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Harry stood in the entrance of the Great Hall.  The battle raged before him as Voldemort and his Death Eaters fought against students and defenders of Hogwarts.  Harry was concealed by his cloak invisible to all around him.  His eyes scanned the room for his intended target and was quick to find him standing in the center of the room.  Voldemort stood laughing as he hissed orders to his minion.  An evil grin covered his snake like face as he watched his Death Eaters striking down their victims one at a time.

Harry's mind was conflicted with so many emotions.  He was angry at Voldemort for all that he had done and was doing now, but he also blamed himself for all the death that laid before  him.  He could not understand why so many people had to die because of him.  Why did his fate have to cause so much death and sadness. When he started this journey he had planned to do it alone so that no one else  had to be hurt because of him.  He had planned to face Voldemort alone and to put an end to all of this  one way or another.  But here he was once again watching as one person after another fell dead all because of him. 

Harry's rage began to take over.   He could not take it any more.  He began to walk towards Voldemort,  his hand clutching his wand tightly.  As he approached the spot where Voldemort stood, he  stopped and pulled off his cloak.

“STOP!”  Harry's voice boomed across the room.

Silence fell across the room as everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and turned to face Harry.  Voldemort turned, his lips beginning to curl into an evil grin.

“The boy who lived.” Voldemort's voice was cold and uncaring.  “It seems you always find a way to escape your fate, but returning from the dead, that is one you must teach me.”

Voldemort began to walk toward Harry.   Harry could see his evil serpent face with its red eyes as Vodemort smiled evilly at Harry.  Harry stood his ground, as his anger began to increase.  His knuckles turning white as his grip tightened on his wand.

“This will end now!” Harry growled, his voice filled with anger.

Voldemort's smile began to grow larger.  ”You're right Harry, this will end now.” Voldemort's  voice was full of laughter.

Harry drew his wand with lightening speed, pointing it at Voldemort.  Vodemort did not respond, but continued to grin.

Voldemort raised his hand, gesturing to some unseen person to approach.  Harry watched as two Death Eaters approached.  They were dragging a struggling victim between them.   As they approached closer,  Harry's face began to turn white.   Coldness crept through his body as fear over took him.  He recognized the face of the struggling victim.

“Did you really think you could hide it from me Harry?”  Voldemort chuckled with  confidence.  “Yes Harry, I know who she is and what she means to you.”

“Ginny!” Harry struggled as he said her name.  Harry began to feel weak as he dropped to his knees.   Pain shot through his scar as he clutched his head, dropping his wand on the ground.

Ginny struggled to free herself from the grasp of the Death Eaters.  As They approached they stopped beside Voldemort.

“Let her go.”  Harry screamed as he regained his composure.

“No Harry.  I gave you a chance to end this, but here you are still alive.”  Voldemort's face was now filled with anger.  “You should not have come back, but here we are face to face once again.”

Voldemort began to walk around Ginny, who had now been forced down on her knees.  Voldemort stopped behind Ginny as he reached out and grabbed Ginny by the hair forcing her head back as he stared down at her.

Harry tried to react, but his body did not respond.  He was frozen in place unable to move or speak.   Harry's mind  flashed back to the night Dumbledore had died, how he was frozen helpless as he watched his mentor die.  He could not let it happen again.  He watched as Ginny winced in pain as Voldemort continued clutching her by the hair.  Harry could hear her cries of pain as she struggled to free herself from his grip.

“You were right about one thing Harry.  It is all your fault!”   Voldemort grinned evilly at Harry as he saw the pain he was causing him with his word.“Yes Harry, I know you blame yourself for all that has happened.”

Harry felt as if he had been hit with a blow more powerful then any spell.  He sat helpless to react  as he watched Ginny suffering in pain.  His heart sank as the thoughts of blame over took him.  He had given in to the feeling of guilt for all that had happened.
Vodemort smiled as he sensed his victory over Harry.  He stared down at the defeated boy before him.  “Now Harry you will watch as I take the last thing you have in this world.  You should have never tried to hide it, Harry.”  Vodemort released Ginny from his grip.

Harry watched as Ginny lifted her head slowly.  They stared into each others eyes.  Harry could see tears beginning to form in her  eyes.   Harry's heart sank.

