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Chapter two

Dumbledores Office


Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts recent survivor of the attack on Hogwarts was rushing about his office looking through papers, his pensive was out with multiple memories swimming about inside, he was muttering to himself so fast that not even the portraits on the wall could make out what he was saying. His friend, familiar Fawkes the Phoenix was on his perch stand in the room, If he could show how to be more expressive it would show he was watching Dumbledore with amusement and curiosity, with another turn he apparated out of the his office, something that was supposed  to be impossible in the grounds of Hogwarts.

‘Went straight up bonkers he did,’ said a portrait on the wall.

Being Dumbledore did have its advantages being able to apparated anywhere he wished, but the judgement from his former mentors and headmaster's were never-ending...With a pop that created a breeze of apparating back into his office Dumbledore marched up to Phineas’ portrait.

‘Phinea's please tell me it’s in the same spot ,’ Dumbledore demanded.

Phineas was sitting in his portrait reading a paper, closing it he picked up another paper that was beside him on the table in the portrait.

‘Don’t worry Albus it hasn’t moved at all,’ he answered.

‘Is the time now for me to know what I actually hid,’ Dumbledore asked?

Phineas with an annoyed look shook his head.

‘If you have to ask, then no I do not believe it is the time,’ said Phineas. ‘I am not even sure it would be connected’.

Dumbledore returned to his incoherent mutterings to himself for a few more minutes before Professor McGonagall and Madame Promfrey walked into his office.

‘Albus what is it,’ asked Professor McGonnagall.

Turning to the Lady's in the room they saw that he looked out of sorts, which started to worry them, it was rare to see him like this.

‘Lady's I believe I missed a step...made some sort of error...but I cannot figure out what exactly...but you were both their that night,’ said Albus frantically.

Professor McGonnagall sported a confused look while Madame Promfrey looked worried.

‘There is a chance I got the prophecy wrong, details have changed when Lily gave birth, details I am missing,’ he said.

‘What do you mean wrong, Harry was marked, he was the one who survived,’ said Professor McGonnagall.

‘For some reason I obliviated myself and select few of the night when Harry was born, do you remember it,’ said Albus.

Madame Promfrey raised her chin but said nothing.

‘Yes, Harry was born at the end of the 7th month which is today... also with no complications during birth,’ said Professor McGonnagall.

‘Well I need to make this quick because Remus is on his way to retrieve Harry and bring him to the burrow...A lot is happening tonight and fast, apparently just like the night of the birth,’ said Albus.


Madame Promfrey looked down and shook her head while taking a step forward.

‘No, that night seem to drag on...Harry's birth went smoothly...but it was Shade's birth that was a little more complicated,’ said Madame Promfrey.

Professor McGonnagall and Dumbledore looked at her shocked.

‘You knew,’ said Albus

‘Lily had twins,’  Professor McGonnagall nearly shrieked.

‘Of course I know Albus, among all of you that’s left alive ...for some reason you failed to come to me that night and obliviate me before you had it done to you...So of course I knew, I remained quiet for Lily's boys,’ she said all in one breath.


Taking a moment to collect her thoughts.


‘And finally, I can say this to you...it was completely unneeded for all its trouble has caused you after all these years and before you go off to play thousand questions with the boys, just know they didn’t ask for this.’ She said.


The two professors looked shock at her statement, she took no notice and continued.




‘When you return I shall have my notes of Lily's birth that night ready for you to read,’ said Madame Promfrey pursing her lips and grabbed Professor McGonnagall and marched out of the office.


It felt like a heavy burden was lifted off from Madame Promfrey’s shoulders after all these years, she was happy to share all the details, but at the same time and safety of the boys she would be careful of how much she would share with Dumbledore. Her thoughts drifted to the younger brother Shade, she only ever got to see him a handful of times. She only hoped he was well, and as she promised she would look both of Lily’s boys over on their health.


The Burrow Field.

