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But she thinks “Hey, how did I come to this? I dream myself a million times around the world But I can’t get out of this place” There were the few months spent at Hogwarts to think of. She clung to them whilst she was at home. She clung to them as she listened secretly, silently, to father talk in whispers of his Dark Lord. She was afraid of him and his master. She was afraid of what her future could possibly hold. Voldemort was powerful, and growing stronger. What future did she have in such a world? Father was high up in the ranks of the death eaters. She would probably be protected, perhaps even welcomed into their ranks when she left Hogwarts after the coming year. That is, if she wanted to live a life of misery and lies. She couldn’t live like that. Wouldn’t live like that. Cassie rose from her chair and asked to be excused. Father waved her off, indifferent. She left and climbed the graceful wooden steps to her room. Her room where there was peace. Where there was release from her fears and pain. Where she was alone. Alive. Where she could chase the fears of the darkness away with sweet red life.

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