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A/N: Hello my lovely readers! Sorry about the wait, I went on vacation and then had a busy week back at school. I said this in a couple of my reviews, but I rushed to get the last chapter in before the deadline. I didn't expect it to be validated as fast as it was (thank you HPFF!) so I might go back and add detail to it - I don't know yet. 

Secondly, people have been asking for me to read and review their stories when they leave a review. I'm actually happy to read people's works (I love finding new stories), which is why I got an idea! Each chapter, I am going to shamelessly plug a story that I really like. If you'd like me to read your story so you can maybe appear in the next chapter, say so in your review. However, if you just write 'OMGZ READ MY HARRY ROMANCE FIC LOLZ', I won't read it. If you review nicely and THEN ask me to read your fic, I'll be more likely to comply ;)

Thirdly, I have not chosen a beta yet. If you'd still like to apply, leave your email address in your review. 

So, onto the shameless plug and story!

Carly's Shameless Plug of the Chapter:

Beneath the Willows by Meg101 (it is on my favorite story list)
Based on a novel by Charlotte Bronte, Meg101 puts a magical twist on an Oliver/OC romance. The way she writes is quite something. Check it out! 

Now onto the story! 

chapter title credit to atmosphere. too good of a song name to pass by.


Instantly, I did a half barrel roll, rendering me upside down and I successfully avoided the bludger that had been hit in my direction. I held on tightly to the wood of my broom as I tried to fly towards Forrester who had the Quaffle. Yet, flying upside down was never one of my strong suits. I zig zagged back and forth across the field as the bludger attacked me from above. Each time I thought it was going to hit me as it swooped down like a killer hawk going to eat its prey; I flinched every time the other team’s beater whacked it towards me again and again. The crowd booed as the ball wizzed over me again, leaving me alone for the time being. I swung myself so I was upright when I thought the coast was clear. I took a deep breath as I went to help my teammates who were struggling with the Quaffle. 

But the bludger wasn’t done with me. It came barreling back towards me and I ducked, covering my precious skull with my arms. As it passed over me, the bottom of the nasty ball just barely clipped two of my fingernails, pulling half of them off. The crowd roared. I let out a piercing scream of pain, frustration and fear. My fingers throbbed as I lifted my head back up to see the bludger coming back towards me again and I tried to fly faster then I ever had before in order to out run it. 

“That bludger is surely out for blood today!” the announcer chuckled as the crowd burst into applause and I’m sure I saw a couple fans give me the finger as I flew by them. How kind.

Just as I was about to yell for help, Dellard whipped past me and swung his bat, colliding with the nasty bludger sent from the other team’s beater. I nodded to him as a sign of thanks as I sped off towards the other side of the field, despite my bleeding nails. I wiped the blood on my robes (the action hurt more then I would have liked) and set off to help my fellow chasers. Marino had the Quaffle and was being double teamed by two of the Falcon players as he advanced towards their keeper.

This match was proving to be a long one; it had gone on for about 5 hours (although some long matches lasted for days). All of my teammates warned me about the Falmouth Falcons and how they were the most vicious team in the league. It didn’t help that we were in their home stadium. The team’s motto was etched into the field by a large, dark gray and white falcon: “Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads.”

Charming, really.

“Marino shoots! Misses!” The crowd burst into cheers and they began to sing one of their jeering drinking songs. “710 – 650, Puddlemire still in the lead.” The crowd booed louder at the score.

I could hear Cambert on the ground, yelling incessantly for Annabell to catch the snitch and end this literally bloody game. Yet, she was so high off the ground, racing in the skies, that she couldn’t hear him. Of course, she was probably mentally telling herself to do the same thing so I blocked Annabell out of my mind as I raced towards Oliver’s side of the field. The Falcon’s star chaser had the Quaffle and as much as I wanted to trust Oliver’s skill, I knew he wouldn’t block it. He hadn’t been blocking their shots all day. The only reason that Falmouth wasn’t winning right now was because Marino, Forrester and I had managed to block a couple shots or intercept some of their passes. Just as their chaser wound up for the shot, I reached out with my bloody hand and got a bit of the ball, but Oliver still missed.


“For fucks sake Wood! Block some shots!” I roared and his angry brown eyes met mine. For a second, I thought I saw that same hunger in his eyes that appeared when he was about to kiss me, but it quickly faded to even more anger. He growled and spit out of the side of his mouth ruggedly. I would have thought it was sexy if we weren’t in the middle of a match and it wasn’t a wad of spit coming out of his mouth.