Remus was still waiting for Harry to say something, even yell at him. 
Yet Harry did nothing but look at his new, found? twin brother Shade suspiciously that was making Shade uncomfortable, for a few moments Remus was thinking Harry would take off again out of anger. The things running through Harry's mind was confusing and spiraling out of control. Shade leaned over close to Remus's ear.

‘Is he ok,’?

Remus scratched his chin.

‘I think so,’ Remus replied.

Remus started to quietly explain to Shade all that has happened the year before to Harry when Voldemort figured out he could enter his mind and lightly manipulate his emotions, that of which made Harry's temper legendary that year. When Harry still didn't answer or say anything for a few more moments Remus continued about the Triwizard tournament when Voldemort returned. It was then Harry mumble something that they couldn’t quite hear him making them step closer to him.

‘I'm sorry Harry what was that,’ Remus asked?

Annoyed Harry looked to Remus.

 ’Why was he not here with me’ Harry Asked? ‘Where has he been, how do we even know he’s my brother,’

Shade looked at his brother surprised...straight-forward...simple way he was thinking.

‘I am hoping to explain this easily as possible,’ said Remus.

‘Were you hiding another secret from me,’ Harry started.


‘I thought the same thing until he showed me the memory charmed rings from our parents that only worked for me, I’m hoping it works for you too, I’m curious if they say something different to you,’ said Shade.




‘What’s a memory ring,’ Harry thought.

Shade could sense something might brew so he unhitched his wand from his arm without notice to the other two giving it a small wave.
Remus scratched his brow and looked at Harry and taking a deep breath.

‘ No Harry I never kept this a secret from you, it’s more complicated than that, when your parents were told about the prophecy it only marked you, it never mentioned anything about your brother, ‘he started.

 Remus looked back and forth from the two brothers as he was explaining.

‘Months leading up to the week before Voldemort killed your parents, they tried everything to disprove the prophecy or at least change it before they separated you two,’

 This confused the boys, even when Remus explained to him the first time Shade still couldn’t understand, and felt something about it felt…off

‘Disprove it or not, why separate us,’ Harry asked?

 ’It was the hardest decision they ever made because Harry, alone you were marked as I said,  the focus would have been on you-’

 Shade turned around and stared off towards the pond.

 ’Would they have ever come to get me,’ Shade cut him off.

Remus looked stung for a moment.

 ’Of course, they would have the second the threat to your lives was  over, nothing would have stopped them from finding you,’ Remus answered.




‘Wasn’t exactly hidden at first,’ thought Shade.

 This made Shade shake his head and turn to Harry.

‘That would make sense,’ said Shade.

Harry tilted his head.

‘How would that make sense,’ Harry said a little annoyed.


‘Sending me to uncle Alex was a logical choice if Voldemort ever found out I existed, hunting


for us both would be that much harder,’ said Shade.


 Remus was finding it strange Harry was not building his temper as he watched Harry pace in front of them again. This time he was only silent for a minute or so before looking back at them.

 ’I just don't get it,’ said Harry in a somewhat calm tone.

 Remus gave a slight grin.

 ’That's because you are not a parent Harry, when things are so tough, so miserable, the choices you make for your children. You must find a reason within two choices that could end with heartbreak,’ said Remus.

 ’Can’t argue with that I guess,’ said Harry.

 Harry sat down on the grass with his head in his hands, some reason he felt at ease, he would usually angry at this point, but felt nothing.

Shade was unsure what to do seeing his brother like this, so he just stood there waiting to see if something will happen.

 ’Harry, I am so sorry for this, but a promise is a promise I made to your mother, I think ‘said Remus.

 Harry couldn't help but let out a small smile, but to Shade, he looked at Remus oddly finding it odd how unsure he was.

 ’It’s ok Remus, I couldn't be angry with you,’ Said Harry.