“Avada Kedavra!”

A bright flash of green blinded Harry's eyes for a second.  As his vision began to clear Harry  could see Ginny's face beginning to turn white.  Her expression filled with pain as she fell forward onto the floor.

“GINNY, NO!”  Harry screamed.

 This time Harry's voice was not silent.  It echoed loud through out the room causing all the windows to explode in a shower of  glass.

Harry felt his heart split in two.  Pain shot through every part of his body.  He began to realize that he was able to move once again.   Grabbing his wand, he jumped to his feet, pointing it at Voldemort.   Harry's vision began to blur as tears began to fill his eyes.   Every thing began to grow dark as Harry struggled to see his target.   Harry could hear his name being called as  someone grasped him by the shoulders shaking him.  Harry's vision was now filled with  darkness.  His mind began to spin as he struggled to comprehend his situation.  Then there was a flash of light.




“Harry wake up, your dreaming! ”  Ron was standing over Harry shaking his friend frantically.   “Harry, wake up!”

Harry sat up in a flash his wand drawn at Ron's face.   Ron stumbled back in surprise.  He protested frantically trying to plead with his friend.  “Harry it's me Ron, your having a nightmare.”

Harry stared in confusion at Ron.  His mind was still swirling with the sight of Ginny's  lifeless body.  He shook his head trying to free his mind of the horrible images. 

“Where is he?  Were am I?”  Harry was still confused. 

“You are in your bed in the Gryffindor tower.  Don't you remember?   You came up here to get some sleep.”  Ron pleaded with his friend unsure of Harry's mental state.  “Why were you calling Ginny's name?”  Ron asked trying to make sense of the situation.

“Ginny,  where is she?”  Harry demanded.  His mind was slowly returning to normal. 

“Ginny is fine.  She told mum she was going for a walk, I believe she is down by the lake.” Ron face looked worried as he continued.  “She's really upset, I don't think she is taking Fred's death very well!”. 

Ron was feeling a little safer now,  Harry had dropped his wand and was beginning to wipe the sleep from his eyes.   He shook his head in an attempt  to clear his mind.

The memories of the war were now flooding Harry's mind.  He remembered how he had offered his life to end the war and how Voldemort had been killed as his own curse rebounded upon him.  Harry remembered how Fred, Lupin and Tonks had been killed.  Harry  expression had now changed to one of sympathy as he realized that Ron had just lost his brother.

“How are you holding up?”  Harry asked trying to comfort his friend.

“Lot better now that your wand is not sticking in my face.” Ron attempted to laugh, but the sight of Harry pointing a wand at him made him a little uneasy.  “The rest of the family are still pretty shook up.   Hermione is beside herself.”  Ron attempted a smile trying to convince his friend that he would be ok.  ”I  think Ginny is taking it the hardest, but I  don't think it is  just about Fred.”  Ron added.  Harry's expression changed at these words.  The memories of the dream now returning to his mind.

“I have to find Ginny.” Harry cried out as he  leapt to his feet.  He ran out of the room leaving his friend standing confused, gasping at his actions.






Ginny's eyes were swollen with tears as she stood by the shore of the lake.  She came here to get away from all the death that filled the Great Hall.  She could not stand to see her family and friends as they mourned their losses.  As she stood staring across the lake, her mind drifted back to the last time she stood here.   That day was just as painful to her as she recalled the day Harry broke up with her, the very same day Dumbledore was laid to rest.   His broken tomb stood not far from where she was standing.  Harry's words filled her head as  they replayed over and over. 

“Why Harry? “  Ginny thought to herself.   “Why did you have to break up with me?  Why aren't you here with me when I need you most. “

Tears began to form in her eyes once again.  She hated to cry.  It wasn't like her to show weakness around others,  but here alone, she allowed herself to release her emotions.   Ginny covered her eyes with her hands as tears began to flow heavily down her cheeks.  She began to cry uncontrollably.

Harry had arrived at the spot where Ginny was standing.   He could tell she was crying and the sounds of her sobbing sent pain deep into his chest.  He approached her slowly as he stretched his hand towards her.

