12 Midnight Message
It had been a long day for a pair of Muggle girls. They had found that being magical was a lot harder work than they first thought it would be.

Kimble felt a lot better than she had done last night; the presence of Helene in her life always lifted her spirits and today had been no exception. Helene’s endless enthusiasm was enough to put a smile on even the vilest of people’s faces (save Draco Malfoy and Professor Snape who were anomalies). However, being unstoppably eager and energetic had taken its toll on Kimble today and she was tired. She welcomed the comfort of her heavily quilted bed, and rested her head comfortably on the pillow.

The next few days were similarly hectic, attempting magic with extreme gusto when nothing happened to the feather they were supposed to be levitating, or the insect they were supposed to be transfiguring or the dark arts they were supposed to be defending themselves from. It put strain on their good wand-holding arms; flicking and swishing and memorizing incantations that were so useless to the Muggle girls.

But to their surprise, their in-capabilities did not stand out too much. They found they could blag Potions and Herbology by learning the names and handling instructions for ingredients and plants. And they were just as inexperienced as the rest of the Muggle-borns who had newly arrived at Hogwarts with them.

Each day Helene and Kimble would attempt (and fail miserably) to perform any magic, they would laugh with their classmates who had similar problems with the demanding workload. In fact, Helene and Kimble felt at home at last.

They had made friends; Fred and George Weasley (the prankster twins) had been very impressed by Helene and the Snape incident and continued to say hi to her and Kimble whenever they met in the corridors.

Hermione still waved at them in the transitions from class to class (as unfortunately Gryffindors did not share any classes with Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws) and Neville nodded shyly to acknowledge their presence whenever they saw each other in passing.

Helene’s Hufflepuff friends were also very forthcoming and warm in accepting Kimble (who had yet to be acknowledged by another member of her house) into their clan.

It was the fatiguing routine of classes, homework and socializing that led Kim to her early nights. After finishing her homework, she lay her head on the downy pillow and closed her eyes.


Kimble tried to ignore it, but it was the persistent noise of sober consciousness that was calling her.


She opened one eye to look at the clock; it was quarter to midnight already- she’d only been asleep for around three hours!


If she didn’t get up soon then whatever was making the noise would wake the other girls aswell. Kimble grudgingly rose from her bed and blinked into the moonlight to find the source of the sound, putting on the glasses that she left on her bedside table.


“GAH!” She gasped. Of course, it was Serkan, beating on the outside of the window. Kimble stumbled out of bed and opened the latch of the shutter and the hideous bird flew inside without invitation. It circled Kimble like a threatening vulture before perching itself on the bedstead.

“Yes?” Kimble asked it, “Do you want something?” The vicious owl snapped at the air before dropping a small note onto the floor. Kim took it and opened it- inside was a scrawling in handwriting she recognised to be her best friends’;

Couldn’t sleep? Me neither.
Fancy an adventure around Hogwarts castle tonight?
Meet you by the main staircase in ten minutes.
Don’t let Filch catch you!
Helene x

Kim sighed before putting on her dressing gown and some comfortable slippers and heading for the door of the bedchamber. Serkan squawked.

“Fine!” Kim let the impatient creature back outside, “And stay out!”

And with that she left the dormitory also, in the direction of the main staircase.

Kimble crept across the cold floor of Ravenclaw common room in the dark, trying not to make a sound in the black room.

It was eerily creepy seeing the moonlight pool through the high windows in the Ravenclaw tower making ghostly shadows with the furniture.

Helene must be mad

Kimble thought. But she felt just as insane, tiptoeing across the carpet in her spotty pajamas and fluffy dressing gown.

But Helene seemed to be her only friend in this magical mansion, and so Kimble would do anything in her power to keep that one friend.

“Where are you going?” a deep voice suddenly said out of the darkness, making Kimble jump. She looked around blindly, a flush of dread falling over her.

“W-who’s t-there?” She stuttered as a boy revealed himself out of the shadows.

He was tall, although obviously a first-year like herself. He had a pixie-like cut of thin, black hair and large, dark eyes. She seemed to remember his name as per the register in their lessons together;

“Leon Crowe.” She acknowledged the mysterious boy.

“Well done.” He laughed arrogantly; clapping slowly as his face came into the light. To anyone else he might have appeared to have a soft visage with charming features, but Kimble was unimpressed. His dark eyes looked almost insect-like, similar to a beetle’s or a spider’s, “And what was your name? Thimble, Pimple or something?”

“Kimble.” Kim corrected, annoyed by his egotistic tone.

“So Kimble, what are you doing up this late, skulking around the common room?”

“None of your business!” Kimble snapped defensively, but she couldn’t quiet manage the threatening, confident tone that Helene always spoke with.

“Heading to the door? Going to meet that Hufflepuff friend of yours with the ridiculous accent and the holier-than-thou attitude?”

Listen to yourself.

Kimble thought; she could barely understand him through his thick Scottish drawl and she didn’t like his tone one bit.

“I think you mean Helene.” Kimble wished he would move out of the way so that she could just leave.

“Whatever the stupid girl is called. A right cheek she had; speaking to Professor Snape like that on her first day; who does she think she is, acting like the big ‘I am’?” He crossed his arms and screwed up his face in disgust. Kimble rolled her eyes; the irony of what he was saying was just too great,

“You can talk! What are you doing lurking around the common room at night in the dark leaping out and frightening girls?”

“Aw, I didn’t fwighten you did I?” Leon laughed. Kimble immediately regretted saying it. She was fed up with this immature brute and headed straight past him to the door, but he stopped her by stepping in front of her path,

“You know. Draco Malfoy has been making some accusations…” He told her smugly.

“Yeah, he tends to talk out of his arse most of the time.” Kimble stated. Leon took offense to this,

“He’s been saying that there are two Muggle girls planted in Hogwarts this year. And that he’s going to find out who they are…”

“Tell him good luck with that.” Kimble’s cheeks burned,

“And he reckons that those two Muggle girls are you and your dizzy Hufflepuff friend.” He told her, but it sounded more like a question.

“Then it’s a good job he’s got such good friends as you to find out for him.” Kimble seethed, peering over the rim of her glasses at the unfriendly stranger and stormed out of the common room.

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