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"Fallon, when did you say your due? You look like your ready to pop," George asked, less than tactfully. I shook my head and the girls started laughing at his idiocy.

"What? It's a valid question. Everyone knows Fallon is fit enough normally that she'd never be this big," George added in a confused tonestill tactless. 

"George, you tongue tied oaf, I'm due next week," I smiled. The time had flown. As promised, I did stay off a broom. Quidditch was over, but I still missed flying. School wasschool. I had been spending more time in my Animagus form, but I was more careful, so I'd not been caught. And appointment with St. Mungo's revealed that my baby was doing just fine, and was healthy. 

"What's the nursery look like?" Katie asked.

"Green. Mum did it before we knew the sex of the baby, before, when we'd intentioned not to know. It's beautiful. You'll have to come and see it over the summer," I suggested.

"Yeah, we will," Alicia agreed.

"It's getting late, I'm gonna go to bed," Angelina yawned. Realizing the time, everyone else followed in suit, leaving Oliver and I alone in our room.

"What are we going to do when we have to go back to school after Tara is born. It's going to be so hard to leave her Oliver," I sighed. She wasn't even born yet, but I knew how precious she would be. 

"We'll stay as long as we can, and maybe Dumbledore will let us go home at some point," Oliver offered quietly. I rested my head on his chest, and listened to his slow, steady heartbeat. 

We stayed like that for a few minutes, when we heard an odd tapping noise. I picked my head up, and glanced at the window, where to my surprise I found a small barn owl waiting on the window ledge.

"I wonder who would be sending something at this hour," I commented, surprise evident in my voice. 

I slipped off the bed and made my way quickly over to the window. I opened it for the owl that immediately flew to the bed, dropped the parchment it carried and flew straight back out the window.

"Odd. They normally wait for a reply. Whose it for?" I asked as I walked back to the bed. 

"Hmm'To Mr. and Mrs. Wood, Gryffindor Quidditch Captains Dorm, Hogwarts. Must be from Dumbledore," Oliver replied.

"Open it then," I requested as I plopped down beside him. He opened it and read it aloud: 

Mr. and Mrs. Wood,
I've heard that is what your prefer to be called now Ms. Fallon, so I addressed you as such. It came to my attention that I have not informed you of the arrangement I've made especially for once your baby is born. I've connected your fireplace to the floo network so you may return home whenever you've time. However, you must not abuse this hefty privilege. I will monitor your fireplace to some extent. 

Professor Dumbledore

PS Yes Mrs. Wood, your friend may know about your arrangement, however I stress to you that you inform them to keep it to themselves, and especially for the Weasleys not to abuse the knowledge. If your fireplace is misused I won't know by whom, so if they create antics, you may loose the privilege. 

"loose the privilege. Wow, that's incredible," Oliver said happily.

"Yeah. Tomorrow we'll got home to tell our parents, and I can show you the nursery. It's lovely," I remembered the beautiful job my mother had done. 

"I'm sure it is, but now we must get some sleep. We do have classes in the morning, and look at the time," Oliver laughed a little. I cut my eyes to the clock. My eyes grew a little wide at what I saw, but I didn't say anything. Instead I proceeded to turn out the lights and snuggle up next to Oliver.... 

"Classes were a bugger. I don't know how you two still seem to be in a good mood," George complained.

"You'll see, come up to our dorm," Oliver replied, but didn't finish.

"You've got to swear not to tell or misuse what we're going to show you," I added,

"But you lot do need to know about it, or next time you can't find us you'll have a panic attack," Oliver finished. Our friend each gave us odd looks but said nothing opting instead to follow us up to our dorm. 

Once in our dorm and closing the door I explained, "Basically, Professor Dumbledore has given us a special privilege. Our fireplace is now connected to the floo network so that we can return home. Fred, George, you are NOT to use this fireplace for any of your tricks, because if our fireplace is abused, Dumbledore may be forced to disconnect it from the network."

"Speaking of which, we're headed home now to tell our parents the good news, so good-bye," Oliver laughed, threw some flew powder into the fireplace, called out the name of my home, grabbed me around the waist, and jumped into the emerald flames.

