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Adalia woke up to someone knocking. She groaned and stuck her head under her pillow, ignoring the awfully loud knocks. As soon as she began to fall asleep again, she was startled by a loud caw and fell off the bed. “Ow… that hurt,” Adalia said as she got up from the floor. She looked around for the source of that annoying sound and spotted it on her window sill.


A raven sat outside her window, staring at her. Adalia glared at the bird and said, “Bloody bird… had to wake me up with your annoying caws. Why don’t you just sod off… stupid bird… I said shoo!” The raven sat on the window sill, and Adalia could’ve sworn it looked annoyed.


Adalia opened the window and was about to scare the bird, but it flew in before she had the chance. Adalia quickly whipped around and growled, “Oh no you don’t… come back here, you stupid bird. I’m going to kill you for waking me up.” The raven settled down on the bed, and Adalia quickly made a grab for it. “Gotcha!” Adalia muttered triumphantly.


Adalia turned away from the bird and grabbed her wand while saying, “Now what should I do… torture then kill… or not waste any time and rid the world of annoying little things like… Bellatrix?” Adalia turned back to face the raven but found herself choking Bellatrix instead. “Oh sorry…” Adalia said as she quickly let go of the witch who was rather blue in the face.


Bellatrix rubbed her throat and said, “That’s quite a firm grip you got there, Adalia”. Adalia smiled and said, “Yeah well… I didn’t exactly expect you to come here, especially as a raven. Why did you have to wake me up so early?” Bellatrix laughed and said, “Early? Adalia, it’s already 9:00”. Adalia looked at Bellatrix and said, “Yeah, that’s early, especially on a Saturday. Anyway, what did you come here for?”


Bellatrix shook her head at the girl and sighed, “The Dark Lord, he is worried about you. You haven’t sent him anything… he fears something may have happened. He doesn’t know I’m here, but as one of his most faithful servants, I cannot stand seeing him so upset. A lot of us feel that way, especially Lucius and I”.


Adalia smiled and said, “I’m happy that you all love and respect my father, especially you and Lucius, since you have both been here already. I was planning on sending him a letter today… I mean it’s only the second day back; he has nothing to worry about. Since you are here, I can send word with you”.


“No… actually you can’t. I don’t want him to know I was here; those weren’t exactly his orders you know. He’ll punish me for going against his orders,” Bellatrix said worriedly. Adalia smirked and said, “Oh come on Bella, you’ll be doing him a favor; since when were you afraid of punishment? So what if he ‘Crucios’ you, I know you can take it”.


Bellatrix glared at Adalia for a few seconds but then smirked, “Oh, you’re right. I’m not afraid of punishment, and I will be doing him a favor, won’t I? Alright Adalia, you’ve convinced me to act as your messenger. What do you want me to tell him?”


Adalia smiled and said, “I knew I would be able to convince you. Alright, so tell him that we, especially me, are having a lot of fun embarrassing Potter and Weasley. Also, Ginny and I are making Potter believe that Ginny is still with him when she’s actually with Blaise. Isn’t that just great!? They’re so good together, a bit annoying, but they were made for each other. And finally, tell father that we stole a map from Potter. It’s a map of Hogwarts and it shows where each person is in the castle”.


Bellatrix gaped at Adalia and asked, “How did you manage to get your hands on something like that? Do you realize how big this is?” Adalia rolled her eyes and said, “Of course I do. That’s why I’m telling you to tell father about this. Oh, and before I forget, tell him that all four of us send our love to him and mom. Ok, I’m finished Bella, thanks for stopping by. Now fly away and let me sleep”.


Bellatrix smirked at Adalia and said, “Yeah whatever… Ms. Snores like crazy”. Adalia shot up from the bed and glared at Bellatrix while saying, “I DO NOT!” Bellatrix walked to the open window and snorted, “Yeah… tell that to the other birds out here”. Adalia gasped in mock horror and smirked, “Yeah whatever… get out of here before I decide to ‘Crucio’ your ass”. Bellatrix smirked at Adalia and changed back into her raven form. With one last look at Adalia, she softly cawed at her and flew out the window.


Adalia sighed and watched Bellatrix disappear. She closed the window and plopped down, face first, onto her bed. Adalia smiled as she curled into the silk blankets and began to fall asleep. She was almost at the point where she would start snoring, but quickly sat up when her door burst open.


