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I own nothing belonging to the HP universe. And I have no connection what so ever to 'Demon Hunter' or Solid State Records

I'm not getting anything for this story. This is purely for the sake of Creativity

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Also, the words in BOLD are the Lyrics. and the words in Italics are his thoughts

I don't belong here
I never saw this on the path I walk

When he joined the death eaters he never thought this would happen

The blood-stained walls, the lines of chalk on the floor

Severus collapsed to the floor. He had just heard the news. Lilly and James Potter were dead.

Well, James’ death he could live with he had never liked the prat…but Lilly…oh Merlin what have I done? 

He had heard the prophesy... From Trelawny’s own lips. And what he had done? He had gone straight to the Dark Lord. 

His shoulders quaked as hot tears escaped his eyes.
He had begged the Dark Lord to spare Lilly. 

What a fool he had been to think that the Dark Lord would spare her.

It's getting so hard
I never saw the backlash when the tide began to rise

How could he have not seen this coming?
Why didn’t he just listen to Lilly’s warning? 

I can't remember
The way it was when everything felt right

Severus could scarcely remember those talks with Lilly when he was still an innocent boy. When it was just him and Lilly Evans…When they were friends.

My mouth held shut and eyes sealed tight with control

So I remember on the inside….

I found a dark, infernal place I don't want to face anymore
Somehow, I won't stop feeding the pain
My heart's just the same as before

Severus looked down at the bottle of fire whiskey in his hands…no matter how much he drank,  the pain and guilt wouldn’t leave his conscience.

So now I'm stuck here
Between the guilty and the insincere

He had betrayed the woman he loved so much. He had all but led the Dark Lord right to her! 

Why the bloody hell hadn’t he just kept the prophecy to himself!

With those thoughts he angrily threw the bottle against the wall and stared as the remaining alcohol dripped down the wall

The words I spoke have left here all alone
I should have known this
I could've burned it when I had that choice
And now I'd die to kill this noise in my head

His self hatred flared at the memory of his last encounter with Lilly.
She had come to his defense and what had he done? Called her a mud blood!

He could just imagine the scene. The bastard James Potter. Dead…Lilly had to have been next….beautiful Lilly. Struck by the killing curse…he could just imagine her screams. 

Had she begged that her baby to be spared?

And what of her baby boy? 
He knew from Dumbledore that the boy had survived.
That boy was now an orphan. His beloved Lilly would not be there to take care of him.

And it’s your fault Severus.

He pointed his wand at himself ready to commit suicide. He was so ready to just die…but what would that do? Would it silence that voice in his head?

Severus lowered his wand. 

No of course it wouldn’t. He knew that there was only one thing he could do.

Do as Albus had suggested and take up the teaching post…that and be a spy for the order of the phoenix.

And what of Harry, it wouldn’t be long before Harry started school. When that happened could he cope with seeing Lilly’s son? Severus had no clue.

~So many years later~

The aged Potions Master sank into his chair with his head in his hands. He had just caught the prat Harry Potter staring into his pensieve. The look the boy gave him just before running out told him everything. His past was now known by the boy.

His fists involuntarily clenched as he remembered again the day his friendship with Lilly had ended. He had done the unspeakable…He had called her a mud blood. He wished to hell that he could have taken all that back.
Who knows what could have happened if he had just bitten his tongue.

So I remember on the inside…

I found a dark, infernal place I don't want to face anymore
Somehow, I won't stop feeding the pain
My heart's just the same as before

So I remember on the inside

If this is all the love my spirit can give
Just take it back tonight
There is not a reason more to live

Severus Snape had only one reason to live now.

He knew that he must do all he could to keep that wretched boy alive.

All for you Lilly

Rest In Peace Severus

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