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           "Harry," Ginny Whispered as she entangled her fingers in his. "I love you. You know that... dont you? I hope when you go know...after V-Voldemort. I hope you'll remember me. Never let me go."
          "Dont worry Gin, I love you more than you could ever know. I'll always remember you." Harry said pulling her closer to him on the common room couch. "I'll never let you go. Just...just promise me that whatever happens to me... Because I'm not so sure I can beat him and come back alive..."

          "HARRY!!! How could you say that? Of course you'll come home."

          "Thats not the issue. Promise me... If I dont come'll carry on with ur life. you wont live in the past but move ahead and find...find someone new. Start a new life and..."

          "Thats cant ask me to do it. I cant promise you that because I'd never keep that promise."

          "Fiesty." He said jokingly as he ran his fingers through her fiery red hair while she ran her fingers through his jet black hair.

          "Promise me you'll never ask me to forget you. EVER again."

          "I promise."

          “You promise.”

          “Of course.”

          Then Harry leaned in to kiss her. As the kissed he slipped something on her finger. She pulled away to look and saw a beautiful diamond and gold ring. Harry looked her in the eyes and she knew his question before it could come.

          “Gin, will you marry me?” Harry asked with pride. Ginny engulfed Harry in another sweet kiss and didn’t even need to speak her answer. The kiss had said it all. And she knew he was the one.


          Her vision blurred as she reluctantly came back from her dream. It’s been three months since that memory. The hot tears started to come. She didn’t want to stop them. She wished she could stare into his warm emerald green eyes; they were so much like his mothers. Instead she stared down at that horror stricken face that seemed to be filled with peace. Ginny couldn’t control it anymore she sobbed harder and harder.

          She didn’t want to believe that he was gone. Gone from her life that was never supposed to be left. He was to be buried at Hogwarts… his home. The one place he ever felt at home… except for when he was at the burrow… with Ginny. Ginny looked out over the Black Lake and remembered all the times Harry had spent with her. Just walking and talking and even visiting Hagrid to tell him about their engagement. Bur one time in particular stuck out in Ginny’s mind.


          “You know Gin,” Harry said as he and Ginny sat hand in hand legs tangled on the bank of the Black Lake, “I love you.”

          “Oh Harry.” Said Ginny blushing.

          “No I mean it, I can’t believe I was so blind not to notice how much I love you.” Harry exclaimed, a grin spreading on his face.

          “Well sometimes a person just needs to either get their eyes checked or just open their eyes a little wider.” Ginny said jokingly.

          “Ginny, your beautiful, the love of my life, one day I plan to marry you.”

          “Oh really, Mr. Potter and tell me, when do you propose you’ll do that?”

          “When all this is over and we are free from Voldemort.”

          “But what if it never ends. What will you do then?” Ginny asked with concern for their future together.

          You don’t have to have to worry about that Gin. It will end I promise it will end. It will be over. I promise, it will be.”


          She thought this day seemed so long ago but in reality it was the same day he proposed to her. “Why did I let you leave?” She said quietly to a dead love. When Harry died, so did part of Ginny. “I should have made you stay, you promised me you’d come home for me. Why did you lie to me?” She didn’t realize how loud she let her voice become. It wasn’t until Ron came over and put his arm around her shoulder, that she realized how loud she really was.

          “He really loved you, you know. When we were hunting you- Know- Who all he thought about was you. When you were at school he would take out the map (The Marauder’s Map) and just stare at your dot hoping you would know he was thinking about you and hoping you were ok.” Ron retold his experiences with Harry. Ginny listened, she needed to listen because she couldn’t let go. “And when he was sleeping he would dream of you and him walking around the Hogwarts grounds and goofing off. He really didn’t want it to end like this. He wanted to grow old and grey with you. He never for one moment stopped thinking of you, even the night he defeated you- Know- Who.”

          Harry died protecting the lives of his loved ones, friend, family, peers, teachers, mentors, and enemies from the one who loved no one. Ginny remembered that night. In her mind it was as clear as day. And she felt it was her fault Harry was dead.


          “Potter, you have one hour to come to the Forbidden Forest or the one you love most will die.” The high tone voice of Voldemort spoke clear into the night.

          “HARRY!!” This time it was Ginny, “HARRY DON’T COME, ITS A TRAP HE’LL KILL YOU. DON’T COME!!!!” She yelled.

          “SILENCE!” Voldemort boomed. “Crucio!”

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