“Oh good, you’re awake,” Ginny said as she sat down on Adalia’s bed. Adalia put on a fake smile and said, “Yeah… how could I not be… I mean it’s only 9:30!? Oh fuck this shit... I’m going back sleep. Good night, Ginny!” Adalia pulled the blanket over her head and tried going back to sleep, but Ginny wouldn’t leave her alone. “No way Ms. Riddle, you’re getting up now! We have to go to Hogsmeade today, remember?” Ginny said as she violently shook Adalia.


Adalia slowly sat up and glared at Ginny as she said, “Gin, we have the map with the secret passages, we can go whenever we want. You, on the other hand, have to go with Potter and your brother, remember?” Ginny frowned darkly and said, “Yeah, I remember. How long do I have to keep this up? Can’t we give Potter to your father before Halloween?”


Adalia smirked at Ginny and said, “Oh! Anxious to get rid of Potter now, aren’t we? Look Gin, we can’t do it before Halloween. I promise it will be done as soon as father is ready. We need to help him plan this attack, which might I add is the best part about this whole situation, on Hogwarts without anyone suspecting us of doing anything wrong at all. If you’re found out beforehand, then you’re as good as gone. Do you think we want you dead? Do you think Blaise wants you dead?”


Ginny smiled sadly and said, “No, that’s why I love all of you. Because you understood me and took me in like your sister, I feel like I’m finally free. I know you used to be Hermione or whatever it is that connected you with her, but you are so much better than her. I’m loyal to you and your father and will do whatever is needed in order to win what we are fighting for”.


Adalia smiled and hugged Ginny while whispering, “Thanks, Gin. You are the greatest friend and sister anyone can ever ask for”. Ginny laughed and said, “Yeah whatever. Now let go of me, I have some idiots to walk around with before I spend my day with you, remember?” Adalia let go of Ginny and said, “So now you want to go with them? I see how it is…” Ginny laughed and said, “Yeah, see you later.”


Ginny walked out of the room and Adalia sighed. Now where was I? Ahh… yes, sleep, Adalia thought as her head hit the silk pillows on her bed. Adalia lied in bed for a couple of seconds before getting up angrily thinking, Now I can’t even fall asleep… thanks Ginny. Ginny’s voice instantly appeared in Adalia’s head saying, you’re very welcome. Now don’t bother me, I’m listening to Potter tell me how much he loves me… ugh!


Adalia laughed at Ginny’s disgusting situation and proceeded to the bathroom. She walked in to the bathroom to find it very steamy and hot. Adalia smirked and walked up to the steamy shower stall. She heard a deep masculine voice humming a nice tune and smiled at how angelic he sounded. Adalia leaned against the sink and stayed in the bathroom listening to him hum.


After 5 minutes passed, the bathroom only got hotter and steamier. Adalia was getting annoyed and smirked as soon as she heard the water turn off. She got off the sink and crept up to the stall door. The door opened and Adalia jumped in front of him screaming, “Boo!” at the same time as he screamed, “AGH!!!” Adalia laughed and then took a closer look at him and shrieked at the top of her lungs, “BLAISE!?”


Blaise stood stark naked with a terrified look on his face. Adalia quickly turned around and ran out of the bathroom. Blaise’s eyes widened and he quickly grabbed a towel before anyone else decided to come in. Blaise relaxed a bit and dried himself off before putting on a pair of jeans and a button down tee. He made his hair look sexy and exited the bathroom to come face to face with Adalia.


Blaise’s eyes widened and he said, “Um… I’m sorry, but what the bloody hell is wrong with you? You almost gave me a heart attack”. Adalia smiled innocently and said, “Sorry, I thought you were Draco. I love scaring him, and I forgot you lived here”. Blaise raised one eyebrow but shook his head and walked away after seeing her innocent smile wasn’t going anywhere.


Adalia smirked at the Italian boy who was supposed to be smart. She walked into Draco’s room and closed the door behind her. Draco was standing in a pair of khaki cargo pants looking for a shirt to wear. Without turning around, Draco said, “Hey Blaise, I’ll be out in a second. I’m just looking for something to wear”. Adalia smirked and quickly walked up behind Draco.


