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Chapter 14

Harry walked into a nearly empty classroom that he had seen Luna walk out of a few minutes previous. Little did she know he had also seen Neville walk in there about two hours before. Neville was sitting in the chair behind the teacher’s desk when he noticed Harry.

“Oh, Hello Harry,” he said, his face a shade of red. “What are you doing here?”

 “Nothing, just looking for you. I asked Luna where you were and she said you might be in here,” he lied.

 “Oh, okay, what did you need me for?” he asked rather curiously.

 “I was wondering if you might help me teach the D.A. meetings. You were the leader of the D.A. last year, and I think that you should get the job this year as well. I am going to be really busy even without the D.A. as I am now an auror too, stationed here at Hogwarts of course. What do you think, would you be able to help?” he asked.

 “Of course! It would be great! I’ll tell you when the next meeting is. See you soon Harry!” He stood up and rushed out of the room, and Harry shook his head. Neville really was a bit enthusiastic.


 “That’s that Loony Luna Lovegood!” The laughing words rang through one of the many halls of Hogwarts as Luna walked to her transfiguration class. Apparently some of the first years had heard of her old nickname, or perhaps they just thought they made it up themselves. A small first year whose brown hair was tied with a pink bow, pointed at Luna as she passed. She just sighed in response and kept going; she could tell that the only reason they were doing it was because they knew she would not respond. It was rather catchy anyways. They were just first years after all, but what on earth would posses a first year to make fun of a seventh year, prefect none the less, at least to her face anyway. Those were the thoughts that were running through her mind, along with the occasional thought about her and Neville’s trip to Sweden during the summer. In a sudden impulse, she turned around and started heading towards the girl with the bow on her head, who had so rudely pointed at her earlier.

 “Now why were you doing that?” Luna asked in a rather dreamy tone, despite her annoyance.

 “The ghost said that if we didn’t, he would follow us around throwing dung bombs at us,” squeaked the frightened girl.

 “Oh really? Well we’ll just have to teach him a lesson then, won’t we? What’s your name?” asked Luna, looking at her kindly.

“Miranda Clearwater. My older sister Penelope was in your house,” she said.

“I do remember her vaguely. Now are we going to teach Peeves a lesson?”

“Yes,” Miranda replied simply.

“Follow me then,” said Luna, and she walked down the hall to where she had passed Peeves hiding in a suit of armor, probably waiting to jump out and scare a younger student. “Now, I was never very good at this,” said Luna in a barely audible whisper to the girl, “so you’ll have to do it. But the Bloody Baron is the only person Peeves respects, have you ever heard the Slytherin ghost speak?” she asked and the girl nodded her head. “Good. You must say in his voice, ‘Peeves, the Bloody baron has warned you about lurking in these suits of armor, get out’,” Luna instructed in her dreamy voice. Neville had taught her how to deal with Peeves during their last year, and it had proved very useful to know. “Then it’s probably best if you run off, okay? Now, I need to get to my class, they run on a different schedule than yours you know,” and before the girl could even say thank you, she skipped off along the corridor. As she went she heard Miranda’s voice impersonating the Bloody Baron, followed by Peeves apologizing. The girl had apparently been successful.

When she entered the classroom, it was to find that everyone else was already there. So immediately after she took her seat by Neville, Proffessor Flamel began the lesson.

“The art of being an animagus is a highly advanced skill,’ he began, the students’ expressions becoming excited at the prospect of animagi magic. ‘It requires being able to focus completely on the form of animagus that you shall take. There is a simple- well, I am using that term rather loosely. There is a charm that will allow you to tell what your animagus would be if you were able to transform yourself. If you will step up to my desk I will perform the charm on you, should any of you wish to attempt to become an animagus.”

Luna was the first to step up to the Professors desk. He waved his wand and muttered a word that no one could here, and above Luna’s head appeared a winged creature rather like a horse, and for the first time, everybody in the room saw exactly what a thestral looked like. They had all seen death because of the battle at Hogwarts, but little did they know that they would have seen the Thestral even if they had not seen death.