"Mum! Moira!" I called as we moved from the living room towards the kitchen, where they were most likely to be. 

"In here!" A voice from the kitchen replied. Of course they'd be in the kitchen where else?

"What're you two doing here? Not that we're unhappy to see you," Moira asked, but covered the assumption that could be made from the question alone. 

"Dumbledore has allowed our fireplace to be connected to the floo network. We're going to be able to come home nearly everyday!" I explained gleefully.

"That's great dear," Mum smiled warmly.

"I'm going to go show Oliver the nursery, he hasn't gotten to see it yet," I told her as I dragged a laughing Oliver from the kitchen.

I led him upstairs to the room next to mine, the nursery. He followed me inside and I turned on a light. We used a cross between muggle and magical lighting. 

"Wow Fallon what your mum did, it's beautiful," Oliver commented as he looked around the room.

"At the time when she did it, we didn't know the sex of the baby, so she did it in green. I think Tara will be happy here," I informed Oliver. 

"I hope she will. I think she will be," Oliver revised. 

Oliver and I walked hand in hand down the hall towards the stairs, intent on saying good-bye to our mums before leaving, when I stopped suddenly. There was a jerk from below my stomach, and I felt wet.

I stopped and look down, being able to see as the spells were still on my stomach.

"Fallon?" Oliver asked, concern in his voice, "is something wrong?"

"Oliver, I-I think my water just broke," I stuttered.

"What? We can fix it... hold on...Your water-wait what does that mean?" Oliver asked, not understanding.

"It means Tara is ready, and we need to get to St. Mungo's. C'mon, let's get downstairs. You can apparate us once Mum and Moira know," I told him quickly.
We hurried downstairs, and found Mum and Moira. We told them quickly what was going on and just as we were about to apparate Moira stopped us.

"You've got to take the spells off. Where is your wand?" She asked.

"Bloody hell, I left in our- ahh," I cut myself off as I had a contraction.

"Never mind, I'll do it," Moira replied and quickly lifted the spells.

"Hurry, go. We'll get your father and go," Mum urged. Needing no further urging Oliver gripped my arm and apparated us to St. Mungo's.

An Hour Later

"What's taking so long? Why did they make me leave?" Oliver asked. He was pacing outside my room. Something was going a little wrong.

"It's okay Oliver," Moira assured him, "Fallon is strong, but she is young, and this is her first child. The healers say she didn't have much in her stomach as far as food goes so she's a bit low energy. She's gonna be fine, I promise. Calm down. The healer said you should be able to go in a few minutes," Moira tried to reassure her son.

A few minutes turned into fifteen when a healer finally came.

"Mr. Wood?" She asked. 

Oliver whipped around, "Yes, that's me. How's Fallon? And the baby?" 

"Both fine," The healer smiled, "But Fallon had a slightly difficult birth. She is exhausted. Your visit should be fine, but only you and your parents. I must insist that anyone else wait until tomorrow."

"Anyone else? It's only us," Oliver replied, confused.

"You obviously haven't been away from this door. Not surprising of a new father. Just go inside, you can see anyone else later," The healer advised. Oliver required no more pushing, and crept into my room.

"Fallon?" He whispered quietly.

I looked up from where I'd been resting my eyes. A little pink bundle lay in my arms. I knew I looked horrible, probably worse than Oliver had ever seen me. I had bags under my eyes I knew, my hair was everywhere, and I was still a little sweaty. I don't need to go into detail

"Fallon, you're beautiful," Oliver murmured. "How're you feeling?" He asked as he took as seat near my hip on the bed. 

"I'm tired, and I feel gross," I answered honestly, "But I'm very happy. Would you like to meet your daughter Oliver?" I asked with a small close-lipped smile.

Oliver's eyes took on a new shine, and he grew a smile that stretched from ear to ear.
"Oliver," I paused as I pulled the blanket back a bit, "Meet your daughter, Tara Ryann Wood." 

He smiled, and held a finger out to her, which she curled her tiny fingers around.
"Here, hold her," I suggested.

