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Katie awoke in the morning with nausea building up. Katie ran to the bathroom quickly, knowing that she was going to vomit. After that she flushed the toilet and washed her face. I must be getting the flu Katie thought to herself. When Katie stepped out of the bathroom, her mother was standing there.

“Is everything all right honey?” Mrs Weasley asked.

“Yeah, I think I’m getting the flu.” Katie told her mother.

“I’ll call Michael and he can…” Mrs Weasley started.

“No Mum, Draco and Harry can come with me to the doctor.” Katie convinced her mother.

“Ok, your father is making breakfast.” Her Mum told her.

“Ok.” Katie said and ran downstairs.

Harry Draco, Kari, and her Dad were in the kitchen getting ready to have breakfast.

“Morning.” Katie called.

“Morning.” Everyone said.

“Draco, Harry would you like to go up town with me?” Katie asked them.

“Sure why not.” Harry said.

“Yeah, could use some fresh air.” Draco agreed.

Harry, Draco and Katie arrived at the doctor’s office. “Hi, I’m here to see Dr. Lang.” Katie said to the nurse.

“Sorry the Doctor is out for the weekend. Would you like to make an appointment for Monday?” The nurse asked.

“Yes please.” Katie said, and the three left.

“So now what are we going to do?” Harry asked.

“We should…How far is the burrow from here, Harry?” Katie asked.

“Well it’s about an hour train ride.” Harry told Katie. Katie nodded.

“Lets go home, and see if we could go there for the day.” Katie explained to them. They boys nodded, and they went back to the Weasley house.

When they got into the house Mrs Weasley asked, “So what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know the doctor wasn’t in. So I made an appointment for Monday.” Katie explained.

“Oh…ok.” Her mom said.

“So I was wondering if Draco, Harry and I could go to the burrow?” Katie asked.

“Sure, do you have enough money for all three of you?” Mrs Weasley asked.

“Yeah, we’ll all chip in.” Harry said.

“Ok, but when will you be home?” Mrs Weasley Asked.

“Well if we have to stay the night we will, but either later tonight or tomorrow morning, I’ll send an owl later ok.” Katie told her parents.

“Ok.” Both parents agreed.

Katie, Draco, and Harry arrived at Birmingham train station. They bought their tickets then boarded onto the train.

They settled in a compartment, which they had to share with none other than Arthur Weasley himself. “Uncle, Hi.” Katie shrieked.

“Katie, hi. Hello Harry and Draco.” Mrs Weasley said.

“Hello sir.” Both boys said.

“What are you guys doing on the train?” Arthur asked the three.

“Actually we are going to you’re house.” Katie said laughing. Then everyone began to laugh.

“So is Ron home visiting for the weekend?” Harry asked Arthur.

“Yeah he is. He needed to get away from the school.” Arthur explained. The three nodded.

“Yeah, I know how he feels.” Katie said. Then as the train began to move, nausea swept over Katie.

“Excuse me.” She managed to say, before she ran to the bathroom.

“Is she sick?” Arthur asked Harry and Draco.

“Most likely, the doctor wasn’t in.” Draco explained to Arthur. Arthur just nodded.

Twenty minutes later, Katie came back to the compartment. “Sorry.” She said as she sat down.

“It’s all right.” Arthur told her.

They got to the burrow at 5:30pm. Katie walked through the front door. Molly Weasley turned around. “Katie, Harry!” She shrieked and hugged her niece and Harry. “Oh Hello Draco.” She greeted him also. Hearing all the commotion, Ron went downstairs to Katie, Harry and of all people Draco Malfoy.

“Hey Ron.” Katie and Harry greeted.

“Hey, hi Draco.” Ron greeted back.

“Hi.” Draco said quietly and hesitantly.

“You guys are just in time to eat.” Molly Weasley told them.

“What is for supper, Mum?” Ron asked.

“Whatever I pop up, and you better eat it too Ronald!” Molly told her son. Ron looked at his mother sympathetically.

When it was time to eat, Molly popped up roast beef, potatoes and peas. “Mum, you just had too.” Ron whined to his mother. Molly just glared at her son.

They ate peacefully, with on and off chit chatting. By the time they finished visiting it was late. Katie quickly sent her mum an owl. Harry stayed in Ron’s room, Draco stayed in Fred and George’s room, and Katie stayed in Ginny’s room.

Once again Katie awoke sick. So she ran to the bathroom, and did her routine. No one was awake so she went back to bed.

When Katie awoke again, she got dressed and went downstairs.

“You’re finally awake.” Ron muttered.

Katie yawned. “How long have I been sleeping?” She asked.

“Well, it’s three o’clock.” Harry said.

“What?! You let me sleep until three o’clock!” Katei screamed at Ron and Harry. Mood swings were on their way.

“Well we tried, but you were asleep like a rock.” Ron told her.

“Whatever. Where is Draco?” Katie asked hastily.

“To tell you the truth Katie, we don’t know.” Harry said.

“You DON’T KNOW!?” Katie shouted. “I’ll just have to find him myself.” She said to herself, climbing back up the stairs to the room that Draco was staying in. “Katie knocked. “Draco, let me in.” Katie protested.

The doorknob turned, Draco opened it and Katie walked in. She looked at him. “Are you ready to go?” She asked him calmly. He nodded. “OK, lets go.” She said taking his hand. When Katie and Draco got downstairs, Katie said. “Sorry Aunt Molly but we have to go. Thanks for letting us stay.”

“Your welcome dear. Come back whenever. You too Harry.” Molly said.

“Bye everyone.” They called.

But.” Molly, Arthur and Ron called back.

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