Luna smiled up at the beautiful creature hanging above her head. “That would be lovely,” she said as the thestral vanished. She walked back to her seat beside Neville and sat down. Neville then went up to the desk and had the charm preformed on him, and remarkably, a roaring lion appeared above his head. Then it was Ron’s turn. As the charm was preformed on him a large spider hovered over his head, and he looked up in shock, immediately running back to his seat to get away. The spider however didn‘t follow. It was real! Everybody laughed at Ron’s jumpiness about a small spider, noting also that above his head now hovered the image of a terrier. Then Harry, Hermione, and Ginny found out their animagi in turn. Hermione was a small otter looking rather playful and splashing above her head in invisible water, Ginny was a white horse, and Harry, Harry was a Stag. That was not a surprise at all considering his fathers animagus was a stag as well. They had fun for the rest of the class finding out what everyone else’s animagi forms would be, and the rest of the lesson moved on rather smoothly.


The Hogsmeade weekend at the end of November approached rather quickly. Luna, the most interested in being an animagus, had decided to start learning to become one and had lessons with McGonagall every Saturday, so she would not be able to go on the trip until later in the day.

“I’ll catch up with you at around three, Neville. Meet me in Honeydukes if you will. We don’t have to be back until six I believe so that should give us plenty of time to look around the shops before going to the Halloween feast,” said Luna in a happy tone before skipping off to her lesson.

“We’ll see you later, we are going to go to see shrieking shack, you know, just for good times sake,” said Hermione, grabbing Ron’s hand and walking off, leaving Harry, Ginny, and Neville together.

Neville looked at the couple rather awkwardly. “I need to go get some new spell-o-tape, I might see you guys later,” he said and then walked off rather sulkily.

Harry turned to his girlfriend and smiled. “We have a couple of hours before we need to meet Andromeda and Teddy in the three broomsticks. What would you like to do?”

Ginny smiled back, and looked in the direction of Honeydukes sweet shop. “How about Honeydukes? That’s always a good place to get something,” she replied.

“Sounds good to me, I want to get Teddy a present from somewhere,” he said as they began walking to the sweet shop. “Where do you get something for a baby? I was thinking maybe a training broom, but I wasn’t sure if that would be a good gift.”

“That is a good idea. I am sure he would like that,” said Ginny as they reached the shop, which was filled with it’s usual sweets, cockroach clusters, exploding bon bons, ice mice, sugar quills and Bertie Bott’s every Flavor beans, as well as some other wizarding sweets.

“Pick out whatever you like, I’ll pay for it and maybe we can give some to Teddy. Hang on, can baby’s have sweets?” he asked curiously.

“Of course they can, you just have to make sure they don’t get anything hard, or anything they could choke on. He is a little older than one right?”

Harry nodded as they passed some salty smelling blood-pops. “Maybe some of these,” Ginny suggested, showing him some little chocolates that melted in an instant as soon as they touched a person’s mouth. “I don’t think he could choke on something like this.”

“That sounds great Ginny, lets get us some sweets now,” he said as they walked around the shop picking up various sweets and then taking them to the counter.

After leaving Honeydukes Harry and Ginny walked over to the Quiddich shop, where Harry picked out a miniature model of the broom his godfather had gotten him. They paid for it and left the shop. It was only thirty minutes before they needed to meet Teddy and Andromeda so they headed on over to The Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer.

“Two butterbeers please,” said Harry as the waitress came over to them. She waved her wand and the drinks came floating over, landing on the table. As Harry paid, Ginny noticed Mad-Eye Moody had walked in through the door.

“I thought we were meeting him in the Hogs Head at two, not now. Teddy will be here soon,” said Ginny as Mad-Eye headed purposely towards them.

“I was,” Moody growled, his lime green eye swirling around in its socket. “I was just walking through Hogsmeade when I saw that Harry was in here. I thought I would just come and talk to him now to get it over with.”

Harry nodded. “Okay, so what is going on, how is she contacting me?” he asked curiously.

