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Party Girl by ProngsPadfoot_Lover
Chapter 2 : It's Going to be a Good Year
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Hey, sorry about the delay but I have another few chapters already typed in advance so that should help speed things along, of course reviews could also help ;-)
Disclaimer: It's sad to say, but I'm afraid I don't own Harry Potter

Delilah woke up with a giant yawn and stumbled out of bed, wearing a blue tank top and spankies that said “Ravenclaw” across the bum, using one hand to hold her head and another to search through her trunk for her potion to cure her hangover. The party last night had only lasted until eleven o’ clock but it was long enough for her to get drunk and snog David Ferrera. Delilah had to suppress a cry of victory when she found a small purple bottle at the bottom of her trunk. She took a gulp and stumbled into the bathroom waiting for the potion to take effect.



Delilah was running a brush through her hair when Lenise stumbled in wearing identical pajamas; they had made them together last year. “Wow, you’re up early.” Lenise gave a tired nod and held out her hand. Delilah handed her the potion before continuing with her hair. The rest of the morning passed as it had for years before. Delilah and Lenise would brush their hair and do their make-up while having a good laugh trying to remember what they had done the previous night and completely ignore the fact that they had three other housemates. Delilah doubted that Lenise could even name them but Delilah had an unspoken acquaintanceship with them, if that’s even a word. Meaning, she was on speaking terms with them but only when she was alone. She knew Ella Thompson from history, Celia Gray from potions and Stacy Felix because she used to be friends with her and Lenise. They had just grown out of her as they had grown out of boyfriends.



Ella Thompson was a quiet girl who never spoke out in history, even when they had debates, but was brilliant on paper. Delilah knew this for a fact when she had received an owl from her yelling at her for snogging a boy that she had fancied. Delilah had to read the letter twice before she could even make sense of it, not because it was vulgar, but because she had to sound out a few of the words because she’d never seen them before. She was average looking with light brown hair that was straight and always pulled back in a low ponytail. Delilah recalled of how Lenise and her had always laughed at what a Plain Jane she was.



Celia Gray had heavy dark brown curly locks and matching heavy lashes. She was a petite freckled girl with light blue eyes and even though Delilah and Lenise hated to admit it she was rather pretty. Although she was also rather strict with boys, which really helped eliminate her as competition for Delilah and Lenise. Delilah was always frightened that Celia would somehow let it slip that Delilah was good at potions, as they often worked together. But she seemed to get the ideal that Delilah didn’t want anyone to know and kept her mouth shut.



Stacy Felix was a tall raven haired tan girl. She was the ideal Ravenclaw; clever, devoted student and the seventh year Ravenclaw girl’s prefect. It wasn’t as if there had been a nasty fight between Lenise, Delilah and her, they just split over time. Delilah didn’t want to kiss every cute boy; she always claimed she’d want a calm steady relationship. Her family girl persona really threw Lenise off and the more she talked about relationships and studying the less time they spent together. That’s just how it was



Just when it seemed that seventh year would be just the same as the years before Delilah did something they never did. While she and Lenise were getting ready on one side of the counter and the other three on the other side Delilah couldn’t help but hear their conversation as she finished curling her hair with her wand. It was Stacy talking “…you should have seen Evan’s face when James told us he was head boy. Nobody believed him until he pulled out his badge. Honestly, I think her face was almost as green as her eyes. She looked like she was going to be sick!”



“Potter got the badge?”



Emma, Celia and Stacy all looked across the bathroom counter at Delilah, clearly baffled. Should they ignore her and go back to talking as they normally did or respond? Celia cut in; after all she was probably the one that knew Delilah the best out of the three. “Yeah, even though he wasn’t a prefect!”



Delilah was about to respond in when Lenise interrupted them. “Well, nice chit chat but I believe we need to be going soon, so if you’ll excuse us.” Lenise pulled Delilah out of the bathroom by her forearm. “Why were you talking to them? Is that how you want to start this year? Talking to little bookworms? Honestly! It’s a good thing you have me to watch out for your social life, hurry up and get dressed. I want to make sure we pass the marauders.”



Delilah sighed and walked over to her wardrobe to select a skirt from fifth year, which was nice and short, a blouse and her blue and silver tie. It was a good thing she had Lenise or she would be dangling at the bottom of the social pyramid. She finished packing her bag before throwing on her cloak, white knee-high socks and some high-heeled black clogs. She would have eagerly worn stilettos but she didn’t know what classes she’d have, and they usually got in the way or got her in trouble. Neither of which she wanted on the first day. Delilah heaved her bag over her shoulder and headed up the stairs with Lenise.