Ginny was startled as she felt a hand on her shoulder, she jumped as she spun around, reaching for her wand,  she feared the worst.  Suddenly her eyes made contact with another.   She knew those bright green eyes anywhere.  Harry could see that her face was stained with tears, her eyes red and puffy.  Ginny wanted so much to fall into Harry's arms to feel him hold her tight and make all the sadness go away, but instead she only stood staring at him.  Her anger at him for leaving her held her back.

Harry was surprised by the expression on her face.  He knew that things were not perfect between them, but he thought that she would have been happier to see him. 

“Ginny, are you ok? “   Harry asked as he watched her brush the tears from her eyes. 

Ginny was growing embarrassed by her emotions, she did not want to look so weak, at least  not in front of Harry.  She did not want him to see her crying like a helpless child.  She turned to face the lake once again, mostly to hide her tears from Harry.

“I  am fine, Harry. “  Her voice was a little more angry then she meant it to be.

“Ginny, I know your not ok.  I can see it in your face.   Please Ginny!  Talk to me.”  Harry pleaded with her.

Ginny stood defiant and showed no emotion.   She did not answer him.

“Did I say something wrong?”   Harry asked, confused by her reaction.

“Do you remember this spot!”, her tears now flowed from her eyes.  Her body was growing  ridged.

Harry was now even more confused, he had no idea of what she spoke.  “This spot, Ginny?  Harry asked trying desperately to understand.

“Last year, on this spot.  This is where you told me it was over, that you could no longer be with me”  Her voice was now more angry.

Harry's heart had stopped, a pain now shot through it.  The memories of the event flashed before his mind.  “I am so sorry, Ginny.   I never meant to hurt you.  I was only trying to protect you.”   Harry pleaded for forgiveness.  His mind began to drift back to his dream.

Ginny turned to face him.  He could see the tears trickling down her check.  This was causing  him even more pain as his own eyes began to tear up.

Ginny stared at him, her face was ridged.  She had a look of anger as her eyes flared at him. 

“Do you think I am so helpless,  that I can't take care of myself?”   Ginny demanded. 

She hated being put down, made to feel so weak and helpless.  All her life she had been treated as a baby by her family.  Always being protected and nurtured.  She was always being told how she needed others help.

Harry looked shocked he never meant to make her feel this way. 

“That wasn't why, Ginny!   It had nothing to do with you not being able to protect yourself.”   Harry knew how strong she was and how her skills with a wand had haunted many people who had been unlucky to cross her. 

“Ginny,  I wanted to protect you from me.  Everyone who comes in contact with me dies.  Dumbledore, Cedric, Fred, Lupin, Tonks and Sirius,  all dead because of me!  Everyone I care about dies, Ginny.   Even my own parents.”   Tears began to flow from his eyes.

 A large lump began to form in his throat making it hard for him to finish.  He was finding it hard to continue looking at her.   His guilt was overwhelming him. 

 “I couldn't loose you too.  I care about you to much Ginny.  If you had died, I don't know what I would have done.  You where the only thing I thought  of, this last year.  It was your face that kept me going.  I  did all this for you, Ginny.  For us, so we could be together.   So we could have a life together, free of threats from Voldemort.”   Harry could not speak any more.  The lump in his throat was threatening to choke him.

Ginny now felt sorry for her reaction.  She could see the pain in his face.  Pain that she was now causing him.  She replayed his words over and over in her head, but she suddenly grasped what Harry had just said. 

She spoke softly to him, “Did you say.....that...... you did this so we could be together?”  Her expression was now changing to one of confusion.

“Yes Ginny.  I was hoping that when all this was done, you would take me back and we could be together once again.”   Harry looked pleading at her for mercy.  He couldn't take it knowing she was upset with him.  “I mean,  I was hoping that some how.....If  you hadn't found someone else,  that maybe you would want to be with me again.”

“But you told me it was over, you told me to go on without you, to  find someone else.”    Ginny's emotions were out of control now.  She did not know how to feel.   She wanted so much to hold Harry, but she could not stop the anger she felt towards him.

“Ginny,  please forgive me?  I was stupid and I know it now.  I  should have never pushed you away.  I should have kept you close to me for I know now that it was love that mattered most of all.”   Harry look like a scolded child now.  He found it hard to look Ginny in the eyes and for the first time he truly feared he had lost her.

