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And it breaks her heart It breaks her heart To gray… “Narcissa, go and wake Cassiopeia. We’re leaving in an hour and the fool of a girl’s still asleep. If we’re late because of her…” Lucius Malfoy tapered of, the threat hanging in mid-air, unheeded by his wife. She had already risen and was walking down the dim hallway towards the stairs. “And tell Draco to hurry it up as well!” Lucius called after her. Narcissa nodded and began ascending the staircase slowly. She was in no rush. Her daughter was probably up and dressed already. The child never ate breakfast or ventured out of her room unless she absolutely had too. Narcissa wished she would come down more. She was halfway up the staircase now, and climbing at a steady pace. For Cassie’s sake, she had better be nearly ready, or Lucius would throw a fit. At the top of the stairs she paused and pushed a lock of pale blond hair from her face. She turned to go down the hallway and stopped in her tracks. “Lucius!” She screamed, her countenance of poised indifference torn away. Her daughter was lying at the end of the hallway. Narcissa rushed forward and stopped dead when she saw the blood stained carpet. The sound of Lucius bounding p the stairs, distressed by his wife’s tone of voice, was lost to her as she knelt beside Cassie. She turned her over and pressed her fingers to the girls neck. There was no heartbeat. She lifted her child from the floor, cradling her cold form in her own pale arms. She held her only daughter to her chest and wept. Lucius stood beside her, looking over the two women before him. He saw Cassiopeia’s wrists and immediately knew what had happened. Narcissa sensed her husbands presence beside her and looked up. “Lucius…” He stared at the girl, disgusted. “Lucius, she’s dead,” Narcissa said. She was looking more like a frightened child- more lie her daughter- than the proud, detached woman she showed to the world. “She was weak,” Lucius said, turning away and striding towards the stairs. He began to walk down them and paused. He spoke once more to Narcissa, then proceeded down the stairs. “Put her in her room,” was what he said. “We’re going to be late.”

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