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It was getting late and Mr.Weasley hadn’t arrived home yet. Mrs.Weasley was suggesting to all of them that they might as well head to bed but Ginny pleaded for a little while longer and Molly conceded. It wasn’t much longer after that when the hands on Mrs.Weasley’s special clock started moving. Mr.Weasley’s hand on the clock moved from ‘Work’ to ‘Travelling’ and then finally pointed to ‘Home’. What was interesting was that along with it moved Percy’s clock hand.

“Ah,” Mr.Weasley said walking into the sitting room, “I see everyone is still up.”

“Hello, dear,” Molly greeted her husband, “everything go alright at work?”

“As well as to be expected,” Arthur answered as Percy stepped into the room.

“Percy!” Mrs.Weasley exclaimed pulling her son into a hug. “You’ve come to visit?”

“Yes, I was hoping to spend the night if that’s alright?” he asked rather pompously in a way that was strictly Percy.

“Well of course you can. Have you eaten?” Mrs.Weasley asked and without hearing Percy’s reply she started bustling Percy into the kitchen and fixed him a plate of food.

‘So what’s kept you lot from going to bed?” Mr.Weasley asked as he dropped into his chair.

“Waiting for you, Dad,” Ginny answered.


“Yes, well we had a question to ask you. You see Harry, Ron, and Hermione are going to get the Grangers and the Dursleys and I was wondering if I could go with them?”

“What did your mother think when you asked her?”

“She said she wanted to see what you thought,” Ginny said, her shoulders slumping a little.

“She did, did she?”

“Yeah, we told her all our travel plans and everything,” Ron said enthusiastically.

“Well then I guess I’ll have her tell me the details when we discuss it tonight. It’s late, you should all go upstairs and go to bed. You deserve some rest,” Mr.Weasley said the last part looking pointedly at Harry. “We’ll tell you our decision in the morning.”

“It’d be really nice if I could go,” Ginny said as she hugged her father, “ ‘night, Dad.”

The rest of them said goodnight to Mr.Weasley then Mrs.Weasley and Percy, each in turn. It was a good thing Mr.Weasley came home when he did, Harry thought, as he trudged up the stairs feeling tired. Harry put on the pajamas Ron tossed to him and collapsed onto the cot that he noticed Mrs.Weasley must have set up before Harry even came over just in case he stayed the night.

Ron was snoring almost immediately after his head hit the pillow. Harry’s mind kept going even though he was exhausted. He kept thinking about George, he was worried about him. Harry hoped he would be okay. Then after thinking about George Harry’s mind wandered to the Grangers and the Dursleys. Would Hermione be able to reverse the memory charm she had put on her parents safely? Would they be angry or feel betrayed when they learned what Hermione had done?

How would the Dursleys react when they saw Harry again, alive? Would Dudley still be kind toward him or would he revert back to the way he used to treat Harry? Should Harry tell Aunt Petunia about Snape, and if he did how would she feel about it? Would she even want to listen? Probably not.

Then that got Harry to thinking about whether or not Ginny would be able to go on their trip. It sure would be nice. It would certainly give Harry the opportunity to talk to Ginny at length. Harry also wanted to talk to Ron, after his meeting with Shacklebolt, to tell Ron that it would be up to Ron’s discretion as to when he wanted to tell his parents about their mission. Harry knew in his heart that he didn’t want to tell them just yet because he wanted to protect them, like he had said. Harry also knew that if Mr.Weasley knew the truth and Kingsley asked him if he did he would be obligated to share the information and for some reason Harry felt that it was a story he wanted to tell Shacklebolt personally. His mind made up about telling Shacklebolt and Ginny tomorrow together at the Ministry the truth of the mission Harry allowed his mind to only think of pleasant things. He thought of Ginny and how beautiful she had looked today in the field of flowers and sun. She was the last thing Harry was thinking of before he finally fell asleep.

Harry was swimming in dark waters. Shadowy figures moved around him. Dense seaweed pulled at his arms and legs. In the distance ahead of him he could see a great structure of some kind that he was swimming towards although he didn’t know why. Harry felt like he was swimming in the lake near Hogwarts again.

As Harry swam closer to the structure, that was looking more and more like an underwater castle. The closer he got to it the more features he could make out, he could see thick lines of what looked like rope tethered to the murky bottom of the lake. On the other end of the ropes were floating dark figures that looked a lot like Dementors, void of any definition of features from afar. The figures showed no signs of life and the only movement they gave was caused by the water’s gentle current. Fear made Harry want to swim to the water’s surface, the thought did occur to Harry that he didn’t feel the need to surface for air which he found odd, but curiosity made Harry continue to swim toward the dark floating figures.

Harry could now make out some identifying features of the floating forms, one was smaller than the others, another was taller but skinny with ginger hair, the next body had bubblegum-pink hair its hand was holding the hand of the next figure which was even taller and thinner. The fear in Harry’s gut now clenched and made him want to vomit. He knew who these people were, but they had all been properly buried, what were they doing at the bottom of this lake? Harry swam up to them and then past them to see even more tethered bodies.

