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The next few weeks for Princess Layla went very fast indeed. The plans of rebuilding the city were on hold while the Princess convinced her father to use influence from western culture to update the city. Houses would be sturdier, electricity would be vaster and not just for the rich. Sultan Kedar agreed to these changes but kept the old world exotic charm to the city.
All this change was good and the people of Medina had never been happier and better cared for. Layla and Kedar had much catching up to do, they spent many nights up late on their balcony overlooking the majestic city, talking well into the early hours of the morning. And while Kedar did not know his daughter as well as most fathers would he still knew her heart was broken.

“Are you happy here with me?” He asked her one night.

Layla looked up into the velvet sky, littered with diamond stars, this was such a beautiful place, with beautiful people but, “yes, I am happy.”

“But something is missing?” He assumed, “maybe a certain young man?”

“Dad,” Layla smiled.

“Your highness’s!” Haruni sped on to the balcony, “Draco he has escaped, he said he was heading straight to Harry Potter!”

“Father!” Layla rocketed off her chair, “it’s his ceremony tonight!”

“Go to him, warn him,” he kissed his daughter gently on the forehead and Layla squeezed his hand.

“Haruni my cloak please,” Layla asked, Haruni brought her gold cloak to her and draped it over her shouldes.

“Be safe my dear, do you want to take Haruni with you?”

“I’ll be fine.” Layla winked at her Dad as she apparated out of Medina and to Harry.

Sultan Kedar sat bemused that she had such power at such a young age.

“Very powerful young woman isn’t she?” Kedar asked Haruni.

Sultan Kedar never got an answer, everything just went black.

“Harry Potter Order of Merlin First Class,” Kingsley presented him with a medal, “for the defeat of Lord Voldemort.”

The crowd at the ceremony erupted into cheers, all the people listening to the Wizardry Wireless cheered in their homes.

“It is a very proud day for the Wizardry World, Harry Potter, we have all watched you grow into the man you are today and there will not be a prouder moment in my life.”

“Thank you,” Harry bowed to Kingsley and was reminded strongly of Layla, he tried to shut down the missing part of him that had stayed in Medina.

“To Harry Potter the boy who lived!” Kingsley nearly shouted in happiness.

Cheers and applause exploded in the rooms, some wands got very excited shooting spells and sparks into the air. The formal ceremony fizzled out and the room was filled with laughter, chinking of glasses and much merriment.
Friends and people he’d never met patted him on the back, embraced him and congratulated him. He knew he was being ungrateful for feeling the way he did but he could not brush aside the feeling he has suppressed for so long.

But after a lifetime of…of a destiny known to you and known to everyone else, what were you to do once your destiny was fulfilled? Is it a chapter of your life closed forever? Or do you start writing a new one?
No, Harry believed that someone began to write your chapter as soon as you had finished your last chapter, he knew this was why he had ended up in Medina, why Layla had been thrown on to him. She was the new chapter in his life, the only trouble was that she was a Princess and would have very little interest in Harry once the other Prince’s lined up for her.
Very little interest.

Amongst all the jubilant chatter and bright noise a panicked voice could be heard just sifting in through the crowd, perhaps it was Harry’s tuneful ear for picking out people in distress but he defiantly heard something.

“Please! Would you please tell me where Harry Potter is? It’s urgent!”

Cont.....sorry for the delay!

Harry registered with who the voice belonged to…

“Layla!” He shouted, like a magnetic force the two slammed together in a tight embrace. “You came back,” he said into her hair that smelt so deliciously spicy.

“Harry! Draco escaped! He told Haruni he was coming to kill you!”

“Layla please calm down, he can’t harm me,” Harry squeezed her shoulder, “not in front of all these people, Draco is gutless, he needs to corner his prey, so their completely defenceless with no one to help them.”

Harry watched Layla’s eyes widened and her hand slowly raise to her mouth.

“Layla sit down, you’re white,” Harry tried to manoeuvre her but she wouldn’t budge.

“Father,” she whispered.

“What do you mean?”

“Haruni came in and told us Draco had escaped and was out for you…they knew I’d come straight here and leave Father…”

“It’s alright, we’ll go back now,” Harry looked around to Ron, Hermione, Remus and Molly, the showed their understanding. “We’ll get some help just in case.”

“Apparate with me,” Layla pleaded to Harry.

“But I can’t, I can only land on the sand outside Medina.”

“Come with me, trust me!”

Harry reached out a hand and instantly he was apparating but it wasn’t like when he did. It was as though he was in a roomy, fancy muggle elevator.

“You are a very powerful woman,” Harry told her looking around at the intricate detailed design on the elevator. “You even apparate in style.”

“Doesn’t this happen to everyone?” She asked.

“Not at all, everyone else feels like they’re going through pipes.”

Layla smiled and briefly forgot her troubles watching Harry smile back. As quickly as her troubles vanished they reappeared as they landed in her Palace.

