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Oh there’s an emptiness inside her And she’d do anything to fill it in And though it’s red blood bleeding from her now Felt like cold blue ice in her heart You know she feel like kicking out all the windows And setting fire to this life She would change everything about her Using colors bold and bright But all the colors mix together…. To gray… Unlike other nights, her sleep was troubled. She did not dream of the life she wanted, but instead, of the life she feared she would have. She slept, and saw herself years from now, grown. She looked like her mother, right down to the proud façade and tortured eyes. Her soul was battered and broken. With every word she spoke, she wept. Several hours after she had gone to bed, Cassie woke in a cold sweat. There were tears on her pillow. Her heart felt about to burst as desperate sobs tore through her body. “Enough,” she cried through her tears. She was not going to let fate play it’s ugly games with her. The muggle girl had talked of heaven. A place so beautiful, so full of peace and joy, there were no words man could create to describe it. And everyone was accepted into this…. this… this paradise. If one’s soul was pure and clean of sin. Cassie had committed no wrongs. She had not murdered, nor lied drastically. She was a pure as she would ever be, and she was terrified. In tears, Cassie rose from her bed and pulled a piece of parchment and a quill from her desk. She scrawled hastily upon it, frantically, her heart beat wildly in her chest. She grasped the note in her left hand and went to the window. Being careful in her choice, she selected the sharpest glass she could find and sat on her bed. “Forgive me.” The glass cut cleanly through her thin skin and the delicate veins of her wrist. She cut quick and cut deep. She bit her lip at the pain, then repeated the action on the opposite side. she wanted to cry out for her mother, for her long-lost friend, for anyone who would listen. In her mind, she did. But her voice made no sound. Why didn’t they come? she screamed and no one heard her. Her soul raged yet made not a sound. Her vision was blurring and her head felt heavy. The pain in her wrists were gone. Cassie suddenly decided she was not ready yet. She could still fight, couldn’t she? She could. She was a Malfoy, Goddamnit. The Malfoy’s were fighters. She would fight Voldemort. Desperate, in need of help, Cassie staggered to her feet and out into the hall. That was as far as she went. Cassie collapsed to the ivory-colored carpet, her wrists staining it with crimson life.

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