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I was getting married today, and I couldn't be happier. I normally was not a morning person, but even I couldn't stop smiling, once I came to with where I was and what the date was. I was the first awake, odd since that never happened.

"Wake up guys," I said calmly as I sat up, waking Katie who'd fallen asleep with her head on my leg. 

"Urg" Katie grumbled as her head hit the bed after falling off of my leg.

"Since when are you the first to wake up?" Angelina asked, grumpy herself. 

"Since today is March 15th and I'm getting married today!" I replied in an almost singsong voice. This was enough to get all three friends to raise their heads and stare at me. It wasn't normal for me to be this goofy. 

"You sure are happy to be that goofy," Alicia commented.

"I'm happier than you can possibly understand. You'll get it one day though," I laughed, "I'm going to go take a shower, I suggest you do the same in one of the many other bathrooms. If Mum and Moira come in here to start getting everybody ready, and you still look like you rolled out of bed they might just kill."

"She has a point you know," Angelina sighed and with that all three rose out of bed. At that point, knowing that they were now functional, I turned my back and went into my own bathroom to shower. 

I changed into a t-shirt and jeans so I could get ready. I found my three friends were also there, as were Moira and Mum. 

"For Angelina, hmm" Moira mumbled. She and mum were searching through some books. 

"Leave it down and curl the ends," Mum muttered.

"Yes, that's good," Moira agreed. We were all sitting on my bed listening to their thought pattern. 

"A bun would be good for Katie," Moira murmured. 

"But not too tight, it will make her face look harsh," My mum noted.

"Yes" Moira agreed then thought before coming up with, "the bun will be loose and off center, with bangs across her forehead a bit."

"Good. Now Alicia" Mum trailed off. We now noticed they were marking things in the book. 

"Straight," Moira said immediately.

"With a side part," Mum influenced. The two women nodded and made a mark in the book.

"Now here comes the fun one," Moira said, and the two women pulled out of their little world for a moment to look at me.

"Fallon," They murmured simultaneously. 

"At least half up," Mum spouted.

"But not all the way, and curly too," Moira added. They flipped through the book for a moment, before stopping in agreement.

"That one," They agreed at the same moment. And that's when the fun really began. Note the sarcasm people.

An Hour Later

Everyone was done except me. And my scalp was screaming from being pulled on so much.

"Mum! Moira! Isn't there some spell for this?" I whined.

"Of course, but it never looks as good as if it's been done by hand," Moira replied, and attacked my head again.

"Mum, this is killing me," I tried again.

"It won't be the only thing killing you if you keep up with this whining Fallon," My mother chuckled, "Besides, we're almost done."

A moment later they were in fact done, but then we had to deal with them deciding our make-up despite our protests of being able to do it ourselves

Half an hour later they'd dealt with our complaints on the make-up and took a step back to look at the overall effect.

"Okay guys everything looks great," Mum said.

"We'll go get you guys something to eat since you missed breakfast, and its after lunch now," Moira added. "And we'll fix your make-up when your done. Then it will be time for you girls to get dressed. Pictures after the ceremony and then the reception."
I couldn't believe how much time had passed since this morning. Within what seemed to be about an hour and a half I would be Mrs. Fallon Wood. 

"Fallon, how're you feeling?" Katie asked. I assumed she meant about the morning sickness or something.

"Umm it's not morning anymore Katie, so I wouldn't be sick," I laughed a little.

"No, she's means, cold feet or anything?" Alicia amended for Katie. Upon hearing this I looked at them for all of half a second before cracking up. 

"After all the two of us have been through, I cannot possibly imagine spending my life with anyone else. I love him, and I'm actually bloody tired of waiting to be his wife."

"Good, that's how it should be," Moira said confidently as she entered the room with a large tray of sandwiches followed by Mum who had four bottles of butterbeer.
"Here you go, eat up," Moira proffered the tray to us and Mum handed out the butterbeer. 

"After the ceremony, we're taking pictures outside. You go out there, a photographer will be waiting. We'll be rearranging the ball room for the reception," 

We all ate ravenously. We hadn't eaten breakfast after all. Moira and Mum laughed at this behavior, to which the four of us stuck out tongues out and continued eating.

"The girl who is marrying my son in a couple hours just stuck her tongue out at me. Lovely," Moira laughed. I simply gave her a grin, but continued eating. 

We finished eating in about ten minutes, after which Moira and Mum applied make up charms, and told us to get dressed, which we did. 

"My goodness Fallon," Moira gasped in surprise at seeing the whole effect.

"Geez, Oliver may need to see you in advance so he doesn't go into shock from looking at you love," Mum complimented, in her way. Everyone laughed a little.

"And of course you girls look love too," Moira added as an after thought. Her cheeks grew red as she realized that she'd been caught being thoughtless.

"It's okay Moira," Angelina followed my lead on what to call her, "We know who today it all about." They laughed a little at this, while I simply blushed a light pink on my tan skin. 

"C'mon, we'd best head outside and get in places, its getting close. Guests should be here already," Moira realized. 

We made our way downstairs. I walked silently with a small smile on my face that anyone who knew me knew meant I was completely and utterly ecstatic, but calm also. 

