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"So.....who's next?" I asked with my eyebrows raised.

"I'll go." Stacy said.

"K. No peakin." I said.

Stacy stuck her hand in the bag and pulled out a slip a paper. Her eyes went from lit up to pure darkness.

"Who you got?" I asked tring to look at the paper.

"I got....I got...." She looked like she was going to kill." I got....Cedric."

"WHAT!!!" We all screamed.

"Look." She said and handed me the peice of paper.
{FYI: Cedric didn't die in my story.}

"How are we gonna find him?" Kristy asked.

"How else....find a Huflpuff and ask." Pansy said.

We walked back into the castle and looked in the great hall. It was lunch time and guess who we saw in the great hall... Cedric was in their. Oh....we only hate Cedric because he is on the Hufflepuff quittage team.

We walked in which got the attention of most of the guys in their but what got the attention of everyone else was when instead of walkin to the Slytherin table we walked to the Hufflepuff one and walked right up to Cedric. He sitting with the rest of the quittich team.

"What can I help you with girls?" Cedric asked smilling at us.

That broke the rest of us. Our smiles turned to uncontrolable giggles. Stacy looked at us and looked like she was holding back gigles herself. She looked back at him and without saying a thing she kissed him. The entire room was quiet. Next thing you heard were gasp then most of the guys were clapping and wolf wistleling.
When Stacy and Cedric broke apart the rest of us could hardly stand up. We started to walk away when Cedric grabed her arm.

"Stacy, what was that for?" Cedric asked.

"I just wanted to do it." Stacys said tring not to give away that we were playing a game.

"Oh. ok." He said buying into the story.

We walked out of the Great hall and stopped right outside the door.

"Pansy you go next." Kristy sugested.

"Why?" She asked.

"I want to see who you going to have to kiss." Kristy said. "We need a good long laugh."

She looked at us with what she thinks is a death glare but she knows were not scared of her. She stuck her hand in the bag and pulled aut a peice of paper. She looked like she was going to faint.

"It can't be that bad." I said.

"You wanna bet." She said.

"Try me. I had to kiss the farret." I said.

"I would rather kiss Draco than Blaise. He's a man whore." She said.

"You have to kiss Blaise!!!!!" The rest of us said together.

"Yeah. I can't belive it. We just came from the quidditch pitch." Pansy said.

"He's not at the quittage pitch anymore." Stacy said.

"Ummmmm.....Stac how do you know that?" I asked looking at her tring to figure out what she was talking about.

"The team just walked down to the dungunes, they are probly going back to the common room." She said.

"Well lets go." I said.

We walked down to the dungues but Kristy stopped and because she was walking in front we all ran into her.

"What Kristy?" Pansy asked getting up off the floor.

"Don't you think they are going to find it kind of supecious that Britt kissed Draco when everyone knows she hates him. Then, Pansy kisses Blaise and she just told him off yesterday." She said.

"Well if he asked she can say she tells him off because she likes him." Stacy said.

"Good idea." I said. "Now, lets go."

We walked back to the common room and saw the entire new team sitting in the chairs that we were sitting in when we started the game.

"Hey girls." Marcus said as he was the first one to see us. "Britt, Stacy when do yall want to try out?"

"Well, the wedding is tommrow, so we can try-out Monday." I said.

"Ok." Marcus said.

I looked at Pansy, who looked looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I shook my head and lipped to her to do it. Pansy walked to were Blaise was sitting. He looked up at her and sat back in his chair. 

"What you doing?" He asked her.

She looked back at us. Once again we were holding back giggles. She sighed and turned back to him. Without warning she sat down on his lap and kissed him. At first we were in shock that she actualy did it but when she broke the kiss less than 5 seconds after she did it we all cracked up. We fell to the floor in a big heep of girls. Pansy went to get off of Blaise but he had other plans. He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her back. When we saw him do that we laughed even harder. We were cring we were laughing so hard. Pansy pushed him off of her and got up before he could grab her. She came by where we were laying on the floor.

"I hate yall." She told us as she folded her arms.

"Um.....what are yall doing? And should we be scared?" Marcus asked.

I caught my breath and between giggle fits I said, "We aren't doing anything......we just didn't know that Pansy was going to kiss him."

"Really.....because I think yall are playing some sort of game." Draco said.

I stoped laughing completely. "And what makes you say that?" I asked him.

"Well first off.....Pansy just told off Blaise yesterday and I bet this has something to do with you kissing me." He said smirking at me.
"I told you this morning after I kissed you that I kissed you because I always wanted to." I said.

"Oh yeah I'm suppost to belive that. You make fun of me more than pothead and weasle. Like I would belive that you always wanted to kiss me." Draco said as he got up and stood right in front of me.

"How would you know what I'm thinking?" I asked him closing the gap between us.
"I don't, but I know you better than you think. I know you don't like me." He said talking a step closer. We were so close that I could feel his breath. I looked at him in his eyes and said.

"If I didn't like you would I do this?" And I kissed him again. This time he kissed me back. I put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist. He pulled me in closer and deepend the kiss.I pulled away and staired him in the eyes.

"You belive me now?" I asked him.

"A little bit." He said.

I walked away from him and up to our dorm room. 

"Britt, what you did that for?" Pansy asked. She sounded a little mad. We all knew she like Draco.

"I had to do something.....he was catching on that we were playing a game. If they knew we were playing a game we would have to quit ours and play a game with them." I said

"So who's going next?" Stacy asked.

"How about you go Jill?" I asked her.

"Ok. Let's just hope it's not a Gryffindor." Jill said.

I held out the bag for her to pick a name. When she read it, it looked like she was going to pass out.

"Who you got?" We all asked at the same time.

"I got......Oliver Wood." She said in dibelif.

I started to laugh. "Well, you got a Gryffindor."

"Yeah, but how are we going to find him." Kristy asked.

"Well, being that it is Saturday and its tryout weekend, he's probly at the pitch." said Daina.

"How do you know when they have tryouts?" I asked her.

"Duh.....I saw the list of the times in the prefects bathroom." she said.

"Oh. I never noticed it." I said.

"Man. Now we have to walk back down there." Pansy said.

"Yeah. Lets go." I said pulling Pansy out the door.

We walked down the stairs and into the common room. The guys were still there. We tried to ignore them, but that didn't work to great.

"Hey Brittany. Wait up a second." Draco said not getting out of his chair.

I turned on my heal to face him. "What?" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"You sure yall aren't playing a game?' He asked me.

"I'm sure. Now if you will excuse us we have places to go and people to see." I said as we walked out of the room. We walked to the pitch looking around to see where Wood was. He was standing in the middle of the feild.

"Well, here we go again." I said.

We walked out onto the pitch which got us the attention of everyone but Wood. He kept screaming at his team for not paying attention to him. We were right behind him when he finaly turned aroud.

"Sorry girls but you all are going to need to leave. We are tring to practice."He said looking at each one of us.

"It's ok Wood we won't be here long. Jill just needs to tell you something." I said as I pushed Jill to the front of us.
"What?" He asked anoied that we interupted his practice.

She took one last look at us and then did it. She kissed him full out on the lips. It looked like he was shocked at first but then he got into it. He kissed her back and once again we couldn't hold in our laughter. We were holding on to each other for support. My guess is that our laughter made Wood pull away from the kiss. Before he could ask what was going on we ran for it. Again. We stoped in almost the same spot we did barely 20 minutes before.

"So.....who's goimg next?" Jill asked.

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