“Well, first off we have discovered who slipped you the poison at the Weasleys’ house. Lee Jordan, a friend of Georges. Apparently he has been in contact with Death Eaters and is not on our side,” Moody said in his gruff voice.

“Wow, Lee?” replied Harry, rather astonished and not noticing his girlfriend’s grimace as George’s name was mentioned without Fred’s.

“Yes, Lee Jordan. Now, on the other matter upon which you speak, we believe that she is using a reverse time turner. You said that your healer, Felica Hobson, was the one who gave you that picture, am I correct?”

Harry nodded and Moody continued to speak. “St. Mungo’s has no healer on their payroll named Felica Hobson. However, the minister found a family to take the Carrows’ baby, and their names are Sarah and Jacob Hobson. They are not planning on keeping the child’s last, or first name. The mother, Alecto, in case you didn’t know, requested that she be named Lorianna,” he finished, his eye still swirling and making Harry feel rather sick.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t even know there were reverse time turners,” Harry said, ducting a piece of lint off of his robes.

“Well, there are, and they go forward in time, hence the name, but they also go backwards, making them nearly impossible to get because of the ministry’s regulations,” Harry heard Moody say just as Andromeda walked in holding Teddy.

She walked over to the table and smiled at the three. “Sorry I’m late, I got a bit tied up on the broom, for same reason Teddy thinks he can crawl over to it and try to get on it himself,” she said, suddenly realizing that Mad-Eye was there. She nodded politely. “Alastor.”

“Hello Andromeda, I was just leaving,” he said, standing up and walking out of the pub.

Andromeda set Teddy down beside Harry in a magically summoned booster seat. “Great to see you Harry, Ginny. I am sure that Teddy has missed you, though he is rather a quiet boy, hardly ever crying or saying baby words.”

“That’s strange. I wonder why that is?” Ginny asked curiously.

“I dunno,” said Harry, not even knowing what age babies were supposed to talk at.

Ginny smiled at the baby. He was rather cute, his hair a bright shade of green at the moment. A few people in the pub were staring, but she didn’t mind. He really did look a lot like his father. “He’s so cute,” said Ginny, doting on him.

Harry pulled the training broomstick out from under the table and handed it to Teddy, who quickly tried to tear the paper off the broom, but required a bit of assistance from Andromeda. “Oh Harry, you shouldn’t have,” she said, watching Teddy’s eyes light up as the broom was unwrapped.

“Yes I should! My godfather bought me my first broomstick when I was about his age, and I felt that I should do the same. Besides, you said he wanted to play with your broomstick, now he has one of his own. I will do everything I can to spoil him, that’s what I’m supposed to do,” said Harry, smiling at the green haired boy.


Harry and Ginny walked back up to the school a few hours later, having spent a lovely afternoon with Andromeda and Teddy.

“Harry, where are you taking me? Tell me, you know that I am not a very patient person,” Ginny pleaded as they walked into the castle.

“I’m not going to tell you until we get there. It’s a surprise, and it won’t be a surprise if I tell you,” said Harry, teasing her.

Ginny looked at him with a sarcastic smile on her face. “Well, I hope we get there soon.” she said, as they climbed up the grand staircase.

Harry nodded, ignoring her sarcasm. “We will, I have been planning this for weeks.” A smile spread across his face, and he could barely contain his excitement. He had not told a single soul what he was going to do, not even Ron or Hermione.

“Harry James Potter, what have you been planning?” she asked as they turned into a corridor on the fifth floor.

“You’ll see soon enough,” he said slyly as he walked past the entrance to the room of requirement before turning around and passing it again, thinking, I need the place that I prepared for my date with Ginny tonight.

“Harry, I think I know where we are. What are we doing here?” asked Ginny, slightly confused. What was so romantic about the room of requirement?

“You’ll see,” he said as the entrance to the room appeared. Then he took Ginny by the hand and led her inside.

“Oh Harry, this is wonderful,” exclaimed Ginny, looking around to see that they were on a beach with the waves crashing gently against the sand, tiki torches placed around a picnic blanket laid out on the sand, upon which sat a single red rose and a basket of food. “How did you do all this?”

