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Heads were dropping, mouths were open in yawns and everyone’s attentions were focused on anything but professor Binns and his lecture on the Goblin-warlocks treaty of 1638. It was a wonder sometimes on how professor Binns could make History of Magic even more tedious than it originally was. Even Rose, who was usually- to some extent- immune to the professor’s mind-numbing voice was finding it hard to concentrate. Her quill rested in her slackened grip over a piece of parchment and her head was held in the palm of her hand.

She looked round; half the class had their heads on tables- some with their eyes closed in what she assumed was sleep, whilst the other half that had barely managed to stay awake, were yawning passionately. A few seats away, her cousin Albus was idly waving his wand, levitating his quill, his eyes glazed over. Her best friend, Anna Finnigan was scribbling absent-mindedly on a parchment and a sneaky peek told her that it was ‘James Potter’ being written over and over again in neat, orderly lines.

It was an unusually hot day for April and the classroom was hot and stuffy. Rose desperately wished someone would open a window and when no one did, she conceded to take off her sweater and undo the top two buttons of her shirt, loosening her tie as she did so. Staring back at the window, she gazed at the clear blue sky streaked with the minority of fluffy white clouds.

“Prior to the treaty, several hundred goblins were murdered for the blatant opposition of the…”

Rose shifted her attention to professor Binns for a brief moment before turning back to the window. Her head felt heavy and she wanted nothing more than to just drop it on the table and fall into undisturbed slumber.

“Rose?” she heard Albus whisper. Against her own will she lifted her head and turned to stare at Albus.

“What?” she mouthed.

“Why aren’t you taking notes?”

Vexation swelled powerfully in her. Did Albus consider her a walking, talking, breathing textbook?

“I’m sick of taking notes. You do it for a while.” She snapped back quietly.

Albus’ look of shock was plastered to his face for quite some time and she threw him a glare before turning back to the front. A glance at her wristwatch told her that just over half an hour remained of the lesson. It felt like one half hour too much. She bent down to dig her water bottle out of her bag but her eyes landed on something else and her eyebrows rose up in curiosity. Hadn’t she discarded that? Obviously not, she thought and picked up the small piece of parchment, somewhat cautiously.

“Can’t hurt, right?” she muttered to herself and read the tiny piece of parchment. Professor Binns continued to drone on and within seconds her head was on the desk, her eyes closed. When she woke up, she found herself in the library sat at one of the desks, surrounded by several stacks of books and piles of parchment. The sun outside had already set and the library was covered in a blanket of darkness, the only source of light coming from the flickering candles. Groaning, she rubbed her eyes and stared at the many books around her. What the hell had she been doing with all these useless books?

Glancing down at the essay in front of her she read the title: The Goblin/Warlock treaty of 1638. She had only written a few informative paragraphs but it still wasn’t enough for the minimum length of 12 inches. “Damn you, Binns,” she hissed under her breath.

She felt so languid and her arm was numb so she lethargically got up and stretched her limbs before collapsing back into the chair. Her golden quill was sat there, tempting her to pick it up and start scribbling away but she had nothing to scribble. Her mind was blank. She felt like banging her head against the table. She hadn’t expected her NEWTs to be this difficult and she still had another year to go.

Rose lay back in the stiff wooden chair and ran a hand through her dark tresses, brushing her fringe out of her eyes. A yawn escaped her lips and she covered her mouth. Closing her eyes, she sighed and rested her head in her arms. Hmm, the library usually was never this quiet…there was always some sort of sound gently breaking the silence that was comforting to Rose. She did not like absolute silence; it was too loud. Her head snapped up and she listened carefully. There was not a single sound and the library suddenly felt empty.

Curiously, she got up and began to pace around the library, her first destination: the librarian’s counter. Nothing. Madam Pince was not there and from what Rose could tell, she was not in one of the rooms usually used for storing spare books.

“Madam Pince? Madam Pince?” She called out. No reply. What had driven Madam Pince to desert her beloved library and books for even the briefest of moments? Highly unnerved now, she continued to stroll around. It was not that she was scared of being alone but everything seemed out of place…everything seemed, to some point, strange. Why was Madam Pince not at her desk? Why was the library deserted? Why was her heart beating too fast? What was that soft noise?