‘There must be more to this though I would guess,’

Remus was swelling with pride at Harry, feeling he has come so far with understanding and his temperament. In his mind, he thought back to Harry’s trials through Hogwarts, The stone, the chamber, Sirius, the Triwizard. So he demeanor at this moment was enlightening but confusing Remus hoped he was not playing a part until...

 ’We look nothing alike, though,’ he added

Remus's eyes went wide at Harry's comment so he looked at Shade who looked at Harry as if he was crazy.

 A grin finally crossed Shades face and burst out laughing, only seconds later Remus and Harry joined in for at least a good few minutes.
It was true they didn't, Harry's hair was a total mess while Shades was under control and neat for the most part.
 Harry with green eyes while Shade had dark brown eyes, of course, Harry had the scar while Shade had a bandanna across his forehead. Shades clothing was more raggedy looking than Harrys which was saying something, Harry had glasses while Shade did not. Not the best of twins in any case.
Remus felt like he could breathe again. Shade shook his head and helped Harry to his feet.

 ’Your right on that one,’ said Shade.

 ’Right so what do we do from here, ‘said Harry finally.

 ’We just ease into this, one day at a time,’ Said Remus. ‘There are things that are still foggy for me, and I will explain after…it’s been a long day’

 All three of them noticed the burrows lights start up from the distance, even to this day Harry's heart lifted when he saw the Weasley house, like his true home. 
A home with his Family that had adopted him. He was grateful that Ron came into is compartment all those years ago, yet at the same time he regretted it since his whole family was now at risk but knew to keep it to himself.

‘Well boys, should we go in,’ Said Remus.

 Harry eagerly nodded his head and looked to his brother.

 ’Come on your going to love this place, ‘Said Harry.

 Unsure what to think Shade glanced at Remus and followed Harry  down the field towards the house.

 ’Are you sure about this Remus,’ asked Shade ‘I could always go back to Grimmauld’?

 Remus shook his head and kept walking.

 ’Nonsense Shade, I suspect Harry would like to spend time and to get to know you,’ Remus replied.

 Nervously Shade followed, and as Harry arrived at the door and without knocking he tried to walk in only to be knocked back making Remus smirk at him.

 ’Oh bugger, I'm sorry Harry things have changed so you have to wait until someone comes to the door and lets us in, I should have mentioned this earlier,’ said Remus.

 Irritated Harry got up grumbling.

 ’Yeah, maybe you could have mentioned that part,’ Said Harry.

 Walking past Harry, Remus knocked on the door. No one answered until they saw the door fly open with Tonks flying out of it tackling Remus to the ground.

 ’Remus,’ Tonks Shrieked!

 Both Shade and Harry stood back to look at the two adults on the ground, Remus doing his best to breathe while Tonks had her hands all over him as if looking for injury and to which she found the badly cut arm. To the brothers, this was quite amusing.

 ’What happened to you, the ministry said all of you disapparated after the incident in Diagon alley and what happened to your arm, how much blood did you lose, have you even thought of using the proper spell,’ Tonks Said all in one breath.

 ’Tonks dear, let your love breath for Pete's sake,’ Said another woman voice

 Harry's worries and problems seemed to disappear when he saw Molly Weasley and the rest of the family show up at the burrow door.

 ’Harry dear, welcome home,’ Said Mrs. Weasley.

 Mr. Weasley beamed at the sight of Tonks and Lupin, Bill Weasley only shook his head and nodded at Harry in welcome, Fred and George hid their grins behind their hands and pointed at the two. 

Harry nervously felt tense when Ginny almost went to give him a hug then stopped mid-stride and only smiled and waved. 

This left his mind when two of his best friends surrounded him and embraced him in a big hug.

 ’All right there Harry,’ Said Ron.

 ’All right Ron, and you,’ Harry replied.

 When Ron let go he stared at Shade in question while Hermione didn't let go of Harry that was starting to feel like a vice grip, Harry had a feeling everyone was here.