“It’s not as easy as you think Dunbar. Why don’t you get your broom out of your arse and try it,” he jeered.

“Fuck you,” I snarled as I flew towards the other side of the field as I wiped my hand on the side of my robes. Merlin, I hope Cambert won’t throw me off the team when I killed Oliver; we had been bickering all game. Marino quickly passed the Quaffle to me and instead of going along with our Hawks Head formation, I sped out in front of the others. I could hear them yelling at me, asking what I was doing, but I couldn’t hear them. The sound of my blood racing echoed in my ears as a bludger hit by their beater flew wide to the left. Oliver’s taunting words played over and over in my head. 

Why don’t you get your broom out of your arse and try it

Their chasers were right on my tail as I was near the menacing keeper in front of the goal post. My eyes were slits. I felt another bludger wiz by me and in a moment of shock, I almost dropped the quaffle. The two chasers were right beside me, swiping at the ball as I moved it from arm to arm. They expected me to give it up easily, but instead, I pulled up, and spun, shooting the Quaffle into the lower left hoop. I yelled in triumph as it made it through, looking back at Oliver with a smirk.

But the cheers for my goal were drowned out by the swell of the crowd as the two seekers dove for the snitch. It was about time! One of the Falcon’s chasers took the advantage of everyone being distracted and raced towards Oliver in order to get a cheap score. I turned my head, focusing on the chaser rather then Annabell and thought of all the higher beings I could think of to pray to: God, Merlin, Zeus, Allah, Jesus, Vishnu, Cambert’s mother –

The crowd was silenced and all I could hear was Cambert screaming his head off in excitement. The Falcon’s chaser threw the Quaffle in frustration at Oliver, who caught it with a grin on his handsome face. Marino and Forrester were giving each other high fives. Dellard rested his bat on his shoulder as Edmund ruffled his partner’s hair. I turned around to see Annabell proudly holding the snitch. I almost fainted from exhaustion.




Because of our victory, Marino decided that the next day, he was going to have a little party at his flat to celebrate. I was beyond exhausted to really think about what he was saying so I agreed when he asked me about it after the game finished. I apparated back to my flat and instantly fell asleep after the medi-witch had attended to my broken fingernails. Before I knew it, Saturday, the day after our fateful game with Falmouth, was here and it was minutes before people would start showing up to Marino’s little get together. I stood in front of my mirror, looking at my reflection; I was too tired and sore to really care about my looks so I had just pulled on a pair of jeans (I thought about just wearing sweats) and a simple V-neck white t-shirt. I ran my fingers through my blonde hair, moving it this way and that, in order to make it artfully messy. I crossed my hands over my chest as I tilted my head to the side, gazing at my reflection again. 

“Where are you going tonight?” Noel mused as she poked her head into my room. She and Mike were having a nice dinner together at our flat tonight, which was one of the main reasons why I ended up going to Marino’s. There’s nothing like a little sister to ruin the romantic mood. I turned to look at her and her infectious smile brought about a smile on my own face.

“I was just going to go to a little team get together,” I said as I reached for a tube of mascara to apply to my lashes. “Don’t know when I’ll get back.” 

“That’s nice,” she said as she entered my room gingerly. “You look a bit plain you know.”

“Yeah? It’s not like I want to impress anyone,” I said with a growl laced into my voice as I leaned forwards, focusing on the mascara wand in my hand. I sighed as I finished applying and thrust the wand back into the tub, screwing the top. I turned towards her, the smile slightly gone from my face. Noel was the first person I considered telling about my situation with Oliver. However, I decided against it. I knew Oliver wouldn’t tell anyone because he was still with Katie and that would ruin his reputation. But I surely wasn’t going to tell anyone. I learned back at Mills that it didn’t matter who you told, your secret was bound to get out somehow. Now that I was in the Pros, it was probably 5 times worse if I told someone. The gossip back at Mills was free; gossip in the real world earned people a living.  

“It’s cold outside,” Noel said softly as she opened one of my drawers. “You might want to put a sweater on over your shirt. Or maybe a vest?” 