“Don’t tell anyone I’m here,” Harry warned, “I’ll assemble the Order and be ready to attack, get your Father and yourself safe, everything will be fine.”

Layla nodded and walked bravely to the main Palace room. Before she even touched the ornate gold door handle she knew her senses had been right to bring her back here.
Layla turned the handle carefully and before she even had time to look around the room, their was shouts and two strong arms grabbed her forcefully and wrung her own arms around her back, agonizingly.

“Well I’m glad you could join us for the party Princess, alone are we?” Draco raised his eyebrows at Haruni who was holding Layla tightly.

“No one anywhere near her Sir,” Haruni reported.

“Potter didn’t want to save a Princess I don’t believe, have the guards check the Palace at…”

“No! Harry didn’t come with me,” Layla did her best to muster up some tears, “he was too busy at his party, gloating with other witches there to even bother to help me or himself, he said he could take you on with his eyes closed and I knew I wasn’t wanted and came back home. Now where is my Father!” Layla got her commandment down pat but she wasn’t sure if Draco would believe her story.

“Potter relishing in his own filth, sounds like him,” Draco laughed, “Potter is such a fool! He could have a Princess, become King but he’d rather spend time with mud bloods and poor people,” Draco laughed again.

“Where is my Father!” Layla repeated more sternly.

“Hush now, my sweet Princess,” Draco got up from the throne where he had perched himself and sauntered towards Layla. “I am taking good care of your Father.”

“Show me where he is!” Layla thrashed about in Haruni’s grip but could not get herself free. Draco placed a hand on her cheek, “I like it when you’re angry.”

“Get your hands off her!” Kedar demanded, limping into the room.

“It’s the almighty Sultan, I tell you what Princess,” Draco began showing the signs of a grin, “this guy may only have been your Daddy for a short while but he’d do anything for you, I don’t know how many curses or spells we’ve hit him with, he keeps coming back for more!” Draco raised his wand and Layla found the strength she needed and broke away from Haruni and rushed beside her Father.

“Oh really you people who wear your heart on your sleeve need to give it a break!”

“You need to Draco,” Kedar’s powerful voice echoed around the room, “there is magic here far stronger than you’ll ever master, leave now while you are still in one piece.”

“I don’t think I will actually,” Draco plucked a grape of the Sultan’s dish and squeezed it into his thin lips. “You see I enjoy this lifestyle, I think…”

“Excuse me your greatness,” a guard entered the room carrying Harry’s limp body.
Layla tensed and she felt her Father’s hand hold her forearm.

“Ah! Harry Potter!” Draco’s eyes lit up, “Harry Potter unconscious! How did you do it?”

“Tiger tranquilizer,” the guard reported.

“Wonderful,” Draco’s eyes grew hungry, “guess he did fancy you after all Princess.”

“What are you going to do to him!” Layla asked.

“Well that is the question of the hour, isn’t?” Draco looked at Layla, “or maybe the true question is, what am I going to do with you?” He shot a spell from his wand and transformed her Princess gown into her usual skimpy slave outfit and her father into ordinary robes. “Now you look more like someone who would work for me!”

The way his cold, grey eyes wandered along Layla’s body made her shiver, Kedar placed his arms around her, “you will not harm a hair on her head.”

Draco casually flicked his wand again, chaining Kedar to the floor, snakes of steel chains pegged him to the floor, his struggle was pointless and his wand out of reach.

“I have no ideas to harm her at all, your haighness.”

“Father,” Layla stretched her hand out to her wand but it was gone.

“Princess, over here,” Draco grinned, twirling her wand in his hand, “come and get it.”

Layla stood slowly, “please give me back my wand,” she said calmly.

“It’s right here, you come right up close to me and get it,” Draco grinned.

“I order you to bring me my wand,” she demanded.

“No can do Lay…”

A dagger zoomed passed Draco’s head and stuck squarely in the wall behind him. While his attention was elsewhere Layla kicked him in the stomach, he doubled over taking Layla with him, she straddled him knocking his face around with her fists. Draco caught one fist and with the other arm seized her around the waist flipping her on to her back, he knelt on top of her pushing his fingers into her neck, her feet struggled but found his neck and they were both strangling each other. All that it would come to now was who would run out of breath first.
Layla. Her head swung to the side and on the cold marble floor.

Draco slowly got off her, his eyes wide.

“What have you done!” Kedar commanded, a gold light radiating off his chains and setting him free, he rushed to his daughter’s still body.
“Layla,” echoed through the now quiet room, it was Harry.

Harry’s eyes did not want to focus on what he was seeing, the beautiful and very pale body of Layla on the floor.

In a flash Kedar grabbed the dagger that had flown in before and before Draco could moved had stabbed him squarely in the heart. Draco’s body fell, quivering. Kedar pulled the dagger out and watched without remorse Draco Malfoy’s last rattling breath.

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