Ginny's eyes swelled up with tears as the corner of her lips began to curl up slightly.  She slowly lifted her hand to Harry's chin as she lifted his face.  Harry looked at Ginny with a sad look.   Ginny placed her arms around him tightly causing him to gasp as she squeezed the air from his lungs.  He threw his arms around her holding her tightly.

“Does this mean you will take me back?”  Harry asked, his face now beginning to smile.

Ginny's anger began to subside as she pulled back slapping Harry's arm.  Her face now grinning at his.  “You  silly boy.  Do you really think that after all these years of liking you, I wouldn't take you back?” 

Harry laughed at her response.  “Well you were pretty mad at me,  Ginny.”   Harry responded, pulling her tightly in to his arms.

“Don't you think I had the right to be mad at you?”  Ginny gave him a dirty look as she  scowled at him.  “You really hurt me, Harry!  “

“I know Ginny, it seems to be all that I am good at lately. “  Harry frowned.

Ginny smiled at him.   “I will forgive you this time, but if it happens again, Voldemort will  be nothing compared to me. “

The thought of facing a mad Ginny caused Harry to shudder.  He never wanted to have to  face Ginny in battle for he knew he  didn't stand a chance.

“I promise Gin, it will never happen again. “   Harry remarked in a pleading voice.

Harry pulled Ginny closer to him as he slowly pressed his lips against hers.  Harry could feel her soft tender lips as they pressed tightly to his.  Their hands  began to caress each others  bodies.  Passion flamed inside them as their bodies began to fill with warmth.   They kissed as they had never kissed before.  Their minds blank of any other thoughts.   It seemed to them an eternity passed before they stopped, collapsing into each other's arms. 

Ginny placed her head on Harry's  shoulder, still keeping a firm grip around Harry's waist.  The memory of Fred's death now flooded back into her mind as tears began to flow from her eyes again. 

Harry could sense her tears as he held her tighter.  “Why are you crying, Ginny?”   Harry asked with concern.

“I can't believe he is gone.”   Ginny sobbed.  “My brother is dead.  Lupin and Tonks are dead.”   Ginny now began to cry uncontrollably as her tears began to soak  Harry's shoulder.

“I am so sorry Ginny.  I never meant for it to turn out this way.”  Harry began.

Ginny pulled back quickly as she stared at Harry.  She placed a hand on each side of Harry's face forcing him to look at her.  “Harry look at me.”  Ginny said forcefully as tears continued to trickle down her check.  “It is not your fault Harry.  You are not responsible for this.  You did not cause their deaths.”

Harry tried to look away, but Ginny kept a firm grip on his face.   He had no choice but to stare into her eyes.  Those beautiful brown eyes.  He dreamed for so long of staring into them once again,  but now he wanted nothing more then to hide from them. 

“I  know you Harry Potter.   You can't help but blame yourself for every thing that happens.  But it isn't your fault and I won't  let you blame yourself.  Harry, you didn't ask for this.   It was forced upon you and you had no choice.”  Ginny looked pleadingly into Harry's eyes trying to get him to understand the truth.

Ginny was the only one who could ever get Harry to calm down and see the light.  She was  always able to control Harry when he went on one of his self pity trips.  This time she wasn't sure.   Harry was determined to blame himself for everything and it worried her so much.  Harry pulled her closely forcing her to release her  grip on his face.  She could feel he was agonizing over her words.   She clutched him tightly to her own body as they rested their  heads on each others shoulder.

Harry could smell the sweet smell of her hair as it filled his nose.  He always loved the way her hair looked and smelled.  The way it felt as he slid his fingers through it.  His mind began to drift to happier times that they had spend together.

They held each other for some time before breaking their embrace.  Harry looked into her  eyes and smiled.  “We better get you back, before your family comes looking.”  Harry responded.  “But first I need to make one stop!”

Harry took her hand and guided her down the path to the Tomb that housed his mentor, Dumbledore.  The tomb was in terrible condition, Voldemort had cracked it in half in his attempt to get the Elder Wand  Harry released Ginny's hand and approached the tomb.  Ginny watched as Harry pulled the Elder Wand from his pocket and placed it gently inside the  tomb.