I wanted to say that I was going to be inside all night, but I decided that I shouldn’t snap at Noel. Truthfully, the reason I was being such a cow was because I didn’t want to see Oliver again. I knew that by letting myself kiss him, I was making it a habit. By making it a habit, I knew that I’d end up falling for him. And after I fell for him, I would be crushed once he brushed me to the side and sauntered back to Katie. I looked down at my shoes. I had to put an end to it tonight. I couldn’t go on like this. It wasn’t good for my sanity. Noel held out a cute black vest with white buttons down the front and I took it.

“Thanks,” I said as I put it on and straightened it out while looking into the mirror. It was just the thing I needed to make my outfit a little livelier. I buttoned the white buttons and tossed my head to the left and right, fluffing out my hair. Sighing, I turned to Noel, gave her a hug goodbye and apparated to Marino’s flat. Once inside, I waved to a couple of my teammates and saw that there were more people invited then I had expected. I guess Marino had let everyone bring a friend or two along. I thought about owling Mike and Noel to see if they would like to come, but I decided against it. They probably wanted to be alone anyways.

“Michelle!” Marino said, thrusting a butter beer into my hands. I took it with a smile and twisted the cap off, taking a long sip. My teammate laughed and put an arm around my waist, showing me around the place. I felt his fingers softly stroke my waist line a couple times, but I didn’t bother to respond. He didn’t seem to say anything. I waved at Forrester and Annabell who were having an animated conversation about the Harpies and Cannons game that had been going on for 2 days and counting. They both smiled and then went back to their conversation as Marino led me into the kitchen where buckets of drinks placed in ice were. He introduced me to a couple people I had never met before and then excused himself as another pop! was heard in the living room. I leaned against the counter, my butter beer in hand, as I sipped and talked to Marino’s old Quidditch friends from school. I could see why Marino was friends with them; they had the same sense of humor he did.

“’Lo Michelle,” Dellard said with a smile as he reached into the bucket of drinks next to me.

“Jeff!” I said with a smile as I gave him a small hug. “Merlin, you saved my ass in that game. I don’t know what I can do to thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he answered sheepishly as he shrugged his shoulders. I was about to return to my conversation with Marino’s boys when Dellard tapped my shoulder.

“Yes? Thought of something I can do for you? A kiss? Would that help?” I said with a cheeky grin as I lightly punched him on the shoulder.

“I want you to meet someone Michelle,” he said awkwardly as I gestured to the male next to him, who was currently holding his hand. “This is Jake.”

“Oh,” I said, bringing a hand up to my mouth. Merlin, I had no idea that Dellard was gay! I wasn’t against gay people, I just thought it was odd that he had never told anyone. I bit my lip as I thought of a proper response. “Well sorry about that Jake, I only meant for the kiss to be a joke. I just didn’t know that you and Jeff had a thing!”

“Not many people do,” Jake said with a shrug as he reached into the bucket for a Muggle beer. 

“How long has this been going on?”

“Almost a year,” Jeff said, looking at Jake lovingly. My eyes widened again as I tried to keep the butter beer in my mouth. I gulped, coughing slightly as I hit my chest in order to breathe again. Jeff looked nervous as he gripped Jake’s hand tighter. He probably thought I was disgusted.

“Why haven’t you told anyone Dellard? You should be proud! A year? That’s great!” I said with a grin, trying to ease the tension. Jeff let out the breath that he had been holding and Jake smiled politely.

“Thanks Michelle, I knew you’d understand,” Dellard said as he patted my back. I took another long sip of butter beer. It wasn’t every day that you found out your beater was gay. I guess I could understand why he had kept it a secret; I could almost hear the sexual jokes about him being a ‘beater’. I was proud he was willing to come out – but why me? I barely knew the guy. An awkward silence filled the air as we all took another long sip from our lagers. 

“Well, uh, I have to, um, see a man about, uh, a dog,” I said awkwardly as I rushed out of the kitchen. I placed my empty butter beer bottle on the counter top as I made my way back into the living room, still stunned at the news. Who else knew? I’m sure that Edmund did. The two beaters were close enough to share a secret like that. And then I began to wonder about Jeff’s relationship. Was he more of the feminine or the masculine one? A friend of a friend who was lesbian told me that in most same sex relationships, there was that kind of dynamic. But as I thought about it, Jeff seemed to be the masculine one, but Jake didn’t seem feminine at all. Maybe they were just both masculine. Hey, it could happen!

