dared to do the same to Lily. Lily smiled at her friend and put her arms around his neck.

“Your mouths still open ‘Rick,” she giggled.

“Who knew you could move like that?”

“I did,” she smiled and continued to dance. When a much slower song came on Lily’s smile dropped a little. Maverick didn’t notice though as he pulled her closer, Lily turned her head to the side and was forced to rest her cheek on his chest.

That was when she saw him. He was leaning against a table on the other side of the room, a butterbeer in hand, watching her. Their eyes locked, a fierce, intense look blazing just behind the hazel and Lily could not drag her gaze from his. As she swayed in Maverick’s arms, she couldn’t help thinking: I wish it was you.

She saw James jump up straight suddenly, almost as if…There is no way he could have heard that! I only thought it! He couldn’t have…could he? At that moment someone stepped in front of James and her view was impeded, when she found him again he was standing right in front of her.

“May I cut in?”

“Erm…I thought you two had broken up?” he whispered to Lily.

“Err…we did,” she replied, she didn’t have time to explain it all now and she couldn’t concentrate when James was looking at her like that. Like what? Like…THAT!

“Fine,” Maverick conceded, he didn’t seem very happy about it but his hands dropped from her waist and as the final chords of the song died James stepped closer to her.

I knew from the moment I saw you,
You were the one,
The fist time I touched you,
My swan song was sung.

Lily and James stood a foot apart and simply looked at one another, the hubbub of fifty other students faded into the background.

’Cause I’ve got you baby,
Under my skin,
And there is no escape
But do I want there to be?

James raised his hand with his palm towards her. Lily mirrored his action and their palms touched, finger to finger, thumb to thumb.

I can’t sleep at night,
But I dream of you,
I love you baby,
Don’t you know that it’s true? 

They both watched as their fingers interlaced, James closed the gap between them placing a warm hand to the small of her back gazing deep into her eyes.

’Cause I got you baby,
Under my skin,

Lily reached up and put her hand on his shoulder and slowly they began to move unable to drag their eyes from each other.

And there is no escape,
But do I want there to be?

Lily sighed and laid her cheek against his chest, listening to the steady thrumming of his heart, James rested his temple on the top of her head and closed his eyes breathing in a lungful of her delightful scent.


The portrait was flung open and in strode McGonagall, she flicked her wand agitatedly and the music cut out, the students froze and as one turned silently to look at their formidable professor.

“Really! I am just as thrilled as you that we won the match but you all should have been in bed hours ago. Where are the Head Boy and Girl?” Heads turned to follow as Minerva marched to a corner of the common room; she pulled a dark haired boy from a very amorous display of affection for the girl he had pinned to the wall.

“What the…? Oh Minnie.” He grinned at his irate Head of House. “How are you this evening?” The girl hastily smoothed her hair and rearranged her top blushing profusely. She hit her partner in crime on the arm trying to get him to shut up.

“I hardly think that this is appropriate public behaviour!” was her response.

“Oh come on Minnie, not jealous are we?” The young Professor seemed at a loss for words. “Because you know… you are a very attractive woman…” He continued and McGonagall turned a very fetching shade of pink.

“Enough Mr. Black! Where are Mr. Potter and Miss Evans?”

Sirius nodded to a couple shrouded in shadow in a far corner of the room. They seemed oblivious to the fact the music was no longer playing as they continued to dance slowly, talking and laughing softly together, their heads inclined intimately toward one another, unaware of their audience.

“Lily...” James whispered and she looked up at him, she took his breath away; her face was half lit, the shadows softening her features and giving her an ethereal glow. She gazed at him from beneath her long soot lashes and her lips were slightly parted in anticipation. She waited with baited breath.


As if he had been shaken from a dream, James looked around him dazedly to see his professor – along with the rest of Gryffindor house – starring at him.

“Get these students to bed at once and I want this room back in its normal state before you retire!”

“Yes Professor,” he answered turning back to Lily as McGonagall left the room. Lily had not taken her eyes from him and it was with a small shock he realised their hands were still clasped, her fingers still brushing the nape of his neck and his thumb just touching the hem of her top. The position just felt so natural, it felt so good to have her in his arms. Reluctantly he released his hold on her and took a step back still unable to drag his eyes from her steady gaze; he raised his voice.

“Right, bed time you lot.” A storm of moans and complaints was the response to his order.

Lily finally turned away from him. “Come on, you heard the man, bed.” Slowly the students began to move towards the stairs still mumbling and groaning. “Just be glad you don’t have to stay and clean up!” she smiled and moved to start gathering the fallen sweet wrappers and streamers.

“Do you want some help Lily?” A girl asked gesturing to her boyfriend who had an arm draped around her shoulder. “We don’t mind.”

“Thanks Charlotte but James and I have got it covered, you head up to bed.”

“Ok, night Lily.”


Lily continued to collect the scattered rubbish, conjuring a black sack she began to fill it placing forgotten belongings on a windowsill to be retrieved tomorrow morning. Eventually she could no longer stand it. She could feel his eyes boring into her back. She swiveled to face him; he was leaning against the wall on the other side of the deserted room his arms crossed in front of his chest, his legs outstretched.

“What?” she asked rather rudely. He gave her a hard long hard look that made Lily a little uncomfortable. It’s like he knows what you’re thinking, but that’s not possible – even you don’t know what you’re thinking when you look at him! He pushed off from the wall and with a flourish of his wand the furniture was back to its previous position.

“Nothing,” he replied unhelpfully.

Well if he’s not going to say anything, neither am I, she decided petulantly.

“Sleep sweet, Lily”

“Goodnight, James.”

He strolled out of the room and up the stairs and Lily collapsed into a chair letting out a breath she wasn’t aware she had been holding. Damn you James Potter, just when I think I’ve got you figured…

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