Draco didn’t get a response from Blaise and turned around to see if he was there, but instead was greeted with someone’s lips on his. Adalia pulled away and raised an eyebrow at Draco before saying, “Blaise, eh? Would you rather it be him than me?” Draco smiled at Adalia and turned back to his drawer as he said, “Good morning to you too, babe”.


Adalia smiled as she hugged him from behind and said, “Good morning, Drakie”. She laughed as she felt him cringe. Draco turned around and groaned, “Why did you have to call me that? Now I’ll be paranoid all day. You know Pansy… she’ll do anything it takes to get me”. Adalia smirked as she traced little circles on Draco’s chest and said, “I want to see her try and go against me”.


Draco smirked and kissed Adalia’s head. He turned back to his drawer and said, “Adalia, you’re distracting me. I’m trying to find something to wear and I can’t when you’re doing that”. Draco was of course referring to Adalia tugging on the waist line of his pants. Adalia laughed and said, “Alright, I’ll stop. I’m going to go get ready”. Draco pouted as he said, “Aw… I didn’t want you to leave. It’s just… well you know”. Adalia smirked and said, “Yeah, I know.” She walked out of his room and before she closed the door said, “The black one on top looks good”.


Draco sighed and shook his head. He turned back to his drawer and took out the black shirt on top. He unfolded it to see that it wasn’t something he had ever seen before. He smiled as he realized that Adalia must have put it there somehow. Draco put it on and looked in the mirror. His reflection smirked and said, “Make the ladies fall today, Draco”. Draco turned away from the mirror and said, “Only one”. He walked out of his room and went down to the common room.


Adalia went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. She went back into her room and got dressed. Adalia wore a pair of skinny jeans and a green and black polo shirt. She then put on a pair of black and green converses that had the word ‘Slytherin’ written on them. She got them as a present from Adrian at her introductory party.

She applied some eyeliner and eye shadow, and then she applied some lip gloss. She looked at her reflection and smirked when it said, “You’ll make them fall fast”. She turned away from the mirror and said, “I sure will”. Adalia then grabbed a leather jacket and walked out of her room.


In the common room, Draco and Blaise were drinking a couple of butterbeers while waiting for Adalia. “Look Draco, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t realize that Gin and I snogging around you and Adalia was bothering you. I just can’t stop myself when I’m with her,” Blaise said after he took a sip of butterbeer. Draco smirked at his friend and said, “Don’t worry mate, I’m over that. You can snog her whenever you want. Just don’t overdo it”.


Blaise smirked at Draco and threw one of the couch pillows at him. Draco ducked and took one of the pillows from the love seat and threw it back at Blaise. The pillow hit Blaise in the face, but Blaise was too distracted to notice. Draco looked at Blaise’s face in confusion, he seemed… entranced. Draco heard a laugh that sounded like music to his ears and turned around. Draco’s jaw instantly dropped open when he saw Adalia standing in front of him. She looked even more breathtaking than usual.


Adalia smirked at the boys’ faces and said, “Hey Blaise, don’t forget you have Ginny. I wouldn’t want anything to happen that you would regret”. Blaise snapped out of his trance-like state and said, “Thanks Adalia, I almost forgot”. Adalia rolled her eyes at Blaise’s stupidity and giggled as she turned to Draco. Adalia walked past him and closed his mouth.


Draco turned around to face Adalia, his eyes full of lust. Adalia’s eyes widened and as she thought, oh… He is so going to blow our cover right now. Adalia looked to Draco and said, “Draco, don’t do it. You know you don’t want to”. Blaise sat on the couch, obviously confused. Draco looked to Blaise and then back to Adalia. He smirked and walked over to Adalia and said, “It’s only Blaise”.


In less than a second, Draco’s lips crashed onto Adalia’s. Adalia kissed him back passionately and pulled away after hearing a quiet ‘I knew it’. Adalia turned back to Blaise as she said, “So much for secret affair, and Draco’s the one who wanted it to be a secret. How did you know?” Blaise smirked and said, “This morning kind of gave it away. You know… the shower incident”.


Draco turned to Adalia as she glared at Blaise. He took in her expression and asked, “What shower incident?” Adalia shook her head at Blaise, but Blaise’s smirk grew wider as he opened his mouth to tell Draco the story. Adalia lunged at Blaise, but Draco caught her by the waist as Blaise began telling Draco what happened. Draco held the struggling Adalia while listening to the story that Blaise was telling him.