"No, I don't know how," He stammered.

"Here, just support her head and back like this," I positioned his arms and placed Tara within the cradle his arms created.

"She's so tiny," Oliver murmured.

"If you'd told me that an hour ago I wouldn't have believed you," I laughed quietly. 

"She's beautiful," Oliver added, still speaking in mono-sentences. 

"I think she's going to have her grandfather's eyes," I said quietly. I'd noticed this before, but I didn't know how I would mention it. You see, I had hazel eyes, Oliver had brown eyes, my parents had brown and green eyes, and Moira had grey eyes, but little Tara had blue eyes, like her other grandfather. 

"She'll have you hair though. Look, you can already see little red wisps," Oliver commented to my observation.

"And you know she'll love quidditch," I laughed.

"Of course, with her family, how could she not?" Oliver grinned. 

"Oliver, neither me or Tara can go home tonight. They want me to stay, just in case, and I've got to be around to feed Tara," I told him, hoping not to upset him.

"Okay, then I'll stay," Oliver, replied without having to think about it.

"But what about everyone who wants to know how the baby is? I know my parents were waiting for you to go to the waiting room," I realized, concern in my tone.

"Today we need to spend time with the family, our new family. They are family too, but this is time for our new little girl. I'll ask the nurse to tell them when she comes to check on you."

Oliver did just that. We didnt emerge until the next day

The Next Morning, Grier Estate

"I've got the bags Fallon, if you'll just get the door," Oliver asked as we approached the door. We'd opted for muggle travel, since Tara was still so young.

"Got it Oliver," I answered and opened the door.

Once inside there was an uproar of people of people.

"Everyone calm down," Oliver said in a stern voice, "You're going to wake up Tara."
Everyone grew quiet and looked at Oliver. It wasn't like him to be quite that authoritative. 

"Tara is sleeping, but everyone can look before I put her down for her nap," I offered. Everyone silently crept around to look at her.

"She's beautiful," My father smiled. 

"Thank you," I replied gratefully. 

Similar compliments were murmured in hushed tones before I left the room, as promised, to let Tara sleep.

That Night

I couldn't seem to fall asleep. Tara was actually sleeping better than most newborns, so I really had no excuse. Despite that I stood watching her illuminated by the moonlight seeping in through the window. 

"What are you doing awake?" A familiar voice said from behind me.

"Can't sleep. Why are you awake?" I explained as familiar arms wrapped around me. 

"Same reason as you," He answered. We stood in this harmony for a time, before I spoke again.

"Oliver, we should pick a godparent, other than our parents, in case something should happen" I trailed off. We both thought for a moment before we came to a conclusion

"Braeden," we whispered at the same time.

"He'll be thrilled," I replied.

"Yeah, he will," Oliver concurred. We stood silently again until I voiced the thoughts stirring in my head.

"Oliver how many children did you say you wanted?" I asked him.

"Eight," Oliver chuckled.

"I think we could manage that," I replied with a smirk. I was curious about his reaction to this bit of information.

"What's brought about this change? Not that I'm complaining. I want a huge family," Oliver asked. I answered him as honestly as I could.

"Oliver, I didn't think it would feel like this the minute I held her, saw her for the first time, I felt this infinite inexplicable love, like I loved her with every fiber of my being from the moment I laid eyes on her," I murmured.

"I know me too. Fallon, this is the best thing that's ever happened to me. That's why I want a large family. Fallon, this feeling doesn't go away. There is just more and more love in the family," Oliver said.

I turned to face him, my arms coiling around his neck

"Oliver, I love you. You're the part of the reason we have Tara. Oliver, thank you for everything. I love you, Oliver, more than life itself," I locked eyes with him.

"Fallon, I'm sorry I took so long, I'm sorry it took odd circumstances to bring us together, but god I love you. I love you so much Fallon," He murmured.

I was happy then. I was just whole. Like when people tell women their glowing, and rot like that, I never understood it. Now I do though, it's when people are just so utterly happy that their happiness overflows and those around them can literally feel their joy. That's what I was now. Glowing.

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