Harry could see so many of them now. There was Cedric Diggory and Lavender Brown. Vincent Crabbe and some of the other Hogwarts students who perished were grouped together on the edge of the field of bodies. Still Harry swam on in horror and with a sudden jerk he stopped, for in front of him floated the lifeless form of his father and next to him was Harry’s mother Lily. Next to Lily on her other side floated the dark-robed form of Severus Snape.

Snape’s eyes were open and unseeing. His once dark black eyes were now clouded over in death to a milky gray. A chill ran down Harry’s spine that had nothing to do with the temperature of the water. Harry’s gaze was drawn to Snape’s arm for some reason. The former professor’s sleeve had floated up revealing the mark on his arm. It was a pale scar now just like all the other Death Eater’s Dark Marks.

Just as Harry was about to continue to swim on he noticed the Mark began to change. The Dark Mark on Snape’s arm began to blacken once more. The skull and serpent now clearly defined once again. It just couldn’t be, Harry thought. He refused to believe Voldemort was back, Harry had watched him die. Harry had reflected the Killing Curse personally causing Voldemort’s death. In fear and denial Harry swam on, away from the underwater castle and it’s field of bodies, towards shallow water.

Harry could see an incline in the lake’s bottom up ahead and he knew it must be the lake’s shore. Starting to feel tired he swam forward. Just as he reached a cluster of seaweed a jet of green light passed him just inches away from his torso. Looking back he saw a black cloaked figure speeding toward him. The person was using their wand to propel themselves forward to reach Harry faster. Harry’s muscles were burning with fatigue. If he could just reach the shore, he thought, maybe he’d have a chance to escape. Whoever it was behind him Harry managed to gain some time by losing them in the seaweed. Just a bit further and he’d be out of the water. Harry still couldn’t see the person that was chasing him, maybe he had imagined him.

Harry finally broke the surface of the water. Cool night air greeted him. It was windy and misting. His eyes were well adjusted to the night and his glasses seemed impervious, allowing him to see. The lights of Hogwarts castle helped guide him to shore. Harry trudged through the mud and the muck until he reached solid ground. He was so tired he was tempted to collapse on the grass but something up ahead caught his eye.

Someone was laying by a nearby tree. He walked slowly toward whoever it was, slipping a few times on the wet grass. He called out to them but they did not answer. In the darkness he could not tell who it was. He pulled out his wand as he approached closer. Then quite suddenly the dark cloaked man that had been chasing him was standing right next to the person he was walking towards.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Harry asked. He received no reply. “Lumos,” Harry’s wand illuminated the scene before him. The person lying on the ground was wearing a beautiful pale green gown the shade of a smoky emerald. Her skin was like smooth alabaster. Her hair was like soft auburn flames blowing in the wind.

“Ginny!” Harry cried, every essence of his being seemed to depend upon her being alive. As he fell to the ground at her side he knew all hope was lost. Her skin was cold to the touch and she did not stir. “Ginny, oh please don’t be dead! Ginny!” As Harry continued to scream in an agony that would never cease cradling the body of the love of his life the dark cloaked man laughed a high shrill laugh.

“Let me die!” Harry pleaded. “Please, let me die, make this pain end!” Harry cried and screamed and still Voldemort stood there and laughed.

“Do you bow down to me Potter? Do you see now how foolish you are? You never had a hope of defeating me, Lord Voldemort. You’re pathetic, but I am not without mercy. Avada Kedavra!” There was a burst of green light and then all was dark.

Harry awoke with a start. His blankets were all twisted around him. There were tears in his eyes and running down the sides of his face onto his pillow. There was someone standing over him. Instinct made him quickly grab his wand and take aim.

“Harry, it’s me, it’s Ron!” Harry immediately calmed. “You alright, mate, you were crying in your sleep?”

“Yeah, I-I think so. J-Just a nightmare is all,” Harry stammered, righting himself and putting his glasses on. “Sorry I woke you.”

“ ‘S alright. You sure you’re okay? You’re scar’s not hurting is it?”

“No,” Harry answered truthfully. “Not even a twinge. Listen I’ll be right back I’m just gonna nip to the toilet.”

“Yeah, alright, as long as you’re sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, just a bit shaky. Go back to sleep, Ron.”

Ron climbed back onto his bed and Harry quietly left the room. His bare feet padded down the stairs and along the hall to the loo. He took care of his ablutions then splashed cold water on his face. Glancing at himself in the mirror he could see dark circles under his eyes. His face was paler than usual. He looked up at his scar in wonderment that it, at least, was not causing his pain. But it would always be a reminder to him of everything that had happened.

He shivered as an image of Ginny lying dead in his arms floated back into his mind. He shut the light and tiptoed down the hall not towards the stairs back to Ron’s room but to Ginny’s. Her door was slightly ajar, just enough for him to see her sleeping peacefully and safely in her bed. Her chest rising and falling and as she breathed. Satisfied that Ginny was alive and safe Harry crept back up the stairs to Ron’s room. He fell back onto the cot, straightened the blankets and fell into a peaceful sleep that he did not wake from for the rest of the night.

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