 ’Harry you scared us half to death,’ Said Hermione in a muffled voice.

 Harry nodded and held Hermione at arm’s length and looked at her.

 ’I'm sorry, it won't happen again,’ Said Harry.

 ’Yeah, I'll be sure to be there to make sure you won’t, ‘Said Shade.

 At this point, everyone looked at Shade, of course, it was Ron who broke the ice.

 ’Who in the bloody hell are you,’ Ron asked?

 Someone behind Ron smacked him in the back of his head.

 ’Mind your manners Ronald,’ Said Luna.

 Harry hadn't expected to see Luna Lovegood at the Burrow and gave Hermione a questioning look.

 ’I'll let him tell you later,’ Hermione whispered.

 ’Since Ronald asked, who would you be,’ Luna asked?

 Shade scratched the back of his neck and looked at Harry. Grinning Harry started to push them all inside.

 ’I'll explain inside,’ said Remus.

 The thought of Horcruxes, or Voldemort was temporarily forgotten to Harry, he was home, with friends and a new brother.

 Riddle mansion.

‘Bellatrix,’ Voldemort commanded.

 Voldemort and his death eaters were in the audience hall with Voldemort on his self-made dark throne.

 ’Yes my lord,’ Bellatrix trembled.

‘Who were the fools who had my treasure and got caught by the ministry,’ Voldemort hissed.

Gulping Bellatrix looked to the other death eaters before answering.

‘My lord, They were newly inducted to your command,’ Said Bellatrix.

 A few windows started to bend and creak.

 ’What, Who gave such an order to let amateurs handle the very thing I'm looking for, ‘Voldemort said in a deadly voice.

 A few death eaters moved back while one stayed where he was.

‘Nott, my lord,’ Bellatrix answered

Voldemort stood up and with his hand he pointed at the death eater and wandless he summoned the petrified looking death eater to his feet.

 ’Nott,’ Voldemort spat,’ Explain your stupidity,’!

 Nott only stood there not saying anything. He looked ready to fall to his knees but Voldemort wanted none of this and took out his wand.

 ’CRUCIO,’ He cursed Nott.

 Writhing on the ground Nott screamed.

 ’If any of you fools do anything out of line, this is only a taste of what I will do,’ Said Voldemort.

 Enraged he swatted his hand to sign for the other death eaters to leave and take Nott with them, after a few moments Bellatrix was at his feet.

 ’Who were the ones who caught those idiots,’ He hissed.

 Bellatrix knew he would not like the answer and kissed his robes.

 ’Harry potter, Remus Lupin and another boy who seemed to be at Harry potters level,’ She said.

 Seething Voldemort was ready to kick Bellatrix at the name of Harry potter until he heard Bellatrix say something about another boy.

 ’What do you mean another boy,’ He asked?

 Bellatrix shook her head.

 ’I'm not sure my lord, but from what our spy said was that he didn't look to be from England, the spells he used were from somewhere else, but I wouldn't keep that in mind, I think anyone will be able to kill this stranger,’ Said Bellatrix.

 Through the time Bellatrix was talking Voldemort paid her no attention.

 ’If there is a boy at potters level I shouldn't leave this unchecked, he could be a problem,’ Voldemort thought to himself.

 ’Bellatrix, send out spies and see what you can find out about this boy, I want to know where he comes from, everything,’ He ordered.

 Confused Bellatrix got up and left leaving Voldemort alone.

 ’I will not have another one of Dumbledore’s Golden boy running around getting in my way to ultimate power,’ Said Voldemort in a cold voice.

 One thing Voldemort didn't know was that he had an Animagus on the wall watching him, another thing was that he wasn't the only one in the world who was looking for ultimate power.


(my notes)

Hey, Well instead of just rewriting the whole chapter I added and took stuff out. Wasn't sure back then where I was going to go with this story.

It's a story to get out of my head.

...again J.K owns the world of Potter, I just made the plot of this story and a few other characters...





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