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The Sultan fell to his knees and gently touched Layla’s cold face.

“She was going to revolutionize this town you know Harry?”

“I know, I’m sorry we could not save her,” Harry felt his throat tightened.

“She would’ve wanted to go down fighting, just like her mother,” a thought suddenly struck Kedar.
“Harry, you love my daughter?”

“I do,” Harry said quietly, wishing he had of told her.

“Tell her, I was too late to save my wife but maybe you can!”

Harry knelt down to Layla, she looked so beautiful and peaceful, large purple bruises began to show on her throat, Harry gently touched them, “Layla, I wish I had of stayed here with you, I don’t need adventure and I don’t need to save the world, if I’ve got you. I loved you from the first moment you knocked me off my feet. I love you so much.” Tears flew from Harry’s eyes and he wondered, why?

Why again did he lose someone so special to him. Was he destined never to love?

“Maybe the Gods rather her be with them,” Kedar looked up to the night skies.

“But I need her,” Harry said.

“So do I Harry, this city needs her.”

Neither of the broken men had noticed the Order begin to gather round, they couldn’t look anywhere but at her angelic face.

“Your city needs her,” came a voice.
Everyone glanced around but no figure appeared to them, Kedar looked to the stars.

“Then why take her?”

“We will not take her if she is to be treated like a Princess here,” the voice swam through the room.

“Believe me your Excellency,” Kedar said humbly, “I realize I have been foolish in the past but I will not waste one moment with Layla.”

“Mr Potter,” the voice asked, “you declared your love to her.”


“Very well, protect your Princess, she is the key to a brighter future,” the voice faded away with its last statement.
Breath was breathed back into Layla, she coughed turning everyone’s attention back to her eyes opening.

“What happened?” She looked at Draco’s dead and bloodied body on the floor.

“He nearly killed you Layla,” Kedar soothed.

“I’m sorry I left you Dad,” Layla nuzzled into her father’s arms, “I just panicked when I knew Harry was in trouble.”

“Well excuse me dear, but everything is quite alright now,” Molly interrupted, “I’m going to take your Father into his room to mend some of these nasty cuts. Ron, Remus I think we should remove the remains of Mr Malfoy, Hermione why don’t you help me with the Sultan?”
In a moment, the room was empty and Layla was left on the floor, her bruises on her neck glowing particularly purple and black.
She struggled to her feet and Harry helped her up.

“I’m sorry I dragged you away from your party Harry,” Layla said looking at the floor.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner,” Harry wanted desperately to tell what he had told her when she couldn’t hear him.

“Well, thank you for your help again…” Layla glanced in Harry’s eyes, “you should probably get back to your party.”

“Yeah, it was good to see you Princess,” Harry bowed.

“You do not have to bow to me Harry.”

“I wish to.”

“Have a safe trip back.”

Harry started to walk away, it was hopeless, what would a Princess be interested in him for? A beautiful Princess who could have anything she wants. Harry opened the door and crowed outside was; Ron. Hermione, Remus, Molly and Kedar, looking extremely disappointed.

“Harry, mate tell her!” Ron urged.

“She doesn’t want me,” Harry replied.

“Of course she does!” Hermione exclaimed.

“Harry dear don’t be silly, you’re both crazy about each other!” Molly dusted off sand from his robe.

“Harry, the Gods asked if you loved her, they clearly approve of you two being together, how much more assurance do you need?” Remus winked.

“She’s not interested in me, she deserves a Prince.”

“Harry,” Kedar put his hand on his shoulder, “I’ve met a lot of Prince’s and you are a Prince. You have all the qualities a Prince posses.”

“Except your Princess.”

Everyone turned around to see Layla in the doorway smiling.
Without hesitation Harry and Layla rushed to each other, embracing and lips locked and fireworks started. The Order and Kedar’s eyes softened at the image of the two lovebirds.

“I love you Layla.”

No dagger flew towards them.

“I love you too Harry.”

Kedar laughed joyously, “you two, fantastic! My daughter and Harry Potter! You will be married! Have many, many children and you Harry Potter will be King one day!”

“King,” Harry tensed.

“Many, many children?” Layla said at the same time.

“Yes! Come now, let us announce to the town!” Kedar clapped but the clap seemed to radiate over the entire town. Kedar, Ron and Remus followed Kedar, Molly and Hermione followed dabbing their eyes.

Layla lifted up Harry’s chin, “looks like we’re getting that family we always wanted.”

“You’re all I ever wanted, Princess or not.”

Layla smiled, “let’s go and meet your people, your highness.”


thank u to all my readers and reviewer's!
My next fic- Harry Potter and Blood Brothers will be starting soon, it's based on the musical blood brothers and will be set around the Weasley's other set of twins we never knew about!

'Did you ever hear about the Wealsey twins? Not the loveable prankster's we all know and love. But the other twins who Mr and Mrs Weasley couldn't afford to feed. And did you hear about the superstion of the shoes on the table? The simple action that changed to course of two families forever.'

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