Somehow, the shadows all seemed so much larger and much more... looming. That soft noise continued to break through the silence that had settled uncomfortably around the library. It sounded almost like…like the soft turning of aged parchment of a very ancient book. What was causing it? She wanted to find out.

Rose continued to pace through the aisles searching for the source of the noise. As far as she could see, there was nothing yet the soft noise continued to sound throughout the library. It was highly unsettling... She groaned loudly, frustrated, before banging the palm of her hand against a nearby bookshelf. A sudden shuffling of feet made her cautiously turn around, trying to distinguish something in the darkness.

“Madam Pince?” she asked almost timidly. As expected, no reply. Okay, no need to panic, she told herself. You’re just stuck in the library whilst something you can’t see lurks in the aisles…terrific! Paranoia was getting the better of her and she decided that probably packing up and fleeing the library was the best choice at the moment. Turning round, she began to make her way back to her desk but a soft voice made her stop dead in her tracks.

“Scared Weasley?” a soft sneer asked. She turned round and met the sight of Scorpius Malfoy leaning against a bookshelf, a heavy tome in his hands and smirking in a pleased with himself way. Her fear quickly vanished and was replaced with aggravation.

“Malfoy!” she breathed acidly. So he was the cause of that noise.

“I didn’t put you down as the type to scare easily, Rose,” his smirk widened and she was incensed simply at the sight of it. God, he was so infuriating.

“Funny, but I didn’t put you down as the type to stalk girls in the library.” She spat back and turned to make her way back to her desk but quicker than a flash, he was in front of her.

“Why in such hurry?”

“To get as far away from you as humanly possible,” she muttered and pushed past him, making her way back to her table. He chuckled, the sound oddly pleasing, and followed her. The heavy book in his hands was carelessly put to one shelf. Rose was finding that with every second she spent with Scorpius Malfoy, her frustration was increasing rapidly; he possessed the gift to bring out the worst in people sometimes. Aware of his clear grey eyes on her, she hastily stuffed her books and parchment into her bag and began to make her way to the door. He chuckled again, a soft sneer delicately laced within the dulcet tones.

To her bitter disappointment however, she found that the library door was locked. Her irritation intensified and she crossly kicked the door. Scorpius’ was barely controlling his laughter. Reaching into her robe, she pulled out her wand, pointed it at the door and confidently said, “Alohomora.”

The spell was ineffective. She raised her wand to attempt a second try.

“It’s no use. The library’s been shut for the past hour.” Scorpius smirked.

“What?” she asked sharply, turning round to face him. “What do you mean it’s been shut for the past hour? Where’s Madam Pince? Why are you so irritating? I want to get out!” her voice had risen into a shrill crescendo and she was furiously glaring daggers at him as if all this was somehow, of his own doing.

Scorpius tutted. “Temper, temper Weasley. And how the hell am I supposed to known where that vulture of a librarian is? Perhaps she’s gone to Filch for some…fun. I always thought there was something between them…” There was a devastating uneven smirk upon his lips that seemed to be containing his mirth at what he had just suggested.

Rose chose ignorance instead of snapping back; she knew that Scorpius Malfoy gave as good as he got and getting into a verbal argument with him did not rank high on her list of priorities at the moment. She bitterly threw her bag to the floor and discarded her robe before she began to pace back and forth amongst the bookshelves. Surely Madam Pince would come back soon, she’d never deserted her much-loved library for more than a few minutes. But if she didn’t…Rose would be stuck here with Scorpius Malfoy all night. She suppressed a shudder and turned round to face the smirking figure.

“What are we going to do?”

“Search me. Aren’t you supposed to be clever or something? You figure it out.”

“I thought you were smart,” she snickered.

“Look Weasley!” he snapped, the smirk fading off his face and he looked somewhat irritated. “We are stuck here with no possible means of getting out. Now unless you can actually come up with an idea to get us out instead of moaning, I suggest you shut up or find some bloody way to pass the time.”

“Oh and just how do you pass the time in a library I wonder?” she said sarcastically, mocking looking thoughtful. “I don’t want to read Malfoy; I just want to the get the fuck out of here.”