At first Draco was finding it funny, but then his eyes widened when he heard about Adalia seeing Blaise naked. “You saw him completely nude?” Draco asked in horror. Adalia blushed in embarrassment and nodded. Draco thought hard for a second and then shrugged, “Hey, it could’ve been worse. You, on the other hand Blaise, should’ve locked the door”. Adalia smirked at Blaise and then stuck her tongue out at him as Draco glared at him.


Blaise looked at Draco in disbelief and turned to Adalia and said, “You always manage to turn him against me somehow, and I strongly dislike you for that”. Adalia smirked and said, “Well too bad for you, because if you’re marrying Ginny, then I will be your sister”. Blaise’s eyes widened as he thought about it and groaned, “Oh great!” Draco and Adalia laughed at Blaise as he complained about Adalia being his sister-in-law.


Adalia stopped laughing and said, “Alright, now we have to go to Hogsmeade. So we can’t go by carriage because they’re all gone, which means that we will go through one of the many secret passages that are show on the map”. Blaise’s and Draco’s eyes lit up at the mention of using the map and simultaneously said, “Wicked”.


Adalia took the map off the table and pointed her wand at it while saying, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”. She looked at the map and said to the boys, “Alright, so practically everyone is in Hogsmeade except for the people who can’t go. We are going to take the secret passage that leads to the cellar of Honeydukes. It’s located under the statue of the one-eyed witch”. Blaise nodded his head eagerly but Draco looked confused. “What’s wrong Draco?” Adalia asked.


Draco looked up at Adalia and curiously asked, “How do you know all of this?” Adalia turned away from Draco and looked at the map while saying, “It says it on the map”. Draco shook his head and said, “No, it doesn’t say where the passage leads. Also, it doesn’t say the words that are used to reveal the map. You’re hiding something, and I… I refuse to go anywhere with you until you tell me the truth”.


Blaise looked up at Draco with wide eyes and said, “You’ve gone bloody mental mate. It’s Adalia we’re talking about… she knows everything, or haven’t you realized that yet?” Draco shook his head and stood his ground. He turned to Blaise and said, “No, Blaise. You’re wrong this time. Can you leave for a few minutes? We’ll meet you outside”. Blaise looked at Draco, then Adalia, and left without a word.


Draco glared at the back of Adalia’s head and said, “I know you’re lying to me. You’re hiding something, and I won’t leave you alone until you tell me what it is”. Adalia looked up at Draco with a stern look and said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Will you stop being an idiot? Let’s just go already, Ginny’s waiting for us”.


“NO! I am not an idiot! That’s how I know something is being kept from me, because I’m not Potter or Weasel. I will not go anywhere with you until you tell me the truth. Why don’t you understand that I need to know? Why can’t you tell me? I… I love you. I need you to tell me the truth, because I love you and we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. Don’t you love me?” Draco asked sadly.


Adalia’s eyes began to sting and she couldn’t help blurting out, “I can’t. I can’t tell you, because you’ll all leave me if I do. My father, my mother, Blaise, and… you… you’ll all leave”. Draco embraced Adalia in a hug and said, “I’ll never leave you… I love you too much to leave you. Please… please tell me the truth”. Adalia pulled away from Draco and said, “I can’t… I can’t say it. I feel disgusted even thinking about it”.


Draco found this a little funny so he chuckled quietly and went to get a piece of parchment. Draco handed the piece of parchment to Adalia and said, “Write it… please”. Adalia nodded silently and wrote on the piece of parchment, her hands shaking slightly. Adalia gave the parchment to Draco and turned away from him. Draco looked at Adalia sadly and then looked down at the parchment. Draco’s eyes widened as he reread the parchment at least 10 times.


Adalia turned to look at Draco and came face to face with hard, cold eyes. Draco looked at Adalia, his eyes full of rage as he yelled, “HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME SOMETHING LIKE THIS!? HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KEEP THIS A SECRET FROM ME!?” Adalia’s eyes stung but no tears came out as she said, “Draco, please… I’m sorry… let me explain”.


