Immobilized by the thought of you
Paralyzed by the sight of you
Hypnotized by the words you say
Not true but I believe 'em anyway

~Shiver- Maroon 5


Becca Diggory sat at the Gryffindor table, admiring the boy with the handsome face, and perfect hair, and eyes so grey, that you could get lost inside them. That is, if he had ever looked at Becca. But she imagined the intensity of his stare to be mesmerizing. Becca was hopelessly infatuated with the same guy as every other girl in Hogwarts. Sirius Black. She’d imagine what it would be like if he chose her to be his next girlfriend. She would imagine his kiss, and his touch, and the sweet words he would whisper in her ear while cuddled up on a chair in the common room. She’s often see him in that position with his latest girlfriend. Those girls were so very, very, lucky.

Just like Lily Evans was lucky, to have James Potter after her. James was no Sirius, but he was amazing all the same. He was quiddich captain, leader of the marauders, and gorgeous. But silly Lily Evans was unable to see that. Or maybe she did, but preferred the plain boys, like that Severus Snape that she was always sneaking off with in the middle of the night.

Becca was your average sixteen year old girl. She liked music, and dance, and above all, she loved Sirius Black. Ever since second year when he asked to borrow her pencil (which he never returned). Sirius Black never noticed Becca, not that she wasn’t pretty, she just went unnoticed by all of the marauders except Remus Lupin, who often studied with her. Becca was that unlucky girl who was never noticed. She had the curse of being invisible.

Her best friend was Bridget Willows . They had been best friends for years. Ever since the first day of first year, to be precise. Bridget had dated Sirius Black in third year. That was before Becca had gotten the courage to tell Bridget she fancied Sirius, because Bridget, too, liked him. Even with Sirius dating her best friend, he still took no notice of her.

“Hello! Earth to Becca! Stop staring at him like that! I’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes now,” Bridget said. Becca mumbled a quick apology, and Bridget continued, “Now, as I was trying to tell you. Word on the street is that-”

“Word on the street?” Becca cut in, “Do people seriously say that?”

“Oh never mind! You’ll want to hear this! Now, rumor is that James Potter no longer likes Lily Evans.”

Wow. That was big. And hard to believe. He’s liked her so long. “You can’t believe everything you hear, Bridget.”

“No, this is really serious. I heard it from Maggie, who heard it from Garett, who heard it from Liza, who heard it from Lily, who heard it directly from James Potter himself.”

“Wow. What a complicated web of rumors.”

“Oh, and it gets even better! Maggie heard from Sera Wilman, you know, Sirius Black’s last girlfriend, that James was looking for a distraction.” Leave it to Maggie Burnsten to know everything about everyone. That’s pretty much why she’s one of their best friends. Of course, they’ve learned not to tell her too much. She knows gossip the minute it’s created.

“So….He wants to find a girl to have a fling with.”

“Becca! This could turn into so much more than a fling! He’s free of Lily Evans, and he’s going to be looking for someone new! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be saying hello to Potter. I want a chance with him.” Becca shook my head disapprovingly. Or maybe she was just jealous. She was decent looking, but Bridget was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and Becca had brown hair and eyes. Boring. No wonder Sirius never notices her, she thought. When there are so many Bridget’s flinging themselves at him, why would he ever want a Becca?

“I gotta go Bridget. I have flute, then dance. Catch up with you later?”

“You do too much, Becca. But yeah, I’ll see you in the common room later.”


Flute lessons went terrible. She’d screwed up three notes in The Magic Flute. It was a solo piece she’d been working on with her private lessons teacher, Mrs. Chrombach. You’re probably thinking, only three notes? No big deal. But not to Becca. She strived for perfection. And when she failed, she truly felt like a failure. Five years of flute lessons and she couldn’t even play one solo piece.


Dance. Something Becca rarely failed in. She’d been dancing for years, and this year she’d opted to take ballet again. Her teacher, Miss Damsey, was encouraging, and loved Becca. She even gave her a solo for her upcoming showcase, which was tomorrow, and Becca was incredibly nervous. She had never had the solo. It always went to Lily Evans. And it was odd for Becca, to, for once, be chosen before Hogwarts most beautiful, most intelligent, most graceful, and most favored student.

It was going to be Becca’s first ever solo. Not only in dance, in everything. She was always second best. Sometimes third. But no one noticed second best. No one cared who was second. And Becca was praying she wouldn’t screw up her only fifteen minutes in the spotlight.

“I just know I’ll screw this up, Miss Damsey! I just know it!”

“Relax, Becca, you’ll be fine. Now let’s run the routine once more, just to be sure.”


Tomorrow came more quickly than Becca would have liked. Breakfast, she felt as if she would vomit. Potions, she did vomit (luckily she made it to the bathroom). The Marauders were in her potions class. She usually enjoyed daydreaming about Sirius, while waiting for potions to boil and whatnot. But today, she was too nervous to do even that.

At lunch, Becca decided not to eat until after the show. She didn’t want any more…well…unexpected bathroom trips. So instead, she talked with Maggie, who was also in the show. Bridget claimed to have gotten to busy to continue dance, which in some sense was true. She quit after she got popular with the boys. And therefore, with her commitments in broom closets, she had no time for dance. “I’m so nervous Maggie!”

“Me too! And I don’t even have a solo.”

Becca groaned. “Don’t remind me. I don’t know what I’ll do if I screw up that pirouette. I’ll die!”

“Becca. You’ve been able to do a triple pirouette since you were thirteen. You’ll be fine.”

Bridget cut in, “And not to make you more nervous, but I heard Sirius and James were going, to try to find James his new distraction.”

‘Great‘, Becca thought. ‘The night I have a huge dance solo, Sirius decides to come to my recital. Well, I guess I’ll be screwing something up tonight.


Seven o’clock was quickily approaching, and Becca was backstage getting ready. She slipped on her black leotard and pink flowing skirt, which was see through and reached her knees. Over her pink tights, she laced up her ballet shoes and did a few different turns and jumps, checking to make sure they were perfect. The rest of the girls were silent, nervous beyond belief, and waiting for Miss Damsey to call them to the stage, which had been set up in the great hall.

Lily Evans walked over to Becca. “Hey, I just wanted to say good luck. And congratulations on the solo. You deserve it.” Becca had trouble believing the sincerity in Lily’s voice. After it had been announced Becca had gotten the solo, Lily had stormed out of the studio in a fit of rage and tears. But Becca politely thanked her, and couldn’t help but envy Lily’s slim, curvy body as she walked away.

Finally, Miss Damsey came in, and told the girls it was time.

Becca took her place front and center on stage, and got into her correct position, arms curved down, chin up, and feet in first position. As the music began to play, she moved gracefully, hitting every mark, outshining nearly every other girl on stage.

Ten minutes into the dance, the other girls flittered off stage, and it was time for Becca’s big solo. She moved with grace and posture to the music, not missing a step. The most nerve wracking one came next. She went from an arabesque in second position, her right leg going up ninety degrees, arms outstretched, to a triple pirouette. And she did it flawlessly. And at the end of her solo, she was grinning madly, accepting the applause, forgetting that the one and only Sirius Black was out there, watching her. Little did Becca know, that one dance was going to change everything. Everything was going to change.

A/N- This is my second story on here, and this one is at the very beginning. I know where this story is going, but I only have one more chapter written right now. I’d really love some opinions on it, like what you think of Becca and everything. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to leave a review.

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