Cat Calls and whistles sounded off as Lenise and Delilah walked into the Great Hall for breakfast. They both smirked and looked at each other as a few walked towards them. Lenise and Delilah sat down at the Ravenclaw table and the seat next to her was instantly taken by David Ferrera. Delilah smirked as she felt his eyes roam over her body, little perv. Delilah turned to him as Lenise filled up her plate. She had taken it upon her to be Delilah’s personal nutritionist since fifth year. Delilah doubted she could even handle eating sweets anymore. Delilah smiled up at him. “Did you need something David?”



He flinched at the noise and smiled back dumbly; his short brown hair was a mess and his grin lopsided. Apparently he still had a hang over. “Just wanted to see my girl.”



“I’m not your girl, Ferrera, and you’d do well to get that idea out of your head.”



He kept smiling and leaned closer to her. “One can only hope, but is a kiss to much to ask?”



Delilah simply closed the remaining distance between them and kissed him sensually. His finger came up to tangle in her golden curls when she pulled away. He put on a frown and she merely shrugged. “A girl’s got to eat,” she supplied before starting to nibble on a piece of grape fruit. Delilah felt someone tap her and turned around so see a small bubbly man passing out schedules. Delilah looked to her left to make sure Lenise wasn’t paying attention before collecting her schedule. Delilah stood up to accept her schedule.



“Brooks, I was so pleased with your grades at the end of last year. You are truly a wonderful student. You can continue all of your classes unless you have other wishes.”



Delilah nodded trying to finish quickly. “Oh, no, that’s okay, Professor Flitwick.”



“Very well then,” Flitwick flicked his wand and handed her the schedule. “We won’t be having career conferences until after Halloween but be thinking of your options, because I haven’t heard of any from you,’ Delilah nodded as his small form scuttled to the next student.



Lenise snatched her schedule from her hand. She let out a low whistle. “You’re Dad must have paid enough money to buy a house for you to continue with all theses classes.”

 Delilah saw Celia looking at her with a curious gaze.



Delilah nodded “I know. This year’s going to be hell. But I have Transfiguration, Charms, and Defense with you at least.”



Lenise nodded. “This year’s going to be great for me! I’m only taking Defense, Transfiguration, Astronomy, Charms, Divination, and Muggle Studies…and I’m a half-blood!”



Delilah nodded before stuffing her schedule in her bag. Today she had Herbology, a free period, Potions and Transfiguration.  Delilah let out a sigh of relief it was a good thing her free period wasn’t with Lenise, she might actually get some work done. Last year she thought she would die of no sleep because she had to find odd times late at night or early in the morning to study. Delilah downed her orange juice before standing up and throwing her bag over her shoulder. “Well I’m going to head to class.”



Lenise looked at her in shock. “But you have fifteen minutes!”



Delilah shrugged, “Yeah, but I really need to fix my hair first, and who knows how long that could take? Catch you later?”



Lenise nodded before turning back to her many admirers. Delilah started to make her way towards the front doors when she turned to see a few guys following her. Figures, she might have actually gotten a few minutes to flip through her herbology book, but instead she has stalkers. She rolled her eyes and turned to face a brunette Hufflepuff, he had to be a sixth year. Why did he seem familiar?



“Delilah, hey,” he was hyper-ventilating and talking so fast Delilah had a hard time catching what he was saying. “I was just wondering…ifyouneededatutor?”



Delilah raised a perfectly arched eyebrow before cutting a grin. She started to twirl a strand of hair around her finger and giggled. “Well, of course! But I need to go fix my hair so maybe later…Perkins, is it?”



“Jeremy Perkins, we met yesterday,” he smirked at her as if he was proud of his lady skills. He snaked an arm around her waist and brought her close “So…I’ll tutor you in Transfiguration and you can tutor me in…physical education.” He smirked again, not a good look for his modest features. Delilah almost snorted with laughter. He was a sixth year and she was brilliant in Tranfiguration, and he wanted to tutor her? She felt his hand drop lower, Delilah giggled and pushed him off playfully. “Sorry, but I’m kind of in a hurry. Later?” Not waiting for a reply she walked past the hour glasses and out the front doors. Truth was Delilah had been dying to see Hagrid, the gamekeeper.


So what do you think? Sharre it in a review because I must say I'm rather fond of writing this fic, but I don't really know if anyone is fond of reading it...so review please.

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Party Girl: It's Going to be a Good Year


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