Draco looked down at her in disgust and yelled, “NO… I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD KEEP THIS A SECRET FROM ME! I DON’T NEED YOUR APOLOGIES OR YOUR DAMN EXPLANATIONS! AND I ESPECIALLY DON’T NEED YOU, YOU FILTHY MUD-BLOOD!!!” Draco dropped the piece of parchment and angrily stormed out of the room. Adalia heard Blaise’s voice as he tried to find out what happened from Draco.


Blaise ran into the common room to find Adalia shaking. He quickly ran up to her and asked, “Adalia, what happened?” Adalia was shaking uncontrollably, but still no tears came out. “He… He left me,” Adalia said as the thought just hit her, and then she broke down. Blaise looked down at her in shock and then spotted a piece of parchment on the floor. He picked it up and flipped it over. Blaise read it and said, “Oh no…” The parchment fell out of Blaise’s hands as he ran after Draco to try and stop him from doing anything stupid.


Adalia sat on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. The piece of paper fell in front of her face. Adalia took the piece of paper in her hands and blacked out right after thinking, I used to be Hermione Granger.


Ginny heard Adalia’s last thoughts and thought back, I know. You already told me. Ginny waited for a reply, but when she got none, began to feel worried. Adalia, are you there? Hello? Ginny sat in the Three Broomsticks with Harry’s arm around her shoulder as she thought those thoughts. No reply. Ginny suddenly got up and said, “I’m sorry Harry, but I have to go. I just remembered… I have a lot of homework that has to be done. I’ll see you boys later. Bye Harry, bye Ron”. Harry kissed her on the cheek and watched Ginny run out of the pub.


Harry turned to Ron and said, “Do you think she’s lying?” Ron shrugged and said, “I dunno mate. I mean it’s Ginny… she’s too innocent to lie, especially to you.” Harry thought about it for a second and said, “Yeah you’re right… I mean, I am Harry Potter”. Ron smiled at Harry and said, “Yes… you are”. Harry winked at Ron and took a sip of his butterbeer.


Ginny ran to the carriages and quickly jumped into one. The carriage started moving and it was way too slow for Ginny’s liking. As soon as the carriage stopped, Ginny jumped out and ran towards the castle. Little did she know, a pair of eyes watched her as she ran to the castle in a hurry.


Dumbledore turned around to face his fellow teacher and friend. “Something is wrong, Severus,” Dumbledore said sadly. Snape sat in Dumbledore’s office sipping tea and said, “Headmaster, there is always something wrong. I often find myself asking if anything in this world is right. Why else do you think I am the way I am?” Dumbledore smiled sadly at Severus and said, “Yes Severus, you are of course right, but I meant that something is wrong right now”.


Snape looked up at Dumbledore curiously and said, “How do you know? And what is it?” Dumbledore looked back out the window and said, “I’m not sure what has happened, but Ms. Weasley was running towards the castle as if someone died”. Snape got up from his seat and asked, “Shall I go find her?” Dumbledore sighed and said, “No Severus. If it is any of our business, we will find out. For now, just sit down and enjoy your tea”. Snape raised an eyebrow at his old friend and sighed as he sat down and continued sipping his tea.


Ginny ran up the stairs, two at a time. She reached the Heads dormitories and saw the portrait door wide open. “Oh no…” Ginny said as her eyes widened. Ginny ran into the common room and shut the portrait as she came in. Everything looked to be in order until she turned to her right, where Adalia was lying on the floor, unconscious.


“ADALIA!” Ginny screamed as she dropped down at her side. Ginny began to slap Adalia’s face lightly as she muttered over and over again, “Please wake up”. When that didn’t work, Ginny remembered that she was a witch and can do magic. Ginny took out her wand and pointed it at Adalia. “Enervate,” Ginny said as calmly as she could muster.


Ginny waited a couple of seconds to see if it worked or not. Adalia began to stir and Ginny muttered to herself, “Wow… it actually worked”. Ginny turned to Adalia and said, “Hey, are you ok? You scared the hell out of me. Now, what happened?” Adalia looked at Ginny and began to cry as she remembered what happened. Ginny looked at Adalia sadly and softly said, “Hey… why are you crying? What happened Adalia?”


Adalia stopped crying and sniffed, “He... left me, Gin. He left me”. Ginny looked at Adalia with a confused look and asked, “Left you? Who left you? Adalia, what exactly are you talking about?” Adalia got up from the floor slowly and said, “Draco… he left me”. Ginny raised an eyebrow at Adalia and said, “Whoa… rewind… you two were going out? Why didn’t you tell me?” Adalia nodded and said, “He wanted it to be a secret”.