“The room will provide for whatever you want or need, remember? I’ve had it make this place a few times before now so I could prepare it for this evening,” he explained, smiling and leading her to the picnic blanket.

“This is wonderful Harry,” he heard Ginny say as she sat down comfortably.

He looked into her marvelous brown eyes and smiled. “Would you like something to eat Gin?” he asked, opening the picnic basket, and handing her the rose.

Ginny lifted the flower to her nose and smelled it, battering her eyelashes flirtatiously. “That would be lovely,” she breathed.

“Here you go then,” Harry said, handing her a plate of food, and playing the perfect gentleman. He then got a plate out of the basket for himself along with two butterbeers, handing her one of the bottles and sighing, looking lovingly into her sparkling eyes. “I love you Ginny.”

“I love you to Harry,” she replied warmly. They then finished their meal, talking quietly with Ginny giggling every few minutes, and after they finished Harry stood up, pulling his shirt off. “Would you like to go for a swim Ginny?” he asked, smiling at her.

Ginny nodded and smiled back. “I would love too, but I don’t have a suit. I need a suit to go swimming.” She had barely spoken these words when a swimming suit appeared in front of her. It was a black bikini. “Did you do that Harry?” she asked curiously.

“No, the room provides whatever you need, remember?” he answered, grinning at the thought of her wearing the bikini.

“Right. Turn around so I can change,” she said happily and Harry stared at her blankly. “Just do it,” she said again, rather forcefully. At this, Harry smiled and turned around rather reluctantly, allowing her to change.

“You can look now,” she called, walking out to the water and then wading in knee deep, the waves gently washing the shore behind her. “Come on in, it was your idea in the first place,” she said smiling at him.

Harry pulled his pants off to reveal a pair of swimming trunks (he had been planned out everything beforehand) and followed her into the water. “Yeah it was,” he said, watching her beautiful red hair move in the slight breeze.

“This is so wonderful Harry,” she said, moving closer to him.

Harry nodded at her. “I’m glad you think so, I love you so much Ginny.”

“I know,’ she replied softly, gazing into his emerald eyes.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you Ginny. You are the only person I have ever felt this way about,” he said, reaching into his pocket.

“You too Harry,” she said, somewhat at a loss for words and wondering what was going on as he found what he was looking for and brought it to the surface. Then he knelt down, for the water was shallow enough to let him do so, and opened the box before her. “Ginny, will you marry me?” he asked, saying each word slowly.

Ginny put her hand over her mouth and nodded, tears shining in her eyes, and speechless with happiness. Harry placed the white gold ring with the three diamonds set in it on her finger, then held her tight as if he would never let her go.


Harry and Ginny walked into the great hall together shortly afterwards holding hands, and sat down at the Gryffindor table. The Halloween feast was about to begin yet neither of them were hungry because they had already had their meal in the room of requirement.

“Hello,” said Ginny smoothly, trying to conceal a grin as she sat down across from Hermione.

“Hey, where have you guys been? We thought you would have been here a while ago,” said Hermione in a rather reprimanding voice.

“Sorry, we got a bit caught up,” apologised Harry, smiling.

Just then Ron noticed the ring on his little sisters finger. “Bloody hell! He’s proposed,” he said rather loudly, attracting several stares.

“Yes he did Ronald, and we would prefer it if you didn’t draw so much attention to that fact at the moment,” replied Ginny, her cheeks flushing as she tried to avoid the stares.

Hermione squealed and smiled at the two happily. “Congratulations,” she burst out, filled with excitement.

Ginny couldn’t help but laugh as Ron spoke. “Blimey mate, I would have thought you’d have told me you were planning this.”

“Well, I thought I would keep in a surprise,” Harry replied simply.

“Now we have so much to do, we have to plan the whole wedding and send invitations out. Mom is going to have a field day with this,” planned Ginny happily, leaning against Harry comfortably. This had been the most amazing day of her life.

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