“You really can’t help yourself, can you?”

Her hand had plunged into her pocket for her wand but before she had time to draw it, he had closed the gap between them and his lips were on hers. Taken by surprise, she froze, unsure of what to do, but when she could no longer resist his lips, she fell deeply into the kiss and responded hungrily, her hands snaking around his neck.

Surges of electricity seemed to flow around her body of their own accord and she moaned into his mouth, loving the ecstasy he evoked in her. His hands travelled up her body appreciatively and she could feel him smirking against her lips before his hands lost themselves in her hair.

Her hand moved down to his hip and she pulled him closer, falling into his taut chest. His mouth left hers and began to trail passionate kisses across her jaw, throat and neck, tugging at her shirt as to get better access to her skin. She moved her head to the side to make the job easier for him and soon his mouth was leeched to her skin.

He pushed her back a few steps until her back came into contact with a bookshelf and his mouth returned to the silkily delicate spot below her right ear. A low moan escaped her lips. Wanting the taste of his mouth in hers again, she grabbed hold of his hair and pulled his mouth back to her lips and kissed him fervently, eliciting a growl of pleasure from Scorpius.

Requiring some much-needed air, they pulled back both breathing in ragged, quick gasps. Rose simply stood in front of him, biting her lower lip, regarding him. He looked so tempting, or for use of a better word, appealing with his shirt hanging out, his tie loosely done and his dishevelled golden hair flopping into his eyes and traces of that devastating crooked smirk lingered on his lips. But during her keen observations, a war raged on inside her head.

You just kissed Scorpius Malfoy! Have you gone insane?

That was the best kiss of your life. Admit it. You know you want more.

It’s wrong! What would your father say if he knew?

To hell with your father. You’re not going to let his silly prejudices rule your life, are you?

She pictured a stereotypical view of a devil and an angel on each of her shoulders arguing about the rights and wrongs and what to do and what not to do. Was this really the time for such trivial things?

But before she could decide on which voice to follow, his lips were on hers once more, hungry for more, and she forgot everything and kissed him back unreservedly, wiping any logical reasoning and principles from her mind. Slowly, she ran her foot up his leg, stroking it intensely before her knee rested between his legs. This elicited another growl from Scorpius and his hands set to work fumbling with her shirt, not letting her have all the fun.

She smirked against his lips, now knowing the sort of reactions she could get from him. Her foot began to run up his leg again, this time slower and on the inside of his leg until it had reached his upper thigh before she moved it back down, her knee coming to rest once more between his legs. He had long since stopped kissing her and his eyes had been closed during her entire stroking, a sharp intake of breath escaping his lips when she touched a particularly sensitive spot.

“Something wrong, Scorpius?” she breathed in a sultry voice, her knee moving to the right with a bit more force. All he could do was shake his head and she chuckled quietly before she brought her lips crashing down on his in an intense, fiery kiss.

She was no longer the one in control. He growled, demanding dominance and she put up no arguments. His tongue darted out of his mouth, forcing its way into hers and leisurely sliding along the inside of her bottom lip. She took the opportunity to pull him as close as possible, but despite their bodies being pressed together more closely than sardines in a tin, it was still not close enough. She grabbed hold of his tie and pulled him closer, forcing his mouth onto hers with much more vigour, his body grinding against hers.

With the nearness sorted, her hands moved to his shirt and they idly slid underneath the soft fabric and ran along the smooth hardness of his torso. He would not allow her to have all the fun however; his hands left her hair and pulled at her blouse until it was free of her skirt before his hands gently slid underneath and rested on her warm skin. They hastily slid up, curving round her back before tracing the clasp of her bra. Surprisingly, he did not undo it and she was curious. She could feel his hands approaching her breasts and she groaned in ecstasy as his nimble fingers traced along the top of them and she pushed her knee further, warranting a moan from Scorpius.