“Cheater!” I heard Forrester yell as I opened the door into the living room where most of the people were. It seemed like they were playing a wizarding drinking game. I gravitated towards Annabell and she placed another butter beer into my hands. She looked me up and down and raised a brow.

“You look shaken.”

“I just found out Jeff’s gay.”

“So that’s why he brought that fit man with him? Shite. Why do all the good ones have to be gay?”

“You’re talking about Jeff or his partner?”


“Michelle,” Marino whined as he came over to me and put his arms around my waist once again. “Tell Mr. Michael Forrester that he’s cheating and making me drunk!”

“Forrester,” I said with a mock glare and he put his hands up innocently in protest. “What are you lot playing anyways?”

“It’s a wizarding drinking game,” Annabell said, shrugging her shoulders. “I’ve never heard of it before. Apparently Marino and his mates played it back in school. You can see why they love it so much. It gets them hammered.”

“It’s boring, that’s what it is,” Forrester said as he put his hands on his chest. “I’m not plastered! Do you know any other games we can play?” People shifted from left to right, drinking more of what they had in their hands. I did the same and so did Annabell as someone proposed a game to play. It was shot down. It seemed that no one had a new game to play that both the chasers could agree on. I tried to think back to some of the games I’d seen back at Mills, or at my cousin’s house for that matter. He loved to have parties and usually, I’d always watch them party as I nibbled on snacks and wrote Quidditch plays. I’d never participated in parties at school, but I could still remember them for I’d usually be the one to bust them, being the Quidditch Nazi that I was. There was that one time when we had an important match the next game and I found my team playing beer -

“Wait,” I said, handing Annabell my bottle, “I’ve got one. We need a table, cups, a small ball and some butter beer.” The small crowd murmured and Forrester and Edmund moved a coffee table into the center of the room as Marino went to fetch the beer and cups. I figured that William wouldn’t have a ping pong ball, so I fished my wand out of my pocket and conjured one.

“What on earth are you doing?” Annabell hissed as I carefully placed the empty cups into a pyramid, the first row starting with four, the second with three, etc. I couldn’t remember exactly how many cups they had used, but I figured the more there were, the more the boys would like it. After I’d placed the same amount of cups on either side, I took the beer from Marino’s hands. He looked at me with confusion. I smiled back as I filled the cups to a third of their capacity with butter beer and with my wand, I drew a small line down the center of the table.

“There’s this game that my friends at Mills and my cousin used to play. It’s called Beer Pong or Beirut, depending on where you are. There are two teams, preferable with two people on each team and they take this ball,” I said holding up the white ping pong ball, “and try to get it into the other cup. If they do, the person on the other team has to drain the cup. The team to get the ball into all of the other team’s cups wins. The losing team has to split the winning team’s beer in their cups.”

“It’s that simple?” Forrester said, putting a hand on his hip.

“It’s American, mate. What can you expect?” a voice shouted out from behind me.

“No, there are more rules. I think,” I said, putting a hand on my chin thoughtfully, making a few laugh. “Give me a second to remember. I know you can hit the ball under some circumstances … Oh! You can either toss it or bounce it. If you toss it and it makes it in, the person has to drain the cup. However, you can bounce it. The defending team can swat the ball if it’s bounced, but if the ball makes it in, it’s worth two cups.”

“Sounds fun,” Edmund said, rubbing his hands together. “Forrester, it’s on.”

“Oh! And if it’s swirling around the rim, you can swat it.”

“Anything else we should know?”

“No,” I said with an embarrassed grin.

The room filled with excitement as the two men from Puddlemire United faced off. I was instated referee and I chuckled as Edmund’s first shot made it into one of Forrester’s cups. Michael grimaced as he drained it. The night went on, the crowd of people loving the new game I’d introduced. Everyone agreed that there should only be one table for it was more fun to watch the guys play it rather then having individual games. After the boys got the hang of the rules, I soon began to make my way around the party, saying hello and introducing myself to people I didn’t know. I was dead tired but the noise from the living room and the people around me kept me awake. At one point, I tried to find Marino’s medicine cabinet to find some Awakening Potion, but it was no where to be seen. Plus, I’d never actually played the drinking game before. Everyone probably expected me to be a master at it.