“I have no need for this, I have all I need.”  Harry turned and smiled at Ginny, his eyes twinkled like emeralds in the sun.   Harry gave a bow in respect to his fallen mentor as he turned and walked to Ginny.

As he approached, Ginny took his hand  and said lovingly, “Are you ok?”

Harry smiled at her,  placing his arm around her back.  “Every thing is great now.   Now that I have you, Ginny!” 

Ginny's face began to redden.  Harry turned towards the tomb, raising his wand he cast a silent spell at the tomb.  Ginny watched as the tomb reformed  into one piece.  Ginny smiled at Harry, in her mind she knew what Dumbledore had meant to Harry.   They turned and continued to walk back to the castle with their arms wrapped around each other.





Hermione stood at the entrance to the castle, her hands on her hips as she tapped her foot on the ground.  

“Where have you two been?  Your mom is franticly looking for you Ginny! “   Hermione scolded them.

“I am sorry, we were just down by the lake talking”  Ginny responded, trying to act innocent.

Hermione could see Harry was holding Ginny's hand as she scanned the two before her.  She began to smile.  She started to comment on the situation, but thought better of it as Ginny gave her a stern look.

Ginny pulled Harry past her as she attempted to flee any questions that Hermione was about to ask. 

“Let's  go find my family before they send a search party after us.”   Ginny smiled at Harry.

As the three entered the castle they could see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talking to several people who seemed to be Ministry members.  They made their way towards them.   Mrs. Weasley quickly spotting them, rushed to confront them.   Her face was a mixture of happiness and  anger.

“Where have you two been?  I have been so worried about you. “   Mrs. Weasley bellowed.

Ginny tried to explain, but was stopped as her mother grabbed her and hugged her tightly.  Harry didn't know what to say as he stared at the two.

“And you Harry,  how are you son? “  Mrs. Weasley asked as she let go of Ginny and now pulled him into a warm embrace.

Harry's body was filled with warmth.  He loved it when she called him son.  He had never really had a mother to hold him and love him.  “I  am ok, Mrs. Weasley!  I am sorry we were gone so long.  We were just down by the lake talking. “

Mrs. Weasley released him and stood smiling at the two of them.  She had a look as if she  knew what was up between them, but she did not say any thing about it.  “It doesn't matter now.  You both are safe and it is  time  to leave here.  We are returning home as soon as possible.”   Mrs. Weasley smiled at them.

“Who are all these people?  “  Harry asked.  His attention now turning towards the group  talking to Mr. Weasley.

“They are Ministry officials,  they have come to investigate what has happened here. “  Mrs.  Weasley said as sadness began to fill her face.

Harry began to remember all the deaths as he looked at Mrs. Weasley's face.   “I am sorry about all this, it is all my fault. “  Harry said as tears began to fill his eyes.

“That is nonsense Harry, it is not your fault.  You didn't make this happen.  It was all  Voldemort's fault and he is gone now.  You saved us all Harry.  If it wasn't for you we all might be dead now. “   Mrs. Weasley responded as she wrapped her arms around him once  again.  “We will hear no more of this talk Harry, you have nothing to feel guilty about.”   She said as she released her grip and now stood staring at Harry.

Harry could not except this,  in his mind he was responsible and could not stop feeling this  way.  Ginny took his hand and smiled at him.  Harry attempted to force a smile at her, but could barely manage it.

“Harry, are you ok?”  Ginny asked as she pulled him closer.

“I'm ok. “  He lied as he pulled Ginny to him hugging her as he rested his head on her shoulder.

Ginny glanced at Hermione as she rubbed Harry's back holding him tightly.   She gave Hermione a worried look.  Hermione responded with a look of understanding  at Ginny's worried expression.

“What is going on? “  Ron asked as he now arrived at the group.

Hermione grabbed him by the arm pulling him away as she gave him a look that let him know that he shouldn't ask any more questions.  She pulled him off away from the group where she could talk alone.

“What's going on?   Did I say some thing wrong? “  Ron asked worriedly as they stopped.

“I am worried about Harry. “  Hermione said with a worried expression.

“I am worried about him too.” Ron scratched his head as he stared towards Harry.   “He's  gone nutters, when I went to get him this morning he was having a nightmare or something.  When I tried to wake him, he pulled his wand on me.” 