She could no longer withstand their clothed prison and she ripped off his shirt, forcing back a smirk as she heard the soft ‘pings’ of buttons on the floor. A glance at Scorpius told her that he was fighting back a smirk too. Scorpius had begun to unbutton her blouse whilst trying to kiss the base of her throat- a difficult feat- and she grabbed hold of his hands and stopped him. He looked up, curious and she led him to the wall of the library, unbuttoning her blouse as she did so before letting it fall carelessly to the ground. He followed her, pushing her up against the wall before he moved forwards and grabbed her, pulling her as close as possible without suffocating her, his lips making forceful contact with her own before they left to travel down to her neck and chest. Her hands worked furiously at his belt whilst his own gently ran down her spine, making her shudder with pleasure, before resting at the waist of her skirt, his fingers at the zipper.

A fumbling at the door and the soft jingling of keys sounded and Rose and Scorpius broke apart, terror written across their faces. “Shit!” was all that would escape Scorpius’ lips before they stood, seemingly frozen- with baited breaths- in too much shock to do anything. Rose recovered first.

“Quick, this way!” She moaned and grabbed their bags, picked up their discarded clothes and silently ran towards the restricted section.

“What are you doing?” Scorpius groaned but followed, a stream of profanities flowing from his mouth seamlessly, all aimed at the vulture-like librarian.

“Trust me. Here.” she pulled him behind the counter and along a dark corridor before quietly opening a door to one of the many rooms and rushing in. Scorpius watched as she threw their clothes and bags carelessly into a dark corner of the room before pulling her wand and muttering a few well-chosen words.

“That’ll do. I’ve put a charm on it so that it can’t be opened even with Alohomora.” She breathed a sigh or relief.

“What is this place?” Scorpius asked his eyes landing on the large couch in front of the fire and a devious, uneven smile befell his lips.

“It’s just a spare room Madam Pince let me use when I was studying for my OWLs and I’ve used it since. So…” she moved towards Scorpius, a suggestive gleam in her eyes.

“So, where were we?” he finished with a smirk and caught her lips in a playful kiss.

“You read my mind. Mr Malfoy.” She grinned pulling back a bit before returning for another, more intense, more impassioned kiss.

“Shall we continue, Rose?” he muttered against her lips. She looked up at him.


She blinked twice and sunlight flooded her eyes, briefly blinding her.


Blinking again, this time in rapid succession, she saw clear blue skies outside the window and someone was tapping her gently on the shoulder.

“Um, do you think she’s okay?” she heard Anna’s uncertain voice.

“I’m fine…I just dozed off, I think…”

“Binns dismissed class five minutes ago. Didn’t you hear him?” Albus asked, fighting back a smirk as he stood in front of her.

“No, I didn’t.” she stood up yawning and stretched her arms sluggishly. As she stretched, a tiny pink, heart shaped piece of parchment fluttered from her loose grip onto the floor.

“What’s this?” Anna asked curiously, bending down and picking up the parchment and reading the reverse side. “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Patented Daydream charm. One simple incantation and you will enter into a top quality, highly realistic thirty-minute daydream. Easy to fit into the average school lesson and virtually undetectable. (Side effects include vacant expression and minor drooling). Not for sale to under sixteen’s.”

Anna and Albus both ogled her. “Did you use this, Rose?”

Rose blushed a bright cerise, remembering every detail of the dream. “Yes…well, I kind of needed a break…”

“I think I finally know what uncle George gave you for your birthday…. I can only guess what you dreamt of…” Albus sighed and turned to leave the classroom. Rose took the parchment from Anna and stuffed it into her pocket before they followed Albus out of the classroom. She passed Scorpius along the way and he raised an eyebrow enquiringly to her blushing red face.

You don’t want to know she thought as she gazed into his smoky eyes before walking past, a tiny smirk pulling at the corners of her mouth.


A/N: Tada! This is my first Scorpius/Rose story and it was a lot fun to write, although surprisingly difficult at times, but I hope you all enjoyed it. The entire leg rubbing came from watching the Argentine Tango. Reviews are loved, so please take a few seconds to write me one and tell me what y’all thought.

Written for Danielle (Scarletheartedlioness) who is one heck of an author. Hope you enjoyed this one, Hun and Happy Birthday for Wednesday.

-Sera xD

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Characters belong to JK Rowling as do the wonderful patented daydreams…I could do with one of them in my chemistry class. Teehee :D

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