I made my way back to the living room, another butter beer in my hand. I made sure not to drink more then I should because I knew what would happen if I was drunk in from of Oliver again. I knew he was here somewhere, but I hadn’t actually laid eyes on him. It was probably a good thing; I wouldn’t end up doing something stupid after all. I took another sip from my butter beer and shoved a few people out of the way in order to stand next to Annabell.

“You’ve unleashed a monster,” she said with a snort as she clinked her bottle with mine. I gave her a smile as we both took a sip after saying a quick ‘Cheers’. Marino growled as the ball missed the cup he was aiming for and one of his friends began a victory dance. As the guy’s arms flailed about, I caught a glimpse of a couple kissing.  My face blanched as I realized it was Oliver.

With Katie.

“Get me out of here now,” I said in horror as Katie slipped her hand into Oliver’s and he placed a kiss on the top of her head. Annabell followed my gaze and started to drain her butter beer quickly. She didn’t even know that Oliver had been cheating on Katie with me and she could feel the tension. I turned my back, wanting to run away as fast as I could when I felt a hand on my back. 

“Come on Michelle, it’s your turn to play!” Marino said with a drunken grin as he pulled me over towards the table. I tried to protest, but he wouldn’t let me out of his grip and called for a challenger to play with me. There was a silence, for no one wanted to face a semi-sober chaser in a throwing game. I gulped, listening to Marino’s school friends start up a drinking song. This was not going to end well.

“Well look at that, no one wants to play me, I better get going,” I said nervously as I tried to blend back into the crowd when a voice rang out.

“I’ll play her,” Katie said with a grin as she appeared at the other end of the table, Oliver at her side. Oh no, no no no no. The crowd cheered as Marino brought me back to the table and waved his wand, setting the cups up for a full game.

“No, I think I’ll pass,” I gulped.

This was not happing. It had to be a dream. I was not in this situation.

“What, you scared you’re going to lose?” Oliver said with a grin as he placed an arm around Katie’s waist. She grinned back at him and placed a sloppy, sick kiss on his lips. Oh that fowl little coach roach! I was going to kill him when I was done with this stupid little game. I glared at the couple at the other end of the table as I took off the black vest Noel had given me. The room cheered as I cracked my knuckles and bounced the ping pong ball on the top a couple times. Katie let go of Oliver and smirked at me as she pushed him away, like she had him on a leash. I was going to kill her in this game and then kill her stupid little boyfriend afterwards.

“Take your shot,” Katie taunted. I gulped, bouncing the ball a couple times. Everyone expected me to be amazing at this game, but truthfully, I had never played it before. I closed my eyes, imaging that I was on the pitch, just lofting the Quaffle into the keeper’s hoops. I raised my arm and with a flick of my wrist, arched the ball over towards the other end of the table. I opened my eyes to see it plop into the cup right in front of Katie.

Everyone cheered.

“Your turn,” I said, putting my arms over my chest. I was tempted to add ‘bitch’ at the end, but I thought against it. I could see her anger pulsing already. The game wore on and I could tell that Katie’s chaser skills were getting a bit rusty as my beer pong skills were getting better and better. She soon had drained most of her cups while I had most of mine filled. I watched her current shot bounce slowly toward my cup and I quickly swatted it away with ease. She was getting drunk. 

The room cheered as I took the ball into my hand. Katie had one cup left. After bouncing it a couple times, I closed my eyes again and flicked my wrist. I opened them to see it swirling around the rim of the cup. Just before Katie’s hand could contact it, the tiny ball plopped down into the butter beer below. I screamed in delight as Annabell hugged me and planted a friendly kiss on my cheek. I brushed it off for she’d been drinking and it was understandable in a moment of immense excitement.

“It’s my turn now, Spinard!” Marino said with a suave grin and I soon found his lips planted on my own, instead of my cheek. I tried to squirm away but his drunken grip was too tight on me; I had no choice but to give in. A couple people laughed and toasted our public intimacy. My stomach lurched in disgust. I could feel Oliver’s eyes on me and I wished that I was somewhere other then here. His friends started another drinking song and finally, Marino let go of me.

“I am not going to beat you because I know you’re not going to remember this in the morning,” I growled as I swatted his hands off me.

“I don’t even remember who I am!”

“Exactly. Now, I am going to sleep in one of your bedrooms and no, you’re not invited. Go find another bint who is just as drunk as you. I guarantee you’ll have a good night. I’m not what you’re looking for. You, for the record, are not what I'm looking for either.”