Hermione's face was twisted in thought.   A look of worry covered her expression.  “Voldemort is gone so the dream was nothing more then a nightmare.   I mean he has been through a lot, I would be surprised if we all don't have bad dreams for sometime.”

Ron had now turned his attention back to Hermione as he began to rub her arms in an attempt to comfort her.  “You must be right,  course your always right.”

Hermione gave Ron a playful shove, as she smiled at him.  “I am not  always right!”  She protested.

“Could have fooled  me.”  Ron smiled back at her.

“He is very depressed,  claiming he  is responsible for all this.  You know how Harry gets, always blaming himself.  “  Hermione spoke as she turned her gaze back to Harry and Ginny.

“Bloody hell, he isn't still blaming himself is he?”  Ron said with amazement.

“Harry always blames himself when someone gets hurt, you know how he  is.“  Hermione shook her head.  She was amazed how he could last with all  the negative emotions he carried.

Ron could only shake his head at this.   He could never understand why Harry  was so hard on himself.  Ron looked at Harry and Ginny as he watched the two in an embrace.  “Are they back together now?”   Ron asked nodding towards the two.

“I am not sure, but I don't think we should pry until they are ready to tell us.”   Hermione responded as she grinned at the sight of her two friends hugging.  “I think it would be great if they are, they were meant to be together, don't you think? “

Ron began to blush,  he always hated to think of his sister romantically involved with anyone  especially his best mate.  “I guess!  It is hard to think like that.  She is my sister.”

“Oh Ronald.  Honestly, you need to grow up.  She is not your little sister any more.  She is almost a woman now and you need to start  treating her like one.  Besides she has been through just as much as any of us and she is almost as old as you!”  Hermione responded  with a stern look.  “Can't you see how happy they are together?  “

Ron's face began to redden even more.  He did not want to think of his sister growing up, but he knew it could not be stopped.  “I guess it's ok, I mean they were together before.   It's just  hard to picture them like this. “  Ron blushed.

Hermione was now turning her attention back towards Ron.  She stared at him with a smirk on her face.   “Well, now that all this is done and Harry and Ginny seamed to be together  again, what about us?”

Ron's face had turn rapidly white, he was not prepared for this question.  “Us.....I.....Let's talk about  this later when we  get back to the Burrow!”  Ron squeaked as he pulled her back towards the group.

“Seriously Ronald.  You can't avoid this discussion. “  Hermione protested as she was dragged away.





Mr. Weasley now approached the group as they all stood together.   He gave Molly a hug as he approached. ”I think you all should return back to the Burrow now.  Bill, Charley, Percy and I will remain to assist the Ministry.  When we are done here we will return home.”

Mrs. Weasley nodded in understanding.  “Don't be to long dear and send word if you will be to late.“  She said as she gave him a kiss.

“I will Molly. “  He said with a smile as he turned and proceeded back to the group of Ministry officials.

“Well we should be off now, the protection charms are down so we can return home by apperation.  Ginny you will apperate with me since you are to young.”  Mrs. Weasley remarked.

“If it is ok with you, I will take  her?”  Harry asked.

Mrs. Weasley smiled as she caressed Harry's cheek.  “Of course dear, It is all right.”

Harry smiled at her.  Ginny was equally happy as she wrapped her arms around Harry's and squeezed it tightly.

George, who had joined the group earlier, looked at his mother.  “If it is all right with you, I will be going back to my flat.   I need to be alone for a bit.”

“Are you sure dear, I hate to think of you all alone now? “  Mrs. Weasley asked with concern  in her eyes.

“Yes mum, I will come by later.”  He said with a smile.

Mrs. Weasley gave him a kiss and a hug,  before he vanished with a pop.  She now turned her attention back towards the rest of the group.  “Are we all ready now?  Let's be on our way.”

Ron and Hermione were the first to leave as they smiled at the group.  Mrs. Weasley turned and smiled at Harry and Ginny. “Don't take to long now.”  She said as she vanished into thin air.

“Are you ready to go? “   Harry smiled at Ginny.

“Yes.”  She said as she gave Harry a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Hold on tight.”   Harry remarked as Ginny squeezed his arm tightly.

Ginny began to fill a strange sensation as the castle vanished from her vision.


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