“Oh… Why did he leave you?” Ginny asked slowly. Adalia handed Ginny the piece of parchment and watched as her eyes widened in understanding. “You told him?” Ginny asked incredulously. Adalia nodded sadly and said, “He wouldn’t go to Hogsmeade until I told him. You should’ve seen the way he looked at me after he found out. He said he would never leave me… no matter what, and that’s exactly what he did. Gin, he called me a mud-blood”.


Ginny gasped and said, “Did you at least explain the situation”. Adalia wiped her tears away and said, “He wouldn’t let me. He didn’t want to hear any apologies or explanations. He just… ran out of here, and Blaise ran out after him too”. Ginny’s eyes were wide at first, but then they narrowed dangerously. “Blaise ran out on you too? I’ll kill him… No… I’ll kill them both, Adalia. I’ll become a murderer just for you”.


Adalia laughed lightly and said, “There’s no need for that Gin, I’ll take care of it. Draco might be mad at me for a while, but there’s no way that he’ll stay like that forever. He said he loved me, so there’s no way he can avoid me forever”. Ginny looked at Adalia skeptically and asked, “Are you sure?” Adalia looked back to Ginny and said, “Not helping, Gin”. Ginny muttered a quiet ‘sorry’ and smiled at Adalia.


Adalia smiled at Ginny and decided to change the subject, “So… how was Hogsmeade?” Ginny snorted and said, “I thought you’d never ask. It was horrible. I walked around with the stupidest and most annoying people ever. I swear all they did was talk about how they wanted to kill you”. Adalia smirked and said, “Now I’m flattered”. Ginny laughed and said, “Yes well… I also think that my idiot brother might be gay”.


Adalia burst out laughing and then asked, “Where did you get a crazy idea like that from?” Ginny shrugged and said, “I dunno… I mean he only ever loved Hermione. Now that she’s gone… I don’t think he’ll ever be looking for another girl. Also, he looks at Potter as if he’s in love with him. It’s pretty disgusting actually”. Adalia rolled her eyes and said, “He’s always been in love with Saint Potter. We’ll never know if he’s gay unless we catch him red handed. I doubt he’s gay, but I must admit, it would be extremely funny”.


Ginny shrugged and was about to say something but stopped herself when she heard the portrait creek open. Ginny and Adalia whirled around to see Draco walk in, Blaise right behind him. Draco gave Adalia a cold, yet sad look and stormed up to his room. Blaise sighed heavily and sat down next to Ginny. “Hey babe, when did you get back?” Blaise said as he looked at Ginny. He found her glaring at him and asked, “What?”


Ginny’s face instantly turned red with anger as she said, “How could you run out on Adalia like that? It doesn’t matter who she used to be. What matters is who she is now. I thought you were smarter than that. I came back because I couldn’t communicate with Adalia through our minds and felt that something was wrong. I came back here to find the portrait door wide open and Adalia unconscious. I thought someone killed her. You could have at least closed the portrait door after running out on her”.


Blaise looked shocked and said, “I didn’t run out on her. Well, I ran out while she was here, but I ran after Draco to calm him down. I didn’t want him to do anything stupid… someone had to calm him down. I can care less about who Adalia used to be. It’s who she is now that counts”. Ginny’s features softened instantly as she said, “Oh… sorry. Well… in that case, hi baby”. She placed a soft kiss on his lips as Blaise smiled.


Adalia sat on the couch opposite them and said, “I’m sorry for thinking you ran out on me Blaise. I feel like shit right now. I don’t know what I’ll do if Draco doesn’t forgive me”. Blaise looked at her sadly and said, “I’m sorry Adalia… I tried everything. He won’t even listen to me… his best friend. I really did try”. Adalia smiled at Blaise and said, “I know you did, and I really appreciate it. He’s going to have to come around sometime though, right?”


Blaise and Ginny looked at each other unsurely and then Blaise turned to Adalia and said, “Um… sure… I guess”. Adalia sighed sadly and put her head in her hands as she asked herself, “What am I going to do?” Before Blaise could stop himself, he blurted out, “I really dunno Adalia. I’ve never seen him this upset. I doubt you can do anything”. Adalia looked up at Blaise disbelievingly and ran to her room, crying. Ginny smacked Blaise upside the head and said, “What the hell is wrong with you? How can you say that to her right now?”