My cheeks burned as I spun on my heel. My feet felt like stones as I trudged towards the back of the house in search of a bed. I wanted to fall asleep. I didn’t want to apparate home because I knew I’d had a couple drinks and the risk of not making it home in one piece crossed my mind. I knocked on a door and when there was no answer, I opened it to find a small blue bed tucked away in the corner of the room. I disregarded the rest of the attributes of the cozy bedroom as I raced towards the bed, jumping beneath the sheets. I sighed and wrapped the blanket around me, placing my head on the fluffy white pillow. Just as I closed my eyes, someone knocked on the door and I growled irritably.

“I said no, Marino!”

“It’s not him,” I heard the familiar Scottish voice whisper and I froze. My pulse quickened as I heard him walk over towards me and sit on the edge of the bed. I tried to take deep breaths as his hand reached out and stroked my leg lovingly. I could feel the sparks even beneath the blanket. He let out a slow whistle as his hand caressed up my body, stopping at every curve. I shuddered with lust as I rolled over to face him. His lips were just inches above mine and his hand cupped my face. He lowered to kiss me and put a hand up to block him.

“We can’t do this Oliver,” I whispered and his eyebrows furrowed. He tried to kiss me again and I kept my hand over his lips.  

“Why not?” he asked with frustration laced into his voice.

“You have a girlfriend. She’s somewhere in this house. She could walk in on us any minute.”

“She’s passed out on the couch,” he chuckled as his lips brushed over the skin on my neck and I pushed back the part of my mind longing to invite him under the covers. “After she finished your cups of lager, she got sick all over the carpet and fell asleep on the couch.”

“It doesn’t matter Oliver,” I said, pushing his lips and hands away again. He looked at me quizzically as I took a deep breath. I turned towards the window next to the bed and brushed my hair out of my face. “We have to end whatever we have together. You have a girlfriend for Merlin’s sake! Don’t do this to me anymore. Please. I can’t take it. I – I just can’t be with you when you’re with her.”

“It’s more complicated then you think,” he growled as his body straightened instantly. I sat up in the bed, leaning against the wall behind me. I crossed my arms over my chest as I dared him to go on with my eyes. He took a deep breath himself and let the tension go from his sitting position. His head hung low and he took my hand. I slowly stroked it as he began to speak. “I’ve been dating Katie for a while now. She was with me back at Hogwarts - my old school. Merlin, I love Quidditch but it takes its toll on me. Sometimes I just – I just can’t let it go after I’m off the pitch. She was always there to bring me back down to earth when I went off the deep end. I owe her a lot, Michelle. Besides, my parents love her. She’s like their second daughter, much to the dismay of my older sister, Beth. They would murder me if I ended things with her.”

A silence followed as we both held each other’s hands. He looked at me longingly and I bit my lip, averting my eyes.

“Please, say something. Anything. Michelle, the silence is killing me. Please say you’ll stay with me. I – I can’t stop thinking about you. I watch you during practice! I watch you during games! I was doing so poorly against the Falcons because they kept pestering you, not to mention they ripped off your fingernails. Without you on the pitch, I can’t concentrate. I know that sounds crazy, but you’re like my good luck charm or something.”

“So then take the chance,” I said, placing my hand on his chest and pushing him backwards to try and wake him up from the dream he seemed to be in. I started to ramble as words poured out of my mouth. “End things with Katie and I’ll be with you! I can’t stop thinking about you either. I’ve been trying to get your attention ever since I saw you at the Puddlemire try outs!”

“I noticed,” he said with a laugh as his hand cupped my face again. I leaned into his hand and kissed his palm lightly.

“Then let Katie go.”

“I – I can’t Michelle. I told you. It’s not that easy.”

I lifted my head off of his hand as my eyes filled up with tears. My breath began to feather as I deeply inhaled. I told him that I couldn't be with him if he was with Katie, no matter how strongly he was attracted to me. He acted like he wasn't even listening.

“Oliver,” I said, determined, as I looked him in the eye. “If you’re not willing to fight for what you want, you’re not who I thought you were. You can’t have the best of both worlds.” He inhaled sharply, taking immediate offense ot my comment. But I stuck by what I had said. I continued to lock eyes with him as he abruptly stood and stormed out of the bedroom, slamming the door so loudly that the tiny bed shook. I knew that it was the right choice to make, but I couldn’t help but start to cry as I fell asleep. 


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