The wedding was being held in the large ballroom downstairs. It was altered slightly, of course, with pews like in a church, and I know Mum and Moira would have decorated it splendidly.

Downstairs, the doors were closed. Moira opened them slightly to see that everyone was seated, and Oliver was in place. The question at this point was where were Fred, George, Braeden, and my father?

"Okay, where are those- ah, there you are!" Mum began, but stopped when the boys came around the corner.

"Fallon, Oliver may not know what to do with himself when he sees you," Braeden smiled.

"He'd better say 'I do'," I replied smilingly.

"Of course he will," Dad said as if it were a joke, which it was. 

"You look great Fallon," Fred commented,

"What he said," George added. 

"Fallon, we're going to take our seats," Moira and Mum informed me.

"Okay," I replied.

"Love you," They said, unintentionally at the same time. The two women laughed, and disapperated to the front pew. Then the music began.

The three couples walked in first, each of my bridesmaids being escorted by the groomsmen. The music then changed to a wedding march, meaning time for 

"Lets go dear," Dad smiled.

"Yeah, it's about time," I grinned. 

We walked through the doors, my bouquet in hand, my father leading me down the aisle. There was almost a group gasp at seeing me. I knew I was pretty but that seemed a bit much.

Oliver waited at the end of the aisle, eyes wide, obviously having to work to keep his mouth from dropping. 

"Fallon, you look like an absolute goddess," Oliver murmured to me when I reached him.

"You look pretty good yourself," I smiled.

The priest rattled the normal vows, though I barely heard them. I was far to busy locking my eyes with Oliver. I realized it was time when he stopped speaking.
"I do," I agreed to my vows.

Oliver did much the same as far as listening to the priest, but did manage to make his 'I do' more timely.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," The priest projected.

"Thank god," Oliver murmured and pulled me in for a kiss that was so completely earth shattering world flippingly amazing, that there is no other way to describe it than that.

"I know present Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wood," The priest finished. 

Oliver led me down the aisle and the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed. Outside, in the backyard, there was a photographer.

"Hello. My name is Bella Chime. I'll be your photographer. Lets get started with a picture of the bridal party first," The woman began quickly. We took a variety of pictures. We did some of the three bridesmaids, the three groomsmen, one of Braeden and myself, the bridal and groom party together, one of the whole group, and finally we got to the pictures of the couple. At this point everyone else went back inside.

"Okay you two, just act natural," Bella directed. And we did. I'm sure she got some beautiful ones. We actually didn't need any direction. We were both on cloud nine, ecstatically blissfully out of this world. 

Finally, she got a few of me by myself, and a couple of Oliver.
"All done, you two have a lovely reception," Bella wished. We nodded and went back inside. 

Everyone was waiting for us inside.
"About time you got here," Braeden laughed. I simply smiled back. The floor cleared, and music came on for the first dance for Oliver and me. 
It was a lovely slow one. Oliver's head bent down to mine. Our foreheads rested on one another's. 

"Fallon, you are amazing, you know that?" Oliver murmured. 

"I've been told," I smiled, "You're nothing to scoff at yourself."

He smiled, and pecked my forehead. The song ended soon, and everyone clapped. Everyone got a glass of champagne, and Braeden decided to have a toast.
"I would like to make a toast," He smiled, "These two did something that no man ever wants to happen. My best friend, and my sister fell in love," Everyone laughed at this but he continued, "but now I'm glad they did, because it's very obvious, no one else would've worked for these two. To Fallon and Oliver," He raised his glass.
We ate the light food provided, but I was glad that I'd eaten earlier. Couples danced, including Oliver and myself. Awhile later though, Mum, Moira, and my bridesmaids found me with a request.

"Do the bouquet toss please," Alicia asked. I laughed a little at their excited faces.

"Sure, but that means Oliver will need to toss the garter now," I replied. 

"I will, no problem," Oliver said agreeably. 

Alicia, Angelina, and Katie got the girls attention. The women in the room grew excited, while the men groaned.

I went to the front of the room and turned my back, as the girls gathered round behind me. I tossed it back, and turned around to see it was Katie to catch it. I found Braeden's eyes and gave him a look, which he silently groaned at.

I sat down as Oliver lifted by dress just enough to retrieve the garter. The men reluctantly moved forward to participate in this tradition, whether they like it or not. I started laughing as I found Braeden, who had pushed his way to the back of the crowd. 

Oliver threw it into the crowd of men trying to avoid it without really looking. As for who caught, it actually had to land on someone, because none of them wanted it, and it was Fred. Angelina laughed at him, and George just felt relieved that he'd caught nothing and neither had Alicia. 

The rest of the reception was pleasant, but by the time it was over I was tired and glad to see it go. 

Oliver and I didn't do what a typical couple would their wedding night. We lay on the bed, spells off my stomach. Oliver had a hand on my stomach feeling for kicks from Tara. 

We returned to school on Monday. I made it a point that teachers called me Mrs. Wood instead of Grier. Some thought that it was weird, but I didn't give a flying rats arse. And the ring never left my finger. Soon the month of April was looming before me, and that was the month that little Tara was due to join us.

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