Blaise turned to Ginny and said, “Sorry… it slipped out”. Ginny sighed and said, “You boys can be such idiots sometimes. Why do we even put up with you?” Blaise grinned at her and suggestively said, “Because we’re devilishly handsome creatures?” Ginny smirked and said, “Yeah… maybe that’s it. I’m going to go to Potter in that case”. Blaise glared at Ginny and said, “Don’t even joke about that”. Ginny smiled at him and said, “Who said I was joking?” Ginny walked away from him and was on her way to Adalia’s room when Blaise put his hand over his heart and said, “Ouch… I think you just broke my heart”. Ginny rolled her eyes as she left Blaise in the common room and went to cheer Adalia up.


Adalia stared out the window as she heard her door open and close. Adalia turned around and sighed when she saw Ginny. “What? I’m not good enough for you? Fine, I’ll leave,” Ginny said as she turned back to the door. “No! It’s just… I thought you were Draco…” Adalia mumbled the last part quietly. Ginny turned back to Adalia and said, “You know, you really are a strange girl. First, you’re so evil and everything… and now, you’re so sad and like a normal girl… To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to expect from you. What I do know, is that you are very strong. He’s just Draco, and I know he’ll get over it soon, sooner than you think, actually. Adalia, please just forget about it, and you’ll have him back in no time”.


Adalia looked up at Ginny with a small smile and said, “I know, it’s just hard having him mad at me”. Ginny shrugged and said, “You never had a problem with it as Hermione”. Adalia narrowed her eyes at Ginny and said, “Yes well… that was then, and I was a completely different person. I wasn’t even Adalia back then. I think I finally figured everything out”. Ginny looked at Adalia curiously and asked, “What do you mean?”


Adalia let out a heavy sigh and said, “On the first night back, when I was unconscious, the mud-blood came to me in my thoughts. She left me with her body and spirit, but her heart was still here. She said I had to find a way to get rid of it on my own. I think I just did, but I also think she’ll be back”. Ginny sat on Adalia’s bed with wide eyes and asked, “How?”


“I’m not sure how I got rid of her heart, probably this whole fight with Draco, but she’ll probably be back in another body. You see… I didn’t just have a concealment charm on me, but Dumbledore planted a completely different mind and heart into my body. He created a completely different person,” Adalia said as a frown came upon her face. Ginny emitted a gasp and said, “That’s horrible and wrong… but I must say you must be extremely powerful to do that. Dumbledore isn’t going to be easy to beat”.


Adalia turned to Ginny and said, “You think I don’t know that? That’s why we must help father in every way possible”. Ginny nodded in agreement and said, “We must and we will, starting with me. I am going to get as much information as I can out of Potter… even if it means going to extreme measures”. Adalia’s eyes widened as she realized what Ginny was saying. “No… Ginny you can’t… I understand how much you want to help… but I don’t want you to give Potter what he shouldn’t have… what he’s not worthy enough to have,” Adalia said with sad eyes.


Ginny stood up from the bed and said, “No, Adalia… I’ll do whatever it takes to get information from Potter… no matter what anybody says. I’m going to go to the Gryffindor common room… I kind of told Potter and my brother that I had to do homework… see you tonight… or tomorrow”. Before Adalia could say anything else, Ginny ran out of her room and out of the common room.


Adalia heard the bathroom door open and saw Draco looking at her with a sad expression. Adalia was about to say something but was cut off by Draco. “I heard everything,” Draco sad somberly. “You heard… everything?” Adalia croaked out. Draco nodded and looked into her eyes. He walked over to her and hugged her tightly as he said, “I’m sorry Adalia. I shouldn’t have overreacted like that”.


Adalia hugged him back and said, “No, Draco… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you right away… I was scared. I didn’t know anything myself, and I wanted to know everything before I told you or anyone else. Can you forgive me?” Draco pulled away and kissed her on the head. He shook his head and said, “No, the question is whether you can forgive me”. Adalia looked up at Draco happily and pulled him in for a kiss. They kissed passionately for about 5 minutes but had to pull apart for some air. Adalia smiled up at him and said, “Does that answer your question?”

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