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Disclaimer: You know the fantastically talented lady who wrote the entire Harry Potter series? Yeah? Well I'm not her, I am merely a 13 year-old girl who is obsessed with her books and wants to write about the people we only get to meet when it was too late - the people who had already passed through Hogwarts' walls and the people who died before seeing their child grow up. So really, the only thing I own is this plot, and the plot of all of my other stories. Thanks.

James remained at the door, shock dancing playfully on his face. No excuse, no matter how well rehearsed, would change his mind. They meant for this to happen – for Merlin’s baggy Y-fronts, Remus had fancied Lily since he realised girls existed, which, James added in spite of himself, was less time than he himself had. Even if Remus came up with some lame excuse, for example ‘she drugged me’ James would not believe him. He had seen everything from the moment Moony pulled her on top of him. No matter how hard he tried, he could not tear his eyes away from the sight of his best friend holding Lily how only he had done before.

James turned so his back was against the door, no way would he let this one slip, nothing he had ever said or done could possibly make this fair. Only one thing would fill the chasm that had been made where his heart used to be – the green, slimy gunk of revenge. 

Remus and Lily sprang apart – that sound was definitely no ‘clunk’ of the bedsprings groaning beneath them, it was the unmistakable sound of someone clicking a door shut. They looked at each other; the desire between them disappeared with the blink of an eye. Their lips were swollen, their hair messy and their faces flustered. The looks passing through their eyes clearly read, ‘what if that was him?’ But they knew the answer already. If the person that shut the door were James, everything they had ever worked towards will have just evaporated before their eyes.

James had only just reached the armchair by the fire in the Common Room when Remus and Lily began descending the stairs, fully and prepared for what was to come. 

They both sat down on opposite ends of the sofa next to James's armchair. "Hey, mate." Remus said to James, hoping that his friend wouldn't look up and see the hurt and regret he was forcing to stay behind the milky film of his grey eyes. But when James didn't look up, Remus changed his mind. 

If he didn't look up, how was he to tell what was on his mind? How was he to tell whether or not James was angry because of what he did, or because of something else? Because there was no doubt about James being angry - he was shaking, and his fists were clenched.

"James?" Lily said softly, her palms becoming clammy. "Are you okay?"

"Good question." James replied, still looking at the Which Broomstick? magazine that sat on his lap, with his eyes staring blankly at the glossy pages. "Am I okay? Hm... I don't know, Lils. I don't know." And then he cracked. 

He looked up, his eyes heavy with the tears welling up behind them. "I don't know." His voice was soft. He couldn't act all of the ways he wanted to. How could any guy pretend to be fine, yell his head off, cry and be passive all at the same time? "I don't know because all of the parts of me that want to yell at you are against the parts of me that want to pull you into an embrace, forgive you. It’s an even match Lily."

Remus and Lily passed a sideways glance at each other. This was not the reaction they had expected, and far from the reaction Lily had wanted. She had wanted so much for James to yell, curse her and swear. She wanted him to show that he cared so much about her that all he wanted was to be the only one to have her, to hold her. But when she was in Remus' arms all she wanted was to stay there, for James to never find out about them. And now all she wanted was to be forgiven and to be back in the arms of the man that had made her run. 

James was still not ready to stare into his friend’s eyes, nor was he prepared to fall into the emerald eyes that he saw every night when he closed his own. "Moony, what did we all vow never to do? What did we all promise to avoid?" James said, his voice dead.

Remus sighed, he knew this would happen. He felt ashamed of himself - there were only three rules to being a Marauder. "Never betray a fellow Marauder, no matter what there is in it for you. Never date or have a relationship with a fellow Marauder's girlfriend or ex … and friends come first." Remus waited for a reply.
None came. "Let me explain, Prongs."

"You expect me to listen to the guy that just made out with my girlfriend? I think you’ve done enough, Moony." James replied. Even though his words sounded like those said by a man shouting himself hoarse, James's voice had not risen.

‘Ex-girlfriend, James. I know that doesn’t make it any better, I know it was against our vow, but think about it – Lily’s just broken up with the guy she’s loved for years, you dumped her, and she came running to me. Why, I don’t know, I don’t want to know either, but she did. What happened from there was my fault, I should never have –‘

‘Wait a minute, Moony. What was that about me dumping her?’ James said, he was still furious, but he had noticed the one flaw in his friend's speech.

‘It’s okay James, I know you dumped her, and I know why, just let me explain –‘ Lily was standing beside the two red-faced Marauders, looking down at her ragged fingernails.

‘Wait a minute, what? I didn’t dump Lily. I never even thought about dumping Lily. We only had an argument, and I apologised, she said something about it being too late for an apology, but we never broke up! Do you not know me at all? I’ve waited years to win her over, and you knew about it, you more than anyone else – you were the only one who told me not to give up, to keep loving her – and you think I dumped her?’
“She told me – I … I…”
They both looked at Lily expectantly. Remus was flabbergasted, and James both angry with Remus and confused about what his girlfriend had said to Remus.

"James! Listen, it’s not Remus’ fault!"

"I don't care whose fault it is, I just want you to tell us what the hell is going on."

"You wouldn't understand." Lily said.

"Enlighten us, why don't you?"

I totally understand if you didn't enjoy this as much as the previous chapter. Please let me know what you think, I appreciate all comments. Thank you

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