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A/N-Disclaimer: This Chapter was taken a lot from HPSS (HPPS), but I do not own any of JK's brilliant work.

(I wish I did though.)
                                                  The Vanished Glass

I minded my own business on my eleventh birthday, he just happened to be able to talk to snakes.

It all started with the fake crying I initiated as a plan to not let him come with us. Mum was sympathetic. She knew what it was like to have someone-a family member to be exact- ruin your day, or life. She never told me this, but I'm not stupid. I know there is a reason why we never talk of his parents.

Then Piers, my partner in crime, came in, and I stopped pretending. I was the leader after all, and crying-even fake- was outlawed in our gang. He gave my cousin a look worthy of a rat and we snickered. The next second though, he was in the backseat with us blabbering on about flying motorcycles.

Father had no patience for "pretend talk," which he did a lot. He had weird dreams, read comics and books, all of which father hated. He hated "pretend talk" even more than my cousin's never ending questions.

If Father heard him say something ridiculous, he would do one of the following: stop reading the newspaper, stop eating, stop talking, swerve on the road, and scream. This particular time, it was the swerving and screaming.


"I know they don't." He had replied. "It was only a dream."

Piers and I snickered again, which we did a lot to him. I though, was somewhat interested. Flying motorcycles-that sounded cool.

I should have realized then that the day was about to go downhill in both our favors. Father bought him a lemon pop, and let him finish my first Knickerbocker Glory. On top of that, it was a crowded, hot day. We decided to take refuge in the reptile house.

It was cold and dark in there, and really felt like the jungle. There were some stupid, boring animals like "cam-lions" and brightly colored frogs. I wanted to see the king though. The Python.

 It was sleeping, and was the most boring thing ever. I could get more fun out of watching him sleep, because he talked and moaned. "Boring." Piers and I agreed after father couldn't wake it up, and went to look at some smaller snakes. 

Piers I guess, kept a weary eye on the Python, probably because he had walked over to it. The next thing I knew, Piers was over there, yelling for me and father to come look. I huffed over. (I was a little hefty in those days, now I am a healthy 298 lbs, thank you very much.)

 I shoved him to get a better view and he winced. "Sorry." I shrugged and mouthed. I got a view alright, but not from the place I was expecting to.

Piers and I were dripping with water as the snake slithered past us. I think I screamed like a girl, so the one good thing was that the glass was soundproof. 


After we had been clothed and dried, we sat with the zookeeper. He was mighty annoying, repeating, "But the glass...where did the glass go?" Piers and I were to bewildered to talk, but when Piers did, it was rude. 

"Well we don't know, now do we?"

I do not think we will be going back to that zoo anytime soon.

A/N: The cam-lion is a chameleon, definitely not boring! And the frogs were supposed to be poisoned dart frogs, also very cool.  

Please read and review, I really would love to know what you think! I am most definitely not perfect, so criticize people! Thank you to my first reviewers!

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